Chapter 12

The first great battle part 2

Galileo surprised the turtles when he showed up out of the blue, by crashing through a window. The Foot Mystics were displeased with seeing him, however Galileo knew he had to tell his friends what they had to do in order to defeat their powerful enemies.

"Leonardo you and your brothers have to listen to me, I know a way for us to defeat the Foot Mystics" Galileo said.

"How can we beat them?" Donatello asked.

"Yeah that sword we had is gone" Michelangelo said.

"I know this might sound odd, but the five of us have hidden elemental powers within our chi" Galileo said.

"What?" Raphael said.

"Elemental powers?" Leonardo asked.

"Yes, the five of us have elemental power within our chi. I know this because I felt it the first night we were all together, Leonardo you have the power of fire within your chi. You're powerful and have great potential for marvelous things, both beautiful and destructive. Raphael has the element of earth within his chi. He is un-moving and awesomely strong, he prefers to do things he wants to do and doesn't allow anyone to stand in his way, he's also very stubborn" Galileo said.

"Amazing" Leonardo said.

"What did you say about being stubborn bub?!" Raphael said.

"Let him finish Raphael" Leonardo said, he kept an eye on the Foot Mystics while he, his brothers and Galileo dodged attacks from the elemental's.

"Donatello has the power of water within his chi, he doesn't force himself into thing's. He goes around calmly and smoothly. And of course Michelangelo has the element of wind within his chi, he's fast, has hidden strength and is completely unpredictable" Galileo said as he finished explaining the elemental power hidden within the chi of the turtles.

"Water huh?" Donatello said.

"I always knew I had hidden strength!" Michelangelo said.

"Unpredictable...that fits Mikey alright" Raphael said.

"What about your element Galileo?" Leonardo asked as the five heroic ninjas blocked various elemental attacks from the Foot Mystics.

"I have the power of metal within my chi, I am sturdy, endearing and patiently wait for the right moment to shine" Galileo said.

"That's fine and all, but how the heck do we use our elemental chi powers?" Raphael shouted as he barely avoided getting cut with swords summoned by the Mystic Metal Ninja.

"Its a bit hard, but all we have to do is focus our chi into positive energy and use it to vanquish the Foot Mystics. All five of us must be in harmony when we do this" Galileo said as he was focusing hard, the turtles did their best to follow his example, they all put away their weapons in order to focus their chi properly.

"I can feel something" Donatello said.

"I'm feeling something too Donnie" Raphael said.

"I'm getting some major vibes myself dudes" Michelangelo said.

"This feeling...I feel so balanced..." Leonardo said.

"This is our hidden power my friends, this once we shall use it against the evil of the Foot Mystics" Galileo said as he and the turtles began to glow from the elemental power of their chi, Leonardo had the power of fire, Raphael had control over the earth, Donatello had unexpectedly gained power over water at least it was unexpected to him, Michelangelo gained power over wind as he hoped for. And Galileo had the power of metal. "We must use our elemental chi power in our weapons, we each shall face a Foot Mystic" Galileo said as he looked to Leonardo "fire melts metal!" Galileo said as he watched Leonardo pull his katana out of the 'X' shaped katana sheath he had on his back.

"I shall melt the evil metal!" Leonardo said as his katana were covered in fire, he then swiftly struck down the Mystic Metal Ninja, the flames on his blades were so hot that the Mystic Metal Ninja melted as soon as the two katana hit him.

Galileo then looked to Raphael and said "earth swallows water!" and with that Raphael charged at the Mystic Water Ninja.

"Eat earth nimrod!" Raphael shouted as he struck the earth, he made a fracture in the earth that swallowed up the Mystic Water Ninja, he then threw rocks into the fracture to keep the Mystic Fire Ninja from escaping.

Galileo then looked at Donatello, but by the time he was about to talk. Donnie knew all to well which Foot Mystic he had to face "water stops fire easily" Donatello said as he spun his bo staff around. He was able to make a powerful whirlpool of water using his staff, and then he used it to put out the Mystic Fire Ninja's flames and this seemingly destroyed the Mystic Fire Ninja.

Galileo then looked to Michelangelo and said "wind scatters the earth" and as he said the Michelangelo got out his nunchucks and charged at the Mystic Earth Ninja.

"Time for some cowabunga action! With a side dish of booyakasha!" Michelangelo said with excitement, as he twirled his nunchucks and made powerful tornadoes of wind that scattered the Mystic Earth Ninja, even rocks that the Mystic Earth Ninja tried to use were shattered. "Oh yeah! I'm awesome and another one bites the dust, or earth in that dude's case" Michelangelo said as he was doing a small victory dance.

"Hey Mikey! Can you try and not send a lot of pieces of a bad guy at us in the process of destroying him next time?" Raphael asked while being sarcastic.

"Oops, sorry dudes I guess I don't know my own strength" Michelangelo said as he danced away from the small earth remains of the Mystic Earth Ninja.

"And as for me, I shall tame the wind with my metal" Galileo said as he used his chi to make a powerful looking sword, he then used the sword to completely blow away the wind and it seemed like the Mystic Wind Ninja was defeated which now meant the powerful heralds of the Shredder known as the Foot Mystics were finally defeated.

"Oh yeah! Right!" the turtles shouted as they saw Galileo finish off the last of the evil Foot Mystics.

"I'm glad the mystical energies in this room allowed us to use our hidden chi powers my friends, because we won't be able to use them once we go higher" Galileo said as the sword he made vanished into thin air.

"Well done guys" Casey said, he was hiding on the side lines this whole fight because he was no match for any of the Foot Mystics.

"I'm glad the Foot Mystics didn't harm you Casey Jones" Galileo said as he went to check on his ally.

"Great job everyone, but we have to keep pushing on" Leonardo said.

"Indeed, and unless I'm mistaken the Foot Elite are on the upper floors" Galileo said.

"Well what are we waiting for? Shredder isn't going to kick his own butt for us, and it'll be nice to kick a few extra butts on the way to him" Raphael said with a lot of confidence.

And so the six heroes worked their way up, with the Mystics now defeated that meant the four Foot Elite, Alopex, Karai, Bradford and Xever along with dozens of Foot Ninjas were the only thing standing between the heroes and justice. As the heroes went on, Mona Lisa and Metalhead were busy trying to get their Turtle Comms to work. Galileo had informed the turtles and Casey about the Terrordrome, but he said that it wouldn't be activated until the Kraang had Irma.

And since April and Splinter were busy with other matters, they didn't think of telling the turtles or their friends about the fact Irma was kidnapped by Karai. They didn't personally see Karai kidnap Irma, but since her father told them everything he knew they knew. Mona Lisa and Metalhead knew they had to get to Foot HQ. and hopefully be of help to the turtles, Casey and Galileo. Though Metalhead reminded Mona Lisa that they had to return to the War Lair as soon as their mission was completed, Mona Lisa however insisted they went to Foot HQ. using their Turtle Flyers.

Meanwhile Bradford had gotten word that the Foot Mystics were defeated by the turtles and Galileo, "master Shredder can you please give me a chance to defeat the turtles?" Bradford asked.

"Hmm...perhaps I will give you and Xever another chance" Oroku Saki said.

"Thank you master Shredder" Bradford said.

"But listen, if the turtles and their foolish allies defeat the Foot Elite. I need you too lure the turtles into my first chamber so I can prepare everything needed, to show them what'll happen to their master once he arrives in hope of saving Irma" Oroku Saki said as he went to put on his armor.

" Foot Elite are like your best ninjas next to your daughter and her friend right?" Xever asked while he moved along an underwater passageway underneath the first chamber of Shredder's personal chambers.

"Why do you think I'm giving you two this chance?" Oroku Saki asked them as he began to walk away.

"By the way...isn't your master going to fight Hamato Yushi first?" Bradford asked.

"That he is, and soon I shall have my revenge so we can move on with my master's plans" Oroku Saki said as he left to his main chambers.

Meanwhile Hamato Yushi, aka Splinter. Was making his way into Foot HQ. no one saw him due to how swiftly he moved, he seemed to spot what looked like the Shredder when he reached the top floor right before the roof. He saw what looked like the silhouette of the Shredder in his armor, but he had a feeling this truly wasn't the Shredder he knew since childhood. He had a feeling he was fighting something far more evil, as he began his fight a camera in the room the two were fighting in. Activated and someone was watching the fight, but it wasn't anyone working with the Foot Clan currently, and it wasn't any of the Kraang either, it was someone far worse.

As the turtles entered the Shinto Palace, which was covered with many death traps the group got by with great effort. As they were close to the first of the Shredder's chambers, the four Foot Elite appeared. Thankfully all six heroes were ready for these ninjas, the fighting lasted for several minutes but ultimately the heroes seemingly defeated the Foot Elite. The Foot Elite seemingly vanished into thin air after they were badly injured in their fight, but Galileo believed they merely retreated and allowed him and his friends to continue.

As the heroes were about to enter the chambers of the Shredder, Mona Lisa and Metalhead showed up "Mona Lisa!? I thought you were returning back home after the mission at RITC?" Raphael asked with a surprised tone in his voice.

"Well I thought you guys could use the back up, so I insisted Metalhead and I came to help out" Mona Lisa said.

"Sounds alright with me" Raphael said.

"Alright guys this is it, I have a feeling Shredder is beyond these doors" Leonardo said.

"For some reason I think he is farther ahead" Galileo said.

"Be ready for anything right?" Casey asked.

"Right" everyone said at once.

And so the eight heroes went on but they didn't see the Shredder anywhere, the group went into a trap. "I had a feeling you four freaks would show up" a very big dog mutant said as he revealed himself from the shadows.

"What the?" Casey said.

"And who are you big guy?" Raphael asked.

"Who am I? I am the most powerful ninja you ever four freaks ever faced, but now I'm a mutant thanks to Xever" the mutant said.

"Wait...those pants...the cool belt...Rad Brad?!" Michelangelo asked.

"Who?" Casey asked.

"In the mutant flesh, as you can see the Kraang Mutagen made me into a mutant. And since its your fault I'm now a freak, I'm going to repay the favor by crushing you all with my new strength!" Bradford said as he charged at the group, at first the heroes were beaten quite a bit before Raphael fell into the water.

"Now it looks like I can claim your shell reptile" a fish like mutant said to Raphael.

"And just who are you bub?" Raphael asked.

"You know me by the name Xever!" Xever said as he charged at Raphael and began to claw at him fast.

"Xever? I didn't recognize your face, you surely look more ugly now than you did before" Raphael said sarcastically.

"And I'll make you pay for what happened to me reptile!" Xever said as he began to fight Raph.

"Man...Dogpound is surely a tough guy" Mikey said.

"Dogpound?" everyone but Raphael said, due to the fact Raphael was in the water fighting Xever.

"Because Bradford is now a dog and he's totally pounding us" Mikey said.

"This guy's got nothing on me, he fights just like Hun. Quick to make a move, very big and very slow" Casey said as he began to trip up Dogpound.

"What the?! How am I losing to the likes of you?" Dogpound yelled as he tried to hit Casey but he was failing.

"Where's Raph?" Donnie asked.

"Guys! Raph is in trouble, I've got to save him!" Mona Lisa said as she jumped into the water, soon she spotted Xever attacking Raphael, and she had to act fast to save Raph from drowning "take this you ugly fish face!" Mona Lisa said as she used a powerful kick to hit Xever in the back. She then caught Raphael and got him out of the water, however Xever pulled her back into the water.

"What the? A woman mutant?" Xever said.

"Yeah I'm a woman old fish face, and you attacked my man" Mona Lisa said as she used her tail to slap Xever hard.

"Man...such power and beauty! How can you speak underwater, when you're a reptile?" Xever asked.

"My mutation gave me gills of sorts in my lungs so I can breath both air and water" Mona Lisa said.

"Oh my, you'd be an ideal woman for a man like me" Xever said.

"Not in your life, I'd prefer to be with a turtle than a fish faced ego maniac like you" Mona Lisa said harshly.

"I am insulted, and its a shame we must fight, you're so beautiful. Too beautiful for even one of those filthy turtles" Xever said as he and Mona Lisa fought underwater.

"At least he smells better than you" Mona Lisa said sarcastically as she knocked out Xever.

"Hey dudes Mona Lisa is alright!" Mikey said as he saw his friend come out of the water, she shook her head and got the water out of her hair.

"Mona Lisa! You're alright! But what happened to Xever?" Raphael asked.

"Old fish face sunk after I gave him a few good kicks, no one insults my friends and get's away with it" Mona Lisa said.

"Oh snap! Fishface is the perfect name for Xever now that he's a mutant bad guy!" Michelangelo said in excitement.

Soon the six heroes worked too overwhelm Dogpound and they defeated the strong mutant "oh yeah! High three!" Donatello said as he and his brothers did what was technically a high three.

"Or high five if you're not a turtle" Michelangelo said.

And so the heroes won against Bradford and Xever, or Dogpound and Fishface as Michelangelo now named them. Bradford was awake long enough to tell the heroes that Shredder would be waiting for them at the heliport outside, Galileo said that since the Shredder was the turtles' enemy. That they should have the honor of fighting him, Galileo, Casey, Mona Lisa and Metalhead would keep an eye on things to make sure Shredder doesn't call in any other forces. The turtles went outside, and they stood ready to face the Shredder. The turtles looked up at the highest point of the roof top of Foot HQ. and when they saw Shredder they got ready to fight him, he jumped down to the heliport while carrying the Sword of Tengu in his right hand. His armor was mostly the color of steel, there were two metal claws on each of his gloves. The eye pieces of his armor, made his eyes look red but that wasn't the true color of his eyes.

"So you four are the turtles that were trained by Hamato Yushi, I have too say its been a long time since I saw you. I thought perhaps you'd gone into hibernation" Shredder said to his enemies.

"You've got no sense of humor, but the armor's cool" Michelangelo said.

" made it this far... To be honest I'm surprised you had the ability to get here, especially after Stockman led me to believe you had all perished thanks to the Foot Elite" Shredder said as he went on.

"We're not the same turtles they fought before" Donatello said.

"Listen to me, in spite of everything you've done to me. I have a proposal for you, work for me. I can certainly make it worth your while" the Shredder said as he unexpectedly made an offer to the turtles.

"No way...not after everything you put us through" Raphael said.

"We're Elite Turtles, the best in the field. We'd never work for the likes of you" Michelangelo said.

"Besides odds are you'd betray us" Raphael said.

"We won't let our master down" Leonardo said.

"Fine, you're just freaks after all, here's where we go our separate ways" Shredder said in a calm manner, but then he said in a strong tone "but you will not be leaving this place...ever!" Shredder said.

"We're not the turtles you remember, and we came here this time to defeat you! See what you think of our Turtle Power now!" Leonardo said.

"Oh yeah! I was hoping Leo would say that someday!" Michelangelo said with excitement.

"Anything else you'd like to say before we fight bro?" Donatello asked his little brother.

"Oh you bet, cowabunga!" Michelangelo said as he and his brothers charged at the Shredder, their fight was quite long and the turtles had to be careful since Shredder was using the Sword of Tengu in battle. The sword sent many shock waves of energy which damaged the heliport and was causing minor damage to the roof where Shredder's main chambers were located.

The turtles soon knocked the Sword of Tengu away from Shredder, and while all four held on too it. They used its power to send Shredder flying, he kept coming until they used it to strike a critical blow on his chest. The Shredder kneeled down in pain, he was seemingly defeated but he got back up and made several jumped up to the roof where his main chambers were, he was planning to have one final battle with the turtles. The turtles had to put down the Sword of Tengu in order to keep themselves from getting hurt from overusing it, Galileo came to the heliport and had Metalhead put the Sword of Tengu into a sheath on his back. Galileo told the turtles he came because he had a feeling the turtles would need him, too keep the sword safe and sound once they recovered it from the Shredder.

Meanwhile the Shredder's master was fighting Splinter, Splinter was incredibly skilled and the Shredder's master knew it was about time for his pupil's plan to go into action. The Shredder's master led Splinter to the heliport where Splinter followed his sons, they would soon fight Shredder without his armor. And whenever Shredder fought without his armor he was known as Oroku Saki, and Splinter knew that his sons would be in for the fight of their lives. Splinter made sure that the master of the Shredder wouldn't interfere, much to Splinter's surprise the Shredder's master was nowhere to be seen.

By the time the turtles entered Oroku Saki's main chambers, he removed all his armor and was only in his regular clothes. He was focusing his energy for the fight he'd have with the turtles, when they entered he spoke to them "hahaha it has been a long time since I fought without my armor" Oroku Saki said to the turtles.

"What is this? Some kind of armor strip show?" Raphael asked sarcastically.

"Do you understand the significance of me removing this armor, the only set like it in the world?" Oroku Saki asked his enemies.

"What? You've gotten over your chrome fetish?" Michelangelo asked.

"By not relying on this great armor, I hone my mind like a sword. And draw even greater power from it, in ancient times all Japanese Samurai have done so when battling. By doing this I am showing you honor" Oroku Saki said in a serious tone.

"In other words..." Donatello said as he was thinking of what to say.

"The real fight's about to start!" Leonardo said as he finished his brother's sentence for him.

"That is correct, here I come freaks!" Oroku Saki said as he began his fight with the turtles.

The turtles had quite a fight with Oroku Saki, he was a skilled warrior more powerful than they imagined. They fought hard against Oroku Saki but he was too fast for them to keep up with, the turtles could barely land a hit on the guy. If you're wondering Oroku Saki has black hair and unusual black eyes, he ware a belt with the symbol of the Foot Clan on it and a pair of traditional Japanese pants.

The turtles tried every tactic they could use against him, but it seemed like the fighting was at a stalemate. No one was really winning, and it came down to who could stand the longest. "Darn it! This guy has no weaknesses" Leonardo said as he and his brothers were waiting for Saki too make his next move.

"Just one small opening and I'm taking him down!" Raphael said in a serious tone.

As the five warriors stood watching each other, Oroku Saki noticed someone was walking calmly into his chambers. "Oroku Saki" a familiar voice said, and within seconds the owner of the voice walked in, it was none other than Splinter.

"Master Splinter!" the four brothers said as they saw their sensei and adopted father.

"Just who are you?" Oroku Saki asked Splinter.

"You knew me long ago by another name Oroku Saki, although I go by Splinter these days. My real name will forever be...Hamato Yushi!" Splinter said to Oroku Saki as he revealed his true identity.

"What? Hamato Yushi?! What is going on?" Oroku Saki said in shock and disbelief, but as he said this he lowered his guard for just a split moment.

"Now my sons!" Splinter said quickly, and then the four turtles quickly struck Oroku Saki with a fatal blow.

"This...cannot be...I cannot be defeated by these...freaks..." Oroku Saki said, as he put his arms around his stomach area where he was hit.

"Oroku Saki, you would do well to repent your evil ways. All sins come back to you, especially after everything you've done for pointless revenge" Splinter said.

"I...won't...forget this...don't you dare think that this is over...I will be back..." Oroku Saki said just moments before he collapsed and seemingly died.

The turtles cheered when it seemed like they defeated Oroku Saki once and for all, but Splinter brought the turtles bad news. He warned them that he fought the master of Oroku Saki earlier tonight, and that he is the true leader of the Foot Clan and that Saki was a figurehead. Galileo, Mona Lisa, Casey and Metalhead came to cheer for the turtles victory, but they stopped when Splinter informed them all that Irma was sent to the Kraang. Splinter explained to everyone how this happened, and that they had too find Irma and stop the Terrordrome before it was to late.

The Terrordrome was close by, Galileo saw that already the Terrordrome sent probes to gather various life forms for the Kraang to experiment on. Everyone knew they had too get to their Turtle Flyers fast, everyone except Splinter made it outside, as soon as everyone else left the doors closed and then blast doors closed. The turtles and everyone else knew they had to stop the Terrordrome fast, but when they noticed Splinter was trapped inside the Shredder's main chambers they tried to go back for him. However Leonardo assured everyone that Splinter could take care of himself, he knew they could give him a call as soon as they stopped the Kraang. The Terrordrome spotted the heroes as they took off for the machine, its commander fired at his enemies but the Terrordrome hit Foot HQ. and the massive shot went right into several of the main generators.

This caused the inside of Foot HQ. to slowly explode from the inside, but the building wasn't in danger at the moment. As the heroes flew around the Terrordrome they lured it away from the city and allowed themselves to get captured in probes. As soon as everyone was inside the Terrordrome, they broke out of the probes that captured them and followed Galileo and Donatello because they knew where Irma was being held due too the research they did on the Terrordrome. Meanwhile at the channel 6 news station, April's boss was demanding to know where she was since she had been gone for so long. He wanted April out on the story about the alien space ship in New York, but an eager news reporter called Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe wanted to look into the story. April's boss agreed to let Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe as long as he had Vernon with him, and they had too find April.

At Oroku Saki's chambers, he laughed as he got up to face Splinter "my plan worked perfectly" Oroku Saki said.

"What plan?" Splinter said.

"You see Yushi, I knew you were a rat mutant before we met again. The Foot Elite told me that they had fought a mutant rat that fought similar to you, I didn't think such a thing could be possible until Bradford and Xever became mutants. Its quite fitting for a filthy man like you to become a rat, I always knew you were a rat but never expected you too turn into one" Oroku Saki said as flames lit up along torches in his chambers.

"You were always known for your deceptive tactics my old friend" Splinter said.

"Indeed...and now I shall have my revenge after all these years, you shall die for taking Tang Shen from me" Oroku Saki said as he charged at Splinter, it was clear he was hit badly in his fight with the turtles but he had enough fight in him too take on Splinter.

"She was never your's" Splinter said as he began to fight fiercely against his former friend.

Meanwhile on the Terrordrome

"What do you even need me for Kraang Prime?" Irma asked the commander of the Terrordrome.

"I need the one known as Irma in order for the plan known as the plan to work, with your powers that lay dormant Kraang shall turn this planet into a planet best suited for Kraang" the evil leader of the Kraang known as Kraang Prime said.

"I'm surprised you're the leader of the Kraang race" Irma said as she was trying to get out of the chair she was strapped into.

"Kraang doesn't get that often, but all those fools who stand against Kraang shall be known as those who are dead fools" Kraang Prime said with an evil grin on his face.

Shortly the turtles along with Casey, Mona Lisa, Galileo and Metalhead. Broke into the throne room of Kraang Prime where Irma was being held, Kraang Prime knew all too well who broke into his throne room. "Whoa! That is one big Kraang" Raphael said.

"I can hardly believe it...its the leader of the Kraang race, Kraang Prime!" Galileo said.

"One known as Galileo! You've made so much of that known as trouble for Kraang over the earth years, why are you in this place known as my throne room?" Kraang Prime roared.

"And to think after all these years your vile and nasty hide is here on earth, I hoped that I'd never have to see you on my home planet ever!" Galileo said.

"Kraang feels the same about one known as Galileo, but all of the one's known as Kraang's enemies are that which is too late. Soon Kraang shall begin to turn New York City into the capital of Kraang on this planet known as planet Earth" Kraang Prime said.

"Not if we stop you first!" Galileo said as he and everyone quickly went to work to free Irma, as soon as she was free Galileo threw several smoke bombs. While this was going on Metalhead was busy sabotaging the Terrordrome so it would crash into the ocean, and with luck blow up.

As the heroes began to make their escape though, Kraang Prime revealed that he had a giant Exo-Suit too move around in. He chased his enemies to the main hanger bay which was close to where the probes were kept along with several Kraang Stealth Ships, Metalhead made sure that all of the captured people and animals were set free from the Terrordrome and at a safe distance. But everyone wasn't out of the woods yet, the heroes and Irma needed to escape from Kraang Prime.

Meanwhile at Foot HQ.

"You know fifteen years ago I was a different man, we were the best of friends and I had everything I could ever dream of. A loving wife, a baby daughter named Miwa and a lovely home. But you were a jealous man, you sought that which was mine. You took everything I love...everything! And still you hunt me down! That is why I fight you now! Too end this!" Splinter said to Oroku Saki as they fought. It seemed like Splinter was close to actually losing his fight with Oroku Saki, Saki kept fighting in spite of the fact he was mortally injured. As they fought Splinter wanted to ask one more time why Oroku Saki was bent on destroying him "why must you continue with this insanity?!" Splinter asked.

"You took Tang Shen from me, surely by now I've made that clear!" Oroku Saki shouted.

"She was never your's to have, she was my wife! The only woman I truly loved other than my mother!" Splinter shouted as he continued to fight Oroku Saki. As the two fought Oroku Saki grabbed a sword and Splinter used his cane which was secretly a sword, he brought out his sword and blocked Oroku Saki's attack and said "you have nothing but your hate! If you defeat me, than you'll have nothing!" Splinter said.

"Hahahahahahahahaha...that is where you are wrong, you took something from me so I took something from you" Oroku Saki said as he pointed at Splinter while talking. "I took...your daughter!" Oroku Saki said with an evil grin on his face as he narrowed his eyes at Splinter.

Splinter was stunned upon hearing this, but he had flashbacks of that day he lost everything. And as he looked through his memory he remembered hearing his daughter crying, and what looked like Oroku Saki possibly carrying something in his right arm. When he thought about it, and remembered what he saw...yes...yes! He knew deep down that for once Oroku Saki was being truthful, but in spite of that he said " It can't be?" Splinter was trapped in thought for a moment while processing this information.

But as he was thinking Oroku Saki took this opportunity to unleash a lot of attacks, the attacks ended when he punched Splinter with an uppercut and sent him flying a few feet "its over Hamato Yushi, soon you'll be no more. And your own daughter, will go through her life cursing your name" Oroku Saki said with a big grin on his face, he was about too try and cut Splinter in half but Splinter had a nerve struck. He began to fight fiercely like he had never fought before, as Oroku Saki tried to cut him, Splinter clawed his enemy, as Oroku Saki tried to hit Splinter. Splinter bit Oroku Saki's left arm and broke it with his teeth, this caused great pain to Saki as he tried to stay awake and fight his enemy, Splinter unleashed a lot of attacks until he sent Oroku Saki flying right into the flag of the Foot Clan that hang on his back wall.

Splinter was panting hardly as he finished attacking his enemy, he didn't realize it but the fight between the two had set fire to Oroku Saki's main chambers. The place was on fire, but within minutes after the fire started two kunoichi came out of nowhere. One of them tried to hit Splinter with a katana but Splinter blocked her attack with his cane, when he looked at her once Splinter knew without a doubt she was Miwa. "Miwa...?" Splinter said as he looked at her "my names Karai!" the kunoichi said, shortly she and the other kunoichi went to Oroku Saki's side after Karai jumped over Splinter after failing to strike a fatal blow, Karai said "father!" with deep concern for Oroku Saki.

"Karai...that rat is Hamato Yushi...he's the one who killed your mother" Oroku Saki said to the kunoichi who called him father, he seemed to have a look that looked like that of an innocent man beaten when he said this.

"Miwa?" Splinter said when he saw Karai's face again.

However she heard him and said "my name is Karai! Father told me what you did to my mother, and now I'm going to return the favor" Karai said to Splinter as she raised her left hand, she then curled her fingers into a fist and the metal spike in her glove was clear too see. As she said what she said to Splinter, Oroku Saki looked at Splinter and got a wicked grin and glared at his enemy as he laughed, he was hoping that Karai would kill Splinter who unknown to her was her real father. The second kunoichi who's Karai's best friend Alopex, looked at Oroku Saki's face and noticed it was very unusual for him to make such facial expressions. It also wasn't like him to laugh often, usually he only ever laughed when a sinister plan of his was coming together, especially if said plan was to destroy Hamato Yushi on a personal level.

Splinter saw Karai charge at him with a katana, but before anything else could happen a piece of debris was coming down. It would've landed on Karai, but Splinter saw it and he didn't want too lose his daughter after just learning that she is truly alive. He said "Miwa look out!" and jumped at her in order to save her from the debris.

Burning debris fell on to Oroku Saki in the confusion, the flames burned his face badly and set his hair on fire. Alopex did her best to save Oroku Saki but with the damage he sustained and the debris crushing him it didn't look good "why did you save me?" Karai said to Splinter.

"I can't lose you again...Miwa..." Splinter said as he got up and slowly walked away from Karai.

"Stop calling me that! My name is Karai! Hiya!" Karai said in anger as she charged at Splinter again, but the ninja master jumped fast.

"No!" Splinter said as he jumped away from Karai "I...will not...fight you..." he said weakly to Karai as he noticed a hole in the roof of Oroku Saki's chambers, he made his exit through the hole while taking a moment too look back and watch Karai and her friend save Oroku Saki from the fire, Splinter could only cry as it seemed like history was repeating itself.

"Why won't you fight? COWARD!" Karai shouted as she saw Splinter leave.

Meanwhile at the Terrordrome

Galileo was fighting hard against Kraang Prime as he made sure his friends were in escape pods, "Galileo hurry up!" Raphael said.

"Its impossible for you all too escape while Kraang Prime isn't kept busy" Galileo said.

"What are you talking about? Come on!" Leonardo said.

"I can't...this is the only way, flee my friends!" Galileo said as he threw some kunai and shuriken at the control buttons to launch the escape pods his friends were in.

"Galileo! No!" almost everyone said that as they escaped.

As the escape pods hit the ocean water and floated, the Terrordrome which was damaged by Metalhead and Kraang Prime's rampage. Fell into the ocean and it seemed like Galileo went down with it.

"I can't believe he's gone..." Michelangelo said.

"Neither can I Mikey" Donatello said while he comforted Irma who began to cry.

"He was truly an honorable ninja, who put his friends before himself" Leonardo said as he gave a bow to his fallen friend.

"I think I gave him a bit of a hard time, he was a very great guy and he took care of Spike everyday I was asleep...if I had a chance too do over the way I treated him...I would've been a lot nicer..." Raphael said.

"Oh really?" a familiar voice asked Raphael.

"Yes really...wait a minute?!" Raphael said as he looked around and he saw Galileo swimming on a piece of debris from the Terrordrome.

"Galileo!" everyone said.

"You big dork! You had me worried" Raphael said.

"Did you think I'd let Kraang Prime do away with me so easily?" Galileo asked sarcastically with a grin.

"Dude you're so getting use to sarcasm, awesome!" Michelangelo said with excitement.

"You made it" Donatello and Metalhead said.

"Good to have you back" Casey said.

"Don't you ever scare us like that again!" Mona Lisa said in a bit of a harsh tone.

"Galileo, I have two thing's to give to you now that I know you're alright" Irma said as she stepped in front of Galileo as soon as he was safely on the escape pod. Irma then slapped Galileo and said "that was for scaring all of us into thinking you were dead" and then Irma brought Galileo close and she kissed him on his right cheek "and that was for coming back alive" Irma said calmly as she took off her glasses.

"Um...I'm speechless...I honestly don't know what too say..." Galileo said with a blush, Donnie had mixed feelings when he saw Irma kiss Galileo.

"Well how about I say what we're all thinking, we won! We saved the day!" Casey said.

"Oh yeah! Party at the War Lair!" Michelangelo said in excitement as everyone gave a group huge to Galileo.

Galileo was happy to have so many wonderful and unusual friends, well unusual even for a ninja. Within a couple hours the group noticed that it was dawn. They all made it safely back to the War Lair and rested up as soon as they made sure Dr. Langinstein and April were alright, the turtles were glad that they actually did what they planned to do.

"Who saved the world?" Raphael said.

"We saved the world!" everyone else said.

"Who saved the world?" Michelangelo asked.

"We saved the world!" everyone else said in excitement.

"I said who saved the world?" Michelangelo said.

"Stop it Mikey! You're ruining the moment" Raphael said.

"We saved the world..." Michelangelo said, then Raph put a pizza box in Mikey's face and Mikey got a slice of pizza using his mouth. He smiled having victory pizza, it wasn't everyday he got victory pizza for saving the world.

Splinter came home late, he walked calmly into his chambers in the War Lair and looked at the picture of his family from fifteen years ago. He looked closely at Miwa in the picture, and had a heavy sigh as he looked at her from so long ago, and only tonight of all nights did he get to see her again but now she was a teenage kunoichi trained and raised by the Shredder.

"Sensei are you alright?" Irma asked.

"We're sorry for arguing with you last night..." April said.

"Don't be, you both spoke what was in your heart" Splinter said to his kunoichi students.

"What's going on sensei?" Leonardo asked as he came into Splinter's chambers.

"Very...powerful news...I learned troubling thing's from Oroku Saki before he suffered great burns in our fight" Splinter said.

"You mean Shredder got burned?" April asked.

"What kinds of thing's?" Leonardo asked.

"Those things are for another time, for now we should celebrate" Splinter said as he put a hand on Leonardo's left shoulder, he then removed his hand and said "after all its not everyday you make the world safe from an alien invasion" Splinter said with a smile.

"You got that right! Who saved the world?" Michelangelo said as he and everyone else came to check on Splinter, everyone then said.

"Mikey" upon hearing this in the tone they used Michelangelo seemed a bit sad but then everyone in excitement said "we saved the world!" and so after that the celebration party began.

Everyone was having a great time too celebrate, Mikey, Donnie and Metalhead did the robot while dancing. However Galileo said to Splinter before they joined in on the celebration "Master Splinter, even though the Terrordrome crashed into the ocean I feel like its not gone and that our enemy Kraang Prime lives. What's more...I have a feeling what you've learned involves my first love Karai?" Galileo said to Splinter.

"...I'm not sure about the Terrordrome for Karai...we should worry about that another time" Splinter said.

"Agreed, after all we need to celebrate something worth celebrating. We'll also need rest and relaxation after everything we went through" Galileo said.

"With Foot HQ. in ruins that seems like a wise decision my young friend" Splinter said as he and Galileo began to celebrate.

It was quite a nice long party that day, granted everyone needed too rest for a long while afterwards. But after that they continued to celebrate, April and Irma were lucky to go back to their jobs with channel 6 news. Though April would now have to keep an eye on Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe because after his report on the Terrordrome he was promoted. Vernon really did his best too make sure his two friends were treated well after what they went through, in time they explained the story of what they went through.

Dr. Kurt Langinstein went too live with Irma's aunt, since that's where Irma was staying since the Kraang kidnapped her father. He'd do his best too get back into the scientific community but that wouldn't be for sometime, Donatello would often work with Dr. Langinstein in order too look for a cure for the Underground Monsters. Raphael and Casey off and on did work together whenever Casey wasn't helping the turtles with something, Leonardo trained and focused on being a true ninja. Galileo also kept up his training though, he had concerns for the turtles since their victories over the Shredder and Kraang Prime, he let the turtles take care of the Sword of Tengu which they kept in the Lair this time.

Mona Lisa is now a skilled fighter, she often looks after Spike when Raphael is away on missions. She also told Mikey about The Newtralizer and he was jealous she named a villain without him, but he got over it. The Guardians from afar learned of what the turtles did, and they were proud of their allies and thought it would soon be time too show themselves to the turtles, they also felt that soon the turtles should learn the full truth, the Guardians and their masters rejoiced with the news of the turtles and their master being alive and of their victory.

However while everyone was celebrating, Kraang Prime reactivated the Terrordrome and was alive. He used the Trans-Dimensional Portal in order to return to Dimension X.


It had been a couple of days now since the turtles great fight with their enemies, however while they celebrated. Their enemies were recovering, Oroku Saki was mortally wounded and suffered from third degree burns, his face was scarred from the burns and his scarred eye lost its contact lenses. All of his hair was burned off, he was in a healing tank made by the Kraang and at the bottom levels of the ruins of Foot HQ. along with most of the survivors of the Foot Clan stationed in New York City.

He had an oxygen mask on while he was in the tank in order to breathe while he healed, all his high ranking officers and elites survived the destruction of Foot HQ. He was asleep for days until finally he awoke in the healing tank he was placed in "where...where am I?" Oroku Saki said, he noticed that his voice sounded different for some reason.

"You're in the ruins of Foot HQ. Master Shredder, you've been asleep for days now" Hun said as he kneeled to Oroku Saki.

"We took heavy losses when the generators exploded" Dogpound said.

"Thankfully all of your high ranking officers and elites survived" Fishface said.

"Wh...what happened to my voice? It sounds so deep..." Oroku Saki asked.

"Unfortunately your voice box was damaged by the debris, your voice is deeper and stronger now but at least you can still talk" Dr. Baxter Stockman said.

"Stockman?" Oroku Saki said.

" I'm a head thanks to those turtles, your master found me and saved my life" Dr. Stockman said, his head was now in a spider like small body.

"Your daughter and Alopex saved your life master Shredder" one of the Foot Elite said.

"I'm glad I could count on them...where are they?" Oroku Saki asked.

"Their here master" Hun said.

"Father...I'm glad you're alright" Karai said as she put a hand on the healing tank and smiled, she was glad her father survived the attack of the turtles and their allies, as well as their master.

"We were able to save your life Master Shredder, but we failed too terminated any of the turtles or their allies" Alopex said as she kneeled to her master.

"And what of the Foot Mystics?" Oroku Saki asked.

"We...are alive" the Mystic Metal Ninja said.

"Thanks to Galileo..." the Mystic Wind Ninja said.

"...our enemies...used the elemental chi...they had hidden deep within them..." the Mystic Earth Ninja said.

"...and now we're all washed up..." the Mystic Water Ninja said.

"...forgive us master...for even we have failed against the turtles and their brothers and I shall live...but we're weak and it'll take months for us too fully recover...forgive us please..." the Mystic Fire Ninja said to Oroku Saki.

"I'm not really in any position too punish you five...but I can assure you all that I'll recover from this setback, and I will have my revenge against Splinter and his turtles" Oroku Saki said as he narrowed his eyes while talking to his officers and elites.

"You'll do nothing of the sort while I'm around!" Shredder's master said.

"M...m...master" Shredder said while he was in his healing tank.

"In the living flesh" Shredder's master said while he was in a darkened half of the room, "because of your foolishness we have all suffered dearly! And my marvelous fortress is now in ruins!" Shredder's master said harshly.

"It was all Stockman's fault, he led us too believe that the turtles and their master died" Shredder said.

"I have no patience for excuses! For years I allowed you too carry on with your personal vendetta against Hamato Yushi, as well as his students we learned about this year. But you underestimated them, you allowed them too once again claim the Sword of Tengu!" Shredder's master said harshly.

"I didn't see you do anything while I was busy fighting our enemies you..." Karai said while standing.

"You will be silent!" Shredder's master said in a loud and harsh tone to Karai, Shredder looked at his daughter as she looked over to him for a moment and she knew she had to kneel to her father's master "Saki! You should make sure your daughter learns too hold her tongue or else I shall cut it out myself in the future!" Shredder's master said.

"I will my master...but still I must shall we go on with our plans for revenge?" Shredder said to his master.

"You will do nothing so long as I'm around and in command! After your failure, we suffered. We must rebuild the Foot Clan from the shadows, and I am ordering the Kraang too go through with our plan to locate my enemies so I can personally kill everyone of them myself! You were a good figurehead and face for the Foot Clan but now I am taking over until my enemies are dead or I die in battle" Shredder's master said.

"But master...with all due respect..." but before Shredder could say anything else his master said.

"You are not in a position too argue over anything! You shall remain here, and I'll make sure you keep your scars and your hair never grows back as punishment for failing me. I'll also make sure you never get any new contact lenses too help you see, is that understood?" Shredder's master said in a very serious and harsh tone.

"...understood...master" Shredder said.

"Good! I shall take my leave in order too take control of the Foot Clan properly, your daughter and Alopex shall not leave your side or these ruins unless they must get you food. This I command" the Shredder's master ordered as he left the room.

"Dad...why do you let that little slug talk down to you? And why do you let him speak so harshly to you?" Karai asked her father.

"My master is nowhere near as forgiving as I am, I'm lucky too be alive after everything I did..." Shredder said in a serious tone, Karai got a little wide eyed on hearing that.

"Master Shredder, I'm close to acquiring Kraang Mutagen and Ooze for my experiment on Perri Grey. Should I hold it off until you're better?" Dr. Stockman asked.

"...yes..." Shredder said.

"Karai and me will make sure you're well Shredder" Alopex said, though she was still unsettled by the look on Shredder's face when he laughed at Splinter, she felt that something just wasn't right. Especially after all the stories she and Karai were told while growing up, Karai herself was still unsure why Splinter saved her.

"By the way, your master left someone here too help with the recovery of HQ." Dogpound said.

"He's one scary guy" Fishface said from the giant fish tank he was kept in.

Shortly after he said that, a tall and somewhat bulky being colored mostly in shades of purple and black walked in. He was very silent as he walked in, he had only one red glowing eye and if you're wondering he's the guy who was spying on Splinter and Shredder's master when they fought, the being appeared too be mostly robotic or a cyborg at the least and he stood at about 8 feet tall and was void of all emotions.

"Oroku Saki?" the being said as he glared at Shredder and in the beings robotic brain he processed information and said "confirmed, subject Oroku Saki the leader of the Foot Clan" the being said.

"Who are you?" Karai asked.

"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lazarus" the being said as he introduced himself.

Shredder lives! Kraang Prime lives! Who exactly is Shredder's Master? And what secrets are in store for Lazarus? Find out in the next book.