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Chapter- fourth and fifth Key, Wild West and Rome


"Don't worry!" Teddy cried, 'I've got you!" He scrambled over to were I was falling and caught me, the key still clutched tightly in my hand, "Gotcha!"

"We did it!" I cheered as Teddy set me down on the ground.

"Now we must move on!" Teddy cried, and a portal opened up behind us and I shoved the key into my pocket with the other three, and we raced into the portal.

And now:

A breezy tune started up as the stage went dark and more set pieces moved and changed, resulting in a split stage, one side was Wild West, while the other was Ancient Rome. A white line separated the two, and ensemble actors got onstage on both halves, ignoring the other half. But each half met in the middle with a church clock tower on the wild West side and a beautiful temple on the Rome side.

Teddy and I ran out into a dirt road. We scrambled to a stop as we looked around, a little western town, complete with horses and cowboys was the next area. or so I thought, when I looked over and noticed that there was a more cable-stone like street. I had to physically close my mouth, " Teddy? What's going on? Why are the Wild West and Ancient Rome right next to each other?"

Teddy looked around as we were started to be noticed, women in pretty dressed whispered to each other, and rugged men started glowering at us, "I don't know my dear, perhaps the universe has noticed a power shift and it is attempting to right itself, or our Pharaoh friend is up to some tricks!"

"Hey you!" A rough rugged voice called from around the corner. aka: off stage, People just assumed that they were using the same man that they got to do the sheriff's animatronic and projection work. Instead, Ahk had managed to use the tablet to grow both Jed and a few other miniatures.

Both Teddy and I turned to see a very rough and tough blond cowboy as he strutted up to us, a few other cowboys behind him, "I'm Jedediah Smith the sheriff of this old town, and yer gonna tell me who in the sam hell you are and what you're doing ere!"

I stuttered with Teddy as the cowboys started to surround us, "Well, the thing is my good man-"

"I aint yer man," Jed snapped, his hand moving to his gun, "And your time is up! Let's lock em up boys!"

"Now, now," Teddy said, stepping forward to protect me, "There's no need for- YAH!" The other cowboys grabbed onto Teddy, who pocked his head out of the mass as they tried to subdue him and hollered over to me, "Michayla, a little magic might help us-"

"O-okay, I'll try!" I shouted over to him and felt the power rising up within me, and I held my hands out, desperately think of a spell to use, "Ugh, ugh, ugh, Te San Jerap Superkick-kin?" I muttered out, just as Jed drew his gun, I through my hands out, " Agla, Trapa!"

The earth began to shake and Teddy and I were both thrown to the ground as well as everyone else. On both sides, I looked up to see the Romans, who up tooth's point had just been going about their day, undisturbed, were rocking with us as an earthquake struck the two places. When it finished, Teddy and I were both thrown clear of the cowboys and the Romans, and that invisible white line that had disappeared. The Romans and the Frontiers were shouting in fear, a complete jumbled mess of incoherent shouts. The good news, was that Teddy and I had both been changed into clothes more suitable to the time period, myself in a black and blue cowgirl outfit. teddy in a tan cowboy outfit complete with a white hat. I smiled meekly at him, "Well, at least my magic did something…"

"What in Jupiter's name is the meaning of this," another gruff voice cried out and teddy and I turned to see a group of Roman solders march over to us.

"Uh-oh," Teddy said and he pulled me over to the side to hide behind a post near the western bank.

"Who are you," Jed snarled back at the Roman man.

"I am Octavius, leader of-"

"yeah, yeah, I'm not into titles," Jed waved his hand, "I'm gonna call you Octy. I'm Jedidiah Smith, sheriff of this town. And you better get your drap wearing butt out of it!"

Suddenly there was a flash of light from the combined clock tower and temple. It flashed and everyone turned to it. "It's the key! That could fix thing and make them back to normal!"

I stepped back from the column that we were hiding behind, "I got it! I got it!"

"You're the reason we're in this mess," Jed blocked me and then dismissed me with a wave of his hand, "Besides what's a Lady like you gonna be able to do? Cry and ask it to come down from the clocktower?"

"It seems like we agree on that Jedediah Smith," Octavius agreed with a similarly condescending tone, "young Ladies should not try to dally in men's affairs. But it will be I who gets the key."

Teddy groaned and I felt rage course through my body, and as the men turned away from met once again argue amount themselves. I muttered darkly to myself, "They did not just do that!"

Teddy rubbed his temple and turned to someone or something that Ic outdent see, giving them a rather remorseful look before he muttered, " Hell hath no fury…"

I looked in the direction that he was, "Who are you talking to?"

"oh, no one. Go, go, kick some butt, take some names."

" I will!" I raced forward and leapt up on a barrel that was by the men and cupped my hands roundly mouth, "Hey!" They ignored me, "Hey!" They ignored me again, " HEEEEYYYYY!" I screamed and everyone turned to me. /A spot light turned on and illuminated Kenna. She threw my hand up and let out a long held note as the music started up,/ "I—'m gonna take that mountain," I hopped off the barrel with a one Cowboy's help and One roman's help. I skipped forward cutting through the group of men until she reached Jed and Octavius, " I was born a stubborn soul/Ain't afraid of the great unknown/Or a winding road that's all uphill/This is just a stumbling block/Intimidating wall of rock/If you think this broken heart will break my will"

I strut forward separating the two of them before moving my hips left and right before shuffling backwards for the Cowboys to come join me in my dance, " I'm gonna take that mountain/Ain't nothing gonna slow me down/And there ain't no way around it/Gonna leave it level with the ground/Ain't just gonna cross it, climb it, fight it/I'm gonna take that mountain!"

Jed and Octy were so surprised hey couldn't even move. Teddy came up beside them and grabbed them by their collars to get them out of the way as the roman soldiers and the cowboys joined me in staking a left and right step before bringing our leg up to slap it in a more country side before spinning around as I sang, " It's overwhelming looking up/I know when it's the challenge of-" I drug out, a cowboy sweeping me off my feet before setting me back down,"- Me against this heartache to survive/I may slip and I may fall/But even if I have to crawl/I'll break through to the healing side!"

Teddy had settled Jed and Octy back towards the western side and had them watching the performance, Teddy cheering me on, Octy was nodding along to the beat. But, Jed caught him and punched him in the arm. I smirked as I sang, this time stationary, " I'm gonna take that mountain/Ain't nothing gonna slow me down/And there ain't no way around it/Gonna leave it level with the ground/Ain't just gonna cross it, climb it, fight it/I'm gonna take that mountain."

I cam up with an idea and had the men gather around me to tell them my plan. They scurried around, to help me complete it. They helped me move boxes and barrels to reach the high up clock towers, and we created a somewhat stable tower. I leapt up into the box singing, " Ain't just gonna cross it," I leapt up onto the next barrel and the foundation rocked, teddy let out a concerned yell, but I kept going and leapt up again, "climb it," The structure started to collapse and I made a mad dash and jumped with all my might for the key. I held onto the edge of the clock tower and reached for it, grasping the key and pulling it free. Turning to the group below me and holding it up triumphantly, " fight it—"

Teddy let out a happy shout, along with Jed and Octy. I leapt down to the ground, being caught by one Roman man and a Cowboy. Before I got to finish out my song, "I'm gonna take that mountain/Ain't nothing gonna slow me down/And there ain't no way around it/Gonna leave it level with the ground/Ain't just gonna cross it, climb it, fight it/I'm gonna take that mountain!"

Two of the cowboys lifted me up on their shoulders as we went through the last line, and then set me down as I got to do the dance steps one last time, " I was born a stubborn soul/This is a stumbling block/I'm gonna take that mountain."

I held the key up triumphantly with the other hand on my hip. Teddy cheered and ran over to me and picked me up. " I did it!" I cheered.

"Yes, you did girlie," Jed said dryly, "Now can you fix the situation at hand?"

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