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A base of Silver and Blood.

In the Village Hidden in the Leaves, also known as Konohagakure a young boy sporting sun-kissed blond hairs and the most adorable cerulean blue eyes was drawing in his own blood on the floor of his rundown flat.

A fondation of stone and the Archduke of Contracts.

This boy eyes reflected undying brightness and hope to anyone seeing him outside of these wall. Unfortunately inside his own apartment they told another story.

And my ancestor, my great master, Schweinorg.

The boy wasn't beaten, he wasn't starved neither was he hunted down on a daily basis. However the sheer loneliness reflected in his eyes were painful to see. Depriving children of love, care, and attention is the greatest torture that can be inflicted to them.

A wall to block the falling wind.

Nobody save a few willing to give him the time of the day, he taught himself how to learn and write. It was a painful process due to having no bases at all. Eventually he remembered words and their meaning by seeing them and as he read he could guess the meaning of the surrounding words... It took time but he did it and by himself. Himself. He ever did everything by himself after all... Ever since the orphanage on a technicality kicked him out. Shopping, Learning, Cooking...Living. Living by himself in an apartment lacking essential repairs he was unable to do by himself the eight years old boy would have given anything to have someone who cared. Not for the whole village and by extension himself like the Sandaime Hokage, the esteemed God of Shinobi Sarutobi Hiruzen did. He wanted for once to be able to share.

The gates of all four directions close.

This is why, when he found an old, dusty, ravaged book barely legible in the sewers behind the library he didn't hesitate one second. One day, he was scavenging any kind of books he could as usual. Uzumaki Naruto wasn't one to give up as anybody who truly knew him would attest. So what if he was kicked out of the library at the time he wanted to get more information on Shinobi and cool techniques ? If the library didn't allow him, and if he couldn't sneak in then he would just take in the books which were esteemed to be "good for the trash". After all, this is what most of Konoha thought of him, so maybe these books would help him ? He sure wished it with all of his heat.

From the Crown, come forth and follow the forked road to the Kingdom.

This book described an ancient ritual which for the most part flew over his head. The only parts he did understand was that theoretically if he managed it right he could summon a person which would be bound to him. Someone who would protect him. Maybe someone who would take care of him. Most of the explanations where theoretical, relying concept such as Chakra which was known to all Shinobi and Prana as another source of energy. Apparently the book was thrown out since it was pure theory and couldn't be done as Prana... Didn't exist. Naruto ever so stubborn didn't care that it was only a theory proven never to work for anyone. Tracing the last lines with his blood, starting the chant he was reminiscing on what was said in the book. He would need to know who he was summoning, thus he should use an object of great value to the person being summoned.

Naruto Uzumaki, not knowing who he even wanted to summon didn't care of the barely legible finer print. He just tried the ritual and hoped that he would get someone powerful.

[Line Break]

Time and dimensions are a relative that nobody save an Old Magus whose name will not be pronounced ever figured. Across the Kaleidoscope at the same moment in one part and several decades after or before on another part the strongest heroic spirit, the one called King Of Heroes was floating in Darkness, robbed of an Arm.


Those words amongst other associated closely with illustrations of them happening over the Kaleidoscope, in every universe, in every time across Akasha the Root of all Things. This was what the King Of Heroes assisted to for a timeless time after being sucked in the Corrupted Grail, Angra Mainyu, The Root of all Evils. Unable to move, unable to close his eyes, unable to draw even one weapon the regal figure of the Blond Haired and Red Eyed incarnation of Nobility, the true essence of Royalty and power couldn't do a single thing.

For the first time in his life, the two tiers God was powerless and expecting Death.

That is... Until he heard cracks in a soundless place.

Shattering noises.

Light penetrating from everywhere it could and reaching to him. Words full of meaning that he knew but never thought he would hear again.

[Line Break]

I Hereby Propose.

Uzumaki Naruto started the incantation as the circle grew brighter on the ground. Smiling in genuine enthusiasm and hope he continued. It could work, he knew it ! Around him the circle was brimming with power. It was shining with a blue light which was reflected upon the walls.

My Will Shall Create Thy Body.

Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes widened his eyes. Those words ? A summoning ? Maybe his only chance at getting out of that damned place. He couldn't even trace time of how much time he had spent in this place or how much more he would... This kind of opportunity wasn't something he could afford to was and so, with all his might he latched onto it.

And thy sword shall create my Fate !.

Lightning was now crackling both around the circle and around the space within which Gilgamesh was imprisoned. It started with a small breach in this darkness before expending into crack like on a dome of glass about to burst.

Abiding by the summons of the Holy Grail...

Several strange phenomenon brought on by the summoning began to affect the surrounding world. Konoha light went out as if snuffed by a great bellow.

If thou dost accede to this will and reason answer!

As he struggled against the pain brought about by the summoning... He felt as if his blood vessels were about to burst. His blood was boiling lava in his veins. He promised that he would keep on by focusing on the reason he was doing this. Himself being thrown out of stores. Himself being at his own mercy to get sustenance. Himself being alone. No more.

I hereby swear. I will be all that is good in the eternal world ! I will be the disposer of evil in the eternal world !

The Golden King upon his throne being thrust in a secret war which was utterly uninteresting to him besides for the meeting of another defiant King Of Knights... Someone looking for more meaning to his life, already possessing everything there is, was or ever will be. Anything that could hold his interest was scarce and to be relished. This certainly counted.

Thou clad with the Great Trinity, come forth from the Circle of Constraint !

At each line, Naruto felt as if he was about to die but it was finally time. The last sentence they were both expecting. The Golden King and the Blond haired boy. One attempting to get himself a friend, another attempting to free himself. Both wanting one thing.

Release from their current predicament.


There was a flash of light and shattering darkness's.

And then Cerulean blue eyes met for the first time Ruby Red ones.

=== End of Prologue ===

I got inspiration for this fanfic from another fanfiction I read sometimes ago. Although I do intend it going in another direction.

I do not intend on Naruto being the Second Gilgamesh, or being a carbon copy of his personality, however I intend on him being heavily influenced by him.

Updates will follow, read and reviews, folks :D - Update for my other stories will hopefully follow suit.

This will be a slow paced fanfic, packing as much blockbuster-action as Fate Zero and Fate UBW.