My life at the museum

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Chapter one-Hockey Game

I was sitting with Nicky in his room as he packed his bag for his hokey game. I pulled out his glove from under his bed,"Don't forget this!"

"Thanks 'Kenna," Nicky said with a big grin on his face.

My name is McKenna Daley. My blood related Aunt is Erica, Nicky's mom. My mom died after about a year after giving birth to me, and after a few years of practical emotional neglect, my dad decided he didn't want me around. So he dropped me off with Larry and Erica while they were still married and Erica was pregnant with Nicky. The people who should have been my parents nothing but a distant memory and not even one photo to remind me of them.

I was four, and Larry and Erica both adopted me. But eight years later they got divorced, and now two years later, I was going back and forth between the both of them with Nicky.

Now, I'm fourteen, and interested in writing and reading. My teacher always have to pull me out of my newest story idea to get me engaged in class, and Erica and Larry aren't always to happy with me thanks to phone calls home. Erica's fiancé, Don cares but I don't care for him, so we both kinda respect each other but have a mutual non-verbal understanding not to comment on each other lives.

Nick looks back over at me,"Do you think Dad will be mad I didn't tell him about Career Day?"

I shook my head,"As long as you tell him you forgot," I reminded him.

Yeah, Nicky thinks I'm his actual sister. Erica and Larry both made it clear that they wanted him to think of me like that, and maybe someday, we'd let him know. But when the divorce happened Erica went super-protective saying she didn't want to cause Nicky anymore confusion/betrayed feeling than he already has.

Don knocked on Nicky's door,"Hey guys! Your dad's here, ready to go?"

"Yep," Nicky replied with a smile.

I stood up and followed them towards the sound of Erica and Larry fighting in the kitchen. Nicky wasn't phased and ran up to them saying,"Hey, Dad."

Larry was interrupted from saying something to Erica but turned to us with a smile,"-Hey, ready to carve it up?"

"-Cool," Nicky said with a cheesy smile.

I rolled my eyes, and finished putting on my big purple, thick winter coat,"Whatever. As long as I don't get frostbite."

I watched from the bleachers as Larry cheered Nicky on from right up against the icerink wall. I sighed and shook my head and focused on the hot chocolate I, myself, had bought. I never really liked to ask for money from Larry, what with his constant job switching and apartment evictions it never settled well with me. I looked up sharply as Larry hopped over the wall of the rink and slipped his way towards to Nicky- who had fallen over- in overprotective-Dad mode.

I buried my head in my free hand,"Oh, God, Kill me now."

I watched in horror as Larry gave Nicky a mid-game pep talk and then stood straight and made his way back over to me,"We're good here," he called to the other spectators,"We're good. All right. As you were, skaters," I guess Lary wanted to look cool, or embarrass me further by turning back around and saying,"Game on!"

As the whistle blew he was hit in the face by a hockey puck.

I gasped and my gloved hand flew to my mouth. But, Larry simply held his face with a simple,"I'm good," but he fell to the ground so, I assume he wasn't.

We were walking home after the game, Nicky's team had won, and Larry gave Nicky his post-game pep talk,"I'm telling you, you tore it up out there today. Thinking the NHL is a serious possibility."

"I don't really wanna be a hockey player anymore," Nicky admitted.

"Oh boy," I sighed, walking slightly ahead of then, turning to walk backwards I laughed,"Here we go again!"

Larry was a bit shocked but finally came back to it as I turned to walk forward,"-All right. What do you wanna be?"

I flinched mentally at Nicky's answer,"-A bond trader."

Larry looked sharply at Nicky, not in anger or anything like that, and he asked,"A bond trader?"

"Yeah, it's what Don does," Was all Nicky said, in a simple 'Duh' tone.

"He's only saying that because he took us to his office last week," I called over my shoulder, sipping the last of my cocoa a nonchalantly as I could.

"Uh-huh, That's cool," Larry said to both of us and then tried to discreetly discourage Nicky,"So you wanna dress up in a monkey suit and tie every day," Nicky laughed because even he could see what Larry was doing," Like an automaton robot," okay, I snored at THAT rediculluse voice,"Trust me, you can't play hockey in a cubicle. Kind of awkward."

"Well," I smirked like my usual teenager self,"he's got a pretty big office."

That's not the point," Larry growled at me and threw my hands up as the 'I'm innocent' trick.

"Come on," Larry turned his attention more towards Nicky,"you love hockey!"

"I still like it," Nicky agreed,"but bond trading's my fallback."

"Your fallback," Larry and I both asked at the same time, me more of a 'You have got to be kidding' tone, Larry was 'My child has been brainwashed to no longer be a child' tone.

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute," Yay overprotective Dad. Again. Oh the joy, I rolled my eyes as Larry reasoned with his ten year old son,"You're too young to have a fallback, okay? And also, where did you ever even hear that word?"

"Mom was talking to Don about all your different schemes," great now we gotta open THIS can of worms. Thanks SOO much Nicky.

Larry adopted a hurt demeanor,"She called them schemes?"

"She said it was time you found a fallback," Nicky looked up at Larry and Larry looked away in shock that Erica was saying this stuff TO Nicky. Nicky hesitated but asked,"Are you really moving again?"

Nicky stopped walking, so Larry did and I did so I could hear Larry's reply,"Ah, I don't know. We'll see. I mean...there's some pretty cool places out in Queens."

So most likely... I sighed and said,"Maybe."

"Yeah," Nicky agreed with me chest fallen.

Larry sighed himself and tried to get us to look at him,"Hey. Hey, Nicky, 'Keena look at me, look at me guys," we both looked at him, and he continued,"I wanna tell you something. I know that things have been kind of up and down for me lately...and that's been hard for you. But I really feel like my moment's coming
and when it does ...everything's just gonna come together, you know?"

I nodded and kept my mouth shit, but Nicky opened his big mouth with the line,"What if you're wrong...and you're just an ordinary guy who should get a job?"

Larry had trouble countering that one,"All right, well...," Larry licked his lips,"You know what, we'll figure it out, okay? All right? Come on, let's get you back to Mom's."

Larry put his arm around Nicky's shoulder as we walked and smiled at me. I smiled back. After all, what teenager would want to hug her Dad in the park?

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