Author's Note: Yes it's here.....*drum roll*......Simple but Complicated II.....I hope you enjoy it. Yes it will be in chapters! I advise you to read the first one...but if you don't wanna....WHO CARES!!!!! Enjoy......................


It had been two long years since the incident. Yami raced over to the park through the wet snow. It was December and it was cold! Tea, Tristan, and Joey suddenly came into view. They were having a snowball fight while skating around Domino Pond. He smiled at Tea who was wearing a plaid skirt with a red turtleneck.

"OUCH! Tea, you hit my ass!" Joey yelled holding his butt. Tristan and Tea started laughing hysterically.

"Sorry Joey, it was an easy target!" Tea replied as they started laughing again.

"Dude she's right!" Tristan said between giggles. Yami approached them.

"Hey guys," Yami said as Tea smiled and skated over to him.

"Hey Yami, where have you been?" Tea asked as he kissed her softly.

"Just helping Grandpa with the new inventory," Yami said as she smiled and grabbed him by the arm.

"Well...are we just gonna stand here? Come on!" She said as they circled around the pond. She let go and looked at Yami who was busy looking at the sky. "Yami?" She asked. No answer. "Um..Yami?" She asked again. He snapped out of his state and looked at her.

"Yes.." He said as she looked at him.

"Is there anything wrong?" She asked as he shook his head.

"No.." He lied. There was something wrong. He felt a strong presence residing near. He didn't want to alarm her so he decided to forget it. The problem was....he couldn't.

"Are you sure because-" She stopped when she saw Yami fall on the ice. She immediately kneeled down and examined him. "Ohhh...Yami...are you alright?" She asked.

"Yeah..but my hands really hurt," Yami said as she took his hands in hers and kissed them one at a time. He looked at her, not breathing a word.

"All better," she said as he blushed.

"I'll never wash these hands again!" Yami declared as Tea nudged him softly. She was about to get up but he wanted to take advantage of this moment.

"Wait....my lips...they're just aching," Yami whined as she smiled and kissed him softly on the lips. She pulled away and looked at him. "It still hurts," he said as she smiled and kissed him again. He was about to say it hurt still, but Joey skated over.

"Hey guys...keep it down to a dull roar," Joey said as they threw him a death glare. He smiled and helped Yami up. "I'm just kidding," he said as Yami sighed deeply.

After an hour of skating they walked home together. Yami and Tea walked into their apartment. Tea plopped on the sofa while Yami went straight to the bathroom. He walked out and sat next to Tea. She smiled and was about to kiss him when the doorbell rang. Tea sighed deeply and walked towards the door.

"Hello beloved..." a voice said as Tea let out a piercing shriek.

~To be continued....~

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