Chapter 3 : The clash

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Kyuubii looked down at the mortal who dared openly challenge him. His paw came bearing down on the ant in front of him with all the strength of a racing bulldozer empowered by Demonic Force.

Gilgamesh impossibly fast dodged and equally as fast raised his hand towards Kyuubi's imposing form. This otherwise simple gesture proved to mean so much more when countless weapons, not the ordinary kind of weapons came from golden ripples behind him, seemingly rejecting reality.

Weapons which were works of art. Weapons fit for a King.

"Learn your place MONGREL !" he yelled.

And all Hell broke loose.

Countless weapons bore down on Kyuubi, from sacred to demonic weapons. The Demon Lord was then facing a literal rain of over a hundred different Swords, Halberds, Spears, Knives... An armoury of deadly yet beautiful in their deadliness weapons.

All were deflected in a mighty roar and a swish of his tails.

"Don't underestimate yourself, HUMAN !" The Youko roared with all the strength of one benefiting the title of Demon Lord.

Time seemed to stop, both monarchs looked upon the battlefield as the weapons from the previous clash were slowly in their eyes falling to the ground. As they impacted with it, it resounded as a bell for the second exchange. Both leapt into action.

Both Kings opened this battle with the strength deemed necessary to crush an ant as their opponent was nothing but that in their eyes. Now they had a measure of each other potential. It was time to start proving their Kingship. Excersizing power belonging to the King.

As a monstrous beast, the Kyuubi in his rage unleashed torrents of his untamed element. Where previously there was stale, still water in the sewer-like mind, bubbles started to emerge as a scorching heat fell upon the enclosed space of his Cage. From here, wisps of crimson flames licked the walls and the ceiling, circling Gilgamesh as they did so. This is how it started before becoming so much more. Fire after all was to his will as a toy bending to cater to his whims. Now, what started as wisps and sparks turned into waves after waves of angry crimson fire which arched on the ground, on the walls, on the ceiling transforming the sewer in his cage into an inferno the like of which were only imagined in man's worst nightmares. If there were a vision of Hell, it would be it.

Gilgamesh snorted, if he was bothered by the heat or the impressive and powerful display he didn't show it. He only answered by saying three words which impacted the fire with finality.

A show of power called for another.

"Gate of Babylon" Those words seemed to resound with the strength of a command to the world before another ripple bigger than the others before it ripped through the reality of the seal.

From the Gate, not a weapon but an impossibly ornate ship from ancient times adorned with a Golden Throne upon which Gilgamesh sat. Vimana, the Noble Phantasm Vehicle of the Gods was his anew with his summoning in a new world. Destroyed by Berserker in the Fourth war, it was still his in this world and as always it was his to command with but a thought. Obeying to his every thought, he dodged all incoming fire. Whereas the Kyuubii was on the ground, several more ripples flashed behind him.

It was time to purge the glorified fox from his hunting lands.

From the Gate, several more weapons the like of which were written about in legends and lore of old when a worthy man managed to find said weapon eons after Gilgamesh actually owned them. Amongst them, Gram, the predecessor of the Kingmaker, the Sword embedded in the Rock, Caliburn which crowned King Arthur as Once and Eternal King of England. Such was the power of one of his blades, the power to change history by their mere existence.

The torrent unleashed of countless weapons, several having the very essence of water clashed against the strongest fire of the Elemental nations. Said fire surrounded Kyuubi, some would have seen an armour of fire, but to Gilgamesh, Kyuubi himself and his Host it was a show of royalty.

A Robe of Fire, benefiting a King.

From said Robe, forms such as animals, monsters, demons emerged formed by primal Fire, catching the weapons when they could, deflecting them when they couldn't... And being obliterated by it in the worst case.

One such weapon, Gram soared upon Kyuubi actually piercing his armor of fire and embedding itself in the Demon Lord's flesh.

In an unholy scream, the Nine Tailed Fox's chakra regenerated said wound although the sword stayed in his flesh, reopening the wound. Gram was a Noble Phantasm, but it didn't have the power to do such. No, another sword embedded in his body was the responsible, a sword carried through history by the Leah Family.

The Sword of Leah cut through the demonic magic of the Kyuubi's very body. And this was the first time Kyuubi could remember that he had been wounded.

His opponent... As infuriating as it was he was forced to admit it.

Roaring in a deep, guttural, elated laughter the beast yelled "FINALLY, A WORTHY OPPONENT, AFTER COUNTLESS MILLENIAS !" Exploding in unholy power he flared several Demonic infused fireballs at Vimana's.

Vimana's managed to dodge, although Gilgamesh felt the deep, scorching heat of the projectiles. Besides himself he smirked.

"You may not be as worthless as I thought, Mongrel ! Pray tell, what kind of creature are you ?!"Smugly, Gilgamesh replied

Roaring at being called a mongrel, Kyuubi's answered "I'm the King of all Tailed Demons, Lords of those Lands ! For Countless millenniums I have been both feared as a natural cataclysm and Revered as a GOD upon those lands by many ! Since the day my brothers and sisters and myself came upon this world I have been unchallenged in my might, NINGEN !" Unleashing his fire at his target he kept on "Know human, that you have perished at the will of the one that cannot be killed ! Humans may have sealed me in this brat, but I'm ALIVE and I will be alive several EONS after him..."As his attacks suddenly split into tendrils of fire before impacting with Vimana then splitting behind it; encircling hit in every direction he pursued "AND after YOU !"

Gilgamesh rose from his throne as the tendrils of fire zero'd in on Vimana and exploded violently in a storm of heat and demonic energy.

As Naruto was still out of it at the battle happening before him, the fact that his servant was dead finally hit on. As he was yelling about his loss, among the flame a golden light erupted.

Clad in a marvellous energy golden shield seemingly carved by the Gods themselves, Gilgamesh stood panting slightly and cursing himself for doing so. He didn't know why but he didn't seem to receive any prana from his summoner. Fighting on his own reserves was getting him nowhere but as prideful as he was he couldn't bring himself to beg for energy in the middle of a fight with his opponent. Doing so would be admitting his weakness.

No matter how tired he was, here he stood, declaring proudly and arrogantly.

"I'm the being who was sired by a God and a Demi-God, he who transcended the Divine and Mortal plane to understand what couldn't be understood by either ! He who reigned upon the world as the eternal King with everything belonging to him..." Kyuubi's eyes widened in understanding "I'm the King of Heroes, GILGAMESH, unsightly DOG !"

As Kyuubi roared his outrage, the Gate Of Babylon opened once more, darting countless legendary weapons, Demon Slaying, Monster slaying Noble Phantasms were bearing down on him.

Quickly realizing that this attack could inflict severe damage, Kyuubii did the only thing he could to mitigate the damages : Kill the source.

Gathering unholy amounts of Demonic Chakra in all of his tails, he swallowed such energy in a record time. This was the final and greatest attack of all Bijuu. The Bijuudama. Where most Bijuu needed to recover after shooting it, Kyuubi could do it as easily as he was breathing.

But this wasn't the Bijuudama, this was Kyuubii's personal version. As the embodiment of the God of Foxes on these lands, his attack was named after the God of all Kitsune. Myth said that each of a Kitsune's tail embodied a Power which was his or hers to wield. That the older a Kitsune was, the more powerful he was. The attack he was preparing was an attack embodying several of these aspects although incomplete because of the sealing of four of his tails worth of power and lore by the Death God. This however didn't stop him preparing that attack, the strongest in his arsenal.

The Inari. An attack of untold magnitude capable of annihilating countries.

As he prepared to shoot it, chains being the embodiment of the concept of "restraining Divinity" named after Gilgamesh's one and only friend restrained the beast as shackles.

The Chains which Held the Bull of Heaven. Enkidu.

The Noble Phantasm impacted on the Kyuubii, causing several damages but not being enough to kill one such as himself. He fired.

As Kyuubii was readying the Imari, Gilgamesh readied his own Attack.

"Wake up... EA !" The sword of Rupture, which split Heavens and Earth in the ancient times. The sword he only used when being Cornered or recognizing his opponent as worthy of such.

Not that the Kyuubii wasn't worthy of it, but for Gilgamesh to admit that he needed it was a feat in and out of itself. Something he wouldn't have done if his own arrogance hadn't been his undoing against the Faker, Emiya Shirou.

Bearing the Sword Down, Gilgamesh intoned the attack "ENUMA ELISH !"

The power of said sword impacted the Imari, but instead of exploding, or clashing it sliced straight through it.

As rupturing Heaven's and Earth, the Sword impacted Kyuubii and delivered the final, anhilating blow that would separate Kyuubi's being from Naruto's body. Fitting.

As the Kyuubii lay dying in front of them, Uzumaki Naruto could only stand there, amazed at what he saw.

The Kyuubii was supposed to have been beaten by the Yondaime Hokage but said Hokage apparently sealed it inside his body.

Then, his servant fought on the beast and did what nobody could.

The Kyuubii... A being milleanias old... was dying.

The Golden King, standing there, proudly despite his wounds and some of his weapons destruction stood there, ignoring it because showing weakness would be admitting he was anything but the King. That King slayed the beast.

He knew his servant HAD to be badass !

- Chapter End -

Let something be clear. In this Story, Kyuubii's chakra was split in his Yang and Yin's half - Naruto inherited the Yang Half.

Even so, the Nine Beast are really demon's, they were not split from the Juubii at all and came in this world alongside him.

The Juubii is still out there, sealed, more on that later.

So here it was, Gilgamesh fighting with the Kyuubii ? Right off the bat ? Yep, it happened. Gilgamesh killing the Kyuubii ? Yes it happened. We are speaking of Gilgamesh, the guy basically has countless weapons capable of pulling ANYTHING. Do you see Archer/Shirou ? And how in all fics and even the original VN he has almost A WEAPON FOR ANY SITUATION ? Breaking contracts with the world ? Rule Breaker, Check. Killing Dragons ? Arondnight + Beowulf's sword : Check. Making a mountain explode ? Caladbolg, Check.

Well Gilgamesh doesn't even need to copy it : He OWNED everything at one point, and still do, if it exist and was owned by someone, he had it before it was cool (and yes, he is maybe an hipster...Albeit a very cool one.)

Do I need to speak about EA ? The sword which could split Heaven's and Earth ? XD

Also, Kyuubii even while being a Demon Lord, due to being worshipped as the Kitsune Lord is akin to a God, in that he has a HIGH degree of Divinity (I would say A/A+) while the Juubii would be EX.

And since Enkidu's chains works best when used on High divinity opponents... Yep. Fact that several of his tails, each having a property of stability, of power to his attacks were removed from him didn't help (More on that later though, this is not the last we see of the Kyuubi.)

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