But that was the funny thing about life though. You can't plan out how everything will work.

It was slow, but La Muerte did eventually warm up to Xibalba, even if it was just as friends in the beginning. They talked about many things that went on in their realms. Xibalba found that he could talk to her, and listen to what she said as well. Something he wouldn't usually do. He was more of a bragger, and wanted people to be impressed in what he had. But La Muerte was different, she wasn't impressed by how much gold and jewelry he had, or cared for the size of his land. She only cared to talk about themselves. On how they felt on certain subjects, their opinions. This made conversation, intellectually stimulating.

As much as that sort of thing would usually bore him, he found himself, wanting to listen to every word that came out of La Muerte's mouth. It was almost as if an invisible force willed him to. She was so different from some of the more, narcissistic gods and goddesses he knew, himself included.

And days on end, La Muerte would appear in his mind, causing a genuine pleased smile to appear on his face. Occasionally, the frightened and sad souls who passed by Xibalba, would notice this undeniable happy look, rather than his gruesome, sharp-tooth smile, and stood there, wondering if some disease had taken over their powerful, and frightening ruler. When Xibalba finally took notice to them, he roared and stood high, wings spread to make himself look bigger, as these sad souls scampered away.

He would then try to compose himself properly. He didn't want to be frazzled when he went out again for yet another "date" with La Muerte. And yet he couldn't help but smile helplessly again.

With La Noche, he had only been interested in her for her looks, and the promise of gaining power in the Land of the Unknown. She was like him in some ways and yet he falls for the one who always contradicted him and had the opposite opinion on almost everything.

La Muerte on the other hand, was indifferent. She was certain she didn't have feelings for Xibalba. No matter what everyone warned her. Some say that it was the course of life, fate would bring the two together. Others figured that he would cheat by poisoning her with a love potion or spell. La Muerte took no notice to their ideas. She believed that she would remain the same as she always had been, and turn the fearsome Xibalba into a much kinder god.

Then on one fateful picnic the two had taken to a high hill in the Land of the Remembered, the two talked, as always.

"La Muerte, you look just as beautiful as you always do." XIbalba complimented.

"Thank you." La Muerte said, as Xibalba tried to move his hand towards hers. She smiled to herself, allowing, just this once, for him to hold her hand.

She chuckled as she felt Xibalba tremble a bit, by just touching her. She turned her face to look at his when something strange struck her. His red-skulls for pupils were piercing into her yellow-sun eyes. They stared at one another for what seemed like ages. She just couldn't look away. Then suddenly, her heart began fluttering in her chest, her neck was heating up, and yet she couldn't stop looking into his beautiful red eyes…

Then something within her changed. It was almost as if a lion that was hiding before launching itself and attacking prey, La Muerte saw Xibalba in a whole new light. He was just a trickster to her, an old god who didn't know how to behave. And then suddenly, he seemed like the most charming man she had ever met.

He was rather all bark and some bite. Yes, he was fearsome and cruel, but to her, he was rather… sweet and kind. With this new development, she knew that she had fallen, undoubtedly, in love.

She shot up suddenly, startling Xibalba, who had no idea what was wrong.

Stammering beyond recognition, La Muerte made any lame excuse she could, "I-I'm sorry Xibalba but I-I have duties I have to attend to. I'm very sorry." and with that, she was gone in a flash to her chambers.

Just as Xibalba had done when he first realized he was in love, La Muerte was breathing fast, trying to calm her heart before it exploded. Putting her hands to her face she shook her head over and over again. With a groan, she fell onto her bed. This wasn't supposed to happen! She wasn't supposed to fall in love! And yet, just the thought of Xibalba made her heart beat rapidly. She couldn't believe this.

She almost contemplated that Xibalba actually gave her some kind of love potion or spell, but she hadn't eaten or drunken anything. They had barely gotten up the hill and sat down.

Taking some deep breaths, she sighed. She had lost this bet. Though now that she thought about it, the stakes didn't seem so bad after all. Marrying him wouldn't be the end of the world. But she knew that if it were just up to them, they probably would have gotten married anyway, wager or no wager.

She couldn't help but smile.

News of La Muerte losing the bet spread far and wide. The wedding was announced shortly after, and La Noche was furious. She just knew this would happen! How could it be avoided? It seemed as though the fates themselves were working against her. If she didn't think of something fast, Xibalba and La Muerte would be man and wife.

Then came along El Chamuco. He was a handsome man no doubt, but not the brightest of gods or even that powerful. He didn't even have his own land to rule over. He may not have understand much, but he knew what jealously was, and that was exactly how he felt towards to old god made of tar. In a completely hopeless plan to stop their relationship, La Noche and El Chamuco got married as well.

But this plan was a complete failure when La Muerte was utterly happy with La Noche being married, even if it was to El Chamuco. She even congratulated them herself, showing no remorse, no jealously for the two. La Noche knew she had lost. And now she was stuck with El Chamuco, who oddly enough, developed feelings for her.

It took a good century before La Noche softened up, and confessed she liked el burro too.

In the end, Xibalba and La Muerte wed. They were quite happy together for a long, long time. Of course, until the unfortunate events of what appeared to be La Noche and Xibalba having an affair. La Muerte had him banished to stay in the Land of the Forgotten for eons. Of course that hadn't meant she hated him, but was heart broken.

It took many tries on Xibalba's account for La Muerte to forgive him. She eventually did, but he was still stuck to rule the Land of the Forgotten. Then his last try to win back La Muerte and to rule over the Land of the Remembered, when he bet on those kids. Even cheating hadn't helped him win. She was livid by that fact that Xibalba cheated, again. Showing as much fury as the first time when he cheated on a bet of theirs.

In the end, he lost this bet, but gained back La Muerte, his mi amor. Which was more valuable than anything he could have ever hoped for.