The Native American Patient

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--begin chapter--

Today the Presidio was very busy. The flu was going around, and so was the common cold. There were a lot of patients. Dr. Nick Kokoris walked in the Presidio to met by Jackie immediately. She handed him a file. "The Presidio is packed today, Nick," She began as Nick opened the file and read it. "You get to have a real patient who you don't have to perform surgery on!"

"Really?" Nick said in his nice dreamy Arabic accent that had a dash of English-ness in it! Er…sorry on with the story. "Well, it probably won't be to bad. Most likely just the cold."

"Whatever you say, Nick," Jackie said walking off down a different hall. Nick looked at her quizzically.

"What do you mean? Do you know something I don't?" He asked. She shook her head and walked on. Nick just had that little cute confused look on his face but replaced it with a blank look (no blank as in air head-ish but just no emotion y'know?) and walked down the hall to his patients exam room. He opened the door to the little exam room where an old kind of fat, but not very fat, just a little over weight woman sat with black hair that had some white in it showing she was in her fifties and semi-dark skin and no wrinkle, well not a lot anyway. And on the bed sat a four-teen year old girl with brown hair and lighter skin though she looked Arabic. "Ah, hello."

"Hello," the woman said getting up and shaking his hand and smiled. "I'm Alice."

"Hey," the girl said a bit bored and distant.

Frank opened the file, "I take it you're Tara?"

"Yeah," Tara said.

"Tara," Alice scolded. "Be a little nicer."

"Right," Tara said.

"It's okay Mrs. Froze. I've dealt with far worse. Your granddaughter doesn't offend me," Nick said.

"Yeah, but you just offended my mum I'm sure!" Tara snapped. "Y'don't say that I'm her granddaughter with out even checking! Yeesh! I don't want my mum to feel like she's old! Which y'aren't Mum."

"It's okay, Tara," Her mother said. Nick was a little taken a back but quickly recovered.

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again," Nick apologized.

"I hope not," Tara said. Her mother gave her a look that all mothers posses. "I'm sorry I just shouted like that. I'm a bit tired, that's all."

"Tired?" Nick said. "Tell me, are you in PE?"

"Yes," Tara said as Nick examined her. Checking her breathing, pulse, ears and throat.

"Are you usually exhausted when in PE?" He asked.

"No, I like to be in the game."

"Ah, but have you been lately?"

"Yeah. Today I actually sat down. I'm sure that gave me a 4 in my attitude grade."

"I see, and does you ears or throat hurt any?"

"My throat is a bit scratchy."

"Yeah," her mother said. "Her throat does that a lot and we bring her in, get a throat culture and it always comes out negative."

"I see," Nick said, writing something down. "Well, I'm going to have you get checked for mono and strep throat."

"Alright," Tara said.

"Alright I'll show you to the lab. Then after that someone will show back up here. Just wait for me," Nick said getting up. Alice and Tara got up, Alice was about 5'7" and Tara was 5'8". They walked down to the lab. "Just wait here."

They nodded and sat down and waited. There were about ten other people ahead of them. They waited for ten minutes then the nurse called for Tara. Tara got up and went in. The nurse sat her down in a chair and got a needle ready. She then tied a rubber strip on her shoulder and felt around for a good vein. She found it then got her needle, Tara looked away, and inserted in the vein. She drew some blood and then took the throat culture. "Okay, that's it," the nurse said putting a band-aid on Tara's arm where the needle was inserted.

"Cool," Tara said then got up and walked out to her mother, who was standing next to another nurse who took them back to the exam room. They got in the exam room. The nurse said before closing the door, "The doctor will be in shortly."

They waited for ten minutes when finally Nick walked in. He place the results of the tests on the desk, "My, you're not suppose to be both positive. No."

"What?" Tara said.

"You are positive for both Mono and strep throat," Nick said sitting in the swivel chair. "We need to get rid of one of the two. The only one we can get rid of immediately or at most with in 24 hours is the strep. You have a choice here, you can get rid of the strep in 24 hours by getting a shot, or you can decide to take the long way and use a pill."

"Well, where's the shot going to be?" Tara asked.

"On you bottom, more kind of lower back," Nick said, stifling a smile as Tara's eye widened a bit.

"Er, I'll take the pill," Tara said.

"No, Tara. Get rid of the strep faster!" Her mother said. "We'll take the shot."

"Mum!" Tara pleaded. "But-but, I don't want to look like John did when he was four!"

"Well, you don't have to drag your leg about, just deal with it!" Alice said, laughing a bit at the fond memory of when her oldest son got a shot on the rump.

"Okay, we'll give you a shot. She'll be here in a moment. I have to go and see how many weeks you get out of PE. I'll be back later," Nick said then left the room. He walked down the hall to the lab and got the info he needed quicker than he thought so he went down to the cafeteria. He sat down with another doctors he knew, Dr. Matt.

"Hey, Nick, I hear you got a different kind of patient than usual," Matt said. Nick nodded.

"Yeah," Nick said.

"So how is the patient different?"

"She doesn't need surgery."

"Yeah? That must be a big difference for you."

"A little. I got to go now."

"See ya."

"See ya," Nick said walking back up to his patient's exam room. He opened the door and walked in. Tara was standing up glaring at her mother with a hand on her lower back. Nick stifle a smile. "Well, you get out of PE for four weeks."

Tara's eyes went wide, "Four?! That's too long! I'll get lazy by then! I can't be out for four weeks?!"

Nick laughed a little, "Hehe, I think you're the only person I ever met that actually likes PE."

"Yeah I like it! What about my soccer?!"

"You're out of that too."

"WHAT?! It'll be the end of the season! Semi-finals are tomorrow!" Tara said.

"I'm sorry, it's going to take a while for this mono to go away. Have you ever had it before?"


"Well, then there's a chance you can get later on in life," Nick said. "But look on the bright side, after the second time you have mono, you can't get it again."

"Yeah, but by then I'll be lazy," Tara said sitting down then getting up from the pain. "Ow."

Nick stifled a laugh, "Well, we're just pulling you out of PE so you don't get over exhausted and because we don't want your spleen to burst."

"My spleen?"

"Yes, you're spleen. An internal organ about this big," Nick said said putting his finger tips together making an oval type shape and showed it on his left side of his abdomen, "that lives about here."

"What about it breaking?"

"Oh, it gets inflated when you have mono. So you have to be careful on what you lift, and make sure no one slams into you or anything. If a lot of pressure is put onto it suddenly, it will burst."

"Oh, great," Tara said her voice full of sarcasm. "I get an inflated spleen!"

"Well, that's all for now," Nick said. "But just to let you know. If you did by chance make you spleen burst, you won't know. Usually people don't know until it's too late. Usually when your spleen burst you'll feel dizzy and light headed because it's bleeding internally."

"Too late?" Tara asked.

"Yes, when the spleen bursts, it bleeds internally and you can die from the internal bleeding."

"Er, that's not good! What if I'm choking? And someone needs to do the Heimlich?"

"Well, they should, then tell them that you have an inflated spleen and come to the hospital, we'll check and remove the spleen before you die of internal bleeding."

"That's a relief!"

"I'm glad you asked or else you might not have known! Well, see ya," Nick said then left. Then Tara and her mum left.

~~Two days later~~

Nick was walking in a less busy day at the Presidio than it was two days ago. Then he heard the sound of ambulances coming up. "Better head to the ER in case they need a surgeon," Nick said to himself and walked to the ER quickly, then a nurse in scrubs ran to him.

"Dr. Kokoris! We need you in the Emergency Room now!" she said. Nick followed her running down the hall. They went into another hall where they were pulling down a limp form on the stretcher. Kokoris looked at the form and recognized it as …Alice, Tara's mother!

--End Chapter--

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