Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Book 1

Chapter 1

The beginning

In the sewers of New York city four turtles and their adoptive father a rat were busy training, little did they know about the events that were to come that would change their lives forever. "Well done Leonardo" Splinter the rat said to his student.

"Thank you sensei" Leonardo said with a bow to his sensei.

"You have all done well my sons, you've come a long way in your training" Splinter said.

"Does that mean we'll get to go and explore outside of the sewers?!" Michelangelo asked.

"I was thinking that tomorrow we could because today is a special day for all of us" Splinter said.

"That's right its our Mutation day" Donatello said with excitement.

"That's right, I almost forgot" Raphael said.

Shortly the family of five was about to enjoy a party to celebrate the day they were turned into mutants, but their celebration was cut short by a series of small trimmers. Then out of the blue came dozens upon dozens of grey robots with yellow glowing eyes, the robots somewhat resembled dinosaurs like raptors or T-rex but without any arms or tails. The robots began to try and attack Splinter but the turtles defended him, the robots then began to attack them as well. Leonardo used his katana to cut the robots to pieces, Donatello and Michelangelo used their staff and nunchucks to break the robots and Raphael used his sai to pierce through the robots.

Splinter also fought the robots using his cane to smash them, in the chaos the robots began to bite at the support structures of the lair where the turtles and Splinter lived. "Splinter look out!" Raphael yelled out as the lair started to collapse.

"Master Splinter! Master Splinter!" Leonardo cried out as the dust settled and the last of the robots got smashed in the collapse.

"What the shell were those robotic dudes?" Michelangelo asked his brothers.

"I don't know, but whatever they were their junk now!" Raphael said.

"This doesn't look good at all...Don can you try and call Master Splinter on your Turtle Comm?" Leonardo asked his bro, Donatello was best known for being the smartest member of the team and their mechanical genius.

"I'll try Leo" Donatello said, shortly the four turtles heard Master Splinter's voice.

"Hello? Which button do you press to answer this thing?" Splinter said as he was pushing the buttons on his Turtle Comm to try and answer it.

"Master Splinter! Its good to hear your voice again" Leonardo said with relief upon hearing Splinter's voice.

"Leonardo?" Splinter said.

"Yes Master Splinter?" Leonardo asked.

"Leonardo whatever those mechanical menaces are they have the power to chew through our home, listen carefully. I need you and your brothers to meet me by the old west junction in the sewer system so we can begin to look for a new lair" Splinter explained.

"Don't worry Master Splinter, I'll make sure we all get to you safely" Leonardo said as he turned off the Turtle Comm and began to explain to his brothers the plan Splinter gave to him.

Shortly the group got some basic supplies they could get from the lair safely, they then began to exit the lair and head out into the sewers. "Goodbye old lair, goodbye old sewage smells, and most of all goodbye my precious snacks" Michelangelo said as he exited the lair.

"Its a shame that we have to leave the lair, I was looking forward to a good Mutation Day" Donatello said.

"Yeah and its all because of those dumb robots...hiya!" Raphael said as he punched a wall so hard it made fractures in the wall.

"Careful Raph! We don't want the lair to collapse anymore then it already has" Leonardo said.

Shortly the group made it towards the west junction but the path was blocked from a cave-in, the four then decided to go above ground and Leonardo told his brothers that they needed to keep out of sight. However on their way to a manhole the brothers encountered more of the robots, they quickly destroyed the robots but found a name printed on one of the machines. It said Mouser 9-226, "I'm guessing these things are called Mousers" Donatello said.

"Let's get out of here before more of them show up" Leonardo said as he led the group out of the sewers and on to the streets of New York.

The four turtles moved swiftly and as silently as possible in order to get to the nearest manhole that could get them into the west junction of the sewers. But a truck was parked over the manhole, the group noticed that many of the men coming out of the truck had tattoos of a purple dragon. They also noticed that the men were either teenagers or guys in their late twenties, "man we hit big today, it was easy getting that TCRI shipment" one of the men said.

"You said it Snake, those weird men in the business suites will pay us big time for getting this stuff...whatever it is..." another man said.

"Those goons are in big trouble" Raphael said as he got ready to come out of the shadows and attack the men.

"Hold on Raph, Master Splinter didn't want us to be seen and we're just trying to get into the sewers" Leonardo said.

"Yeah but their truck is blocking our entrance" Raphael said.

"Dudes we should stop those guys, didn't you hear them? They stole from people" Michelangelo said.

"Mikey has a point guys...and...they said they stole from TCRI..." Donatello said.

"Alright...but try and keep in the shadows if possible" Leonardo said as he and his brothers were about to engage the men but then another truck arrived, when the truck opened up it had a lot of seemingly identical men in black business suites and the inside of the truck had a lot of pink and purple lights that didn't look natural at all.

"Kraang is here to get from the Purple Dragons that which Purple Dragons intend to sell to the Kraang in this place that is this place" one of the men in the business suites said to Snake.

"I think we got the stuff you Kraang dudes wanted" Snake said as he made a hand movement to let the rest of the Purple Dragons know that they could bring the crates to the men calling themselves Kraang.

"Looks like a shifty mob like business deal dudes" Michelangelo said to his brothers.

"That's it I've had it...heeeeeeeeh!" Raphael gave a warrior cry as he charged in and began to knock out the Purple Dragon goons, his brothers helped him out.

"What the heck!" Snake yelled out.

"Creatures look like turtles which are reptiles of this planet which Kraang intend to make their own" one of the men regarding himself as Kraang said, he then pulled out a laser gun from seemingly out of nowhere and began to fire at the turtles along with the other men in suites.

"What the heck?! Laser guns! Where did they get those?" Raphael said as he was surprised to see something out of a sci-fi movie.

"This is the twenty first century bro, lasers were bound to come out sooner or later" Michelangelo said.

"True Mikey but Raph does have a point" Donatello said.

As the fight went on the men calling themselves Kraang seemed to get back up after getting knocked down, but they went into their truck with Snake and the shipments from TCRI that the Purple Dragons stole. The turtles then moved the truck that the Purple Dragons were using and were about to go back underground until Raph said.

"We can't just let those men get away!" Raph said.

"I know Raph but Master Splinter is waiting for us underground" Leonardo said.

"Splinter can wait but those men can't, I mean if their doing back alley deals with goons like these Purple Dragon guys who knows what they'll do next" and shortly after Raphael said that another small truck owned by the men in the black suites who called themselves Kraang appeared, this time in the streets and they were in the process of attempting to abduct a few people from channel 6 news.

"Did you hear that?!" Donatello said as he and his brothers got on to the roof tops and followed the cries for help, Donny spotted a girl wearing light blue turtleneck sweater, a long, light purple skirt, white leggings, yellow socks, and light brown loafers. She was also wearing large-lensed eyeglasses with bright pink frames. Her hair was up, with a white scrunchie holding part of it in place. She looked about 16 to 19 years old. "She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen" Donny said as he felt love struck upon seeing the young woman.

"That's because she's the only girl you've actually seen" Raph said.

"Hey look that dude called Snake is back with those guys again" Mikey said.

"Alright guys we need to save those people and fast" Leonardo said as he and his brothers went down to save the channel 6 news crew.

Within minutes the group fought the men calling themselves Kraang and got the attention of the channel 6 news crew, but they put out the cameras. "Ahhhhhh! Monsters!" the girl cried as she saw the ninja turtles.

"Its alright miss we're the good guys" Donatello said to the girl as he offered to help her from the expressionless men in black suites who kidnapped three of the channel 6 news crew already.

Within minutes the turtles were overwhelmed by the men calling themselves Kraang, the men then took the channel 6 news crew away, the turtles chased the men and were able to get Snake, however Mikey was fighting one of the men calling himself Kraang alone. As he fought the unusually strong man he seemingly broke his face and it turned out to be some kind of robot with an alien in its chest, Mikey freaked out and ran away from the alley he fought the man at, meanwhile Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello were interrogating the Purple Dragon member called Snake.

"Alright we can do this the easy way or the hard way" Donny said.

"What do you dudes in reptile costumes want?" Snake asked.

"We're turtles and we just want to know where those men took the channel 6 news crew and why they kidnapped them" Leonardo said.

"Plus how'd you get from one truck to another?" Raphael asked.

"Well I drive trucks for these guys calling themselves Kraang, they got me into another one of their trucks so I could help them get the news people. Their after them because they have some information about the Kraang's dealings" Snake said.

"Where are they?" Leonardo asked.

"How should I know?" Snake asked.

"Because you like totally drove their trucks for them and those Purple Dragons" Michelangelo said as he came back.

"Where have you been Mikey?" Raphael asked his brother.

"I was fighting one of those guys who's really a robot with an alien brain in its chest" Michelangelo claimed.

"We don't have time for nonsense Mikey, we need to get Snake to tell us where those men took the people from channel 6 news" Donny explained.

"But guys" Michelangelo said.

"Enough Mikey, we need the guy here from the Purple Dragons to tell us where the kidnapped people were taken to" Leonardo explained.

"Yeah and we've got to hurry because that April O'Neil gal you like Mikey, along with that very beautiful girl wearing glasses are in trouble. I bet that one girl would be so amazed to see me break into the place she's being held at and save her and her work colleges" Donatello said with a smile on his face.

"I don't think your her type" Snake said to Donatello.

"Alright Snake you listen and you listen good, either we play nice and you tell us where those men took the channel 6 people. Or else Raphael here will make you tell us" Donatello said.

"Oh please make me break him" Raphael said with a sinister grin.

"Ah! Okay! Okay! All I know is that these guys are from a company called RITC, they have a building located out of town where we were going to put the channel 6 news crew, that's all I know I swear!" Snake said to the turtles.

"See that wasn't so hard now was it?" Michelangelo asked Snake sarcastically.

Shortly the group took Snake with them and worked on tracking the truck the channel 6 news crew was taken into. But as Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello focused on trying to get the route of the truck Michelangelo forgot to keep an eye on Snake while insisting that he did see a robot with an alien brain thing inside of it. Raphael and Leonardo tried to get Snake, but as they figured out where he was they came up with a plan to let Snake overhear false information.

"Great job Raph you let Snake get away" Leonardo said.

"Me?! It was you who let him get away Leo!" Raphael said.

"I guess we'll just have come up with a new plan then" Leonardo said.

"What plan?" Raphael asked.

"I was thinking once we get Don and Mikey we'll need to get the channel 6 news van, and then we'll head for the front gate of the RITC building in order to break in" Leonardo said as he and Raphael walked away.

Snake grinned as he overheard this information and he decided to get to the RITC building as fast as he could before the turtles did in order to warn the one's calling themselves Kraang. Meanwhile underground Splinter was patiently waiting for his sons to return, it had been an unusually long amount of time since he told Leonardo to meet him at the west junction.

"What's taking those boys so long?" Splinter thought out loud as he waited, then more of the Mouser robots showed up and had quite a fight with Splinter that resulted in the floor collapsing beneath him.

Back on the surface many minutes later Snake was at the front gate with a few of the men dress in black and they waited for the turtles, the turtles were cleaver in their plan though. Although they out loud said they were going to make an attempt to enter the building through the front, they were actually going to use the van as a distraction while they snuck in through the sides.

"Kraang has waited long for the one's who plan to make a front attack on Kraang's building and the one's who are coming that you one called Snake who is human are coming" a man calling himself Kraang said.

"Their turtles man, turtles! Do I have to spell it out for you?" Snake said in anger to the man who called himself Kraang, but then the van began to zoom towards the main entrance of the building.

"The van belonging to those of channel 6, has the one's you call turtles Snake who are attempting to break into this base that is our base" the man calling himself Kraang said as he began to shoot his laser gun at the van but it wouldn't slow down.

Ultimately Snake and the two men calling themselves Kraang were unable to destroy the van, and the van went right into the front parking lot of the building and crashed into the trucks with the stolen TCRI stuff, many things went flying all over the place. Including a canister that held the same mutagen that turned the turtles and Splinter into mutants, the mutagen went flying and hit Snake as he hid among weeds and he began to turn into a horrible and evil mutant.

The turtles broke into the building and looked for any possible prisons where the channel 6 news crew could be, as the turtles went on they encountered odd android like robots that talked like the men calling themselves Kraang. Soon as they cut up the androids small aliens tried to attack the turtles, the aliens came out of the chests of the androids.

"See I told you guys they were really robots with aliens in their chests" Michelangelo said as he held an alien before dropping it.

"To think Mikey was actually right" Raphael said to his brothers.

"Of course I was right! I mean just because I'm a goof ball and a do funny stuff doesn't mean I lie or make stuff up all the time" Michelangelo said as he accidentally leaned against an alarm that went off.

"Mikey!" Michelangelo's brothers said.

"Sorry! It wasn't my fought an alarm was on that wall" Michelangelo said as they headed for a prison area where all four of the channel 6 news crew were being held.

"Anything you'd like to say to these aliens Mikey?" Raphael asked his bro as more alien androids got in their way.

"You bet...cowabunga!" Michelangelo said as he charged at the robots with aliens in their chests.

As the turtles were busy trying to get to the prison they noticed that something was fighting the aliens that were most likely called Kraang but the turtles were to busy to bother with it. Soon the four turtles reached the prison and said to the four humans that they were there to help get them out and save them, as the turtles were busy fighting aliens and hacking the prison lock some of the aliens were about to take the humans but they were stopped and most likely killed by whatever was fighting the aliens elsewhere.

Raphael got impatient and decided to stab the lock with his sai which opened the door, the turtles then explained their escape plan to the four humans and they headed for the parking lot but a very tall mutant about 8 to 10 feet tall was in the parking lot and wanted to kill the turtles, it looked like some kind of plant/weed mutant.

"Turtles! You did this to me! Because of you I'm a freak!" the mutant yelled out.

"What is that thing?!" April said.

"I don't know" Vernon Fenwick said as he looked at the mutant.

"Wait guys wasn't Snake here with those Kraang aliens?" Michelangelo asked his brothers.

"Yeah...wait...Snake is that you?!" Donatello asked the mutant.

"Yes! And I'm going to kill you all for what you did to me!" mutant Snake said as he tried to bite the turtles with the snapping mouths on four of his six arms.

"What did you turtles do to him?" the camera man from channel 6 asked.

"We didn't do anything to him...but judging by the looks of things something in the parking lot mutated him and he's blaming us for it" Leonardo explained.

Meanwhile underground Splinter woke up surrounded by rubble and Mouser parts, he got up and dusted himself off. He then noticed a strange light and looked towards the light, when he went toward it he touched a door that wasn't man made at all, it then opened and he was fascinated with what he saw, back above ground the turtles were thinking quickly on how to keep the mutated Snake of the Purple Dragons away from the channel 6 news crew.

"Any plans Leo?" Michelangelo asked his older brother.

"Hmm...Don, Mikey take the news crew to the helicopter and try to get them out of here" Leonardo said as he spotted a helicopter.

"Alright Leo" Michelangelo said as he, Donatello and four news crew made a run for the helicopter.

"Hey Snake how's your aim?" Raphael said as he tricked mutant Snake into trying to get him, but it was a trick so Leonardo and Raphael could cut the vine like limbs off of mutant Snake.

Meanwhile Vernon, the camera man got into the helicopter, along with Irma Langinstein and April O'Neil they tried to escape but due to the Kraang Irma and April fell out of the helicopter. Thankfully Michelangelo caught April and Donatello caught Irma, Vernon and the camera made made their escape while the girls were left with the turtles.

As the turtles fought mutant Snake a stranger came out of nowhere and stabbed mutant Snake making him ooze out a lot of strange blood like fluids. "Yuck! Snakeweed got nasty stuff all over me!" Michelangelo said as he was shaking the fluids off of his body.

"Snakeweed?" his brothers said.

"Yeah because his names Snake and he got turned into a weed mutant so I'm calling him Snakeweed, odd because I was thinking if he'd be a mutant he'd be a snake" Michelangelo said.

"Forget about names what stabbed him?" Raphael asked.

"Guys he's regenerating" Donatello said as Snakeweed's limbs grew back and the cuts in his body healed up.

"Looks like I'm full of surprises" Snakeweed said with an evil grin though only a pair of his arms had mouths on them now.

"Kraang is going to deal with the mutant that was Snake that is the mutant before Kraang" one of the Kraang said as he shot at Snakeweed.

"Hey why do you alien dudes call yourselves Kraang?" Michelangelo asked a Kraang as he jumped behind one.

"Kraang is are race that is the species we are, of which we are a race of aliens" one of the Kraang replied.

"If only we had our camera Irma" April said to her best friend.

"Yeah it stinks" Irma said.

"If you turtles want help defeating the one you call Snakeweed then look at your surroundings" a person dressed like a ninja said to the turtles as they looked around and saw a small electric generator.

"Guys look over there! Its an electric generator" Donatello said as he pointed out the generator.

"I'll get the blue one of you first!" Snakeweed said as he grabbed Leonardo.

"Guys..." Leonardo put a katana held in his mouth and made hand signals telling his brothers to try and get Snakeweed to crash into the generator.

"Got Leo...hiya!" Raphael said as he hit Snakeweed hard and made the mutant drop Leonardo.

The turtles then got Snakeweed to crash into the generator and made the Kraang fire at Snakeweed, then the generator electrocuted Snakeweed until he was fried and then the generator blew up sending the Kraang flying while the turtles made their escape with April and Irma in a truck that belonged to the Purple Dragons. The Kraang pulled out from their facility later on, April and Irma wanted to know more about the turtles but they said they'd explain tomorrow and the turtles told April and Irma to meet them at a particular roof top, the turtles dropped the news reporters off at the channel 6 building so they'd get their stuff from work. April if your wondering has brown hair and is in her late teens to early twenties, she commonly wears a yellow bodysuit like outfit.

The turtles then drove the truck to a secret location and decided to keep it hidden, the turtles then went to the sewers and were excited to see Master Splinter alive and well. They told him that so much happened today, and Splinter told them that he to had much to tell them at their home. Raph however told Splinter that thanks to the Mousers they didn't have a home anymore, but Splinter told them that he figured out how to take care of their housing problems.

Splinter took his sons to their new lair, everyone was excited to see such a huge chamber they could use as a home. "This room up here is mine!" Michelangelo said as he jumped to the entrance of one of the upper rooms, he then jumped down in front of Leonardo and said "and where you're standing also mine!" Splinter was happy his sons were excited to have a new home.

"I'm glad you're all happy to be in our new home, and perhaps now would be a good time to see you four do some cleaning for a change this chamber is filthy" Splinter said.

"Ah man" the turtles all said at once.

"But first let's celebrate our Mutation Day" Splinter said with a smile to his sons.

"Oh yeah!" the turtles said with excitement.

Meanwhile outside the entrance to the new lair a stranger smiled and said quietly "you four turtles have done well, I just hope you're all ready to be part of something greater and bigger then you realize. The Purple Dragons, Mousers and Kraang are only the beginning. I'll leave my calling card here and see if any of you are interested in learning more about what's out there" the stranger said as he left a note with his name on it in front of the new lair main entrance.

The note said. From Galileo, on the top of it. Meanwhile back at the Kraang or RITC facility, Snakeweed's heart started to beat again, and a news group reported what happened to the Purple Dragons. "And although its unclear who stopped the Purple Dragons or if the rumors of them having dealings with RITC are true it is know that someone using ninja weapons was involved. This ninja star is one of the few weapons found at the scene along with some kind of laser weapons" a news reporter said.

"Hamato Yushi...you show yourself at last after all these years" a man said while watching the news report overseas, the man was about six feet tall and was wearing sharp looking metal armor along with spikes on some of the armor, he had metal claws as weapons on his gauntlets. He had a scar on his right eye but ware a contact lense to make his eye look normal and it allowed him to see because it was made from advance technology.

"What are your orders Master Shredder?" one of the Shredders ninja asked him.

"Tomorrow we shall go to New York City to meet up with the Foot Clan stationed there in order to plan my revenge against Hamato Yushi" Shredder said as he glared at the TV he was watching and threw a kunai at the TV.

The next day the lair was cleaned up enough for company, Leonardo found Galileo's note which said:

Dear turtles, you did well in your fight against the Kraang and the evil mutant you call Snakeweed. My name is Galileo and for a few years now I have helped defend this city, if you wish to learn more about the Kraang and things going on in this city meet me in two weeks at the museum at midnight. I'll be waiting and good luck cleaning up your new home.

Signed Galileo.

Leonardo decided to let not tell anyone about this until the time was right, because today April and Irma were coming to visit the turtles and learn about their origins. Hours later that day, April and Irma arrived on the roof top the turtles told them to meet them at, the turtles then took the girls to the lair, there they met Splinter who scared the girls a bit at first due to the fact he was a human size rat mutant.

"My sons told me that they saved you two women from aliens last night" Splinter said as he poured out some tea from a kettle.

"Yeah its true Mr. Splinter" Irma said.

"If you don't mind us asking...where did you five come from?" April asked.

"It all started more then fifteen years ago, in Japan. A man by the name of Hamato Yushi lived with his beautiful wife Tang Shen and their baby daughter Miwa, but a man known as Oroku Saki who was friends with Hamato Yushi was jealous of Yushi getting married to Tang Shen and for their happiness. In an act of rage Oroku Saki broke into their house and fought Yushi, it was meant to be a fight to the death but before Oroku Saki could deliver the finishing blow to Yushi. Tang Shen took the blow meant for her husband, Yushi enraged took a knife and scarred Saki's right eye. Oroku Saki then set fire to the house and left Hamata Yushi to die. About a year later Hamato Yushi moved to New York after surviving the tragic loss of everything he loved, however a man named Hun broke into his home in New York and attempted to kill Yushi, Yushi barely escaped into a sewer in order to escape Hun. Much like Oroku Saki, Hamato Yushi left a scar on Hun, Yushi befriended many rats in the sewers and lived peacefully. But then one day a boy who bought four baby turtles dropped his new pets in the sewers while saving a blind man from a truck that that lost control, a canister of green mutagenic ooze went flying out of the truck and went into the sewers covering the turtles in the ooze. Hamato Yushi picked up the turtles and took care of them best he could, but even he touched the ooze, then the next day the turtles grew dramatically into the size of babies. Hamato Yushi was in contact with a lot of rats prior to touching the ooze and he himself was ultimately turned into a man sized rat and he raised the turtles and trained them in ninjutsu, the turtles in time learned how to talk just like regular people much to Yushi's amazement" Splinter explained his and the turtles origins to April and Irma who were awestruck to hear the story.

"Wait a minute...you're saying that you're Hamato Yushi?!" April asked in shock.

"Yes my dear, I am Hamato Yushi but I go by Splinter these days" Splinter explained.

"Wait if your japanese why do the turtles have Italian names?" Irma asked.

"I named them after my favorite renaissance masters, Leonardo" Splinter said as he pointed to the turtle wearing the blue mask. "Donnatello" Slinter said as he pointed to the turtle wearing the purple mask. "Raphael" Splinter said as he pointed to the turtle with the red mask. "And Michaelangello" Splinter said as he pointed to the turtle wearing the orange mask.

"Amazing...I've never been this excited before in my life" Irma said.

"Wow...you guys are incredible" April said.

After a few hours the girls had to leave, because tomorrow they were going to do a special news report on the new Mouser project that the renowned scientist Baxter Stockman was working on, Donatello was shocked that he heard the Mousers were made by Baxter Stockman because Stockman was one of the scientists he looked up to while growing up.

Elsewhere Galileo the ninja was peacefully enjoying some of his free time, and the turtles spent the next week cleaning the last of their stuff our of the old lair. At least the stuff they could get safely, fortunately Michelangelo was able to get all of his stuff safely out with hardly any damage done to it.

As the turtles and Splinter were enjoying their time, dark forces were at work in the shadows...