Sorry for anyone who saw a new chapter and was hoping for the start of my sequel. However, since people are still reading my story and asking where the follow up is, I thought I should give a bit of an answer. Over the last two years, I've written two new original novels and I've been trying to have them published. Additionally, I am currently working on an original web novel following a group of mercenaries who make use of guns to hunt monsters and earn their keep in a fantasy world.

Because of all this (And definitely not because I got all nervous cause of people actually reading the first story) I've been a bit busy and let my fanfiction sit for too long. I really feel bad about that, so when I get to the end of what I would consider the first volume of my web novel, I'll get started on the second story in my fanfiction series and start posting right away. That should happen before the summer *crosses fingers.*

Tl;dr: I should start posting the sequel to my xander+sg1 fanfiction by the summer. If you want to read what I'm working on now, you can find it here: Lead vs Fantasy

You can google dakotahsicking lead-vs fantasy or you can click on the link in my profile.