A Scarlett Holiday

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Chapter 1

Spencer looked up from where he sat lounging along on the couch reading while Scarlett moved through the living room, pacing, as she talked to her younger sister on the phone.

"Norie… I already talked to Mama, but I wanted to ask you… so you know you have a choice," she was saying as she nervously fidgeted with some of the pictures on the fireplace mantle.

"We've gotten somewhat of a break at work- things are a bit quiet, for now- and I wanted to find out if you'd like to come out here for the holidays…"

Scarlett pulled the phone away from her ear and Reid cringed when he heard the squeal from Noreen through the speaker, halfway across the room.

"I guess that's a yes?" he chuckled as Scarlett smiled brightly.

"That's a yes…" she laughed. She shook her head, listening as the little girl rattled off at the other end of the line.

"Okay… yes," she continued the conversation, sitting on the opposite end of the sofa from Spencer, in an obviously lighter mood, just since her sister had chosen to come for the visit.

Reid watched her surreptitiously from behind his book. Since Noreen had moved in permanently with Fran Morgan a little less than a month ago, Scarlett had seemed sad, and that upset him. He had actually made the suggestion to her about asking Norie to come back to them for the break, hoping that having the girl home would help… and it seemed like it was already doing just that. Scarlett had dismissed the idea at first, saying it wouldn't be fair if they caught a case and had to send Norie back, making her juggle her plans for the holidays… but taking notice of her nervous behavior just before and her excitement now, made him wonder if there wasn't something else worrying at her mind.

Scarlett reached over to the side table, snagging her iPad to pull up the flights she'd checked on in hopes that Norie would want to come… she beamed a grin at Spencer when she caught him watching her.

He felt his heart catch on a familiar stutter.

Spencer reached over and tugged on her arm until she slid over next to him. Scarlett tucked her legs up under her, snuggling against his chest while she finished her conversation as she clicked through the airline's site.

"Okay, pumpkin… I went ahead and booked your flight… so day after tomorrow, I'll text you the rest of the details, yes… we'll pick you up. Okay baby… right, I'll see you then… Yeppers… bye…"

Scarlett cleared the call and tossed her phone on the coffee table. She turned her face into Spencer's shoulder and sighed. He pressed his lips to the crown of her head, breathing in her scent.

"Thank you," she said softly, her voice muffled against his sweater.

His brow furrowed a bit, as he kissed her hair.

"For what?" he asked, a little confused.

"For loving me enough to know what I needed, even when I couldn't figure it out," she said, rubbing her cheek against his chest. She smiled softly when she heard his chuckle vibrate under her ear.

"Well, then… you're welcome," he told her, a grin moving over his face. "You are my favorite subject to study," he teased, leaning over to kiss her cheek.

Scarlett reached over, taking his book from his hand, setting it and her tablet next to her phone. She saw Spencer still watching her movements with his knowing hazel gaze, as she stretched out on top of him. He bit the inside of his cheek, trying to keep the silly smile from taking over his face. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her up against him.

She looked down into his face, giggling at how hard he was trying to keep a straight face… and how badly he was failing.

"Okay, farm boy…" she held her chin in one hand while tracing her fingers down his jaw with the other. "What's going on behind those gorgeous eyes?" she grinned.

"Nothing," he said, smiling wider. "Just happy, I guess…" he told her.

"Mmm-hmm," she continued stroking his cheek, reaching up to touch the wrinkles that formed at the corners of his eyes. "You look like a cat that ate the canary…" she told him.

Spencer lifted his head a bit to reach her lips with a kiss.

"Okay, so… very happy, then," he amended. "Although I never quite understood that particular idiom, in the sense that…"

Scarlett cut him off with a kiss. His voice cracked a little and he swallowed hard as her lips moved over his, slowly, making him feel like was drowning in the sensation. He groaned as she pressed her body on his.

"And what has you so very happy, then, my sweet boy?" she asked him, keeping her lips moving against his.

"Mmm," he made a humming noise in his throat, catching her lips with his once again.

"This…" he told her. Spencer reached up to trace the smile that lit her face. "You're smiling… you haven't been smiling enough lately…" he told her, rubbing his nose to hers until she laughed.

"I've missed hearing you laugh, crazy girl," he told her softly, his voice turning more serious. "You've been down since Norie left…"

Scarlett met his eyes, brushing another kiss to his lips, pulling back a bit to see his face more clearly. She pushed his glasses back up his nose, giving it a quick kiss.

"I'm sorry, sweet boy- I hadn't realized I was acting so… depressed, I guess…" she responded.

Spencer framed her face with his hands, pulling her towards him again, nipping at her mouth, teasing her with light kisses until she grinned. She couldn't stop the giggle that bubbled up in her throat.

"I'd rather see you happy," he whispered, taking the kiss deeper. Scarlett felt her heart skip in her chest at the love shining in his eyes.

"Spence…" she returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck as he slid her to his side, moving over the top of her.

He pulled her by her hips, yanking her down further on the couch so he could lie on top of her. Holding himself up on his elbows, he looked into her eyes, studying her face.

"I love you, Katy Scarlett," he told her, watching her face intently.

"As I love you, my sweet farm boy," she responded, brushing her fingers through his hair, pushing it back from his face, tucking it behind his ear. He grinned as fell forward again, touching her face.

"I need another haircut," he laughed as she tugged at the stray locks.

"Maybe…" she teased, taking one of the wild strands and pressing a kiss to it. "Not too short though… I need something to grab ahold of, to drag you down to me…" she teased, tugging his hair, pulling his face within an inch of hers.

Spencer laughed as she looked at him cross-eyed. He kissed her forehead.

"You don't need to 'drag' me anywhere, crazy girl. I'll go quite willingly…" he grinned, dropping another kiss to her nose.

Scarlett got an evil glint in her eye. "Is that so?" she asked.

Spencer saw it. "Uh-oh…" he laughed, pulling himself into a sitting position. "I know that look…"

She moved over to straddle his hips, looking down into his face. "What look?" she asked innocently.

"The look that tells me you are hatching a plan, one that usually has me involved…" he joked, reaching up to kiss her quickly. "What are you thinking, crazy girl?"

"Well, I was thinking that we need to decorate… since we are getting company," she smiled brightly. "If we are having a twelve year old around for Christmas, we need to get ready for Santa!"

"Ah, is that all," Spencer sat up straighter, giving her a kiss. "I usually decorate for Christmas… I've got boxes in the storage unit down in the basement…" he told her. "There's enough to cover the place…"

He laughed when Scarlett clapped her hands like a child.

"Can we start now?" she asked, her eyes lighting. "I'll grab the boxes…" she said, sliding off his lap.

Spencer grabbed her hand, standing up as she did. "Slow down crazy girl!" he teased. "It's still early yet," he told her, glancing at his watch. "It's only seven o'clock… we can go get a tree first, if you want…"

Scarlett stopped, looking up at him. "Go 'get' a tree?" she asked. "You don't have a tree?"

He tugged her hand pulling her to the door. "No…" he responded, confused. "How would I have- Oh, you mean one of those plastic things?" he chuckled, handing over her jacket. "No, I usually get a live tree… we still have time to grab one, if we hurry…"

Scarlett looked at him askance as he helped her into her coat. "You murder a tree as part of your holiday ritual?" she asked.

Spencer stopped, looking down at her. "I don't…" he started to defend himself when he noticed the little wrinkle in her nose. She was teasing him.

He pressed a kiss to those telling lines and smiled at her. "I go to a stand where the trees are already cut down. They were already sacrificed in the name of Christmas… I just help them fulfill their destiny to become a beautiful symbol of the season," he teased back, buttoning up her coat.

"Besides- the smell is just… well- it means Christmas to me," he told her. "It's not Christmas until the apartment smells like pine," he told her with sincerity.

Scarlett pulled on the scarf around his neck, leaning him closer for a kiss. "You really love this, don't you?" she commented, seeing the joy in his eyes. "You enjoy all the trimmings of this," she noted.

"Yes…" he grinned. "I do," he answered honestly, grabbing her close for another kiss.

Scarlett laughed. "Okay, boy… let's go get us a tree…" she grinned.