Crossed Morals

Everyone has a breaking point. Sometimes it's reached early in their life, at other times it is late. No matter what, we should all try to overcome this feeling.

"I want everyone to search this realm from top to bottom." Shao Kahn was frustrated. "Someone here is playing games." Jade enters Kahn's throne room frantically.

"Pardon my intrusion, Emperor! I just want to know that Rain isn't pranking me again! Are Kitana and Tanya really missing?" Jade asked.

"Jade, my faithfully servant! You've come just in time. I must inform you that Rain is not pulling a prank about this. Someone has kidnapped my daughter and your friend Tanya."

"Thank you!" Jade begins to take off immediately, however she is stopped by Shao Kahn.

"Jade! Make sure you take everything you need. Anyone bold enough to pull a trick like this must be incredibly strong or incredibly stupid. I suspect it to be the Saurians. Question everyone, Trust no one. Anyone harboring Kitana without her consent will be facing the worst punishment possible."

"You can leave everything to me, Emperor. Trust me when I say, death will be dealt on this day." Jade confirmed as she rushed out of the throne room.

Jade races towards the one place she knows Kitana would probably be at: Anomaly's house in the Living Forest. Along the way, she passes through Li Mei's village. She spots a petty thief attacking a citizen. Jade prepares to kill him, but Li Mei knocks the guy out with a karate chop. She was much stronger than the last time she fought Kitana.

"I see you've gotten a lot better with your fighting skills." Jade commented.

"Thanks for the compliment as always. Are you here to finally give me the spar I've been waiting for?" Li Mei asked.

"I can't right now. I'm on an incredibly important mission right now." Jade responded.

"Oh really? What happened?"

"Kitana's gone missing." Jade Answered. Li Mei laughed.

"So the princess has finally dropped the charade I see." Li Mei commented.

"What do you mean?"

"Her sister Mileena claimed that she would be taking over Outworld someday soon." Li Mei stated. Jade's mind was boggled. She ran out of the village without saying anything else.

"Hey wait! Tell Shao Kahn that we need more Silver Blocks for the Gates!" Li Mei shouted. However, Jade was already out of sight. "As always, no one in realm gives a crap about us."

As moments pass, Jade arrives at Anomaly's house in the living forest. She spots many fresh bodies in the forest when look dismantled and have multiple stab wounds. She then turned to the entrance and spots Tanya sneaking out of the house. As Tanya runs in Jades direction, Jade signaled her over.

"Tanya." She whispered.

"What are you doing here?" Tanya whispered.

"I've been looking for you two for the past ten days. Shao Kahn's worried."

"Kitana wanted to come here to be to herself. I was in Earthrealm, no one cares about me. I tried to convince Kitana to return home, but she won't listen. Maybe you can convince her."

"Will do. Make sure you don't inform Shao Kahn about anything until I return." Jade suggested. Tanya nodded and escaped the area. Jade ran up to the house and entered inside. She saw Kitana looking out of the kitchen window. A heavy thunderstorm begins to occur during the time.

"Why are you here?" Kitana asked.

"Outworld is currently in disarray. Shao Kahn will soon put the entire realm on martial law. Many people will die."

"Why should that matter to me?" Kitana asked.

"I'm here to bring you back home, not to council you. Let's go now!" Jade demanded. Kitana turned around. She was dressed in her combat outfit and her eyes looked different from before.

"And what if I refuse?" Kitana asked. Jade pulled out her pole and got into an offense stance.

"Do I need to say anything else?" Jade threatened.

Kitana tosses her fans one by one at Jade. Jade easily dodges both fans and tosses a boomerang at Kitana. She easily dodges the boomerang and dashes towards Jade. Jade attempts to swing her pole against Kitana, but Kitana rolls directly under the pole. Kitana recollects her fans and begins to use them as knives. Jade is able to guard some of the attacks, but she gets slashed multiple times.

"I've had way more years of experience than you. How do you think you'll be able to defeat me?" Kitana stated.

"I've been tasked to bring you back. If Shao Kahn were to see you badly damaged, he'd never forgive me." Jade replied.

Kitana opened her fans and attempted to behead her. Upon impact, Kitana's blades phase straight through Jade, who was using her shadow stalker ability. Kitana is surprised by this as Jade counters with a back hand slap to the face. She then kicks Kitana in the chest and Jade pins Kitana to the wall with her pole. As the lightning flashes, Jade gets a better look at Kitana and realizes that she looks different. Kitana's mask was torn and revealed that her teeth were that of a Tarkatan. She becomes vicious and attempts the bite at Jade's face. Jade is frightened by Kitana's appearance. Better yet, she realizes that it's actually not Kitana.

"So…you're Mileena." Jade confirms. "Quit biting and tell me where Kitana is!"

"Why should I tell you where my sister is? You're going to kill me anyway. Even if you don't, Shao Kahn will." Mileena stated.

"Why did you do this?" Jade asked.

"Is it wrong that I wanted to actually spend time with my sister?" Mileena asked.

"Not at all, as long as you actually let Shao Kahn know." Jade stated.

"I've never stood face to face with my father. This was the first time I would've saw him if you didn't arrive." Mileena stated.

"I'll ask you one last time, Monster." Jade said harshly. Mileena's body went numb. She stopped resisting against Jade. "Where is Kitana at this very moment?"

"What did you just call me?" Mileena asked.

"You're testing my patience, witch." Jade responded. Mileena grits her teeth. She uses her power to summon her Sai.

"The cave holding Sindel's vile. However, you won't be seeing her." Mileena stated. She attempts to slash Jade with her Sai. However, before she raises her arm, she feels crimson liquid running down the top of her head. She becomes confused by what has happened.

"I understand your feelings on this problem. However, you should do like I do when I can't have my way." Jade release's her pole from Mileena. She begins to leave the area. "Just deal with it." Mileena slumps over on the ground. She had Jade's boomerang penetrating her skull. She was pretty much dying. "Hopefully your soul will be transferred to someone else's body."

After miles of walking through Outworld, Jade finally arrives at the cave where Sindel's vile use to be. She found Kitana staring at the vile. She had a sad look on her face. She was in good health and showed no signs of struggle. Jade walked behind her and placed her hand on Kitana's shoulder. Jade almost scared her.

"Did you hear the stories of my mother rule?" Kitana asked.

"I heard that she was…to be honest she almost destroyed Edenia." Jade responded. Kitana clutched the vile.

"She poisoned herself and left me here with Shao Kahn. He didn't believe in me, and that's why he created a clone of me. My sister."

"Did she harm you?" Jade asked. Kitana drunk the contents in the vile. Jade was worried.

"Calm down, it's only Earthrealm's grape juice." Kitana stated. "Mileena made it for me. She also kept me company these past ten days. We've played together, laughed together, fought Saurians together, ate together, and slept together. For the first time in my life, I actually spent time with a family member that cared about me." Kitana tosses the glass on the ground in anger. A shard slightly cuts Jade's cheek. "Seeing how you've found me here, I can confirm that you probably killed her."

"I…didn't know. She attacked me. I gave her a chance."

"You gave her no such thing." Kitana looked at Jade and grabbed her hand.

"No matter. I'm sure she will return one day. It's for the best. Now, take me home." Kitana demanded.

"What should we tell him?" Jade asked.

"Where going to tell him that I'm prepared to watch Earthrealm's final tournament." Kitana stated. Jade hands Kitana her fans and they leave the cave behind. Once they are out of sight, a silhouette walks out of the cave with two Sais in hand.

End of Chapter 6

I hope you've enjoyed this side story of my "Mortal Kombat Mythologies" fanfiction series. Season 2 of Mortal Kombat Mythologies is set to be released on April 18th and will be a full blown remake of final MK tournament as a new set of opponents will be fighting in the tournament.

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"It looks like someone is near a breach in their contract." ~Kitana

"Your actions could have cost him his life." ~Raiden

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"I'm curious…why would you associate with your enemy?" ~Tesla

Suddenly, a water bubble surrounded Hornbuckle.

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