This is my first fanfiction and I really hope you enjoy it even if it's a little bad.

Everyone else was cheering with joy except for one man. He stayed silent during the celebrations of victory. This man is Percy Jackson who just led him and his fellow demigods to victory against Gaea and the giants. This victory came at a great cost as his long time girlfriend was killed in the last charge for victory. She was impaled from an arrow shot from a rouge centaur right in front of Percy's eyes. He was still at Camp Half Blood frozen until him and the remaining seven were teleported to Mt. Olympus for their prizes for bravery.

When teleported the demigods all bowed except for Percy who just stood looking straight emotionless as a rock. "Bow to your superiors Jackson", bellowed Zeus. Still Percy stood unfazed by the god. Zeus decided to ignore Percy and move on with the ceremony. As the others stepped forward one at a time for their prize Percy stood by his father's throne in a dazed state. Only snapping out of it when he was poked in the shoulder by his dad.

He proceeded towards the center of the room where he bowed unlike before and awaited his chance to speak. When in place Zeus began speaking, " Perseus we offer to you a great honor that you have already been given before which is immortality. If you choose to except you will not only be a god but to extend the honor you will be the God of Rivers, a domain your father is happily giving away if you choose to take the offer."

"No" is all Percy said as he stared at Zeus. " Why would you refuse such an offer?" the curious Athena questioned. " Because your daughter just died and you aren't even fazed, because none of you care for anything but power, and because I didn't see any of you out there on the battle field except when needed. You couldn't even divert the arrow shot at Annabeth. I am done being the pawn in your endless battle for power. Sometimes I think the Titans would have been better rulers of this land than you, he concluded.

Everybody's mouths were hanging open in confusion even his fellow demigods. " How dare you accuse us of the neglection of our children. I should sent you to Tartarus for going so out of line!", screamed Zeus.

"I would rather go there then be subject to the tyranny that you have started here", countered Percy.

"If that is your wish then so be it, I Zeus King of Gods and God of the Skies banish you Perseus Jackson to the deepest depths of Tartarus for eternity." Zeus then pointed to Percy with his master bolt and without any resistance opened a crack towards hell itself and pushed Percy in.

Line Break

Percy Jackson 2-time hero of Olympus and probably the first person to ever smile whilst falling into the abyss that is Tartarus. He was smiling because his plan had worked. A plan that he had only thought of in a matter of minutes. It did in almost anyway end in death but he could die and be with Annabeth or he could avenge her and end the gods.

He could finally see the open cavern instead of the normal tunnel in which he fell down, it was the same as before but the air was just as bad but at least he wouldn't die from it seeing he had the immortality given to the banished people of Tartarus.

The ground still hurt like hell though. After about 10 minutes of pain Percy managed to stand up and gather his surroundings. He did have Riptide as always and he had a vague game plan.

This game plan starts with locating a certain titan he had faced before. He didn't have to look long as he felt the familiar presence of his former foe. Sadly that meant that the man he hunted could sense him also. Which he quickly found out as he slowed from his brisk pace to a slow, syrupy pace, and of course the fact that from out of nowhere popped an ancient looking man that looked like Kratos from God of War just with a scythe.

"Well guess who decided to show up, I hear you seek my help for something" Kronos stated nonchalantly. Though Percy didn't know how he knew of his plan Percy started to explain "Yes, the gods have turned into a tyranny, and i want to stop it with the help of you, the other titans, and anything else you can muster."

"And why would i help you, you're the reason I'm down here and not enjoying life on Mt. Olympus to begin with?" " Your gain would be the throne i kept you from, all i want is to kill the gods and then you can kill me if you'd like to do so", explained Percy.

"I'll agree but first we must train you so you aren't completely useless in battle."

Line Break (5 years later, 50 in Tartarus time)

After 50 years of endless training with the Lord of Titans who has quite grudge against you is very difficult. He said a sword is a useless weapon so he trained me with a scythe very similar to his. After these rough 50 years of training non-stop while breathing in the acidic air left Percy a muscular, scarred, and a changed man. It also took this long for Kronos to deem Percy ready to take on Olympus.

There was one last gift Kronos was to give Percy before he was to be sent to the world again. This was Kronos' blessing and a brand of power from Tartarus himself. The blessing giving Percy small control over time and the brand giving him a mark that made it possible for Percy to control monsters. All that was left was for Percy to be shot back into America to recruit while the Titans got enough power to get out themselves.

Percy stood and waited before he was surrounded in a gold light then teleported to somewhere. When his eyes finally adjusted he was staring at a face he hadn't seen in years.