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Fire, air, water, Earth. Many people can't control any of the elements, but some are capable of bending one of them to their will, but only the avatar can bend all four elements. When the avatar dies, they are reborn into the next nation in the cycle, keeping an endless cycle of defenders of peace. Korra, an avatar from the water tribe, has passed away, now the avatar passes into the Earth republic, and has been born as a young boy named Iano. Although we are at a time of peace, Iano will still be trained, as the guardian of peace and freedom, the avatar.

Book one:lava

Chapter one:How to raise the avatar

Rocks flew across the field, slamming hard against the metal fence with a loud clang. In the middle of the field stood a young boy of about nine, garbed in green, from his sandals to his headband. He breathed heavily as sweat dripped off his body and an older man stood next to him, looking pleased at the dents in the fence from the collision.

"Well then, I think it's time I gave you this," the man said as he turned to the boy and held out a cloth belt. "You have officially mastered Earthbending."

The boy turned to the man as excitement spread across his face, "thank you grandpa Bolin! I mean sensei," he said as he regained his composure and gave a traditional bow.

"You earned it Iano, I know it wasn't all quite as exciting or glamorous as learning metalbending, but I wanted to give you a traditional Earth bending education, something I wish I had been given at your age."

"Are you kidding? It was great, I felt like a mover star!" The boy said with enthusiasm as he put on the new belt.

"You mean like Nuktuk, hero of the South?" Bolin asked, proud of his past achievements.

"Who's that?" Iano asked with confusion. Bolin frowned and was about to explain all about it, when Iano's mother Garnet, and her mother Opal appeared outside the house and called the boys in. Iano bounded across the field, half on his own power, half using bending to propel him quicker to the house. He jumped inside with a grin from ear to ear as he told his mother and grandmother, "mom, grandma Opal, I'm an Earthbending master!"

"Yes, and we're so proud of you," Garnet said as she gave him a big hug. She looked like the spitting image of her mother, with dark black locks and light green eyes. The one way to tell the two apart besides age was their height, Garnet stood at least five inches taller than her mother. "Why don't you go upstairs and tell Sambo?" She said with her warmhearted smile.

"That's a great idea," he replied as he bolted upstairs to find his fire ferret. The ladies waited until he was upstairs, and then went into the other room where Varrick and Zhu Li were waiting with their son Japol. He sat in the attire of the White Lotus, his jet black hair hanging slightly over his dark brown eyes. His chin stuck out far as it often did when he was deep in thought.

"Hello sweetie," Garnet said as she walked over and sat down next to Japol, "aren't you so proud of our little Earthbender?"

"Of course I am. I'm proud as a dad because he's my son, and proud as a white lotus because he's the avatar," Japol replied with a chuckle.

"Oh, stop Japol," Zhu Li said laughing, "we can wait a little while to bring up Avatar business."

"You better listen to your mother, son!" Varrick exclaimed as he smacked the back of Japol's head.

"Varrick I was kidding," Zhu Li said as she looked at her husband, clearly not amused.

"Why of course honey," Varrick replied as he laughed nervously, "oh look Bolin's here!" He said excitedly as he jumped up out of his seat. "It's good to see you brother," he said as he shook Bolin's hand.

"Good to see you too Varrick," he said, "Zhu Li, Japol," he added with a slight bow. They nodded back in respect and Bolin went to sit with his wife and daughter.

"So," Japol said, "Iano is a master of Earthbending now, and quite proficient in metalbending I might add. Now I suppose is the time to discuss sending him to learn Firebending from Mako, if that's still what everyone wants to do?"

"Oh he just finished mastering an element, and there's no comet incoming anytime soon, so there's no real rush is there?" Opal asked.

"Maybe he could apprentice in the mover industry," Varrick said as he gave Bolin a nudge, "you know, learn to work the camera, set up the stage, do the thing," he said with a laugh earning himself a smack on the head from Zhu Li.

"He does have an interest in movers," Bolin said as he rubbed his chin.

"But are we in agreement he should learn fire next? Keeping in the cycle and such?" Japol asked.

"Excuse me," a meek voice said from the entrance to the room. Everyone turned and saw Iano standing at the door, Sambo the fire ferret perched on his shoulder and playing with his headband. "May I decide what element I learn next?"

Garnet and Japol looked at each other and then back at the boy. "Of course Sweetie," Garnet said, "it's your training after all."

Iano smiled before saying, "then I'd like to learn lavabending." Everyone looked around hesitant on how to reply before turning to Bolin.

"I don't know champ," he started nervously, "not all Earthbenders can lavabend."

"I know that," Iano said as he started frown slightly, "but I am related to one after all."

"That may be true," Bolin said, "but nobody knows if lavabending is hereditary or not. I'm one of only two people to ever lavabend, well of course beside the avata-oh, I see your point," he said as he remembered exactly who Iano was. "Tell you what, I'll discuss it with your parents. Does that sound good?" Iano nodded and smiled again before bounding back upstairs.

Once the boy was back upstairs everyone looked to Japol. As a member of the white lotus, ultimately it was up to him to decide what should be done with the avatar. "I mean I suppose it would be okay, but shouldn't we be focused on getting him to master the other elements?" He asked.

"Quit thinking like a white lotus and think like a father," Garnet said, "the boy wants to be like his grandpa, let him. What harm would him knowing something that almost no one else does possibly do? I mean I'm sure you want him to learn to control lightning from Mako right?"

Japol nodded slightly before Zhu Li added, "we don't want to put too much stress on him, I mean we all remember what happened to Korra. The whole reason we get to decide how he's trained is because of that, we are at a time of peace, why not take advantage of that to let him explore specialities, wouldn't knowing as many as possible help an avatar?"

"I suppose you're right mother," Japol said as he brushed back his jet black hair. "Bolin, you would be fully in charge of teaching him this, are you alright with that?"

"I am," Bolin replied, "he seems to respect me as a teacher, I would be honored to help him Lavabend."

"Thank you Daddy," Garnet said as she gave Bolin a hug. "I know Iano will be so happy."

"There is one issue though," Bolin said hesitantly, "Zaofu was fine for Earth and metal bending, but it's not exactly conducive to Lavabending. I'd hate to end up melting part of the city."

"So what are you suggesting dear?" Opal asked.

"What if Iano and I traveled through the Earth republic. He could learn some history, and we could find plenty of places to practice."

"Are we ready for the world to learn about the avatar just yet?" Japol asked.

"People have to learn eventually," Opal said, "I see no reason not to let them know now."

"How are you going to get around the Earth republic, it's not like we have a sky bison," Japol said.

"We'll take to the sky," Varrick said as he stretched out his hands towards the ceiling, "future industries has recently assembled a new model of plane that we can take to travel in style."

"We?" Bolin asked, nervously knowing where this was going.

"Of course!" Varrick exclaimed, "you and me old friend, traveling the Earth nation with the avatar, his fire ferret, and his badger mole!"

"Badger mole? There's no way Harra could fit on a plane," Opal said.

"Actually," Zhu Li replied, "it's quite spacious, there'd be plenty of room to live in it, even with a badger mole onboard."

"So what do you say Bolin?" Varrick asked, "will you be my copilot?"

Everyone looked excitedly at Bolin, anxious to hear his response.

"Sure," he replied with a sigh, "why not?"

Meanwhile Iano was in his room, studying his new belt in the mirror. He had changed into a more traditional Gi, and had the belt on over it, along with his ever present headband. He was pretending to throw punches at the mirror when he heard a knock at his door.

"May I come in son," Garnet said from the door.

"Yes," he replied as he turned towards the door. "Did you guys make a decision?"

"Yes son we did," Garnet said as she stepped inside. "If you're okay with it, you will be traveling across the Earth republic with grandpa Bolin and grandpa Varrick. They want to teach some history as well as Lavabending."

"Really! That sounds amazing mom!" Iano exclaimed. "Can I bring Sambo?"

"Varrick says he has a plane bring enough that you can bring Sambo and Harro."

"You mean it?" He shouted.

"Yes sweetie," she replied, "dinner's going to be ready soon. Come on downstairs." The two went back downstairs and had dinner with the rest of the family.

Later that night Iano was getting ready for bed when Opal came in. "Hey champ," she said, "your mom wanted me to come up here and tuck you in."

"Yay," Iano said as he jumped into bed, "can you tell me the story about how you found out I was the avatar again?"

"Of course sweetie. Well it all started when you were about four. Your mom told us that you had started Firebending. We all figured it was normal since Mako had been a firebender, but then about a year later you set something on fire and put it out, by waterbending," she laughed. "We were lucky, since your father was a white lotus, he was able to convince the rest of the organization that your training should be done slower than Korra, as not to put as much stress on you, and since we were in the odd spot where most of your family knew the past avatar, we were able to raise you here in Zaofu at your own pace."

"So am I going to have to save the world?"

"Not any time soon sweetie," she replied, "but what want to focus on more for you is protecting the people. So when you're on your trip, people might learn you're the avatar. Don't be scared of who you are, but be humble, okay sweetie?"

"Okay grandma Opal, goodnight."

"Goodnight sweetie," she said as she got up and left Iano to get his last night's sleep before going off around the Earth republic.