When I first read Luna's commentary, I knew I wanted to write more. I just never knew how hard it was to characterise Luna, especially in a long speech like this. So I tried my best, and I hope you can ignore how OOC it is.

"Hello there, and welcome to the Quidditch match that nearly everyone's been talking about. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about: I've never been to one before. The nargles have been excited too; they forgot to throw my socks out of the dormitory window this morning. It was rather nice, as my toes are warm now. Cosy. I quite like having warm feet. They're like toast. Maybe I'll try it more often.

"There are a lot of people here, aren't there? I tend to avoid people, they often laugh. I'm not sure why. I wouldn't even be here if Professor McGonagall hadn't come up to me this morning and told me I was her last hope. That sounds rather dismal, doesn't it? Last hope? I like to think there's a hope after a last hope, and that last hope is just playing a trick.

"They're kicking off now. Or at least I think they are; they may just be hopping rather high. Cellitones like it when you hop and wave your arms around. They find it soothing. And- oh look! Someones doing just that over by those giant rings! Maybe he's trying to get the Cellitones to fly through them. Cellitones are quite good fliers, you know. Very aerodynamic. I'm not sure why they're throwing balls at them though? Are they trying to hit the Cellitones? That's not very nice."

"Oh, something's happened now. I'm not sure what, but I'm certain it was very important. Things that make people gasp generally are. Like when Harry Potter does something. Lots of people gasp then. Harry Potter's my friend, you know? He's very nice to me, never laughs at all! I've heard he hops sometimes, too.

"Look over there! A nargle is flying over by that boy's head! The one in the blue scarf with the rather excellent afro. You ought to do something about that, they can be very mischievous. No, not the Ravenclaws, the nargles. Though I tend to find eagles are often involved in their practical jokes-

"What's happening over there? It looks like that boy- Tommy Baker? Bobby Marker? I'm not sure- has caught something. And he's waving above his head. Maybe he lost it. I lose things. Mostly clothes. I'm ever so forgetful- I don't even remember losing them.

"Everyone's getting up and cheering. Why are they doing that? Did they all lose the shiny thing? You should take care of your things, you know. The nargles might steal them.

"Oh, is it over now?"