This is a teaser for my second big project that I've been working on! Of course, this was heavily inspired by Rooster Teeth's very own Ten Little Roosters miniseries and I figured, it's the time when RWBY fans go crazy because we can't wait for Volume 3, and I thought it would to keep us on our toes to do a fun little whodunit!

EDIT: Since so many of you pointed out that "themself" is not a word, I have amended this.


Ten little hunters all gathered to dine

One choked on a joke and then there were nine

Nine little hunters all took the bait

One died for their lover and then there were eight

Eight little hunters, a torch for the lemon

A light was snuffed out and then there were seven

Seven little hunters, three out of the mix

One sacrificed all and then there were six

Six little hunters, none yet to shrive

One ran from themselves and then there were five

Five little hunters, one behind a cage door

Curiosity killed the cat and then there were four

Four little hunters, one loved to make tea

One died like a god and then there were three

Left were three hunters

One's tables were spun

The killer cut down

And then there was one

The Hunters:

Ruby – Weiss – Blake – Yang – Jaune – Nora – Pyrrha – Ren – Sun – Neptune

The Weapons:

Crocea Mors

King Taijitu Venom

Fire Extinguisher

Hedge Shears


Blake's Bow

Juan Arc, Jaune's Mexican Cousin


Ruyi Bang & Jingu Bang

Ozpin's Cane

A Zombified Velvet

Rogue Weapons Locker



Ninjas of Love

Gambol Shroud

Professor Port's Grimm Cages

A Walking, Talking, Dancing Grimm in a Top Hat

Skinning Machine

Drowning by Bathtub

A Room of Mirrors

Zwei the Dog

A few orders of business here: this mystery covers not only the whole of RWBY lore, but also some references to other fanfics, mythology that the characters are based on, as well as one or two external references and wordplay because I'm a little bit cruel. Hehe.

Second: beware the red herrings. You guys know that, right?

Third: I'm not quite working on this yet, as I still want to work a little more on Blake & Jaune's Infinite Playlist first, so it may be a bit before an actual chapter comes out. This is just to get you all worked up, because once again, I'm a heartless motherfucker.

Lastly: I think I will open up polls so that you guys can see how well your detective skills are after every chapter. I still don't know what I want to do for prizes, so just know that there will be prizes! (that, for the most part, don't involve me spending money, mind you)

SOOOOOOOO I guess I'll leave you to speculating. Happy sleuthing!