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Chapter 16: The Sweetest Revenge (Pt. 2)

Sonic remembered!

Sonic remembered it all. And it made his heart clenched thinking back on it. Jules stared at his son, waiting for an explanation, but how can Sonic explain to him what he wanted to do to Amy a while ago? It was so long ago that it didn't even matter! This was when he never got the chance to know Amy, or how she lived, who she really was. Once she opened up to him, he found her endearing to be with, to look at, to be loved.

It hurt him.

''Sonic?'' Jules shifted his weight so now he was leaning on one of his science tables. Sonic looked around, anywhere, but his dad. He stared at a chair. To be exact, the foot of the chair. A long and thoughtful process brooded his mind as he nervously began panting without even knowing it. ''Sonic!?'' Jules called more harshly. ''Sit, will you?'' Jules pulled out a seat and nodded at the chair Sonic was staring at. Sonic gulped but did as he was told.

''Why was the Weakness Bullet used, Sonic?'' Jules asked, calmly. ''This experiment wasn't suppose to be out yet! I was still working out some kinks!''

Sonic sighed before shifting his weight uncomfortably in the seat. ''I- uh,ummmm...'' What was he suppose to say? He wanted Amy to continue having black-outs all her life due to his friend's hurting? That just sounds horrible and evil. Sonic wasn't an evil guy, but Sally was crying. Her tears brought out another side of him.


Sonic and Sally were in her room. Sally was doing her hair, making herself look different as possible since Amy criticize how she looked earlier that day. Sonic had a small ball in his hand as he continued to throw it up into the air while laying in her bed. He glanced at her once, wondering why she was trying to make herself look presentable. If he inspected her much closely, he would see tears strolling down her pretty face. ''...I don't know what happened after that. Tails said he would do the part for you, you know? Afterall, Cream is also in the drama club.'' Sonic waited for her to reply, but she didn't give a single sound. He saw as she picked up the flat irons, applying it to her hair. The next thing he knew, she was burning her fur off.

''Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!'' She screamed as the pain surged through her body. Sonic, as quick as he was, pulled Sally away from the hair materials, throwing her on her own bed. Sally curled up into a ball of fur, quietly crying.

''Why are you crying?'' She didn't reply, only laying there breathing heavily. Sonic sat the edge of her bed, contemplating whether to touch her or not. ''Sally?''

''I want, uh,'' she croaked. ''I wanna be alone.'' She grabbed a small pillow from the bed and covered her face. ''Please leave.'' Her voice was muffled.

''Not until you tell me what's wrong.'' Yes, he was stubborn. She was his best friend, and if she thought he was going to leave her alone crying. She was dead wrong.

''Leave Sonic.''

''No, Sal.'' He said more, soothingly and began stroking her back. ''I'm not leaving until you tell me.''

''It's nothing to tell.'' Her voice became a squeak and Sonic knew that was her lying voice. He knew everything about her, from her favorite foods to her favorite things to do. He also knew her dislikes and Amy Rose was one of them.

Amy Rose. Of course.

''Is this about Amy?'' Sonic eyed the covered chipmunk. When she made no intentions to reply, Sonic nodded his head, standing up. ''Yeah, um,'' He began scratching his head, nervously. ''I have somewhere to be.'' After leaving a gentle kiss on her cheek, he dashed out the house.

He loathed the pink girl. Sure, she was absolutely beautiful, breathtakingly, dare he must think. She was on his mind twenty-four seven and not in the best way possible. He didn't want her dead, more like missing a part...not her brain, not her feeling. She had to stay the same, but only...

It was hard to explain.

He noticed his dad came up the stairs in a happy mood as he kissed his mother. Sonic heard Jules say something about the weakness killer, ''It's a miracle for the future, honey!'' Jules exclaimed. ''With this, the cops won't have to worry about having to shoot any criminal, but instead the weakness killer- as I call it as of now- will take control. Once this thing has hit someone, they will have blackouts throughout their lives and rethink their decision before they say anything.''

Sonic's mother replied, ''So, are you telling me that whoever is hit with this bullet won't die but only have continuous blackouts and major decision problems?'' Once Jules nodded, Sonic sneaked his way into the basement. He thought it was a good idea to see what this bullet looked like.

''The Weakness bullet?'' Sonic scanned the shelves, the tables and the messy surroundings to find the labels. Jules always labeled his work to know what he has to deal with. Sonic finally saw the small case labeled 'Weakness Bullets' inside, five small pink bullets in the shape of an arrow laid still. A green liquid was inside, swirling around. Sonic glanced behind him just to make sure he was still alone as he swiped one of the bullets and put it into his pockets. Once he ran upstairs and out the door, he faintly heard his dad say, ''...Not ready, yet.''

''Perfect!'' Sonic stared at the pink arrow in a loving way as he thought it was the perfect plan to get back at Amy. Sure, she was going to have blackout but she also had to rethink about things before saying them. He knew she made a bad choice messing with his best friend and this was an opportunity for her to change. If she could change, he'd probably give her a chance.

So, how does this work? Sonic thought as he inspected the small bullet further. It could fit inside a small regular gun. Who was going to take the shot? Sonic absolutely knew he wasn't going to make the shot! If anything, he'd rather pay someone to do it for him. Forget about playing criminal.

Sonic stared into the distant of the crumby neighborhood. How could Amy live somewhere like this? The place disgusted him entirely and he found himself scared to continue walking. It was something about this neighborhood that sent chills down his spine. Crazy people were everyone, cars continued to bump and the dirty apartments was always breaking down. He wondered how Amy kept her school life and home life different? Did her friends even know about this?

''Sonny?'' A voice called. Sonic let out a shriek as he saw the old man's hand land on his arm. The man was dirty, bald eagle, grey fur and dulless eyes. He looked strange up close and he always carried a gun by his side. ''What do here, boy?''

Huh? Sonic didn't know what this man was talking.

''Here what?''

Here for what? Sonic thought. Was he trying to say here for what? He has speaking problems! Sonic rolled his eyes. ''Business.''

''Business?'' Old man questioned with a tilt of his head. ''Business, what?''

''Private.'' Sonic stared at the gun in an uneasy manner. ''Why do you have a gun?''

''Gun mines.'' The bald eagle held it close to him as if it were a newborn baby. Sonic nodded his head, looking over his shoulder.

''Um, okay.''


What was with this man knowing my business? Sonic shook his head. ''Don't worry about it.'' Sonic waved his hand off at the old eagle as he turned around to leave, but this bald eagle wasn't giving up so easily. In one swift move the eagle had the pink bullet loaded in his gun. ''Gun filled.''

''That's not yours!''

''Not mines?''

''No!" Sonic lunged at the old man, being afraid if the bullet would set off. The old man was not to be reckoned with as he pushed the hedgehog to the ground.

''Gun filled!'' He shouted. Sonic got up and dusted his blue fur. He stared at the old eagle and rolled his eyes. Well since...

''So you have a gun and I have a bullet, right?'' Sonic asked. The old man nodded. ''Mind doing me a huge favor, then?''


''Yes, favor. Do me a favor, please.'' Sonic asked, impatiently.

''Favor what?''

''You live here, right?''

Another nod.

''Know a girl named Amy Rose?''

''Girl, Amy?'' The old eagle looked around feeling unease. ''No girl Amy.''

''She lived in the apartments down the street. Apartment address thirty-seven, I believe.'' Sonic nodded. ''Yeah. Thirty-seven.''

''What do?''

Sonic smiled in a devious way as he leaned into the old man, whispering. ''Give it a shot.'' He emphasized his words as he walked away. ''You'd get paid big time, buddy!''


''Yeah. Money!'' Sonic nodded. ''Tons of money! You'd be rich!" That was an understatement. Sonic knew he could play the old man like the fool he was. Afterall, he wasn't making any sense.

''Like money.'' The old eagle nodded. ''Shoot girl. Kill girl.'' He pushed past Sonic, knocking him over again.

Sonic yelled, ''Don't kill her!'' Even if the old man was too far to hear him.

''Oh, no...''

Sonic breathed in and out as he finished telling his father the entire story. Jules was stunned. He never saw Sonic as such a... bad boy. Sonic was a good child, that had respect for everyone even if their soul was dim.

''Sonic.'' Jules stood up. ''You have to tell her the truth.''

Sonic rapidly shook his head, ''No,no,no,no! I can't! She'll hate me for this!''

''We learn from our mistakes!''


''Sonic.'' The firm voice that said 'This is the end and you're doing it' Sonic let out a deep breath he didn't know he was holding as he stood from his seat. If he knew anything was going to happen between the two of them at all, he'd reverse time so she didn't have to take the hit.