Hey everyone, so a few things I want to get out of the way. I tried to treat the characters like real people, and so I gave them what I think are realistic actions, emotions and bodies. You'll notice that Mako is far from physical perfection and Ryuko is as well, especially in later sex scenes. The point is that's how they should and would be, neither of them are going to be beautiful and sexy nor will the sex scenes. Another thing is that this will be long running and follow them through their entire lives, with archs that explore other characters through their relationship. The reason I've started even writing fanfics again is in response to all these lemons that keep popping up oversimplifying the emotions and the true appearances of characters having sex. There's also the unrealistic adventures and the likes so I'm hoping that you can enjoy or at least appreciate the realism I'm trying to convey.


It was like she was taking advantage of her, every lingering touch, every over exaggerated display of affection that she was granted simply for being her felt like she was taking something. As if she were stealing a feeling that wasn't meant for her, but instead for someone that the girl had yet to meet, maybe even someone who had yet to exist.

"Ryuko-chan, what's wrong?" she came out from her thoughts, from worries and self deprecation to find a partially naked lover sprawled across her equally bare chest. "You're not as into it as usual."

They had grown.

Not just in size, not even in maturity but in ideas and love. Their once young minds which had been too warped with poor living and insanity had outgrown the phase, shifting into kind and open gateways into their souls and feelings. Ryuko had stayed remarkably the same, the life fibers which had died within her leaving behind a path of specialized chemicals which slowed her physical aging process, she had been lucky to break 5'8 in height.

Mako had grown the most, her figure wasn't that of a supermodel, nor anybody else, it was distinctly her own. It was curvy and slightly plump, clinging to the remnants of energetic youth as she embraced her mid twenties with careful grace. She filled out as a mother would, proud and adoring and happy to support.

In Ryukos eyes, she was perfection.

It was two years after their first date, the date that had ended with Satsuki joining and had resulted in more of a girls day out. Their playfulness lasted a month before Kiryuin was called away, her fate sealed as the new head of the family and the bearer of responsibility for all the trouble it had caused. The other two girls watched every televised appearance, smiling and cheering on their friend as she reopened the family business, apologized to world leaders and made peace with the world.

They rarely saw her other than that.

Meanwhile, the two friends were themselves beginning to grow up. Their time at high school was nearly over and they could no longer afford to laze about and wait for life to once more take a drastic turn.

The world no longer needed saving.

It was Mako who had proposed the idea, they would get jobs in the upper level of the city and share an apartment. While they worked, they would have time to figure out what they liked and what they didn't. Through trial and error, Mako reasoned, they would be able to figure out what it was they wanted to dedicate themselves.

The brown haired girl had grown up.

And so they moved in with each other, sharing a bedroom but not a bed, as they spent countless days moving job to job using their status as world saviors to grab whatever it was they wanted to do. From retail to construction to design to culinary nothing seemed to stick, the girls were drifting aimlessly. Ryuko quit more often than not due to outbursts of rage and Mako was fired for a short attention span or clumsiness, proving that things didn't always change even if people did.

It was during this drift less wandering that Ryuko came to a conclusion, she wouldn't make it without Mako. At that point it wasn't love nor any form of lust, just calm realization. Without her counterpart, Ryuko would die, whether from not feeding herself, or fighting or perhaps overbearing loneliness, the brown haired girl was all that kept her together and alive.

But Ryuko wasn't stupid or ignorant, and so she decided to try and see if perhaps it was love.

If it was love, and Ryukos understanding of love was incredibly limited, then she would need a way to feel it. And so Ryuko asked Mako on a date, not like the day out two whole years prior, but a real one. She happily accepted, leaving her post in the kitchen and putting on her nicest clothes, a sailor suit which she had remade to better accustom her new shape.

They went to dinner and they talked, longer and more in depth than they had at any other point. At that point, Ryuko realized that their relationship had been incredibly shallow. They knew everything about each other and nothing at all. It was terrifying and invigorating and Ryuko eagerly lapped up the hidden thoughts and unknown knowledge that the girl presented her with.

The walk home was quiet and serene, Ryuko in a leather jacked and torn up pants and her counterpart in a heavy jacket and familiar clothes. Mako stopped however, just three blocks shy of the house, and allowed herself to stand beneath the yellow of the street lamp. Her head was bowed and her eyes fluttered shut, a calm smile across her face.

Ryuko was hypnotized, she was in love.

"Why?" Ryuko had never heard the girls voice so flat, so soft and withdrawn. And as usual she was at a loss for words. At the best of times she could stutter in these situations but a part of her said it was best to answer quickly.

"I don't know," it was a lie, she didn't know why she lied it was just an instinct, a poor choice of words in the moment.

"That's a lie, you're bad at lying." She was right in Ryukos face, her smile mischievous and eyes understanding. She had figured out everything going on in the taller girls head just from two words.

"I think I love you." She was blushing but it was honest, honest and blunt and freeing and true and Mako just smiled, shaking her head to the most obvious thing in the world.

"Silly Ryuko we've loved each other since we met," and then she kissed her, not a passionate make out session in the snow, which they were, and not a beautiful first kiss like in a movie, but a perfectly clumsy lip brush which could only come from someone who had one too many glasses of wine.

And then they were together and two more years went by with hardly anything changing. Affection became natural, sharing a bed became every night and 'I love you's' were required any time they were with each other. The pointless moving through life became a pleasant car trip through their intertwined paths, enjoying the ride, no longer caring what it was they were supposed to do.

"Ryuko!" Makos voice snapped her again, bringing her forward one more year to the present, to the wonderfully bare girl on top of her. "Stop spacing out you're hurting my feelings!"

She laughed at the whine, a low deep sound that stopped in her chest and vibrated against the other girls cheek, causing her to laugh as well which fed Ryukos own and caused a parasitic cycle of laughter. They rolled back and forth, exchanging sweet kisses and nips as their bodies merged and separated until eventually Ryuko had her pinned.

"Mako," she purred amorously, sucking on her earlobe and enjoying the miniscule movements that she made. She traced her hands down the supple curves, finger tips memorizing freckles and moles that they had felt a thousand times before.

"Ryuko," the girl smiled in response, shivering with delight at the sound of her name. She loved it, Mako said her name like it was a prayer, something to be treasured and cared for. Not the name of a monster or warrior, not even the girl who had saved the world and her life. In Makos voice, Ryuko became the name of a divine God that transcended time and beliefs.

She slipped two fingers inside the smaller girl, basking in the warmth that her body gave off from within. A slick wetness coated her fingers as she moved in and out, nearly reaching her own climax just from the sensation on her digits. Mako arched and writhed against her, body unsure whether it was displaying pain or ecstasy.

Love making hadn't come easy.

When they had been together for a little over seven months Ryuko decided that her lust had reached it's peak and made a move. As they lay in bed together she had slipped her hand up Makos night shirt, enjoying the feel of the breast swell that lay in her hand. Heavy and plushy, allowing her fingers to sink into them.

Mako had laughed.

"What are you doing silly Ryuko, those aren't play things!" she pushed the girl off giggling and laughing, Ryuko frowned at the action, a bout of annoyance clouding over her previously pleasant haze of desire.

"I'm trying to make a move, we've been together and we ain't even had sex once!" but Mako just stared, her eyebrows scrunched together as if she didn't understand a single part of the sentence.

Ryuko came to the conclusion that a part of Mako's brain really was missing.

The next day Ryuko went to the Mankanshoku household, ready to inquire about the true reason for their daughters insanity. It had been too long since she had come, a part of her almost afraid of their reaction as Mako had told them the night of their date that they were an item. She took a deep breath and threw the door open, making as grand an entrance as possible as was the family tradition.

"Oi, I'm here everyone get ready!" the members of the house cheered, Makos brother scrambling over with Guts to admire her adult body while the father and mother laughed from their place at the table.

They shoved croquettes in their mouths, screaming over each other and catching up. Crumbs spewed as they talked about adventures, both recent and old. As the family finished the poor mans feast Ryuko swallowed bits of food and nerves and prepared herself to speak.

"Umm, Mama," she began, gaining her surrogate mothers attention. "Something happened, and I need to ask you something."

"Woah ho-ho! Little Ryuko wants some motherly advice huh?!" Bazzaro roared as pounded down a drink and smacked his son on the back. Ryuko flushed but Mother was unphased, smiling calmly and expectantly, her gaze gesturing for her to go on.

"It's just, last night me and Mako were in the bedroom," once more the boys hooted and howled earning a smack from the embarrassed girl. "And when I tried, erm, 'something' she didn't really seem to get what I was, ya know, doin."

Makos mothers face went stern, and for a long while she sat in silent contemplation. Every now and then a look of annoyance or disappointment would pass through her eyes and Ryuko would flinch, worrying that she had overstepped her boundaries. Finally, the women gave a long sigh, her body seeming to deflate as she moved her head with what seemed like great effort to look the younger girl in the eye.

"Ryuko dear," she started, silencing all sound in the house, even breathing. "You know that our Mako is a very special girl?" Ryuko nodded, she hadn't known what to expect from the women but so far it was only things that she had known. "She's strong, independent with just the right amount of craziness that allows her to survive in a world that's been plunged into insanity."

Bazzaro and his son had moved into a sitting position, their faces reflective as they took in her words. Ryuko too was impressed by the outlook, both on daughter and the world and made a mental note to give more credit to the housewives of everywhere.

"It's just, with all the craziness of surviving and being happy, there's really no room in her brain for something like sexuality." Ryuko frowned, preparing herself to argue, to show that Mako had become sexual, that they kissed and touched and enjoyed each other, but her mother continued on as if sensing this. "Sure she can love, she can kiss and touch and feel but having all that isn't the same as the lust I'm sure you've felt."

"So what can I do!" she had yelled, she hadn't meant to but her frustration had peaked. Her mother was speaking in circles, complimenting and insulting Mako at the same time. It left the girl confused and anxious, people only gave long explanations when it was bad news.

"Take it slow, be persistent, don't let up just because she thinks its some kind of game. She may not understand sex or why people want to do it, but you can show her." the advice struck a chord, Ryuko bowed and gave her thanks and left, feet dragging as she walked.

The rest of the day was spent wandering in moody silence, accomplishing random chores and errands that she had been assigned over the course of the many hours that she refused to go home. She didn't have a phone but her child's watch had ticked on since elementary school. The image of Sailor Moon beneath the glass alerted her that it three in the afternoon.

Mako would be worried.

It was five when she got home, she had managed to stall two more hours by going to the busiest grocery store at the busiest time of day which had resulted in yet another hour delay. She closed the door quietly, hoping that Mako was either out or asleep. No such luck, as she made her way to the living room she caught the girl dressed in pajamas watching the sun slowly descend, a news show on in the background to form a pleasant buzz of noise.

"Hello Ryuko," she had dropped the chan from her name years ago, but hearing her name in such an oddly serious tone gave her shivers.

Mako rose from the couch and moved silently across the floor, making her way to the open kitchen and starting a pot of coffee. Ryuko circled her, eyes wary as she followed every movement, there was something tense in the atmosphere and it was putting her on edge. The whistle blew and Ryuko jumped, as Mako moved it from the oven and poured the boiling water.

"You mad at me or something," she was yelling again and she wasn't sure why, everything seemed so much sharper, so much harsher lately.

"Of course not Ryuko why would I be?" she was clearly being sincere, however Ryukos warped mind twisted the words, giving them an attitude which caused a negative reaction.

"Listen, you're not in charge of me, if I wanna come home late that's my fucking business okay?!" she snapped and Mako flinched, head cracking to the side as if she had been hit before slowly returning to look at her.

"I'm going to bed," she brushed by her, eyes dark and voice breaking and shut the door behind her, a clear warning to stay away.

But Ryuko would never lose to a shut door.

She shoved the door open and made her way to the bed, her body electrified with an almost violent energy and a desire to make the other girl understand just what she was feeling. With quick movement Ryuko slithered under the covers and with trembling hands allowed her hands to inch like ivy up her counterparts body, fingers brushing against the still bra covered chest.

"Ryuko, I don't wanna play games right now, I'm upset." her voice was still broken but there was a trace of her usual playfulness leftover, indicating that not everything was lost.

She said nothing as she blindly groped, hoping something would work.

Her answer came moments later when, after tweaking and pinching, she took a break to simply cup her loquacious soft breasts, pulling at the nipples. Mako gave a jerk at the gesture, moaning and thrusting out towards the air as the two had taken a spooning position. Ryukos mouth watered, the sensation of the warm heavy flesh in her hands mixed with the almost upset sounding moans enough to haze her over.

Ryuko tried again.

Her nimble fingers slowly pulled the slightly inverted nipples, three held down her light brown aureoles while two pinched the rapidly stiffening flesh. She repeated the process several times, drooling more and more with every reaction and movement. Mako however, had become anxious and turned in the girls arms, frowning and breathing harder than she had in years.

"R-Ryuko, I-I don't know if I like this game." the girl nodded stroking her brown hair so that in fell in front of her darkening eyes.

"I'll be okay, Mako, I'll show you everything you need to know." they shared a kiss and Mako nodded, allowing Ryuko to do as she saw fit.

The night was not spent worrying.

Morning came faster than expected, the blinds were programmed to raise at seven in the morning in the bedroom, allowing the first rays of golden orange sun to creep in and allow a pleasant wakening. As the beams hit Ryukos eyes however she had never been more angry for the programming of the blinds.

"Fucking a' why the fuck do these fucking blinds go the fuck up without me fucking telling them to I mean fuck!" her curses echoed around the empty room, empty words that only served to irritate her further.

To her side Mako lay fast asleep, body elegantly curled in on herself in a puddle of dried sweat and cum. Ryuko felt a rumble in her chest and lay back down, her body which had stayed tone and fit over the years curving to match the other body.

"We have work," Ryuko groaned and turned over on her back, arm draping across her face to shield herself from the world.

Mako turned to look at her, and though she couldn't see her Ryuko knew Mako was smiling. She allowed a visible grin of her own, too blissful in post coitus to be upset over something as trivial as a job. In an invisible movement she moved and scooped the girl in her arms, standing bare on the bed holding a shrieking Mako bridal style, laughing and twirling.

"I can't believe it! We actually fucked, had sex, made love holy shit! This is amazing I've never been more happy Mako you were awesome!" she gave the girl in her arms an over dramatic smooch and deposited her on the bed as she leaped to her closet and began dressing for work, which included jeans and a wife beater as she worked in construction.

"I'm glad you're in a good mood Ryuko, as long as you're happy I'm happy!" she meant it, and it earned a second smile from Ryuko.

Breakfast was fast paced, the two devouring the hastily made toast and eggs in order to get out the door. Ryuko was in charge of roofing damaged houses all over the city while Mako worked as a chef at a bakery. They worked jobs, not careers, and through them sought achievement, enlightenment and answers of what it was they were supposed to do.

"Ryuko look!" Mako shouted through her food, adjusting the T.V. Volume so that it blared all through the house.

It was Satsuki, she was giving yet another speech on how the evils of the corporation that she ran had been corrected and that the public had nothing to fear about the clothes. She went as far as promising her own life if even a single article of cloth was found to have life fibers in it. Questions streamed in from reporters however it seemed one had caught Makos attention and was being asked yet again, hence her turning up the volume.

"Mrs. Kiryuin, Mrs. Kiryuin, is it true that you have a head of defense for your business? And that he takes small armies to take down Guerrilla fighters who destroy your warehouses?" the press was instantly abuzz with the question, asking it amongst themselves and hoping for some form of confirmation.

The elegant women took a single breath to speak.

"Yes, all that you have heard is true, certain defensive measures had to be taken to assure the safety of our product and employees. However, I'd like to assure you that Gamagori is only that, a defense. We don't go around picking fight with renegade fighters nor will we, The Kiryuin family and our business has but one goal now, to sell affordable and wonderful clothes."

Cameras flashed, capturing the grace that was present in every aspect of her face. Ryuko snickered at the overdone speech. Her sister was always trying to one up anyone who spoke to or near her by giving dragged out lectures.

"I would also like to add that today, Gamagori will be retiring to be with his wife and child, therefore the post of head of Defense for REVOCS will be temporarily unattended." Another wash of heated whispers scorched the crowd.

"Mrs. Kiryuin, who will be filling in the role then? Naturally you don't plan to just leave defense to no one do you?"

Ryuko was surprised by the news, she had heard through the grapevine, and Mako, that Gamagori had met a girl through work, frail and broken and always sick. However as usual Satsuki had come to the rescue and cured her of her ailments, allowing her to go on with her life's calling, helping the sick. According to the sparse letters she had received from her sister he was incredibly happy and had even ceased yelling so as not to aggravate anything about her.

Her name was Hoki Nanino, a name she gave to herself after losing family in a Korean rebellion. Gamagori had happened upon her by chance during a business meeting and they had been with each other ever since.

"Huh, good for him right?" Mako frowned and shushed her, demanding that she pay attention to her sister.

"So then, Mrs. Satsuki," Gamagori, who had been standing back and to her side, growled and took a menacing step forward at the overly familiar address. "Who will you have as your next head?"

Ryuko shivered, it felt as though her sister were looking right at her instead of the camera.

"Well, I was thinking of having my battle hungry sister take up the mantle."

The flashes went off.

The T.V. Went off.

Mako's mouth went off.

Ryukos thoughts went off.

No more endless drifting.