Before I get started with this story, lets make some things pretty clear ;) This is a SONAMY story! If you don't like sonamy, then don't read it. Simple as that. I don't have ANYTHING against Sally! I'm just finding out that she exists a few months ago! I've been playing Sonic ever since I was four years old! I watched the video games and the shows... I never read the comic books ( I hate reading comic books No offense to anyone)

To fit the story, characters will be OOC at times, aduhh! SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

You all should know I don't know Sonic the hedgehog because if I did two things would had been happened

1. I wouldn't make fanfictions about him

2. Sonic and Amy would had been together by now 3

So... yeah

Lets get started!

Chapter 1: He's coming back

A beautiful, brown chipmunk was brushing her hair, humming softly to herself. She sat in front of a vanity with her wide blue eyes focusing on her petite body. Her eyes wondered over to her bookbag, wondering if she done all her homework for the next day. She hated when something was turned in late, resulting in a bad grade. She sighed her troubles away and focused back on her.

One thought came to her mind when she remembered what happened earlier. Amy. How could that pink hedgehog be so... devious? Sally doesn't remember doing anything wrong to her. What made Amy hate her guts? Sally tried to wonder her mind off the pink hedgie and think about something else. She thought about Tails. Her newly made friend from a few days ago. He was a very smart boy. Most of his opinions mattered to the people that was failing. Sally often went to him with help on her own homework, not that she would ever take advantage of his smart brain.

''Sally!'' Sally put her brush down, gently and opened her door just a peek. ''Yeah?'' She called downstairs. No answer came. ''Yes?'' She called once again.

''The phone's for you!'' Sally raised an eyebrow. Who would be calling me at this time of night? She shrugged it off and picked up the house phone. ''I got it!'' She heard the phone click off. ''Hello?'' Her voice came out as a crack as if she was afraid someone was going to yell at her.

''Hello!'' The happy voice on the other end sounded so familiar to her. She thought about the happy, laid-back voice that was her best friend. Didn't he move a few years back? ''Sonic?''

She heard him chuckled. ''The one and only!'' Yup, that was him alright. How could she ever forget a voice like his? A generous, cocky attitude that made everyone feel wonderful inside. A soft smile was on her face. ''How are you?'' Sonic asked.

She giggled. ''Wondering when you're coming back!'' Sally playfully said. She missed Sonic. He moved away five years ago because his dad gained a new job. Sadly, they never got to finish school together, like they promised.

Sonic snorted on the other end. ''I told you, Sal. Not my fault my father could be such an asshole sometimes.'' Sally giggled once again, playing with the tips of her hair. ''So, what made you call me all of a sudden?'' She had to ask. She had to know. They known each other since they were six, and together they caused destruction at such a young age, but Sally liked doing things with Sonic. She thought they'd never get separated, but now she was in the world alone. And so far... it wasn't going as well as she thought it would.

''Just giving you the good news.'' Sally could tell Sonic was smirking. That smirk he used to use on her all the time. When he didn't say anything, Sally urged him to continue. ''Go on!'' She rolled her eyes.

''I'm back. ''

Sally dropped the phone, surprising herself. Sonic was on another continent. There was no way he was coming back, was there? Sally picked up the phone again after hearing her name being called a thousand times by a worried Sonic. ''At first I thought you were having a heart attack.'' He nervously laughed at his own joke. Sally dismissed this. ''Really! When did this happen? Where are you living? What school you going to? When did you get here? Are you even here-'' Sonic interrupted her with his laughing. ''Sal, calm down!''

Sally was beaming. She finally had another friend when she went to school. Although Amy was making her life a living mess, she finally had someone to look up to, to protect her. ''I can't wait for you to get here.'' She smiled, endearingly.

Sonic laughed again. ''I came about a week ago.'' That same smirk she imagined he was doing. Sally sighed a relief and giggled once again. ''We're going to be doing a lot of things once I get there. I hope it's summer down there!''

''Of course!'' Sally glanced at the time. It was almost ten p.m. ''Sonic I have school tomorrow and I really-''

Sonic chuckled. ''No need to continue. I understand.'' They both bid their goodbyes until the next morning was to come. Sally got herself prepared for the arrival of her best friend the next day. She wondered if they would be going to the same school? She couldn't stop thinking of the blue hedgehog. Although Tails was a nice friend, Sonic was a better friend. Her cheeks blushed a bright pink and she turned off her lamp, getting some sleep.

''Give it to me, Rosy!'' The pink hedgehog growled. Amy Rose was tired of her older sister taking her things without asking. If she knew that Rosy was going to be controlling and bossy she would had never moved in with her after their parents went to the crazy asylum. Amy reached for her purple, flowered notebook. She came into the room just in time to see Rosy about to flip it open.

''My house, my rules!'' Rosy smirked, playfully and held the notebook above her head. ''I don't see why you don't want me to read it.''

''I don't want anybody to read it!'' Amy jumped on the bed and tried to take the notebook from Rosy, but to no avail. Rosy backed up onto the wall. Amy fell off the bed and onto the floor with a loud 'thud'. ''Oww.'' She rubbed her side and got up. Rosy puffed out her cheeks to keep from laughing. Amy glared at her, displeased. ''You sleazy slu-''

''Momma!'' Rosy threw the notebook to Amy, which she did not catch. As Rosy made her way downstairs, Amy watched the notebook flip open at her feet. She cursed her sister's name before stomping after her.

Rosy was downstairs, cradling a lime green hedgehog. The little hedgehog had dark ocean blue eyes. Amy smiled at the sight from seeing her sister be so motherly to the baby. ''Look who has a soft side.'' Amy snickered, going into the kitchen.

''Shut up!''

''You cooking dinner tonight?''

''Aren't you the family's cooker?'' Rosy rolled her eyes. ''You can order something.''

Amy considered the idea for a while, but she was saving up her money for a new homecoming dress, so that was out of the question. ''I think I could fix dinner. Maybe that's why Junior was crying.'' Amy giggled. Rosy didn't find this funny. She glared at her younger sister. ''He's not a junior!''

''He looks so much like his daddy!'' Amy smiled. Once her sister gave her ''the stare'' Amy backed off into the kitchen , disappearing completely. She went into the refrigerator and thought what she was going to make for dinner. She could whip up anything to make a great meal. Her thoughts were interrupted when a screech was heard down the hall. ''Go take care of, Carly!'' Rosy yelled. Amy winced. '' She's your daughter! ''

''She's your niece!''

''Why can't you go get her!?''

''I'm handling, Mister Romeo, here!''

Amy gave up. She went into the little girl's room and found the pale pink baby girl, reaching out for her. ''I don't see why your parents won't get married, since you and your brother have the same daddy.'' She knew Carly wasn't going to answer her back. She picked up the baby girl and carried her into the kitchen and place her into her swing.

''Play with that.'' Amy turned on some music for Carly as she rocked back and forth. Amy got back to cooking. She moved diligently around the room, making sure she has every ingredient. Amy's nephew, Romeo came into the kitchen, helping her as best as he could while Rosy tended to the crying baby girl.

Amy was pleased with her work as she waited for the chicken to finish backing. At the moment Amy sat down with her four year old Nephew in her lap, watching cartoons. They could hear Rosy yelling in the background on the phone. ''You still haven't came! What do you mean? Oh, so now I'm the bad mother because I'm not sending your kids to you!? What! Scrou- You still haven't sent my child support! Until I get my money, you'll get your kids! Romeo is fine and so is Carolina.'' She paused for a second.

Romeo turned back to look at his young auntie. ''Is mommie on the phone with daddy?'' Amy could see the tears threatening to fall down from the little boy's face. She quickly glanced at Rosy and kissed her nephew on the forehead. ''Don't worry can't be anything to bad.'' She tried to reassure him.

Romeo admired his auntie. He thought she was an amazing person. She's been there ever since the day he was conceived. He seen his father at times, when his mom use to drop him off over there. Nowadays he missed hanging out with his dad, but he couldn't ask to be anywhere else, but with his auntie.