This is the continuation of Last name entitled Part Two/Last Name.

DISCLAIMER: As usual I do not own ANYTHING B&B-related other then my own characters and the story lines that I write. The concept of this story is inspired by Reese Holden´s story Little Moments over at the One Tree Hill section of fanfic.

Chapter thirteen point two

Part Two


So, to recap!

Jasmine Kendall wakes up to find a wedding band on her finger after a night out on the town in Las Vegas with her friends and a search for the mystery husband ensues.

Joseph Allen wakes up the same day to knocking on his door and one of his oldest friends walks in and gives him a high five for marrying 'the most beautiful woman in the world right now'.

Jessica Allen, Jasmine´s mother, calls her daughter up to ask if she got married the night before.

Brian Taylor Allen finds out that his daughter has even more in common with him and his wife then they previously thought when his wife tells him that their daughter got married three days ago.

Stephanie 'Steffy' Spencer calls up her grandson to find out if the rumors about her great granddaughter were true and advice is given to the new father in law.

Family members of Josephs expressed an interest in finding out if he had married the daughter of one of the grandest families in the country.

A desire for a Spencer barbeque was expressed and here we are!

Three weeks later.

As they are rolling towards the house of Stephanie and William Spencer, both of them know that there will be questions and that he'd be meeting the rest of her family. Meeting her parents had gone really smooth, because her parents had listened to her great grandmother and had let conversation flow naturally, not forcing any questions down their throats, just letting both of them be who they are and all four found that they really enjoyed each others company.

With them, they had Jasmine´s little sister as they had picked her up on the way from his parents house as well as his little sister and Aurora and Tara instantly clicked, probably because they were both in college and it turns out they go to the same one. Jasmine and Tara also clicked immediately which was a relief to everyone involved.

As they are going up the driveway towards Jasmine and Aurora´s great grandparents house, Tara is in awe by the size of it.

"But, didn't you say that you're grandparents are close to 90 years old? How are they keeping up with all this?" Tara exclaims when they have barely gotten halfway up the driveway.

"When you have a large family, it's your duty as matriarch and patriarch to have a place where your whole family will be able to spend time alone or with everyone else. Nana and papa´s way of doing so was to make sure their house had a huge yard both in the front and at the back of the house. They moved here just after our great great grandparents died, with the inheritance they got. Nana and papa as well as Nana´s brother and his wife decided that Nana and papa´s house would be the best place for the whole family to get together at and here we are! Nana stopped working the garden about 8 years ago, she felt it was to much of a strain on her back, so she enlisted all the great grandkids to do it instead of her. Turns out it's actually quite enjoyable. You'll probably be enlisted too!" Aurora explained.

Aurora was the complete opposite of her sister, she had been blessed with strong Kendall-genes so her eyes were a grayish blue with specks of green in them, a bunch of freckles scattered along her nose and her hair was a red that you'd never believe would not come from a bottle. Her fathers hair is a lighter version of hers, but the combination of her mother and her fathers created a beautiful combination. Jasmine had collected all of her mothers colors in her genes, a really dark black color in her hair, a deep shade of emerald green eyes and a skin so light you'd never believe her hair was her actual color either. Since she'd been little, she'd always been made fun of because her name was Jasmine and she looked almost exactly like Jasmine in the Disney-movie, combine that with her sister being named after Sleeping Beauty and her brother being named after Ariel´s prince and it was bound to be a mess. But as it turns out, Jasmine and Aurora, even Eric, had showed them all what they were really made of.

Lost in memories of past pains, Aurora doesn't realize that the car has stopped until Tara closes the door and she comes back to reality. Remembering where she is, the tears still in her eyes get blinked away and she gets out of the car and goes in search of her Nana, giving her grandmother a hug as she walks through the door.

Aspen greets them at the door and she looks so totally gorgeous even at 66, the years have been good to her, even though she now a days collects her raven black hair from the hairdressers bottles, not quite ready to let go just yet.

"Well, if it isn't my newly married granddaughter, her sister, husband and his sister. How are you?" She'd seen the tears in her granddaughters eyes and knew that it was best to let her go in search of the person that would bring a smile to her face once again. Her mother had always had this amazing bond with all of her children´s children and their children in turn. It always amazed her to look at her mother when she was in action.

She remembered one day in particular.

April 4th 2076

Aurora comes speeding down her great grandparents driveway with tears flowing freely down her face. As she comes to a halt and parks her scooter haphazardly by the stair case leading to the front door, tears are falling even faster than they were while she was on the scooter. She starts knocking on the door really hard and you can tell that she's really upset.

Aspen opens the door and when she sees the state her granddaughter is in, she immediately takes her into her arms. "Hi girly, Nana?" She can feel her granddaughters nods against her chest. "Let's go find her then." So they went to the kitchen, since it was nearing lunch time and Stephanie Spencer prided herself with the ability to cook on her own still even though she was 86 years old. She could feel the state her great granddaughter was in before they walked into the kitchen and she knew it wasn't something like a broken heart or that she was angry with her parents. So she prepares herself for what's to come, because it was going to be draining, for all three of them. She takes a deep breath, turns off the stove and the oven, takes another deep breath and then turns around with her arms open just as Aspen leads her granddaughter into the kitchen.

Aurora almost lunges at her great grandmother and breaks down in another batch of tears.

"What's wrong honey?" Still crying as if her life depended on it, she couldn't form complete sentences.

"Eric..hurt..knee..blood test..cancer..moving..Chicago..." More tears and an even bigger hug as Aspen joins in.

"You just cry it out honey and then you tell me the whole story, okay?"

They walk out to the family room and Steffy places herself down on one of the couches and motions for Aurora to come to her.

The sight that meets Liam when he comes home is heartbreaking. He sees his wife, daughter and great granddaughter sitting on the couch while his great granddaughter is crying her eyes out and mumbling the words cancer, moving and Chicago over and over and over. His grandson had called him earlier that day to tell him that they would have been moving to Chicago, the place he worked at had relocated him, but it had taken a backseat when they heard the result of the blood test that had been taken on Eric when he had gone to check up if his knee had been hurt badly when he had tackled another player on the football field during practice. Eric had leukemia and he needed treatment and everything else would be put on hold for the time being. Aurora had taken the news the worst and so BT had called his grandfather to prepare him that Aurora might be at their house when he comes home.

He goes into the kitchen to put away some groceries and he sees that lunch is still in the pans and in the oven, so he decides to finish what his wife started and so he finish cooking lunch, even though he had had his lunch three and half hours ago. By the time he was done, he plated up three plates, grabbed three glasses and some cutlery as well as a pitcher of iced tea from the fridge and took it all out on a tray. It's a little bit heavy so he's really lucky that his daughter notices what he's trying to do and goes and helps him.

"Is she okay?" He nods towards Aurora and watches his daughter shake her head. "Yeah, BT called earlier today to let me know that Aurora might be here when I got home. They just got the results of Eric´s blood tests and it turns out he's got leukemia so the move to Chicago that had been planned has been put on hold. Eric needs treatment and so they are staying in LA a little bit longer, until he's in remission and then they'll start up with the move again." As Liam is talking, they are watching Steffy and Aurora and they can see that Steffy has started caressing Aurora´s back and they then know that the magic is starting.

It takes about fifteen minutes for Steffy to calm Aurora down after Liam has come back from the kitchen and then three minutes after that Aurora has told the whole story.

"How are you doing?" Steffy has started caressing Aurora´s head as she's ended up with her head in Steffy´s lap and Aurora´s eyes looks really heavy.

"I'm really sad. Sad for Eric, sad for my parents and sad for us in general. Not that I actually wanted to move to Chicago, but I had come to terms with it and now we're not going anyway? Like Eric can't get the care he needs in Chicago?" Just as she stops talking, Liam and Aspen can see Aurora´s eyes close up and a second or so after they can see her breathing has evened out and she's clearly sleeping.

Of course Eric recovered and has been in remission for the last four years and the move to Chicago happened two years ago. Getting herself dragged out of the memory by her granddaughters hug, Aspen focuses once again on the fact that Jasmine has gotten married.

"Well, I know you haven't met a whole lot of family yet, but how do you like them so far?" Aspen looked intently on her sons son in law.

"I find the ones I've met quite endearing actually, me and Aurora had a good talk on the way over and when I met Jasmine´s parents, we seemed to click all four of us." Joseph answers honestly.

They continue to talk for another three minutes or so, then one of Jasmine´s cousins comes to tell them that food is cooking all over the house and certain people are needed.

"Well, that's my cue to join Nana in the kitchen. I'll see you in a little bit! Go to the back of the house, there seems to be a gathering of some sort in this house today, I have no idea why!" Aspen blinks, waves her hands in the air and then she heads of into the kitchen to help her mother.

"So, what's he like?" Steffy can't help herself and she's almost exploding with curiosity.

"Hasn't Aurora found you yet?" Steffy nods and then points towards the little couch that's built into the window circle of the kitchen. As she sees her granddaughter sound asleep, she knows her mother had been at it again. "Ah, did she tell you what it was about? I could feel it in the hug she gave me that she had remembered something during the car ride over here. And since you asked, he's, as far as I can see, everything she's ever wanted and more." She then get's a flashback to when Jasmine, Aurora and Eric were little kids.

"Hey, do you remember how Jasmine described the way she wanted her husband to look when she was little? You know, the color of his eyes and all that?" Aspen smiles even more and looking at the smile of her daughter, Steffy remembers the same moment in time.

"They're green aren't they? His eyes? He's quite muscular, a little bit longer hair than you'd see on most men today and he's just a smidge taller than Jasmine?" Steffy looked closely at her daughter.

"Yeah, he is, all of that. Not just all of that. His family mirrors her to a tee, two boys and a girl. Mom and dad are married and have been for almost 30 years and they had a golden retriever growing up. They are both the oldest and as if all that weren't enough, the schools they went to in High School have the same name. Momma, I really think it's meant to be. Don't you?" As Aspen is asking her mother that question, Jasmine and Joseph comes walking through the kitchen door, laughing a little.

"Hey Nana! What's up? This is Joseph, my husband." Steffy walks from behind the kitchen island and puts her finger up to her lips and then points towards Aurora who's still sleeping on the couch. Jasmine lowers her voice to a whisper. "Is she okay?" Steffy nods. "Yeah, she had a flashback to when Eric was sick in the car and she felt a little overwhelmed, not to worry, she just needed to sleep a little, she'll be fine. So, let me take a look at the man you didn't even remember marrying a few weeks ago." Steffy looks him up and down and then up again, places her wrinkly little old hand on his face and moves it back and forth. " Uhm, aha, yeah, okay. Yeah, he'll do, I wonder about his manners though. We're not this fancy well mannered family, but it might be fun to have one of those in the family. Are your parents and brother coming today or did they stay home in case they'd get overwhelmed by the magnitude of a big family like this?" Joseph looks to his wife for support, but she's slowly walked over to her grandmother for another hug and she urges him to answer the question.

"Uhm, they stayed home because there are a few things that they had planned that cannot be re booked, they'll come down to meet everyone soon though, Mrs Spencer." Steffy looks closely into his eyes, then she turns around to watch her great granddaughter sternly in the eyes and she points a finger in both his and her direction.

"You made a good choice, make sure he treats you right!" As she's saying this, Liam walks through the kitchen door.

"Who's made a good choice and who needs to treat who right?" He then sees the guy standing in his kitchen through the glasses on his nose. "Oh, I get it. If you don't treat her right, I'll hang you off of the tower of this house!" Josephs eyes go huge at this statement.

"Hey Papa, no need to scare him, I just found him you know." Jasmine walks up to her great grandfather and gives him a hug.

"Yeah, I know honey, but if you don't get them in line from the start, they may falter later in the game." Liam kisses Jasmines head and feels her nodding in agreement.

"Well, seems like the food is ready on this end, how's it going outside?" Steffy links her arm around her husbands waist as he's come around the kitchen island to give his wife a kiss.

"Oh, it's going great. Nicky and Johnny are fighting over who's gonna get married next, Yeah, Johnny is only 15 years old, but he and Ailie seem to be having something really true going for them. Nicky seems to think that Cassie and Daniel might be next. So they've started a poll. Who knew Cassie would fall for Hope's great grandchild?" Steffy then looks a little mischievous and raises her hand.

"Well, I did, you could see it already when they were kids, there was no doubt in my mind that those two would get together at some point. Hope and I actually talked about this when Daniel turned 6 and Cassie turned 4. You know there is no anger between us and there never has been, we had slightly different views on the potential relationship between them though, She didn't want it to happen at all, why I don't know and I knew it would eventually. I mean, she hasn't had that much luck when she decides how love should play out, just look at you and her. I just wish she could be lucid enough right now so that she can see what a perfect match they are." Liam brings his wife closer to him and gives her a kiss on her forehead.

"Yeah, she hasn't been the same since Oliver died two years ago. Loosing the love of your life like that cannot be easy." Steffy turns her head up so that she can kiss her husband.

"Promise me that when we die, we go together!" Steffy´s eyes are pleading with Liam.

"I promise! There is no way I'd be able to live in this world without you!" Liam gives Steffy a kiss on the top of her head and then they remember that there are people in the kitchen with them.

Most of the people knew however that when Steffy and Liam get caught in each others eyes, there is nothing other then themselves that break them apart. There are tears forming in Aspens eyes and they are multiplying into the eyes of everyone else in the kitchen that saw the exchange. Seeing Liam and Steffy still so loving towards each other even after 64 years of marriage really gives you the strength to believe in love and it's ability to last through the ages.

"So, everybody pick up something to carry and we'll head out!" Steffy orders the occupants in the kitchen. Joseph picks up two platters of mixed vegetables, Jasmine picks up a bowl of sliced up watermelon and another platter of vegetables. Aspen grabs a hold of one of the bowls with potato salad and a platter with other kinds of melons on it. Steffy goes and caresses Aurora on the cheek so that she'd wake up and then she takes down a bowl of pasta with cherry tomatoes in it.

When they come outside, Joseph get's a little overwhelmed, because there are so many people gathered at the Spencer-estate that he'll never learn to remember all the names of the people he meets.

There is a long table with a lot of different foods for people to eat, including several duplicates of the plates and bowls they've just brought from the kitchen.

The first person they meet is a very pregnant Rachel Stone, which he is introduced to as being Jasmine´s kind of cousin and that they'd work it out later. When talking to Rachel he finds out that she and her husband has been married for about 10 months now and they have a five year old who's running around somewhere on the grounds. When Jasmine sees that Joseph is panicking a little because of Rachel´s seemingly calm demeanor that her daughter was 'missing', she reminded him that it was just family here and there are guards down by the gate so that she cannot come outside the gates.

The rest of the night goes by smoothly and when it's time to leave, Joseph get's a surprise again. Everyone seems to be going to their cars, but they come back again with tents and sleeping bags.

"Usually we don't use the tents, but it's supposedly gonna rain tonight so the tents are needed. It started in the late 40's and has been a staple at a Forrester/Spencer barbeque ever since." Jasmine smiles at her husband.


They fall asleep and about 3:30 am the next day, Jackson Stone creeps into Jasmine and Joseph´s tent and tries to wake Joseph up.

"Hey Joseph, wake up!" He lightly shakes Joseph, but it only wakes Jasmine up instead.

"Hey, what's going on? What time is it?" Since he has one of the Allen´s alert and conscious, he decides to go with what he has.

"I need to borrow your car, it's the one closest to the gate and we need to get going right now. Rachel´s water has broken and we need to get to the hospital." He's slightly panicking and Jasmine can see that he really shouldn't be driving in this state. Who knew a tough cowboy could panic at the thought of his wife giving birth.

"I'll drive, it's clear to me that you can't drive right now. Do you wanna go get Kimberly and put her in here with Joseph so that she isn't alone when she wakes up? I'll go with your wife to the car, get her comfortable and start the car up while you do that." Jackson nods his head and agrees that it's a good idea.


When Joseph wakes up about four hours later, he notices that the woman he fell a sleep with has shrunken over night and is now a 5 year old little girl looking at him with big brown eyes.

"Good morning. You wouldn't happen to know where my wife is would you?" Joseph questions the little girl.

"Hospital. Momma having baby. Tent got wet." Kimberly answers. "Who're you?"

"I'm Jasmine´s husband, we got married a few weeks back. My name is Joseph Allen. What's yours?"

"I'm n't sup'sed to tell stranjers my name!" Kimberly tells her tent mate. Joseph chuckles a bit.

"Well, I'm pretty sure you weren't in this tent when I fell asleep last night and I do believe you fell asleep in another tent, so maybe it's okay to tell me your name since your parents wouldn't put you in my tent if they didn't trust me. Right?" Joseph holds out his hand to shake Kimberly´s.

"Yeah, maybe. I'm Kimberly. Amma be big sister soon!" Kimberly looks really proud to become a big sister and Joseph joins in on her smile.

"You hungry? Should we go see if there's any way we can either have or make some breakfast?" Joseph opens the zipper to get out of the tent, crawls out and then reaches his hand back inside the tent so that Kimberly could take his hand if she needed to. He feels a tiny little hand place itself in his hand and then he sees the little girl walk out of the tent while crouching down to not hit her head in the opening.

"So, you wanna walk or piggy back?" Kimberly thinks about it for a minute.

About five minutes later, Joseph walks through the door into the kitchen, Steffy and Aurora are already there when they see who he's got with him, they immediately realize somethings up.

"Uhm, Joseph!" Steffy looks at him curiously.

"Yeah? Good morning by the way!" He then does something he'd never thought he'd do so soon. He walks up and kisses Steffy´s cheek in greeting and then does the same with Aurora.

"What have you done with Jasmine? She wasn't a five year old when you went to go sleep right?" He turns his head around and smiles at Kimberly.

"Nah, She's shrunken over night, because the Jasmine I went to sleep next to wasn't the Jasmine I woke up to this morning." Feeling Kimberly start laughing against his back, he kind of looses his serious face and cracks up completely. "It seems like she got switched out during the night to this little one because this little one is gonna be a big sister today! Or maybe tomorrow. Rachel´s water broke during the night and they went off to the hospital. My car is missing so apparently they took it to get there."

"Oh, do you think anyone else knows?" Joseph shakes his head.

"No, I think they were in a rush and considering it was probably really early since none of us heard the car leave, I don't think they've told anyone." Joseph looks around the kitchen and walks over to the table and lets Kimberly scoot down his back down on the chair. "So, is there any plans for breakfast or can I do it?"

"Well, everything that's needed to make breakfast is all over the kitchen and I think people will be waking up soon so it's about time to start. You can help us out if you want to!" Steffy says.

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" Joseph asks as he starts searching the kitchen for an apron.

"You can start whipping up eggs to be scrambled and then put the bacon in the oven! What are you doing?" Steffy has this glint in her eyes that lets you know she's finding the current situation quite funny.

"Well, I am going to be cooking right? I need an apron, do you have one or do I need to search your entire kitchen for one?" Joseph had his serious look on his face again.

"Aurora, can you get an apron for Joseph. The eggs are in the fridge, as is the bacon. Get to it. Aurora, you can start cutting up the fruit after you find an apron for Joseph."

Joseph goes over to the fridge and finds an enormous amount of eggs and bacon, he takes all of it out, cracks about a hundred and fifty eggs, rinses about two hundred and fifty slices of bacon and places them on a rack to be shoved into the oven, he then takes out an electrical whisk and makes a mess of the eggs. When he asks where he's gonna cook all those eggs, he finds out that there is a big wok outside that's used for these occasions so out he goes.

When everything is done an hour after he walked into the kitchen, his wife makes a come back to the house.

"The eggs are done! How's the bacon doing?" He walks in with a huge bowl full with scrambled eggs.

"They are done and have been taken out of the oven." Jasmine states and he walks over to her to give her a kiss.

"So, why did I wake up to a five year old next to me?" Jasmine blushes a little.

"Yeah, I should have left you a note shouldn't I?" Joseph nods in affirmation. "Especially since we took your car. Rachel´s water broke this morning and Jackson was panicking when he came to our tent to wake you up, since you were sleeping so deeply and I woke up, I decided to drive them over to the hospital and it took about 30 minutes from when we came to the hospital and the baby was born. That's all I'm allowed to say. I'm just here to get the bestest big sister there is ever going to be. Right?" She winks at Kimberly.

"Yes!" Kimberly proudly states. "Ae we gonna go see the baby?" Jasmine nods her head.

"Yes, but first you have to eat breakfast." Jasmine kisses Kimberly on the head and then she shoos her off to get breakfast. "You just get thrown in don't you? My cousin had her baby, you've been cooking I've been told and gave little Kimberly a piggy back inside from the tent. You've been busy while I was away!"

"Yeah, I have. Do you want me to come with you to the hospital with Kimberly?" Jasmine shakes her head.

"No, you can stay here and get interrogated."

Kimberly comes running back to the newly weds. "All done. Go now?" Jasmine nods her head and gets off the chair and then the two of them leave to go visit the newest member of the family.


They stayed in Los Angeles for a week and spent a massive amount of time with her family and his sister. Towards the end of the week his parents and brother joined them. They met up outside of one of Jasmine´s favorite hangouts in LA. It was the first time the two sets of in laws were going to meet each other and Joseph had a feeling that both of his parents were going to be star struck. Jessica and BT were already there when Joseph, Jasmine, Tara and Aurora came, it took another two minutes before Josephine and Taylor Allen came with younger son TJ came up to them. The fathers shook hands while the mothers gave each other and the fathers a hug.

TJ walks right up and gives his sister and brother each a hug which his siblings respond to immediately, then he ends up in front of Aurora and he's totally gobsmacked. It's like someone punched a fist into his stomach and then released a bunch of butterflies. He'd never thought that freckles could ever make him feel as weak in the knees as he is right now, but the freckles on Aurora´s nose combined with the depth in her eyes, letting him know that there was so much to know about her, that just made a combination that could be the fire to his gasoline.

"Hey, look!" Jasmine lightly pushes her mother on her side to make her aware of what's going on a little bit away and at the same time alerting Josephine to look at the same situation. Jasmine then starts singing a song that was part of the soundtrack of one of her favorite movies called Strictly Ballroom and the song is called 'Love is in the air' and this results in Jasmine and Jessica taking a turn dancing together on the boardwalk outside the coffee shop. Neither Aurora or TJ noticing a thing, just too lost in each others eyes to notice the world around them. It isn't until Jasmine accidentally crashes into Aurora in a fit of laughter that the spell is broken.

"What on earth are you doing Jazz?" Jasmine tries so hard not to start laughing again after she had regained her composure, but it was to no avail. She sneaks a glance towards her mother, but that just makes it worse and so the laughter starts deep within her chest and then traveled up through her esophagus and flowed out of her mouth like water in a stream.

"Can't you see I'm dancing or are you to occupied staring into my brother in laws eyes? You do know what happens when people in our family looks into someone´s eyes for too long right? Look at mom and dad, me and Joseph and Nana and Papa, we've all looked into each others eyes for way to long and we ended up married in the end." Jasmine points out to her sister and smiles while doing it.

"Yeah, don't look into his eyes for to long, Aurora. I don't wanna let my youngest little girl go yet." BT responds to his daughters very true statement. "Now, can we go have some baked goods? I'm craving doughnuts."

All three of the Allen-kids laughs at this and then they all walk into the coffee shop. Josephine and Taylor and their two youngest kids just stands there confused at what just happened. Josephine then takes Taylor´s hand and they walk into the shop as well with their kids trailing behind.

The rest of the time spent in the coffee shop went by smoothly with everyone involved in the conversations and there were only a few awkward moments.

"Well, I think it's time we went to get checked into the hotel." Taylor informed his wife. Jasmine, BT and Jessica looked at each other.

"Why don't you come with us to Nana and Papa´s house? I mean, there are enough room and I believe Nana would like to get to know her great granddaughters in laws." Jasmine offers.

"I don't know. We don't want to intrude on anyone!" Josephine tries to decline. Tara laughs a little.

"Oh trust me, you won't be intruding on anyone. There are so many guestrooms in that house that I lost myself on which number I was on trying to count them. Otherwise if we don't fit, we can always camp outside in the garden." She laughs a little remembering the look on her brothers face when he saw everyone coming back from their cars with camping gear the week before. "Oh, and the family has grown since we got here, one of Jasmine´s kind of cousins had a baby during the first night we were here." Tara smiles a little at the interrogation that landed upon her brother after Jasmine and Kimberly had left, he had sailed through it though and everyone was very clear on the fact that he was everything that Jessica had dreamed of for her daughter and that he would treat her like a real man should.


In late August that year, they stumbled upon the first tiny little issue in their marriage. Jasmine had been to South America for a photo shoot and when she came home she seemed to be not herself and Joseph sent her to the doctor.

When she came back home, she handed a piece of paper to her husband with her test results on them.

"Okay, so, what am I looking at here? Nothing seems out of the ordinary?" Jasmine looks pissed.

"Well, look again. Especially on this line right here!" She points to the line with her hCG-levels that were higher then they should be. "That's the problem. Because apparently we're having a baby and I'm not sure I'm ready for it."

"So, what are you saying? Do you want to terminate?" Joseph looks at his wife in shock. "Is it because you think you might not be a good mother? Because if that's the case I can tell you right now that that is not going to be the case, I've seen you with Betheny and there is no way that the woman I've watched with that little baby is not ready for motherhood."

"No, it's not about that. It's whether I'm ready or not to give my career upright now." He can see the tears forming in her eyes.

"Well, who said anything about you giving up your career? Many women continue their career even though they have kids. I mean, your mother did it right?" Jasmine nods her head.

"We're gonna need a bigger place."

"We'll find somewhere bigger to live pretty soon I think. I've already talked to a realtor and there are a few places he wants us to take a look at." Joseph surprises his wife.

"I'm gonna miss this place so much!" Jasmine sits down on her husbands lap.


So, they are having a baby and searching for a new place to live. I'm gonna cut it up here and start part 3 and go into that part starting with the home hunt.