Moon Lit Past Written By Matdeception

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'.' - Internal thoughts/speech

"." External speech

Prologue: A not so expected transmigrant Arc: Setting the Stage; Year 6

Uzumaki Naruto knew he was different from normal people. It wasn't a sudden epiphany that told him such, or the way people tended to ignore him or occasionally hurt him at worst, glare at him at best. He just felt it in his bones, in his eyes, his skin, the way he breathed deeply and exhaled sharply. There was always something in the air, something that pressed into him subtly telling him the world was far more then it let on. He honestly couldn't describe it as a child, the very words eluding him in a gossamer web that forever broke, their fragility falling about at the lightest touch of his mind. He knew he was different, but the how and why remained at the edge of his mind, begging for realization yet to far to truly reach.

He thought to ask his providers, the Orphan handlers who kept him segregated from the other children, but all he'd get in answer were snorts, or harsh rebukes telling him to go back to his room and shut up. Naruto didn't really know anyone else to ask, he never received visitors himself like some of the other children did before they disappeared. What happened to them, he didn't know, but something told him they were still near by yet far away at the same time, a kind of feeling.

Confused, lacking answers, he could only count his blessings his room in the orphanage was windowed. It let him see the outside world, it's varying colors and expressions of life, but more importantly it let the moon shine down from on high. The moon, it's white reflective surface casting a soft light over the collections of buildings that made up 'home'. That feeling at the edge of his mind, that he was different, that the world was so much more and yet simplistic nudged him as he gazed upon the celestial body.

'Beloved...' he frowned as only his three year old self could, whisker marks deepening as his cheeks scrunched up. The word whispered into his mind as he stared skyward. What did it mean? He knew not, but it filled him with a quiet tranquility he could not ever remember feeling. From the age of three, whenever he looked at the moon, he felt that wonderful sensation and always questioned, always wondered, 'Why does the moon love me?'

He was five when he first realized he saw things differently from other people, shortly before realizing the truth ever hovering at the edge of his consciousness. To him the world was a mask of colors that surrounded everything, be it the children playing in the parks to the people shopping at market, even the very sound of a word carried color within as it echoed from the mouths of the people whose collection of homes he resided in. Uzumaki Naruto did not realize these colors, these auras that encapsulated all things wasn't something the others could see, not until he stumbled on a puppet show during some kind of festival.

The Puppet Master controlled small wooden puppets dressed up a variety of ensembles, most notable being a kind of green fabric that formed a vest of some kind. One puppet stood out from the others, possessing a yellow head of fur while wearing a white coat. Naruto watched the man perform a small play, something to do with the great Yondamine Hokage doing battle with an evil, nefarious demon. Watched as the white-coated puppet with blonde hair flew across the stage and attacking an amusing looking thing with nine thick cords of hair twisted taut and hammered in to look like tails.

It wasn't the puppets that drew his attention, however. Tiny strings of light extended from his fingers, attaching themselves to various points along the puppets bodies as the Puppet Master made them dance to the story he was telling. These threads... it was different from the normal lights he saw from every day people, or plants, or even the minuscule motes trapped in rocks. They SANG, a beautiful melody that reverberated in his heart with each pluck of the string. He listened to that music, understood its tone, and then suddenly he knew.

'Chakra' that voice inside whispered, dulcet tones sending a shiver through his body. 'Memory. Soul. Experience. Life. Death. Beautiful scattered Chakra, begging to be understood, to be whole.'

Naruto was mesmerized, he had to know more! "Hey mister!"

The Puppet Master, a severe looking man with one eye and an x shape scar on his chin glanced up at the sound of his shout. "Yes?"

"How'd ya make those chakra strings?" the Blond asked.

Children that had surrounded the Puppet Master murmured in annoyance, a particularly mean dark haired boy with glasses snapped, "Stupid! There's no strings! He's making the puppets dance with magic!"

"Wha?" the Uzumaki boy blinked, glancing at the kids, "But... I can see them."

"Pfft, liar!" One child shouted, a pink haired girl with a red ribbon in her hair, "Chakra isn't visible! Said so in my book!"

The Puppet Master stared thoughtfully at the child despite the heckling he was getting. He flung his hand out, chakra strings shooting free and flying towards the child.

Naruto didn't even try to dodge. The music, that sweet music hummed by the strings was calm, soothing, promising no harm. It touched him briefly, freezing him as he felt... LIFE flowing through him. A memory, of a young spiky haired boy practicing Jutsu, of frustration at having to work three times harder then that stupid Hiruzen just to make half as much progress, of determination to defend this gathering of buildings that made this village what it was, Konoha.

The Uzumaki blinked, the strings detaching and vanishing as the Puppet Master frowned thoughtfully, before shrugging whatever he was thinking about off and returning to his Puppet Show. Naruto didn't understand, couldn't comprehend what had just happened. He was scared, so he turned and ran, back to the only place he was safe in this Collection of Buildings called Konoha.

His room was dark, illuminated only by the full moons light creeping in through the window. The Orphanage was quiet, all the children and most of their Caretakers out and about during the Festival.

'Kyuubi's Festival of Defeat.' The words sprung into his mind no matter how much he wished they wouldn't. Naruto gripped his hair, eyes closed tightly as he tried to make sense of this invading knowledge. It wasn't the normal voice he heard, lacked the softness and care he had come to love. It was hard, clinical, so eerie similar to that Puppet Masters voice.

'What's happening?' he cried, trying to quell the random surges of images, of knowledge warping through his brain so fast he just couldn't keep up with it. 'Chakra... strings... these feelings came with the strings! Yet why?!' He just didn't understand.

'Memories.' he heard that woman's voice again, reflexively gazing at the moon as the word rumbled through his mind. 'Chakra... memories... experience... life.' she explained, voice like a soothing rag wiping away his fear and doubt.

Naruto bit his lip thoughtfully. 'If... if chakra is soul, is life... then it has the memories of the one who made it?' That... that made sense. If that was true, then when that old man reached out and touched him with Chakra, he also reached out with his soul and his memories? If he was remembering things about that mans life, then he must still have some of his chakra inside him. If it was still inside him, then he'd keep getting those flashes of memories and understanding! 'I have to get rid of it!' He scowled.

'Not rid of it.' Her voice again, the one who called him her Beloved. 'Make it yours, accept it, become one and remember what it was like to be true.'

Naruto winced, an uncomfortable feeling blossoming in his stomach. 'Make it mine? How do I...' he hissed, falling to the ground on his knees as his stomach BURNED. He desperately pulled his shirt up, blue eyes wide in surprise at the angry red spiral mark glowing dastardly around his navel, surrounded on all sides by strange squiggly lines.

'Enough.' her voice commanded, gone was that softness he so adored, in it's place a biting edge that demanded supplication. He froze in shock as a ghostly pale hand the color of moonlight reached forward from seemingly nowhere, a long slender digit poking the glowing red seal on his belly and causing the pain to immediately fade as if it never was.

Naruto shivered, following that hand with his eyes, following it until he found the ethereal like woman who it belonged too. The very sight of her sent his blood pumping, his brain screaming, his heart pounding and his soul quivering in a rapturous joy he could barely comprehend. The name... HER name ripped through his skull, "Kaguya..." he whispered.

Her pale reflective eyes so like the moon twinkled with mirth, even as she smiled sadly, 'Beloved.' she spoke, but her lips did not move. It was in his mind, in his soul, and he could see that hidden knowledge kept always on the outer edge of his mind.

"You... we... married?" the five year old whispered in awe as he remembered those blissful days, before their Ascension, before their journey to the Shinjuu for its fruit, before... before they were betrayed by their own children.

'Reach you... I've tried.' she murmured, 'Time... so much time lost...'

"I died." Naruto grimaced, holding his head and trying to make sense of things. It was all disjointed, memories of feather light touches mixing with brutal carnage as the Ages of War and Death drenched the lands in blood. A journey, a dream of peace, a shared fruit that would see all the needless death end. Two sons, joyus, beautiful... then dark and spiteful. Betrayal! Ripped his strength from his soul, turned it against their own mother to seal her away! His soul frayed, torn, he was dying yet he refused to let it end. Migration, yet...

'Alive, once more?' she seemed confused, her figure fading slightly as a cloud covered up the moon, cutting it's luminescence in half. 'Our sons... dead. Yet one, a desperate hope for freedom.'

Naruto grimaced. It was all so confusing, like a tempest had erupted in his mind and refused to let anything sit, become calm so he could organize his thoughts. "I remember... they touched you, sealed you, but a body dropped from you before the end. Black, like an... oil? It surged near me, yellow eyes seeing the world for the first time, he..." the blond grimaced, feeling a phantom pain of horror clenching his heart at the similarities. "Born in time to lose his parents, to never know their caress, their love." he chuckled sadly, "Just like me."

Kaguya titled her head, hair like snow drifting up on an invisible wind. 'He... struggles to free me. To find that love he was denied."

"Good." Naruto grunted, feeling so very tired. "Ka-hime, remind me so I don't forget in my slumber... what is chakra?"

'Everything.' she murmured. 'Chakra is everything. It needs to be whole once more.'

"Heh." the Blond Transmigrant chuckled softly, falling on his back as sleep began to claim him. "I... can't remember my name. Here I'm... Uzumaki Naruto... but what was my name before I died?"

Kaguya smiled, drifting to hover over his diminutive form. He watched her float over him, easing lower and lower even as his consciousness grew dim. 'Beloved.' she murmured in his thoughts even as she gently kissed his lips. Oblivion claimed him then, it's sweet embrace reminding him of the warm embraces he once shared with his wife.


An: Short, weird, confusing. It works for me. This obviously deals with a transmigrant that isn't Asura or Indra - But rather the father of the Hagoromo and Hamura (I assume there was a father, unless Kaguya is asexual and capable of impregnating herself). Obviously there are some differences from canon to here, which will obviously be pointed out as it becomes more relevant.

Of note; This is more of a Anti-Village fic, more Akatsuki fic. I will warn you all now; Naruto the Transmigrant is beyond anything the world can comprehend in terms of power. This is quite literally a God!Naruto fic, because his chakra migration comes from the man who also took a bite out of the Senju fruit (More like left overs Kaguya offered him for reasons to be revealed later). Chakra, it's manipulation, everything tied to it... it's essentially his bitch. This isn't to say he's going to wake up and be god, his memories are fragmented, and while he could certainly do some damage with nothing but raw chakra as he is, it wouldn't be anything near what he'll be capable of by the time he leaves Konoha and eventually runs into Akatsuki. While there will obviously be combat, I'll heavily attempt to stress just how out of this world he is in comparison to everyone else. That being said, a lot of what happens in the fic is character interactions, development, and the like. Especially with Black Zetzu, though that will have to wait until Akatsuki takes more of a center stage.