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The tree had stood beside the lake for eons, watching days, months and years pass. Seasons end. But it had never witnessed a story quite as spectacular as the one the Weasley children had lived.

The days when Harry Potter had been at Hogwarts had been, perhaps, some of the more eventful of the tree's time alive. It could still remember students hurrying over to it, talking about a real life chess game, a hidden chamber in the school, Sirius Black, a ball, a man by the name of Voldemort, Professor Dumbledore's death and the final battle. The entire progression of those events had brought great excitement to the tree, who had not witnessed such drama in centuries.

But after the war, a solemn sense of peace dulled this excitement. It did not last for long, however, as the new generation of Potter's and Weasley's began their attendance at Hogwarts. Suddenly, as it happened every so often, Hogwarts was filled with seemingly familiar faces- although they did not look quite the same. The Weasley's in particular were easy to spot; their shock of red hair usually a tell-tale sign.

The Weasley's visited the tree often, sometimes together and other times, rather alone. The tree could still remember them strolling there with their beloveds, sometimes even running to it, tears gushing down their cheeks and the most heart-warming of them all, when it witnessed the smiles upon their faces as they chatted animatedly with their friends and family. They were simply humans, but to the tree, they were the purest sort.

And even when the last of the newer generation had all left Hogwarts, the tree could still remember each and every detail about them- Dominique's defiant expressions, Victoire's full red lips, Teddy's startling turquoise hair, Molly's kind eyes, Lucy's shy smile, Louis's broken but beautiful grin, James and Fred's identical mischievous looks, Albus's intelligent seeming features, Rose's stubborn frown, Lily's rebellious smirk and Hugo's rather permanent confusion. Every single one of them. And although the tree had lived for centuries, it had never seen a story quite as remarkable in years. The beauty of it was that wasn't what made them special. They themselves, were the strongest sense of magic the tree had witnessed in the many witches and wizards that had wondered into its realm. The Weasley's were, in the most powerful sense, extraordinary.

Le Fin.

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