~ There isn't too much up in here or any place in that matter about Devi's past so I took the liberty to write it myself, I own nothing Mr. Vasquez does. ~

WARNING: some use of racial slur, not recommended for the easily offended. (And by no means am I racist)

Devi sat in homeroom it was her first day of senior year. Yet all the guys acted as if they were still freshmen. A tall black girl with the same shirt as Devi sat down next to her. "Hey." Devi said looking over at her. "Hey" the girl said back. "What's your name?" she asked. "Devi, what about you?" she answered. "Well my real name is Ann, but growing up people used to all me Antenna, then they just dropped Ann and now they call me tenna." She said laughing. "Ok tenna it is" Devi said sitting back in her chair.

The homeroom bell rang and the two girls walked out of the room. Six senior guys stood outside the classroom. "Hey dev, who's the nigger?" (I'm sorry to my black fans I still love u! my best friend is malato) one of the boys said pointing at tenna. "SHUT THE FUCK UP BRENT!" Devi hissed. "Hey I think the little bitch is her lover!" another one said. "If you don't shut the fuck up I will go down and tell the cops who trashed their cars last Holloween!" Devi said getting right in his face.

"Hey I'm really sorry about those guys, they think their hot shit because they have money." Devi said sounding ashamed to even know them. "Don't worry about it I got it allot back in my old school." Tenna replied. Devi and tenna walked to their next class. This would be a fun year.

~ Sorry about the shortness, more to come (budding friendship, prom, dates, first love, fights, and much, much more!!!! ~