Danny could see that both, Vlad and Skulker, were pissed. The body language gave it away. The two older ghost's bodies were tensed and Vlad's eyebrow twitched from time to time.
Danny was slowly floating behind them, some meters away. They had reached the portal back to the Ghost Zone without a problem and even though Vlad seemed to be relieved to find out that his sort of nephew was safe and sound, he was still mad at him for coming to the human world.

The young ghost crossed his arms, pouting a little. Vlad and Skulker didn't seem to have come to the human world for the first time. It rather looked like they were quite familiar with the other dimension. Why was he so mad at him for going there, if the older ghost clearly did it more than once already? But instead of complaining Danny silently glared at the other men's backs. He could handle pissed Vlad or Skulker, but not Vlad AND Skulker.

None of them had said a word after emerging from the portal. Vlad only looked over his shoulder from time to time, just to make sure Danny was still there. Unfortunately the portal led them back to the edge of the Ghost Zone, it was even farther away than Vlad's lair! It would probably take another half an hour before they even reached Vlad's place.

Danny let out a sigh, which earned him a grunt from Skulker and a raised eyebrow from Vlad. "Why was that portal so far away? Couldn't there have been a one closer to home?"

"Stop whining, whelp.", huffed Skulker.

"These portals are different from the one your parents created, Daniel.", Danny rolled his eyes upon hearing Vlad use his full name, "Natural portals can be stable, but sometimes it is like they have a mind of their own and then they simply drop you off wherever and whenever they want."


"Yes, not only can they reach across space, but also time."

Danny never heard of that and made a mental note to ask his parents about this, or maybe rather Jazz, since his parents would break out into an hour long scientific rant.

After that being say no one seemed to have another topic they could talk about, so the group traveled in in silence. At one point Vlad and Skulker started conversing, but the topic was boring so Danny didn't really listen.

After what felt like an eternity the bright neon signs of his lair lit up at the horizon. The young ghost let out a sight relief and wanted to race towards his home, only to be hold back by Vlad.

"Listen, Daniel. This was a one time thing. You are not supposed to ever go back to the human world again!", the older ghost looked dead serious.

"Ancients, Vlad. You need to calm down a bit. It's not like anything happened.", retorted Danny.

"But it could have! The human world is dangerous. I promised your sister I won't tell your parents where we found you, but if I ever find out that you are going back there again I will tell them."

Danny backed away a little, crossing his arms. He knew that Vlad could be strict, but he never was THAT strict.

"Promise.", demanded Vlad, which earned him a raised eyebrow from Danny, "Promise what?"

"Promise that you won't go through the portal again."

The young ghost scoffed a little, "I am not a baby, I don't need to-"
"Daniel!", red eyes sternly looked down on him. Danny would lie if he had said he wasn't a little scared at that moment.

"Okay, okay.", he raised his hands, "I won't go back."



"Good, then let's get you back. Maddie was worried sick!"

Danny sighed again and went back towards his home. He reached the door, but before he twisted the handle he looked back towards Vlad and Skulker. They were whispering and once they were finished Skulker took of without saying any goodbyes. It didn't bother Danny, since he couldn't say Skulker and him were best friends, or truly friends at all. When he was younger his parents would sometimes drop him and Jazz off at Vlad's and the metal covered ghost was usually there as well. Maybe if Danny wouldn't have bothered the older ghost that often their relationship may have been better, but Danny was young and Vlad's place was boring. What was there else to do, then play pranks on Skulker?

The young ghost went into his home and called out, "Mom, Dad, Jazz? I'm back!" He wanted to float to their living room, but he was suddenly in the arms of his father, who hugged him tightly. "Son! We were so worried!", cried Jack. Then he spotted Vlad and immediately pulled the other ghost into the hug as well, "You brought him back V-Man! How can I thank you?!". "You would do me a favor if you let go of me.", hissed the blue ghost, clearly annoyed by the others behavior. Jack simply smiled and let go of his friend, but kept on holding his child close to him.

"Danny?", now also Maddie and Jazz entered the room. The mother rushed to her son's side and embraced him tightly. "Where have you been, sweetie? We were so worried!", she brushed some of Danny's white locks out of her face. "I-",Danny stopped there. He should have thought of some excuse! For the ancients sake he spend so long going home he should have thought of something! "You see . . . I was kinda-"

"I found Daniel in the Far Frozen.", interrupted Vlad. "Wha- I mean yes! Yeah, Far Frozen with Frostbite- Yeah . . .", laughed Danny.

Maddie and Jack shared a glance and Jazz smiled nervously. "I'm sorry I made you guys worry about me?", attempted Danny. That seemed to do the trick and Maddie went back into mother mode. "Aw, it's fine sweetie! It's just important that you are home back safe!", she patted his hair a little. Then she turned to Vlad, "Thanks a lot for bringing him back, Vlad.". Vlad stiffened a little when Maddie squeezed his shoulder. "Yes!", boomed Jack, "Vladdie here is the best!". At that Vlad only rolled his eyes, "Maybe I should go now.".

"Yeah and I can take Danny upstairs with me.", suggested Jazz as she reached out to Danny and grabbed him by the wrist. She quickly floated to the stairs with Danny in tow.

"But, Danny dear. We still have to talk about your behavior! You can't just disappear like that again.", said Maddie. "I'll send Danny down once we talked a little. I wanted to show him something!", replied Jazz, while shoving Danny into her room. Below them they could hear the door closing, Vlad probably left already.

"Danny!", Jazz faced her little brother, "Are you alright?". Said ghost nodded, scratching the back of his head a little, "I'm fine. Nothing bad happened . . . over there." After a little pause he continued, "Thanks for asking Vlad for help and not telling mom and dad."

The corners of Jazz's mouth twitched upwards a little, Jazz was more than relieved knowing that her brother was safe and sound, "No problem, little brother. Just . . . don't do that again!"

At that Danny looked away, "It wasn't that bad.".

"What?! Danny have you gone insane-"

"No, no, no! Hear me out Jazz! Mum and Dad kept telling us that all the humans were dangerous, but I met these two kids-"

"Danny, please don't tell me you befriended two humans.", as Danny looked away again, Jazz let out a frustrated groan, "Danny I nearly had a core attack when I found out you went through to the portal."

"But they were nice Jazz! AndIpromisedtogobackandvisitthem.", the last part was a little rushed and it took Jazz a second to understand what her brother just said.

"Danny! They might find out your a ghost!", at that Danny shook his head and muttered a quite 'Going Human." Jazz gasped a little as her brother changed, she still wasn't used to it.

"Look! I got human clothes and if I hang out with my new friends some more I will get more information about how they live and it'll be easier to blend in!", Danny smiled at her. Eyes asking for her approval. Jazz only sighed, what for the ancient's sake did her little brother get into.

Meanwhile Vlad Plasmius managed to get back home to his own lair, but instead of relaxing after this little journey he immediately went to his basement. On his way through the hallways he passed multiple unfinished machines and other inventions. After some time he got to his destination.

The glowing green swirls were exactly the same as in the Phantom's portal. The major difference between Plasmius' and the Phantoms' portal was the size. Vlad's portal was a little smaller, but the outlines nearly looked the same. Without hesitation Vlad went through the portal and ended up in another basement. This one didn't held as much inventions as the other one, still it was quiet filled with multiple machines. He went up the steps and while walking two black rings appeared around his waist slowly creeping up and down his body. Skin turned from blue to light brown and his hair went from black to gray. At the top of the stairs he opened the huge double doors and went towards the lobby. There he was greeted by one of his maids.

"Good morning, mister Masters. Breakfast is ready."