I know I should probably finish Was this real or just a dream before beginning another one, but this is something I've had in my head ever since I heard Sia's Fire meet gasoline for the first time. I don't own that song nor do I own the characters that I'm using either. You should probably listen to that song either before or during you read this chapter of this story. The prolouge is very loosely based on that song.


Fire meet gasoline!

The explosion she had felt when he put his hand on her arm for the first time a few months ago was almost to hard to handle and the feeling that this was the man for her was even harder to handle because of her past relationships and the way they ended. She didn't like the feelings her body was projecting on the man in front of her, but they were too strong to ignore. His eyes looked different every time she looked into them, the first time she saw him, they looked grey, the next time they had blue in them and to make her even more confused, the third time she saw him, they looked brown. Looking into them right now she saw that they were a blend of all three making them the most beautiful eyes she's ever seen and she felt herself drown in them, her knees beginning to buckle. She had been trying to get away from him since she first stepped into her grandparents house, but he had cornered her beneath the staircase and had her pinned against the wall with his hands on her hips, her saying Thank you to what ever Power that be that he was, otherwise she'd fall to the floor and make a fool out of herself.

The reason why she felt like she shouldn't feel what she was feeling for this man was the fact that he was engaged to her stepsister and she wasn't going to let her feelings get in the way of their love. He was an unavailable man and unlike other women in her surroundings, she actually knew better than to go after another woman's man, especially if the woman was close to her, it just wasn't her style, even though she had been involved with a married man at one time, it didn't end well and that made her cautious around men and she guarded her heart to the point where she felt like no one could gain access, he however had ripped away at the wall around it ever since he'd saved her life. Another reason why her heart was so guarded was her getting herself involved with her sister and mothers ex, but she was in pain and she felt like he'd been the only one who'd understood where her feelings where coming from after her twin sister had died at only 19.

She hadn't even taken an interest in the man holding her up before he'd saved her life after she was dumped by his father, but feeling his hand on her arm that day a few weeks ago totally changed everything. The feelings were growing daily and she felt like she had to get away from everything around her all the time and being there witnessing him laying his lips on his fiance a few moments ago was just to much to stomach, her whole body ached and her heart was breaking into pieces. She knew she didn't want to be the reason they ended things, but she also knew she wouldn't be able to live without him.

The flames were passing through her body every time he looked at her and no matter what she knew she should do, she just let it happen, she knew that although it felt like they were perfect for each other and were a perfect match, their union would only cause devastation to the people around them because it felt like the love that she felt for him was volatile and putting her fire together with his fuel source, meaning his eyes, touch and the feeling of his body against hers would just blow everything around her up in smoke and that wasn't something that would be good for anyone. Therefore, for the good of everyone in her family and the city of LA she wouldn't give into her feelings for him. She'd always remember him though, not only because he was marrying her stepsister, but because he was her first true love and you don't forget those.

She somehow found the strength to push him off her and made her way to the couch where her stepsister sat talking to her brother, she felt so weak and broken and it didn't seem to ease up any time soon. She knew from the moment she lifted her head that it was a bad idea, but she just couldn't help herself and looked straight into his eyes again, felt her heart skip a beat and then race for a few seconds and then slow down the minute she looked away. Feeling him coming closer, the moment he sat down she stood up, feeling how weak her legs were she made her way towards her grandfather who was standing by the patio doors. She heard him say that he wanted to talk to her and that they should do so after the dinner after everyone had gone home.


After the dinner she went home to her condo and collapsed on the couch. The talk she'd had with her grandfather had taken it's toll, admitting to him that she was desperately in love with her stepsisters fiance had drained her completely. Eric had seen the exchange they had had by the stairs and he saw that it had made her uncomfortable to have his hands against her hips and his body so close to her. After reassuring her grandfather that she wasn't gonna go after her stepsisters future husband, she somehow found her way home and that's where she was right now. She turned the television on and quickly zapped through the channels until she came upon a show about Earths early days, she'd always had a fondness for that kind of documentary and she figured it could take her mind off her heartbreak for an hour or so. She felt herself drift off to sleep and knew she should get herself to bed, her energy was so low though that that clearly wasn't gonna happen.

The next morning she woke up on the couch and her whole body ached. At one point during the night she'd had a dream where she finally gave in to her feelings for him and was brutally awakened when he'd said her stepsisters name, after a little while she'd fallen back asleep and when she woke up the next time the feelings of guilt where so intense she actually thought about calling in sick, but she knew that her mother would almost certainly come over to check on her and that she couldn't handle right now, so one cup of coffee, one more and then another one and she felt like she could take on the world or at least get to work on time.

On the road to work she listened to her favorite guilty pleasure at the moment and Sia's Fire meet gasoline blared out the speakers of her car. Every word struck a chord and matched everything she felt for the man. Reaching the Forrester Creations parking lot she sunk back into her seat for a few minutes to get herself composed and then she walked into the building. She found herself walking to her grandfathers office and when she got there, she told him that she'd been thinking and had come to the conclusion that it was way to hard to stay in LA and asked to be transferred to Forrester International in Paris for a while, she needs time to heal and he understands completely.


A few months down the road she hears that the engagement had been broken and her heart skips a beat at the news, but she knows that it isn't something she should be happy about. Although, the fact that he was single again made her feel ecstatic. She walked around on a cloud the rest of the week and everyone at the Paris office thought that she was glowing. Going home to LA wasn't an option though, it was too soon and her scars were still there.


During her third year in Paris her brother had decided to marry his girlfriend and as she came home for the wedding, they met again and the feelings she'd thought she'd buried a long time ago whips themselves up to the surface and for some reason they had been placed next to each other during the reception, meaning she was forced to talk to him for way longer than she wanted to resulting in her being awkward and silent most of the time. At one point he asks her to dance with him and the song the band started playing fit the bill just perfectly, although why they would play Christina Perri's Jar of hearts during a wedding reception was a mystery. She placed one hand on his shoulder, the other one in his hand and felt him place his other hand on her hip. When the song got nearer to it's end, he whispered in her ear that she looked absolutely stunning. She heard the last note of the song and told him that she couldn't do this anymore and ran away. She went to her brother and said that she needed to leave and for him to please not ask why, she could see in his eyes though that he knew why. Being close to him and not being able to be with him was just to much.

Seeing him again had made her realize that the hurt she'd felt when she found out about Rick's betrayal and Bill's lies was gone and that time and distance does help heal old wounds. Her most recent one was still there though and it wasn't going away. Seeing her brother marry his cousin had been a moment of joy though, she'd never been happier. The wedding also revealed that her stepsister had rekindled a relationship that had been destroyed in the past and looking at the two of them on the dance floor made her realize that there is such a thing as true love at first sight.


Back in Paris her heart finally calmed down and she felt like her feet were touching the ground again. But what met her at the office the day after she arrived was something that she wasn't expecting. He was sitting in the chair in front of her desk, a bouquet of roses in hand and a smile on his lips. She walked over to her chair, sat down and listened to what he had to say. What he told her was everything she'd ever want to hear coming from his lips, the declaration of love overpowering and she could almost feel herself melting. She stood up, watched him stand up and walked around her desk towards him, whispering I love you too and cuddled into his arms and their first kiss almost sat the place on fire, the flames radiating from her so intense that you could probably see them had you been there. The next thing she said she had taken inspiration from a song from her past.

"It's dangerous to fall in love, but I wanna burn with you tonight."

Letting herself love him was one of the best things she'd ever done, letting go of those walls she had around her heart was life changing because what was to come clearly told her that it was the best decision she'd ever make.

Their love was so powerful that when the time came, they left this life together in each others arms after almost sixty five years of marriage, four kids, eleven grandchildren, lots of great grandchildren and at the time of their death six great great grandchildren. It had been an amazing love story and when their third grandchild came to see them the day after they had died during the night, she immediately called her parents and made arrangement for them to be buried together side by side, because their kids knew they wouldn't want it any other way.


There are more of these coming later and they will in that case be posted together with this one. They will be using other songs though and will be depicting events in the couples life and the lives of their family.

Just to clarify one thing, Thomas, Steffy's brother, was marrying Liam's cousin Caroline, Thomas was not marrying Aly! I came across that sentence when I reread what I had written and it totally confused me.

I have taken influence for this from one of my favorite authors on ReeseHolden who has written the Little Moments series about the life and times of Nathan and Haley Scott of One tree hill. If you're a Naley-fan, please check it out! It's awesome!

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