Note: This is written in terms of the 1980s and the Political Climate that existed until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. JThe individual states of the USSR were just that States, like the United States. Everyone was a Soviet, no matter where in the USSR they were born. You'll note Daina is listed as Czechoslovakian, Czechoslovakia was an independent nation at the time, just considered part of the USSR, kind of. (Hard to explain-but imagine that it's like a territory).

Deployed Personnel:

United States Military G.I. Joe Team:

Abernathy, Clayton M, B.G., USA: Code Name: Hawk, Military Specialty: Artillery

Armbruster, Brad J., Capt, USAF: Code Name: Ace, Military Specialty: Pilot

Delgado, Hector X, CPO, USN: Code Name: Shipwreck, Military Specialty: Gunner's Mate

Faireborn, Dashiell R., WO, USA Code Name: Flint, Military Specialty: Infantry, Helicopter Pilot

Hart-Burnett, Alison R., Cpl, USA: Code Name: Lady Jaye, Military Specialty: Intelligence

Hauser, Conrad S., Msgt, USA: Code Name: Duke, Military Specialty: Airborne

LaFitte, Ettienne, Sgt, USMC, Code Name: Gung Ho, Military Specialty: Recon

O'Hara, Shana M., Sgt, USA, Code Name: Scarlett, Military Specialty: Intelligence

Tadur, Ronald W., Spc4, USA, Code Name: Dusty, Military Specialty: Infantry

Soviet Union/Multi-National Oktober Guard:

Col. Ivan Brekhov: Commander

Daina: Czechoslovakian Sniper and Helicopter Pilot

HorrorShow: Soviet RPG Trooper

Stormavik: Soviet Para-trooper

Royal Miltary Special Operations Unit: Tommies:

Bannister, Margaret, Major, Royal Army: Infantry

Flynn, Catherine, Commodore, Royal Navy: Commander

Forsythe, William, Group Captain, Royal Air Force: Pilot

McIntosh, Brian, Sgt, Royal Air Force: Aircraft Mechanic (Scottish)

McIntosh, Thaddeus, Cpl, Royal Army: Para-trooper

O'Leary, Megan, Squadron Leader, Royal Air Force: Fighter Pilot, Tornadoes (Irish)

O'Malley, Caitlin, Leading Seaman, Royal Navy: Aircraft Mechanic (Irish)