Here it is, the final chapter of The Mile High Club... a lot later than promised, but I'm so busy lately, I barely find the time to write... anyway, I want to thank all of you for reading this story and of course for asking for more of it, since it was originally meant to be a One Shot...

I also want to give a little shout out to Nina, one of my best friends in real life. I know she will be reading this chapter, because with her permission, this chapter is inspired by what happened to her husband when she had their first daughter...

2 1/2 months later - Christian

"Now remember son, you are supposed to sleep now, so your mommy can rest. She is exhausted a lot lately, because she has to carry you around in her belly, so no kickbox training tonight, Teddy." I say kiss Ana's belly and get up to get some more work done.

Downstairs, I find Gail cleaning up the kitchen. "Evening, Mr. Grey. Can I get you something?"

"No thank you, why don't you leave the rest of the cleaning for tomorrow, Gail. Go and enjoy your evening, Jason is home already."

"I'm almost done here, Sir..."

"Leave it Gail, enjoy your evening." I insist and she leaves with a smile on her face. Turning to head into my study, I decide to make a quick detour to the nursery. I know it's supposed to be Ana who does this nesting thing I have read about, but I'm like a man possessed when it comes to my sons room.

Pretty sure I have driven everyone even remotely involved in getting it ready insane by now, but I want my son to have the best of everything and to have a safe environment. After all babies are fragile and completely helpless, so I need to make sure no harm can come to him here. I have read stories about babies who fell off the changing tables, got burned both by fire or hot water or worse suffocated in their own beds. And that's just things that can happen by accident. One evening I was online doing my research when I came across what I thought was a parents forum, which then turned out to be a website where articles about bad parenting are published and reading what some people do to their children on purpose made me physically sick.

That night I had the first nightmare in a very long time and I vowed to myself to help more children who have lived through this, so I have been in touch with many different charities and finally decided to create my own. There are just too many children out there who have experienced the worst kind of abuse and have to suffer under the consequences of the abuse for the rest of their life. I want these children to have perspective in their life, so we will not just offer these children both physical and psychological therapy, but also education, so one day they can hopefully be productive members of our society, even if the abuse they had to endure has left them with disabilities.

If everything goes as planned we can start our work within the next month. I however won't get to hands on with it for the time being, because Teddy will be with us in not even 9 days from now. Fuck me, I feel like time is slipping through my fingers and nothing is ready even though Teddy will be born so soon. My mother said it is not unusual for the first child to be a bit late, but I don't count on it. It's my son after all and if he is anything like me, he will be right on time. That is why I have the due date planned like a clockwork. No matter when Ana goes into labor, I will be ready and have the shortest route to the hospital at all times mapped out.

His due date is a Wednesday, so I had my security time the ride to the hospital on six different Wednesdays at each hour of the day. I even made them time the fastest route again once under dry and then wet road conditions. Come hell or high water, we will arrive at the hospital as fast as possible.

Taylor told me, when he had Sophie he didn't even know the way to the hospital by heart... how the fuck can an ex army guy be this unprepared? If I hadn't everything planned by now, I would lose my mind. My wife will not deliver our son in the backseat of the car because we are stuck in traffic or because I have no idea where to go. Not that I am going to be the one who is driving... lord knows I might kill us all in a fit of panic.

Secretly, I am worried that I might start to panic at some point, so my mother gave me a bottle with some herbal remedy that should help to keep me calm. She told me over and over again not to take more than a teaspoon full of them, but she doesn't know me, I guess a whole bottle of Xanax wouldn't be enough to keep me calm, so I will probably need a little more of this remedy.

It's all Elliot's and Luke's fucking fault, one night when they convinced me to have a guys night, they made me watch it. A movie called the wonder of childbirth... fucking movie should have been called the bloody pussy massacre... Jesus, I know where the babies have to come out, but to watch it larger than life on a TV screen wasn't a pleasant experience at all. To be honest, I wanted to puke when there was not only blood but also shit and the piercing screams as lovely background music didn't so anything to make the movie any less frightening... but it wasn't until the perineum of this poor unlucky lady literally exploded that I knew I will only survive the birth of my son if I don't take a look anywhere near my wife's pussy on that day.

God damn it, fuck! Now I have these awful images in my head again. To distract myself, I have to down two tumblers of whisky in a row and I'm just about to check on Teddy's room yet again when I hear Ana's soft voice.

"Christian, it's time." I turn around in the hallway and find her standing just outside our bedroom looking like a little angel... well a very pregnant little angel that is, but it makes her all the more beautiful. Wait... did she say it is time? Time for what? We already had dinner and she went to bed... maybe time for us to fuck? Nah, we don't have sex on a schedule... unless you count all the time as standing schedule... but what does she mean?

"Time for what?" I ask and then I see it... she is dressed and holding her hospital bag, fuck no!

"My water broke and I'm having contractions." She says a little shy and suddenly I seem to have lost the ability to talk.

"But it's Monday!" I blurt out in the end. I have no plan and timed routes for a Monday! This is not happening!

"I know, it's been Monday all day, but if it is any help I'm pretty sure our son won't be born within the next hour, so he will be born on a Tuesday." Ana says clearly not happy with my behavior.

"No you don't understand, I only have a plan for Wednesday because he is due on a Wednesday... maybe you are not having contractions... maybe you just need to take a ..." I stop when Ana holds her hand up.

"Christian, I am in labor, I do not need to use the bathroom if that's what you are implying, now if you only have a plan for Wednesday here is the perfect solution, I will call my mother to help me and you can come to pick us up at the hospital on Wednesday, provided you have a plan for that." She huffs and storms off... well more like slowly wobbles towards the stairs and she has nearly reached the staircase when she stops and clutches and belly, while the bag lands on the ground with a thud.

"Ana!" I call out and am at her side with in a split second.

"What is wrong baby?"

"Contraction... take the time." She gasps and I hold her until she relaxes. Looking up at me I can see that she is scared.

"Can we do this together please? I need you Christian, I know you like things to go as planned... but hey just see this as first lesson in being a parent, kids don't always do or say things as you expect them to." She looks into my eyes silently begging me to keep it together for her sake and I feel like shit. Damn it, time to fucking man up, Grey!

"Of course, I'll be right at your side, baby. It doesn't matter on which day our son is born." I say and make a mental note that the next time we are having a baby, I will have each hour of each day of the week timed, fuck, how do we get to the hospital now?

"Do you know what would be great right now?" Ana asks.

"An epidural?" I reply and she giggles.

"No, though I might need one later. Right now I want a PBJ."

"You want to eat, now? We need to get you to the hospital, Ana."

"No we don't. My contractions are still more than ten minutes apart and we don't have to leave until they are five to six minutes apart. Take my bag please." She says and waddles down the stairs leaving me standing there like a complete idiot. I decide to do the only thing I can think of and call my Mom.

"Is Ana in labor?" She asks as soon as she picks up no hello, no hi Christian...

"Yes, Mom, I think she has lost her mind. Her water broke and she is having contractions, but she doesn't want to go to the hospital, she is downstairs making herself a sandwich... should I just grab her and drag her into the car?" I ask.

"Christian darling, let her make herself a sandwich and ask her to eat it on the ride to the hospital, once the water is broken there is an increased risk for infection."

"Infection?" I ask horrified.

"Do not worry, it doesn't happen within minutes. Now, have you taken a teaspoon full of the remedy I have given you?"

"No not yet... Mom, what if she doesn't want to leave?"

"Darling, please calm down, if Ana is hungry then let her eat, she will need her strength for the birth."

"What about the shit?" I blurt out and mentally slap myself.

"Excuse me?" My mother asks clearly startled.

"Never mind, Mom, I just saw this movie about women giving birth and..."

"Darling, Ana is not in the final stage of labor, she will have plenty of time to use the bathroom if she needs to do so, in addition often times women are offered to take something to help them relieve themselves so this won't become an issue."

"Okay, I need to check on Ana, I'll call you later."

"Of course, and don't forget not to take more than a teaspoon full of the herbal remedy." My mother says and I hang up, hurry into the bathroom and grab the tiny bottle... shit, I don't want Ana to see me taking something to get my act together. Screw the teaspoon! I gulp down half the bottle and shudder due to it's disgusting taste. That shit better work!

On my way to the kitchen I send a text to Taylor that Ana is in labor so he can alert the security and have Reynolds here to drive us to the hospital, he might not be my CPO anymore but he still makes sure everything runs smoothly.

"We are out of grape jelly and the crunchy peanut butter is also empty, I make a list for Gail before we leave." Ana says as I enter the kitchen and now I am convinced she is out of her mind.

"Baby, I don't want to sound rude, but grab your damn sandwich and get your ass out to the car or I'll drag you there myself, we are going to the hospital, now!" I hiss and she giggles...when the fuck did I lose every last ounce of authority in my own home?

"I'm serious, Anastasia!" I snap and momentarily regret it when she has another contraction. Good job, just continue to snap at your wife who is about to give birth to a real human being!

"Baby, I really need you to listen to me now, your water broke, you are at a high risk of getting an infection this way, we need to get you to the hospital now." I try again this time a lot gentler and she looks at me once the contraction is over.

"I don't want to go." She admits and I stare at her horrified, if she tells me she wants to give birth at home next I will probably have a stroke immediately.

"Why?" I ask incredulously.

"Promise me you won't laugh." She says and I sigh... this is not a laughing matter to me for pity sake.

"Baby, I won't laugh, now tell me what is going on?"

"I'm scared, like really, really scared and I'm not sure I can do this. Mia and Kate made me watch this movie about natural childbirth when you had your guy evening and I can't do that." She says wide eyed and I have to close mine. Fuck, she saw the bloody pussy massacre too, I'll buy all freaking copies of that shitty movie and burn it or it will probably make sure the birth rate drops until no more babies are born.

"Ana, look at me, baby... it's not going to be like that. Trust me, you'll do great and soon we will hold our son in our arms and laugh about this conversation."

"No, we won't laugh... Christian, the woman in the movie she shit herself, I cannot do that... oh my god, what was I thinking... I just had a huge sandwich and I'm in labor... you cannot come with me... this... "

"Stop!" I snap again she stares at me wide eyed.

"Christ, Ana... you are going to talk yourself into a panic attack. I saw that fucking movie too, but you know what if Amy, Mia and Katherine could go through this so can you... and don't even think about kicking me out of the hospital suite, because I'm not leaving your side. We are a team, you don't have to do this alone."

"Easy for you to say, you are not the one who is about to crap himself in a room full of people... it's humiliating!" She whines and I have to fight the urge to laugh, this is not a conversation I saw myself having... ever.

"Christian Grey! I can see your lips twitching! Do not laugh at me... I'm going to the hospital now." She snaps and leaves me standing in the kitchen where I can no longer hide my smirk.

"Wipe that smirk of your face and come!" She yells without even turning around to see if I am really smirking... can't accuse her of not knowing me well.

Ten minutes later we are finally on our way to the hospital with Reynolds driving us. Ana has calmed down and to my own surprise so have I. Looks like the herbal remedy my mother gave me works after all.

Fifteen minutes and two contractions into the car ride later I am not sure if taking half the bottle was a good idea. My stomach hurts and I discreetly had to open the car window or else it would have been very unpleasant in here by now. Fuck me, this is just peachy.

"Oh my God... seriously, I have to breathe through my contractions who was that?" Ana shrieks suddenly in disgust. Looks like the last one wasn't so discreet after all...

I give Reynolds a look in the rear-view mirror and he closes his eyes for second.

"Apologies, Ma'am. I had chili for dinner." He mutters and gives me a dirty look through the rear view mirror. Get the fuck over it, my wife is in labor I don't want her to think that all I can do in this situation is to produce the worlds most disgusting farts... Jesus, Christ... what kind of shit from hell did my mother give me... oh hell, I shouldn't have laughed about Ana... because now I'm the one who is about to shit his pants...

"Step on it Drew, for fucks sake!" I hiss at him when he slows down.

"There are people crossing the street, Sir." He says and I actually start to sweat. Fuck, if we don't reach a place with a bathroom soon I shit the fucking car!

"Calm down, Christian. My contractions are still nine minutes apart." Ana tries to placate me, but I sure as fuck don't have nine more minutes...

"Ana... we need to get there... now!" I reply ... Jesus, this is unreal. Taking my phone I dial my mother again.

"How is Ana?" She asks again no greeting for me.

"Fine, we are on our way to the hospital. Mom... just out of curiosity what would happen if someone was to take half the bottle of the herbal remedy you've given me?" I ask and I hear my mother gasp.

"Christian, do not tell me you took half the bottle? I told you one teaspoon full not more!"

"Well, I was nervous, tell me what the hell is happening to me?"

"Oh for the love of God! You better get a portable toilet into the birthing suite... half the bottle equals what taking a very strong laxative would do to you."

"What? Why would you give me that?"

"Because it only has that effect if one is stupid enough to take half the bottle when he was told, by a trained physician I may add, not to take more than a teaspoon full." My mother snaps and Ana mouths 'what have you done?' to me.

"Mom, I have to go." Hanging up I face my wife.

"Tell me!" She insist and lightly smacks me in the stomach causing me to rip one so loudly Reynolds even turns his head to me.

"Eyes on the road!" I yell and look at Ana, who is staring at me open mouthed, rather shame faced.

"My mother gave me this herbal remedy to calm my nerves when you go into labor and she told me not to take more than a teaspoon full, but I was so fucking nervous that I took half the bottle. Apparently in a dose like that it has the effect of strong laxatives." I admit and hang my head in shame... I know I will never live this one down...

Suddenly a grunting noise erupts from Ana's throat and when I look at her she starts to laugh hysterically.

"Oh so I'm not allowed to laugh at you, but it is fine the other way around?" I ask fully aware that I am pouting and she tries to get her laughter in check.

"So-sorry. Oh my gosh... this is hilarious." She says still giggling like crazy.

"I hope you'll still say that in about three seconds when I shit the car." I grumble.

"Drew, please stop over there at the McDonalds."

"Baby, I'm serious no fucking stops!" At this point I'm sweating and panting like a beast in a humanly almost impossible effort not to crap myself.

"I don't want to eat, they have a restroom." She says and I'm out of the car before it has fully stopped.

What feels like ages later I return to the car and flop down in the backseat. I feel completely drained and slightly dehydrated.

"Feeling better?" Ana asks still slightly amused.

"Yes, though I feel like I have to donate to the place, they probably have to close it down for today." I mutter under my breath and keep the fact that I gave 1000 dollars to the unlucky cleaning lady who made her rounds in the restrooms just when I finished.

"I called Grace, she said you should eat some rice crackers and bananas." She says and I groan.

"Baby, this fucking shit is still in my system, I'm not going to eat just to end up shitting bucket loads of toxic waste again."

I look at her and can tell that she is about to make some smart ass remark, but she is stopped by another contraction.

"Oh shoot, this one hurt more than the ones before." Ana pants when her body finally relaxes all the while I start to feel like I have to take a crap again... this is a fucking disaster!

After what feels like forever we arrive at the hospital and while a nurse helps Ana change, I have to use the restroom again and make a mental note to never use any fucking herbal remedy ever again.

Back in the private suite where Ana will give birth I find her in bed attached to a fetal monitor.

"How is my wife doing?" I ask Dr. Greene who is checking on her.

"Her contractions are coming in every eight minutes, they are getting stronger and she is already three centimeters dilated. Your son is doing very well, his heart rate is nice and steady just like it should be. I'd say both of you try to get in an hour or two of sleep, we have already given Ana something to help her relax, because trust me, you will both need to be well rested. Oh and your mother called me, this is for you, Mr. Grey." She says not able to hide her amusement hands me some pills and heads out of the room.

I look at the pills in my hand shrug and take them, can't get any worse, right?

"Do you think you can sleep now?" I ask Ana I have no idea how contractions feel or if it is even possible to not wake up every time a new one starts.

"I think I'll just try to relax until Dr. Greene comes back to check on me again." She says with a little yawn and closes her eyes. I sit down on the cot in the corner and decide to stay up to make sure I'm there if Ana can't sleep and needs me.

Ten minutes later I decide to close my eyes for just one second and when I re-open them my heart nearly stops because the bed is empty.

"ANA?" I yell and here her giggle coming from the bathroom.

"One second, Janice is helping me." She calls out. Janice... who the fuck is Janice? A moment later I see Ana coming out of the bathroom with a nurse in her later forties. The both stop when they see me and stare at me open mouthed.

"Oh my gosh, what happened to your face?" Ana gasps and the nurse steps closer to take a closer look.

"Don't worry Mrs. Grey, it looks like your husband has an allergic reaction. I'll get some ointment for the rash." She says and while she helps Ana back into bed I rush into the bathroom and stare at myself in the mirror.

Fuck, I look like I'm having the chicken pox or measles. Did, I mention that today is a complete disaster?

When the nurse returns and hands me some sort of lotion I eye it suspiciously. First, my mother tried to poison me with some herbal remedy that me shit toxic waste and then Ana's doctor gave me something that made the shitting stop, but made me look like an idiot with a rash all over my face... do I even want to know what this lotion will do to me?

"Christian! Oh my God it hurts really bad." Ana screams from the suite and I decide it doesn't matter what this lotion will do to me, so I quickly apply it, ignoring the stinging sensation it leaves in its wake and hurry back to my wife.

I hold her hand until the pain goes away and she looks at me.

"Babe, don't be mad at me, but you look hideous." She says and bites her lip so she won't laugh at me again.

"Don't worry about it, baby, by the way my face feels since I have applied the lotion my skin will be burned off in a matter of seconds, so no one will notice the rash." I mutter and this time she does giggle.

"Maybe you should wash it off then." She offers and I'm just about to go and do so, when the door opens and my mother and Carla step into the room. They see me and stop dead in their tracks.

"Don't ask... I need to wash my face." I mutter and leave the room again.

When I re-enter the room I hear Ana arguing with her mother.

"Mom, do not put these ugly things on my feet, I'm warning you. " Ana says and I see Carla holding some sort of fucking ugly self made socks in greenish, brown color which reminds me of my trip to McDonalds earlier.

"Annie, believe me, when I had you my feet were freezing, I'm wearing these ever since." Carla says and tries to put them on Ana's feet who is kicking her feet away like a naughty three year old who doesn't want to get dressed.

"Well, if you are wearing them all the time it explains why I am an only child." She says and I can tell she is about to let her mother have it, so I step in.

"Carla, Ana has socks in her hospital bag, I'll make sure she wears them in case her feet get cold." I say and she looks at me.

"Oh darling, you will look terrible in your first family pictures, oh well, we can photoshop them. You'd be amaze what you can do with photoshop." She says and this time my mother looks pissed.

"He will look just fine, Carla. After all Ana won't look so good herself after hours of exhausting and painful labor, not to mention the possibility to tearing or..."

"Mom!" I stop her appalled that she would mention this shit now in front of Ana.

"I'm sorry, that was very inappropriate of me. Do you need something, darling?"

"No, just some time alone with my wife." I say letting them both now that it is time for them to go and sit in the waiting area with the rest of the family.

When they have left I look at Ana and see that she is about to burst into tears, so I decide to lighten the mood.

"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Christian and I literally had the most shitty day today." I say and her lips twitch.

"Christian, if I'm tearing, do not dare to asked the doctor something crazy while I am being stitched up." She says and my eyebrows shoot up.


"When Amy had the twins, she needed a few stitches and your brother asked her doctor to make an additional stitch for personal enjoyment." She says and purses her lips.

Jesus Christ, only my brother would make such a stupid joke in the most inappropriate situations.

"Baby, if you would get any additional stitches, it wouldn't be any fun for me, because I most likely wouldn't be able to get into my favorite place in this world." I reply and she grabs my hand when the next contraction starts.

"Owww, why does this have to hurt so much." Ana pants and squeezes my hand so tightly, I swear I can hear a bone or two crack.

"You can still decide to have an epidural, baby."

"No, I want to do this the old fashioned way." She pants and slowly relaxes just when Doctor Greene comes back in and checks on her.

"You are six centimeters dilated and your contractions coming in every five minutes now Ana. If you want to, I would like for you to get up and walk around for a while, it can help you with the progress of your labor." She says and when Ana agrees and I help her to get up and soon we are outside in the hallway walking up and down, stopping only for her to breathe through her contractions.

After almost thirty minutes of this Ana's contractions come in so painful that she asks me to help her back to the hospital suite where we call for Doctor Greene, who after checking on Ana seems to be very pleased.

"You've dilated to nine centimeters and your contractions are coming in every three to two minutes now, very good, Anastasia. I'd say within the next ten to fifteen minutes you can start to push." She says and I feel slightly faint, this is it, our baby boy will be with us soon...

Three hours later I'm not sure if I can watch this going on for much longer. Ana has contraction after contraction and has been pushing for over two hours now, but Teddy hasn't even crowned yet. I have never seen my wife this exhausted and still both she and Doctor Greene insist that at this point a c-section is not necessary. I disagree but decide to keep my mouth shut, because Ana doesn't need me breathing down her neck right now.

"Why isn't he coming out... what is wrong Dr. Greene?" Ana asks her in tears when the next round of pushing isn't getting us anywhere either.

"There is nothing wrong Ana, you have a petite frame and this is your first child, it just takes time for your baby to get into the birth channel and make his way through, you are doing great so don't worry. Now, how about we stop the pushing for a few contractions and see what happens when we start again." Dr. Greene says and I just want to fucking shake her. My wife is exhausted and not making any progress for three fucking hours now, why the hell doesn't she finally do what's right and convince Ana to have a c-section?

When she gets up to write something in Ana's chart I move my lips closer to Ana's ear so only she can hear me.

"Baby, you don't have to go through this, you can have a c-section now and it will all be over." I say and she turns her head to glare at me.

"NO! Do you hear me, I am not having a c-section and if you don't think that I can do this then get out!" Ana yells at me and starts to sob.

"Mr. Grey, a word please!" Dr. Greene snaps and has the nurse sit with Ana while she damn near drags me out of the birth suite.

"Mr. Grey, I do realize that you are not a very patient man, but your wife is doing great, do not pressure or upset her now as this could slow down her labor or make her blood pressure rise, which would be very concerning at this point."

"She is pushing for hours now and nothing is happening!" I snap.

"I do realize that, but as I have said before, your wife is a petite woman and this is her first child, giving birth takes time and I do know what I am doing, if an hour from now your son isn't at least crowning I will talk to your wife about a c-section, but at this point she still is very much capable of giving birth naturally which is what your wife wants. So all I'm asking you is to be supportive of your wife's wishes, the second I believe that either Ana or son are even remotely at risk, I will step in, but for now everything looks fine. Now, please don't upset your wife again or I have to ask you to wait outside." She says and goes back inside leaving me livid and with my mouth hanging open in the hallway. How fucking dare she talk to me that way and threaten me to kick me out?

"Sir?" I turn to find Taylor and look at him in surprise.

"You are here?"

"I couldn't sit at home, I felt the need to be here to oversee that security is all set and doing a proper job." He shrugs.

"Glad to see you... Jason, you have a daughter, tell me how long was your wife in labor?"

"Nearly a day, Sir. Look... I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with Dr. Greene. And as much as I believe the good Doctor is a bitch, she has a point. You can't talk your wife into having a c-section, because if it is not necessary, she will resent you for it. She will believe that you think she is too weak to give birth to her child naturally and that is something no woman wants to hear. She'll make the right decision if she has to, but for now let her try to do this her way." He says... fuck me, when did he become the spokesperson for natural child birth?

"I'll keep that in mind." Re-entering the room Ana is pushing again, but when I try to take her hand she pulls it away.

"Don't touch me." She hisses through gritted teeth and I have no idea what to do.

"Baby, I'm sorry, I know you can do this, I just thought ... I'm sorry."

"Ana, I can feel your sons head. Now, with the next contraction I need you to give me a good hard push."

Suddenly, Ana does grab my hand and when Dr. Greene starts to count and Ana pushes, funny enough I'm the one who screams like a bitch, because she is literally crushing my hands... fuck I never thought my wife had this much strength.

"Good job, Ana... now, no pushing with the next contraction, you are having a big baby here and we don't want any tearing, breathe through it." The doctor says and Ana is still squeezing the shit out of my hand, which thank god, is slowly turning numb.

Two rounds of pushing later, I am sure every bone in my hand in broken and Ana is cursing unlike anything I have ever heard before... actually I feel like this is more like a scene of The Exorcist than a normal childbirth... but what the hell do I know.

"You are almost there Ana, with the next contraction the head will be born." Dr. Greene announces and I have no idea what the hell posses me, but I go against everything I promised myself and look. Holy fuck! There is blood a lot of it and my wife's ladyparts are stretched open wide with my sons dark haired head poking out of it. Oh fucking hell, I shouldn't have ...

What the hell just happened? Why am I lying on the cot? These are first questions that come to mind when I open my eyes again. Slowly reality sets in, Ana is about to give birth... fuck I must have fainted and then hear Dr. Greene.

"That's it Ana... perfect all done." She says and I sit up. Fuck, Teddy! My son is born. I jump up and to look at my son and nearly faint again when Dr. Greene lifts what looks like a huge lumps of raw meet into a bowl next to her.

"What the fuck is this?" I gasp in horror and hear Ana giggle.

"That would be the placenta Mr. Grey, I hope you enjoyed your little nap." Ana giggles and I look at her. Something is different about her... I try to see what it is and then it hits me, she is nursing our son... I hold my breath and watch this tiny human being which is cradled against my wife's breast and quietly drinks his milk from her.

"How... when?" I don't know why, but I seem to have lost complete control over ability to form a simple sentence.

"You hit your head pretty hard when you passed out and were out of it for nearly twenty minutes... here your son." She says and bent down to look at him.

He is perfection... my son...

Thirty years later - Still Christian

"No way... Phoebe never mentioned that." My son in law Alexander says and I smirk.

"It's a well kept family secret... but I thought sharing it would help you." I feel bad for him, which is a first for me.

Five years ago when Phoebe came home at the age of twenty telling us that she was engaged I wanted to kill Alexander Maitland and ground Phoebe forever. Of course, I didn't, but it was a nice thought. Instead only six months later I walked my little girl down the aisle and watched her getting married.

Seven months ago, when they told us that they were expecting there first child I wanted to kill him again for having sex with my little girl... and again I didn't but congratulated them instead.

So now here we are in the waiting area of the hospital waiting for Phoebe to give birth. Alexander was supposed to be with her, but the poor fucker has managed to pass out three times so far, until Phoebe asked him to wait here, while Ana is with her.

Looking around the room I smile. Teddy and his wife Noelle are sitting on the small sofa in the corner talking to each other while he is absentmindedly caressing her swollen belly. Only three more months and they will have their twins. I can't begin to tell how happy I am for them. Noelle miscarried three times and was told that she couldn't get pregnant again. Both of them were absolutely heartbroken and Teddy decided to take a sabbatical from his work at GEH to travel with Noelle and take her mind of everything that happened. When they returned she was four months pregnant and so far everything looks great.

On my left side is our second son Matthew, he was born just two years after Teddy. Much to his mother's dislike he has no intentions to settle down any time soon. He enjoys being a bachelor way too much, but I know that once he finds the right girl, he'll settle down with her, so I'm not worried at all about him.

Next to him is our third son Julian who was born two years after Phoebe. He came down from New York yesterday, where he is currently working for a huge advertising company. Out of all our children, Julian was always the one who would drive me insane with his crazy ideas. Christ, his mother cried for days when on his 18th birthday he came home with a huge tattoo on his bicep. By now he has sleeves tattooed on his arms and more on his chest and stomach. His haircut always has me itching to drag him to a hairdresser to somehow fix the mess on his head and don't even get me started on the fact that my son has pierced nipples and another piercing in his eyebrow. He screams bad boy, which is funny, because deep down he is the most caring family oriented guy I have ever met.

And there is Ella... my little surprise. After four kids, Ana and decided our family is complete. Ana went back on birth control and I promised to get the snip, so she could stop taking birth control. Yet, I never went through with it until one evening I came home to find Ana in the bathroom staring at a pregnancy test in utter disbelieve. That was fifteen years ago and our beautiful daughter is now fourteen. She is the best surprise we ever received and I'm happy that I still have one kid living at home.

She looks just like Ana, even more so than Phoebe does and even though we have our little battles now that she is a teenager, Ella is still my little girl.

Life has been good to us, Ana and I are both still very much in love, we have five beautiful children and a loving family.

Sadly, we also had to go through some loses. My Dad passed away three years ago, peaceful in his sleep at home, just six months after Ana's Dad passed away. To our surprise Grace and Carla moved in together shortly after. They have become good friends over the years and both felt alone, so they now live together and enjoy their retirement by traveling and giving dinner parties for their friends and family every now and then.

Another loss that shook us all to the core about four years ago was Kate's death. It came out of nowhere. Luke told us she woke up one morning not feeling well and went to see a doctor. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in it's final stage and passed away just seven weeks after being diagnosed. I can't say Kate has become a good friend to me over the years, but I still feel terrible thinking that she has lost her life way too young. Since then Ana and I spent even more time with Luke and invite him and his now adult kids over quite often.

Elliot and Amy are still married and their kids are all grown up now and working in their chosen fields while Elliot sold his company after a huge health scare and together they decided to travel the world and enjoy life to it's fullest.

And then there is Mia. She married her baby daddy in the end and it didn't work out, so they divorced shortly after Mia had their second child a boy by the name of Noah. She got married twice more, but it never worked out until one day she met an old high school friend of hers again and they just hit it off. They've been together for twenty years now and have a daughter, Kylie, together.

"Dad, I'm hungry, do you have some money for me?" Ella asks and I hand her some cash so she takes off.

"Maybe I should get back inside, this is taking too long." Alexander says but I hold him back.

"It takes time son, why don't you call your parents again and ask them what is taking so them so long." I say and once he has left the room I contemplate to see what is taking so long myself, but I decide against it.

"Here Dad, for you." Ella says when she returns and hands me two butterfinger bars, which are my guilty pleasure.

"Thanks princess." I kiss her forehead when Alexander comes back in and he is just about to say something when Ana steps into the waiting room carrying a tiny blue bundle in her arms.

"It's a boy?" I asks and she nods with the biggest smile and carefully places our grandson in his fathers arms.

"How is Phoebe doing?" I ask Ana and pull her in my arms.

"She is fine, exhausted but fine. Look at him, Christian he is perfect just adorable." Ana says and we both look at our first grandchild.

"What is his name, Alexander? Phoebe wanted you to announce it." Ana says and Alexander looks at us holding the baby so we all can see him.

"Well, then all of you, I'd like to introduce you to Christian Grey Maitland."

Everyone is stunned, but I am the most. I had no idea ... and suddenly I feel tears in my eyes and the overwhelming need to see my daughter.

"Can I see Phoebe?" I ask and Ana nods. I kiss my grandson and make my way to the birth suite where I find my daughter smiling at me when I enter.

"Have you met your grandson?" She asks and I nod overcome with emotions.

"Daddy, don't cry, you know you set me off too." Phoebe scolds with a loving smile on her face... so much like her mother.

"Sorry, you know me, only my girls can make me cry... I'm proud of you Phoebe. You will be an amazing mother."

"I hope so. And of course, I have the best parents in the world to help me if I don't know what to do."

"I'm just a phone call away, Sweet Pea." I say using the nickname I gave her when she was still a little baby. And when Alex walks into the room and I watch my little girl holding her son I know that this is another of these moments in my life that I will never forget, because it's one of these rare moments where the world stands still and everything is just picture perfect...

... and to think, it all started with a malfunctioning jet that forced me to take a commercial flight and in turn led me to meet the love of my life, my wife who not just gave me her heart, but also my amazing family and a life I didn't even dare to dream of...