Danny Phantom was just the normal average ghost teen. Just like most of the other ghosts he had a pale, slightly green skin colour. His hair was a really light grey and his eyes glowed in a bright neon green. In human years he would already be 14 years old and had currently, to his misfortune, reached one of the most stressful parts of his still young afterlife.

He lived together with his parents and big sister in the Ghost Zone. Over the years his parents, Maddie and Jack Phantom (quite the ironic name for a ghost family), managed to build a rather big lair for their little family.

Danny's parents were scientists and had a rather strong obsession with the human world. Humans and their inventions fascinated them. For years they had studied the other species.

Their whole life circled around humans and studying them. Danny and his sister, Jazz, on the other hand thought that their parents' obsession was a bit too much. Jazz, much like her parents, was quite intelligent and she spent most of her time reading books. She was 2 years older than the youngest ghost of the family.

Her passion for books was also a small part of the reason of why Danny's life had to change dramatically on THAT day.

At first said day was as normal as always. The Phantom adults rambled on about how fascinating humans were and demonstrated some of their newest inventions. Danny just wanted to be left alone in peace and Jazz was off to Ghost Writer's library.

To Danny's great misfortune, or fortune however you may see it, his parents had nearly finished an invention they had been working on for years: A portal that provided access to the human world and a way back. Since Jazz was gone they had only dragged Danny down to their lab, so he was present when their most important invention was finally completed.

"I don't get it. Why do we need a portal to the human world if there are tons of natural portals in the Ghost Zone?", Danny had placed himself on some of the lab tables and was currently observing his parents checking the portal for the first test run.

"That is an excellent question, son!", exclaimed his father. The male ghost had the same greenish skin colour as his son, but unlike Danny who was still rather small and slender for his age, Jack Phantom was built quite robust and big. His form was covered in an orange jumpsuit with only black gloves, boots and collar. Danny was wearing a similar piece, only with white parts where his father's suit was black and black where Jack's was orange.

"You know, sweetie, the natural portals are unstable. You never know where you end up and when they'll close.", unlike the rest of the family, who looked rather human, Maddie Phantom's appearance looked more 'ghostly'. While her upper half looked just like the one of a normal female her legs were replaced by a long blue spectral tail and even though the form of her upper half looked human her face was also covered in the blue fabric of her suit. Her eyes were hidden by a pair of red goggles, whom she rarely took off and her mouth was simply on her face, making it look like the suit was actually her skin.

She continued after a quick check on some of the screws, "Even though it is no problem to access the human world it is still too big of a risk. You never know if you will be able to return."

"Okay . . .", that was all Danny could think to say. He simply remained silent and continued watching.

After a couple of minutes they finished their little check up and placed themselves in front of the portal.

"That's it."

""After all those years."

"Are you ready, Jack?", Maddie and her husband asked as they picked up both a power point and a plug.

"Ready when you are, dear!" He plugged them together.

Danny's eyes widened as green sparks came from within the portal. It lit up and his parents' eyes shone with joy. But as soon as the sparks came out they disappeared again and the ghost parents' faces fell immediately.

"B-But I looked through all of the calculations. There can't be a mistake!", Maddie went frantically through the papers scattered all around the lab. Jack took a step forward, looking inside the portal and hitting it a few times with his hand.

"Maybe you just need a break.", suggested Danny. Even though he didn't look like it, he was a bit disappointed as well. After all a portal to another world was something different than the other inventions his parents usually came up with.

"You might be right . . .", Maddie sighed in defeat, setting the papers down on one of the tables.

Jack rushed to her side, holding her with one of his arms, "Don't worry Maddie! We are going to eat some fudge and then we can continue working!"

Both disappeared out of the lab and Danny watched them go, or in his mom's case float, up the stairs. He wanted to follow them, but stopped looking back at the portal. The only sound in the lab was the echo of his own steps. He halted in front of the portal and simply stared for some time. His parents had worked for so long on this thing and even though some of their inventions were simply useless and barely working, the portal was like their baby (Danny hated to admit that, but over the past few years they spent more and more time down in their lab.).

After a moment he set one his feet inside and since nothing happened, the other foot soon followed. Now he stood inside the portal, looking in awe at the wires and metal parts. He looked up and turned around, inspecting each small space of the portals surface.

"I wonder what it looks like below all this metal.", he placed one of his hands on the wall, feeling the cold substance beneath his gloves. Unintentionally he had placed his hand right on the spot with a big green and red button, one labelled with 'on' and the other with 'off'. The simple act of touching the wall and putting pressure on it caused the green button to activate. A shrill sound came from somewhere within the construction. Upon noticing that he had touched a button, Danny quickly withdrew his hand.

"What wa-", that was all he could say, before the portal had activated itself and he was consumed by a brilliant green light.

The young ghost had no idea what was happening to him. His whole form hurt, like a thousand needles were piercing through his skin right into his core. All he could do was scream. He simply screamed, hoping for the pain to stop. His body twisted and turned. Danny only registered the immense pain, nothing but the pain flooding every inch of his body. He didn't notice that the light dimmed at one point and that his still trembling form fell on the cold floor of the portal. Even though the pain lessened and he had stopped screaming he had a tightening feeling coming from his chest. Danny didn't know what to do, opening and closing his mouth like a fish on land, until his body told him to suck in air. The feeling didn't go away, but after a few times continuing breathing in air he felt a bit better. Still he soon noticed that every time he stopped getting air into his body the feeling came back, so he continued the action.

The young ghost, or at this point rather the young former-ghost, simply lay on the floor. He was still focusing so much on the pain that he didn't notice the change of his outer appearance. His once snow like hair was now simply black and his eyes were no longer green, but a soft blue.

Danny's hand slowly wandered to his chest. There he noticed a strange pounding coming from within. His core never did that and he started to freak out over the beating that wouldn't stop. Tears started to form in the corners of his eyes. He only wanted the pain to stop, he wanted to stop the thing in his chest and he wanted to stop that tightening feeling.

A croaking sound escaped from his mouth, a failed attempt to call for his parents. But to his great dismay now the pain also came from his throat. All he managed was a sob, which resulted in more tears falling down his now rosy cheeks.

At one point he heard footsteps, it could only be his dad. His body started to relax and Danny stopped fighting against the the tiredness that had grasped him right after the green light let him go. Two rings formed around his waist and crept over him, slowly giving him back his ghostly appearance. Upon noticing the weird feeling in his chest go away a small smile slipped on his lips.

It was then that his parents came back from their break. As they saw their son lying on the ground of the portal they rushed to his side, calling his name.

Jack took the small form of his son in his arms, repeating his name over and over, telling him to stay awake. But the small ghost was simply too tired. His eyes shut and for a moment it looked like his intense green eyes lost their colour and were replaced by a calming blue hue.

To be continued?

Maybe, I'm not sure yet.

Since I did some reverse/ghost AU fanart and a lot of people seemed to like it/asked for a fanfic I wrote this little thing. So I hope that you like it and I hope I can manage to continue this at one point!