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3rd POV

4500BCE Lycosura (Arcadia) late bronze age

In an elegant throne room of glittering gold, bronze and marble overlooking a grand banquet hall, sat a king atop an obsidian throne adorned with jewels. Atop his head sat a golden Laurel Wreath that sat as a symbol of his power and authority over his domain. The king wore a simple white silk chiton with golden strapped sandals. He had a mature yet handsome face with cruel and cold icy blue eyes and an equally sadistic smile playing upon his lips.

In the throne room his eyes scanned the confines of the room impatiently for something that caused his eyes to jostle in excitement and anticipation. "Guards, have our guests arrived?" The king asked his stoic looking guards that were in the room with him.

"N-n-no Milord" stuttered one of the guards. "They have not arrived yet sire."

"What could be taking those fools so long?" asked the king exasperatedly causing the guards to shuffle their feet uncomfortably

One brave guard decided to voice his concern to his king. "Milord, it is unwise to say such things about the gods. They-" said the guard, but was cut off by his king raising his hand.

"Silence!" The king sneered at the guard.

For a few minutes the king sat in silence until the serene silence was interrupted by twelve bright flashes of light that hummed intensely with power. When the lights receded there stood twelve figures, all of whom exude a sense of power and elegance that the king could only ever dream about. They possessed beauty that was unobtainable for mortal men and women. They had regal faces with high cheek bones and postures that demanded respect to all who looked upon them. Two of the twelve stood out the most, they gave of an aura of power so intense that even the other ten beings stood a few feet from them.

One of the two had deep black hair and eyes as grey as rain cloud with lightening streaks arcing within them. His face was so majestic that the king felt the urge to bow his head in submission. In his hand was a grand staff made from a Rowan tree with an eagle at the top that has unfolded it's wings. The other had inky black hair that flowed like the ocean with stormy ocean blue eyes. His face was so beautiful and fierce that the king got up form his throne when being's eyes gazed upon his. In his hand was a formidable silver trident.

The king went closer two the two ethereal beings and bowed along with everyone else in the room as their power prickled his skin. The being with the staff smiled at him. "Rise king Lycaon of Lycosura." said the being kindly. "Long has passed since we last stood in the presence of mortal men and women"

"My Lords and Ladies, its an honour to be in your presence" said Lycaon as he rose from his bow and looked around the room to see the other Olympians looking at him expectedly. "Follow me your eminencies"

The Olympians all wrinkled their noses in disgust at the palace. The palace was filled with the statues of Titans and one stood in prominence, it was a statue in honour of Prometheus the Titan of forethought. The Olympians silently seethed at the sight of all the statues as they were led to the banquet hall.

Lycaon smirked subtly as he saw their faces from the corner of his eyes when they walked past the statues he had in honour of the Titans. Some of the Olympians looked to be in deep conversation. When they got to the hall they found the family of Lycaon sitting comfortably on sixty seats leaving behind thirteen seats unoccupied. Twelve of the seats were plain and bare while the last was majestic looking chair fit for a king. This act only further fuelled the ire of the gods of Olympus. Lycaon's family did not bother to rise from their seats save for one leaving the gods even more incredulous.

The gods sat on the seats feeling slighted, but said nothing to the king waiting patiently to see what other insult he will have for them. "Honoured guests" Lycaon said as his rose from his seat. "I have invited you all here for a feast with us as our show of respect to you"

"How generous of you" said a goddess with wise eyes sceptical eyes.

Lycaon called for his servant to serves his honoured guest first, starting with Lord Zeus. The servants did as told and served everyone. Upon the scent of the food Zeus wrinkled his nose in disgust before his eyes flared in outrage. "What is the meaning of this mortal king?" Zeus growled in fury as he pounded his fist on the hard oak table breaking it. "How dare you try to feed us the flesh of a mortal child like we are a pack of wolves? This crime against us shall not go unpunished."

Zeus raised his staff in the air causing the particles to part as lightening crackled from the heavens. Without warning lightening struck every person in the room except for the horror stricken Lycaon and four of his son who were left staring at the ashen remains of their family. Tears flowed down from the face of Lycaon and his four sons, but the gods showed no sign of sympathy. "For your crime, you shall walk upon Gaea bearing a curse. You shall forever be a slave to the power of the moon. You shall take the form of wolves" said Zeus furiously

Zeus snapped his fingers and the mutilated remains of the boy reformed healing the boy of all his injuries, revealing the boy to be Nyctimos the youngest and most beautiful son of Lycaon. Zeus not wanting to stay further in the presence of Lycaon and his spawns left with the other gods. When the gods had left Lycaon and his four other sons slumped to the ground writhing in pain as their bodies changed into the form of wolves with crimson eyes that held immense anger and power.

Lycaon and three of his sons looked at the now revived Nyctimos and sneered baring their teeth at him.

Nyctimos sneered at his brothers and father with fury. Three of his brothers decided to pounce at him, but he instinctively side stepped their attacks and punched one of his brothers so hard that his jaw was dislocated. The other two looked at Nyctimos wearingly, but still pounced. Nyctimos managed to dodge of the oncoming strikes, but he could not get out of the way of the next strike. Before the claws of one of his brothers could make contact the brother that had abstained from the battle charged with his fangs and claws bared at his wolf brother. He swiped and the struck the chest of his brother before grabbing him by the throat and tossing him aside. "I am sorry brother for what we did to you, but please let me help you leave Lycosura before they kill you" said Pallas as he bowed his head in shame.

"Why should I trust you?" Asked Nyctimos causing Pallas to glance swiftly at his three other brothers who were crouched readying to launch another strike.

"Brother please, you can't fight them now. They have just lost their humanity and angry and jealous of you" said Pallas scooping brother to climb on his back to which Nyctimus reluctantly agreed. Lycaon who had been watching charged at the two only to have Nyctimos punch him in the chest, pushing him back a few feet. Pallas started to run toward the forest of Lycosura as swiftly as his new body could muster, weaving through the trees neatly and swiftly. Pallas ran at such speed that everything around them slowed down.

"After them" growled an angry Lycaon who was left heaving from the punch. His remaining three son set to chase after their two brothers. The much more animalistic brother used the trees to thrust themselves quickly to catch up with their brothers.

Helix the eldest of Lycaon's surviving sons was the first to catch up with his brothers and slashed at Nyctimus' face only to miss as Pallas weaved below the elongated claws. "Brother run faster" commanded Nyctimos at his brother.

Pallas through his brother's plea ran even faster than before, so fast that not even his other brother had any hope of catching up to them. The two travelled across the city states of Hellas to the territories to the east.

The two brothers stopped at the city of Ionia. "Brother" said Nyctimos gathering his brother's attention. "Something is wrong"

Pallas looked at his younger brother questioningly. "What do you mean" asked Pallas looking at his younger brother who looked to be in some degree of discomfort.

"My throat, it burns" Nyctimos answered. "I need something to drink"

"Come on than, let get you some water to drink or some mead" Pallas said, but Nyctimos lunged at a solitary man who was calmly looking at the shining moon. In a flash Nyctimos plunged his teeth into the neck of the man and began to drink his blood changing the colour of his eyes from a beautiful chocolate brown to a bright midnight blue. Only a little blood was enough to sate his thirst before he fled the scene. Pallas had to chase after him leaving behind the man that Nyctimos had bitten writhing in awesome pain. The man's eyes rolled to the back of his head and back again. His eyes discoloured from their previous mountain green to ghostly grey. He was cursed by the bite of Nyctimos.

Pallas found his brother sitting by a river bank. "I'm a monster" said Nyctimos to his wolf brother not bothering to look behind him as he had already caught the scent of his presence.

"No brother, you are no monster, you left the man alive, dazed but alive none the less" Pallas reassured his brother. "You are just different now, you are like us but different. We need to find priest of the gods to help us, because in my current state I can no longer enter a city without being chased out."

The brothers set out to search the lands for those who could help them, but they had found nothing in their first hundred years of searching. Pallas during the full moon became more vicious to the point where he would hunt and slaughter mortals. Nyctimos' thirst became far more intense, yet it had never allowed him to kill those he drank from. Both brothers became stronger, faster and more powerful.

Nyctimos learnt early on that he had the ability to bend the darkness and the weather to his will and psionic powers. Pallas however found out that he too had powers. He could absorb or inflict pain with a touch. He could see, share or steal memories from his victims with his claws and the most lethal of all his abilities was that he could invade the minds of others completely even his brother's. Both brother also realised that their bodies were far more durable and healed quickly from injuries.

One day the two brothers walked within the forest and came across a tribe of people engaged in a ritual. The leader who stood in the middle spotted them pair. "Ah, we have visitors" he said wisely. "I am Archelaos chief of the priests of the earth (Druids) how may we help you?"

Nyctimos and Pallas walked cautiously towards the ritual circle. "We need someone to help us find out what has happened to us and how we can reverse it. My brother I believe requires your help more than I if you can help" Nyctimos said pleadingly.

Archelaos the leader of the tribe smiled knowingly. "I see that your brother bares a great curse and you bare a blessing of the gods. My people and I can help your brother, but he can never be as he was before. He will be able to shift between states. One state will connect with your humanity and the other state to connect with animalistic nature. You will need to find a balance once the two state of being a reached. You will need to embrace both the curse and your humanity as a part of you." The leader said before looking at Nyctimos. "Now you are an interesting case. You are immortal but mortal like your brother. You require the blood of others as well as human food to survive. You are a blood drinker. Like your brother we can help you control your nature"

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