Noel Sparrow's p.o.v (the daughter of Jack and Elizabeth)

I am torn between two worlds. My heart longs for both the shore and ocean. Home offers me a warm bed, food and tender loving care.

I live a glamorous and yet very sheltered lifestyle there. Submissive, I am not free to be myself because of my grandfather's strict

rules. My kingdom, a beautiful ship named Iris provides sanctuary for free spirits such as mine. My father, the famous Jack

Sparrow gave her to me as a birthday gift long ago. Although I am the captain, Belfire is who is my twin brother steals the spotlight

from me. We are the product of our parents' drunken one night stand. We were born one cold December night on our dad's ship. Belfire

was born first with a silver spoon in his mouth. Quiet and fragile, I entered the world with less fanfare. I was so sick that I wasn't

expected to survive. My mother's love and breast milk renewed my strength. Unlike Belfire, I have spent my entire life fighting

asthma. It is Belfire's responsibilty to take care of me in our parents' absence. Uncle Will checks upon us from time to time.