Title: Spirit of Fire

Summary: A drabble concerning the death of Nelyafinwe Maitimo Feanorion, better known as Maedhros.

Rating and Warnings: Rated T for character death and disturbing themes. NO SEX, SLASH, OR PROFANITY.

Disclaimer: Middle Earth, its characters, and lands belong to Tolkien Estates. This was written for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, not for profit.

Author's Note: This is not my usual writing style, but it just ended up coming out this way.I just wrote this on a piece of notebook paper in Chem class, and I decided I'd let y'all read it, since I haven't posted anything in so long. Like it? Hate it? What do you think?


That was all he could feel. White-hot agony, racing through his entire body. It was the worst in his hand, though.

He wondered vaguely if this was what his father felt like, when he was consumed by his own fea. He rejected this idea; his father hadn't felt the burning pain of regret and shame that he felt now.

He thought he'd screamed, but he didn't know for sure. There was only flame before his wide, staring eyes. There was no bottom to the chasm, just him, and flames, and pain.

And then he laughed, thinking of the predicament he was in and how he couldn't escape it.

I've gone mad. I've gone mad.

Then he screamed. Fire. Death. Pain. Torment.

Blackness; the Void, the Everlasting Darkness that he'd doomed himself to.

I am such a fool!

Faces flashed before his mind. His father. His brothers. Findekano. Turukano, a look of betrayal on his face. Telperinquar. His mother, anguish written on her face as she watched her son leap to his death.

There was a bright white light, searing through his very fea, burning him, always burning... He screamed again as it tormented him. In his hand, yet so far, what he'd coveted and fought for... killed for... for an age.

And what was all that death for? Nothing. Nothing at all.

He hated it. He hated himself, he hated his father, he hated everything.

And with that hatred, death descended on him in one last fiery agony.

Are you happy now, Atar? Now I'm a spirit of fire too.