Total Trust
Hank Voight looked at the sleeping form next to him and let out a sigh. The kid had a death grip on him and didn't seem like he was going to let go anytime soon. Okay, seriously, how did this happen? he wondered. He tried to shift only to have the younger male tighten his grip.

"Halstead," he said softly, not wanting to startle him. He had done that once and had nearly gotten slugged. Not that he could blame the kid as he had been jerked out of a nightmare at the time. Of course he was going to wake up swinging. He just didn't want to have that happen again. He also didn't want to stay in this position all night. His legs were already falling asleep and he didn't much like that feeling. But who would've thought that Halstead would be a snuggler? He placed a gentle hand on the younger detective's shoulder and gave him a light shake. "Come on, kid. Wake up for a sec," he said. Thank god I don't have to take a leak, he thought to himself. That would've been so bad. He shook the younger man again and then sighed when there was no response except a soft snore. Well damn, he thought to himself. Now what was he supposed to do? Halstead was out like a light and it appeared that he couldn't wake him up. If this had been anyone else, he would've said the hell with it and just scared them awake, but given the fact that he had been in the military, he had the feeling that this wouldn't be the way to go. For all he knew, the kid could have a case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and jerking him awake could trigger it. And that wasn't a risk he was willing to take. This was starting to get damn uncomfortable though. Sooner or later, he was going to have to move despite the fact that Halstead wouldn't let him go. Hearing the door open he turned-as much as he could with the grip the younger officer had on him – and was silent as Greg Gerwitz, otherwise known as "Mouse", walked in. How the kid had gotten that name, he had no clue, but he wasn't dumb enough to ask, figuring it was a moniker his unit had given him. Seeing the scene, Mouse smiled.

"Wow. Always good to see that," he commented.

"What? Halstead wrapped around someone like a freaking snake?" the older man queried, raising an eyebrow. To his surprise, the computer tech shook his head.

"He doesn't sleep that deeply unless he feels completely safe," he responded.

"What?" Hank asked.

"Back in Iraq, we were always on alert, Jay even more so, especially when he didn't trust someone. However, there were times when he'd fall asleep just like that and when asked about it, he said he only did that when he completely trusted someone and felt safe," came the response. Hank nodded, falling silent. He trusts me. He feels safe with me, he mused. He had to admit, that made him feel damn good…