AN: Long time no see! Feel free to skip, but for those who wanted to know when I'd go from writing fanfics to actual books the wait is over. I'm officially an author!

For those that have been reading my writing for the past several years (or maybe you're new) I've been talking about publishing original content for the last couple years. Well, I've finally done it! As of today my debut novel "Another Word for Help" is up for pre-order on all the major channels. You can find information about the book itself, details on getting an advanced copy in exchange for a review, and more on my official author website which there is a link to on my profile page.

Please be aware that my debut novel is YA Contemporary Fiction, which is different from the fantasy or music-related content you may be used to from me. Some of my future works will be fiction and fantasy, but not this one.

As for why I'm posting information here of all places... as I get into the swing of things I couldn't forget where it all started. From James Dashner to Veronica Roth, both of whom I've met in person, 90% of authors I've talked to said it all began with fanfiction. They wrote fanfiction and some of it is out there right now! Over 50% of authors delete all of their old content as soon as they go big though. Why? It's not "professional" to dip into fan writing and commercial writing. I personally don't get it. I wrote what I did on here because I love writing, and my fans here (you) are the ones whose comments encouraged me to keep doing so. I'd be foolish not to connect those who enjoy my fan-inspired creations to my actual content. Perhaps I'll need to consider moving my works later, but stories I published 6 years ago is still bring smiles to faces and tears to peoples' eyes. Why would I stop doing that now?

All I have to say is thank you, and I hope regardless of which content of mine you read (fanfics or published works) that you enjoy. You're all awesome!

-Blue (pen name K. E. Marlow)