For this little piece of mine and my co-author's collaboration, I was DEFINITELY inspired by the Adele song. And I had to have a part about catching up with the Mills family!

Hello from the Other Side

Peter Mills let his thumb linger over the button that read "CALL" before gently pressing it and bringing the phone up to his ear. The line on the other side rang for a couple of times before it was picked up. "Firehouse Fifty-One, this is Connie speaking," Chief Boden's devoted secretary spoke.

"Uh, hey, Connie. Is Chief Boden around?" Peter asked. Nervous. He was nervous.

"Yes, who may I ask is calling?" Connie says through the phone.

"It's Peter. Uh, Peter Mills," he said. Still nervous.

"Of course, Peter. Just one moment," Connie says before transferring the phone call to Chief Boden's office phone. "Chief Boden? Peter Mills is on the line for you."

"Thank you, Connie," the older man said before answering the phone. "Peter Mills, how are you?"

"I'm good, Chief. How are you? How's Donna, and Terrence?"

"They're well, thank you for asking," Boden says with a smile on his face. "How are your mother and sister?"

"Elise is getting married, actually. I, uh…I sent 51 an invitation. I don't know if you got it, but…"

"We did get it. Tell her we all said congratulations, and we'll send her a gift after she is settled, okay?"

"Will do, Chief," Peter says with a soft smile on his lips. "I also recently got married myself."

"Oh? Who's the lucky woman?" Boden asks, curious about this sudden announcement.

"Her name is Callie Stone. I … she was a customer at the restaurant, and we got together right away. Decided not to wait to get married. We knew it was fate the moment we met."

"Congratulations then, Mills. I wish you all the happiness," Boden says. "Be sure and send us a photo."

"One is on the way, actually; it should arrive there today," Peter replies.

"Awesome. I'll be on the lookout for it then," Boden comments. "Congratulations again. I hope we'll get to hear from you again one day."

"Count on it, Chief," Mills says before ending the phone call and feeling a pair of arms slide down over his chest. "Hi there, gorgeous."

A very pregnant Callie grins, bending down to place a kiss onto his cheek. "Was that your former boss?"

"Yeah, it was. I was calling to tell him about our wedding and Elise's wedding." Callie nods and kisses his cheek again.

"I bet he was happy to hear about it."

"He was. I didn't tell him about the baby though," Peter says, gently tugging her around to sit in his lap.

"You wanted to surprise him." Callie grazes their lips together softly, feeling Peter's nod against her lips.