I was sitting on the couch in our living room munching on some chips. I, Cleo Sertori was currently staring at the time at the DVR. I had just woken up but a few minutes ago and I was still in my pajamas. A bag of sour cream & onion Thins lay by my side.

"Oh, Good morning darling." My father, Donald Sertori said as if he didn't notice me.

"Morning Dad." I said as I shoveled a handful of chips into my mouth.

"Emma's plane is landing in an hour so you need to get dressed soon."

"I know Dad.'' And I did know. He was referring to my best friend Emma Gilbert. She had been busy traveling the world with her parents for the past year; and was just returning home today. Rikki and I already had plans to wear the lockets that Emma, Rikki, and I had found together.

If only time could fly by.