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Chapter 1

Dear Madam Bones,

My name is Harry Potter and I am a student at Hogwarts. I found your name in a book in the library and am hoping you can help me with some legal things or suggest someone else who can. This is my owl Hedwig, she is very smart and will wait for your answer.


Harry Potter

Amelia read the letter again and then looked over at the owl who had found her at home after a rather boring day doing paperwork and butting heads with the Minister. She was a very beautiful bird and obviously smart. She had never expected to get a letter from the Boy-Who-Lived himself, her niece had mentioned him in her very first letter home, stating that he had been sorted into Gryffindor after the longest Sorting of anybody there which was interesting. She would like to know what other House or Houses the hat had considered for him. She had almost ended up in Gryffindor herself after all. But what could he be asking for help for? She picked up her appointment book and looked through it, as today was the fifteenth of June she would be picking up Susan from the station later and then she was solidly booked for the next week and a bit but after that she could fit him in. So she took out parchment and quill and wrote him a short note.

Dear Mr Potter,

I have received your letter and am happy to meet with you. I will arrive at your house on the thirtieth of June at 10am. If this is not acceptable please send a note as soon as possible so that we can arrange an alternate date.


Amelia Bones

Head of the DMLE

That date would give him time to settle in back at home as well which was always good. She had found that when discussing legal issues with children it was best for them to be relaxed. She sealed the note and then turned to the owl who held her leg out. "This is for your owner, fly safely." She told the bird who took off, hoping to reach Harry while he was on the train.

Harry lay curled up on his bed, mentally cursing that blasted House Elf for causing this. He may want Harry to stay away from Hogwarts this year for safety but he had caused him more harm than good with his little display. As soon as Vernon realised he couldn't defend himself with magic after the pudding fiasco he had been thrown into his room but not before he'd been given a good thrashing with his uncles' belt. Three days later his back was still throbbing and there was no way to call for help, there were bars on his window and Hedwig's cage was locked just like the bedroom door. Once a day his aunt shoved some food through the cat flap in the bottom of the door and at night he was let out to do chores and clean up. He had completely forgotten about the note he had received on the train from Madam Bones and tomorrow was the thirtieth. He just curled around his lumpy pillow and tried not to cry, why had he been forced back here? Even an orphanage would be better than this.

Amelia walked up the drive towards number 4, taking in the sameness of all the houses on the street. She didn't understand how people could live in such cookie cutter houses. She liked her home to have personality and Bones Manor certainly did. She was dressed in a good quality conservative muggle suite to fit in, unlike many she knew how to pass as a muggle since she had to work with the police occasionally. She subtly scanned the house with a spell as she approached and frowned, she had detected the famed blood wards but they were barely registering, it would take almost no effort to bring them tumbling down and that didn't make sense. Harry had lived here for ten years straight before leaving for Hogwarts, they should be impenetrable. Something was very wrong. She made it to the door and knocked firmly.

Petunia opened the door and saw the woman in a suite before sneering. "We don't want anything." She went to slam the door.

Amelia quickly put her foot in the gap. "Mrs. Dursley? I am Amelia Bones and I have an appointment with your nephew Mr. Potter." She informed the woman only to watch her go red in anger.

"Potter? There's no Potter here! Go away you freak!" She snarled angrily and every instinct Amelia had honed over the years as an Auror screamed out that something was very wrong here.

"Mrs Dursley I should point out that I am the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, I know very well who you are and who lives in this house. You can either let me inside or I will force my way in. it is your choice." She commanded coldly and Petunia recoiled. It would have been different if Vernon was home but he was at work and Dudley was off with his friends, alone Petunia just didn't have the strength to hold her ground. Amelia walked inside, trained eye immediately taking in the lack of any sign a magical child lived inside the home. There were no pictures of young Potter at all, just the woman and what must be her husband and child. She shook off the unflattering thoughts comparing them to various muggle animals and pulled out her wand. A flick of her wand had the small door beneath the staircase glowing as well as a trail upstairs. Curious she opened the door despite the woman's objections only to freeze. It wasn't the sight of the padlocked school trunk that caused the reaction but the sight of the small mattress and ratty blankets as well as the shakily scrawled words on the wall 'Harry's Room'. She felt utterly sick as she took in the signs of just what the saviour of their world had suffered through. It was obvious the space had been thoroughly cleaned by muggle methods but even so she spotted the dark stain towards the back and new what it was, old blood. She pulled out a card and tapped a sequence into it with a wand, sending for an investigative squad and a healer. "Mrs Dursley at this time I have to warn you that I am placing you under arrest."

"You don't have the authority, we aren't freaks." Petunia sneered and Amelia shook her head.

"In taking Mr Potter in you became liable to our laws where he is concerned so she I do have the authority." Amelia told her before stunning her and heading upstairs. She paused as she heard the sound of multiple apparition.

"Madam Bones?" A familiar voice called.

"In here Robards, secure the premises. I need a full search of this house, take special note of the cupboard under the stairs. Healer Jones please come upstairs with me." She ordered and the team quickly moved to obey. She made it to the top of the stairs and saw the door glowing still from her spell, a door with a cat flap and far too many bolts on it. They exchanged concerned glances before she spelled the locks open and pushed the door in. They entered the room, wands in hand and looked around in shock. The bedroom was small and the only furniture inside was rickety and old. A familiar snowy owl was locked in her cage, looking a bit too skinny. But on the bed was a lump that had Jones moving forward quickly. She leant over the lump and reached out to touch it only to startle as it moved. Slowly a head of messy dark hair was revealed and then dull green eyes stared at them. "Mr Potter, its Amelia Bones and this is Healer Maggie Jones. Are you hurt?" She asked gently.

"Are you here to arrest me?" He asked croakily and Amelia frowned.

"Why would I do that?"

"For using magic, but it wasn't me." He answered even as Jones gently helped him sit up. He swayed but managed to stay upright as she began running scans.

"No Mr Potter, we has an appointment this morning, remember? Just relax and let Healer Jones work, alright?" She asked and he nodded.

Maggie worked quickly, appalled by what she found. "I am ordering his immediate removal from this house Madam Bones. This place is obviously unsafe for him. Unless a home can be found for him he will be placed in the Ministry's custody."

"Until we are ready to go to court no one can get wind of this, therefore I will take him in." Amelia answered, staring at the worn out child on the bed. She unlocked the owls' cage and opened the window, removing the bars. "You know where my home is, have a good hunt and then go there." She told the animal who hooted softly before leaving her cage. She flew over to the bed and nipped the boys' ear gently before flying out the window. "Is it safe to move him? Does he need St Mungo's?"

"No, I can handle things here and then finish at your home."

"Good." She quickly made a portkey and handed it over. "Take him as soon as he can travel. I will keep an eye on things here."

"Yes ma'am." She cast a few numbing charms on Harry and then used the portkey to take them to Bones Manor.