Title: I Will Suffer Alone

Summary: Maglor after his older brother's death. A companion piece to Spirit of Fire.

Rating and Warnings: Rated T for character death, blood, and disturbing themes. NO SEX, SLASH, OR PROFANITY.

Disclaimer: Middle Earth, its characters, and lands belong to Tolkien Estates. This was written for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, not for profit.

Author's Note: HANTANYEL TO ALL WHO REVIEWED 'SPIRIT OF FIRE.' One of my reviewers made a comment of the fact that Makalaure most likely witnessed his brother's death. I took that idea and wrote this. So, two fics in about a week.


He was frozen. Completely numb.

The searing pain he'd felt only a few moments ago was completely gone, though blood still streamed from his palm.


He did not cry. He barely breathed. He was so trapped in the horror of what had just happened.

Why, Maitimo?

His feet were frozen to the ground, as they had been.

"I cannot... I cannot live with this..."

"Nelyo! No! Stop!"

He had wanted to run, to stop him, but he'd felt as if he was wading through honey, or something just as thick and sticky. Before he'd been able to stop him, the last glimpse of his copper head disappeared into the chasm.

He just felt a complete emptiness inside of him now. They were gone. They were all gone, every one of them. There was only Makalaure. Makalaure and his grief.

He was cold; cold inside, cold outside. He closed his eyes, and then the tears came.

Makalaure sank to his knees, his entire body shaking.

This was the end. He was the last one, the last of his kin.

Pain. There it was; the burning pain in his palm. He looked down at the jewel he held. Shining so brightly, so innocently. A symbol of the purity and light that he'd lost.

He looked away. He could not bear to look upon it, as it only compounded his guilt.

Breathing heavily, he stood, and ran. He ran until he came to the seashore, tears streaming from his eyes.

With a cry of anguish, he hurled the Silmaril into the waves, not even watching as the light sank beneath the surface. He sank down again, cradling his burnt hand against him.

Tyelko, Moryo, Curvo, Ambarussa... I will never see you again. I thank whatever Powers that ordained that you should not have to suffer what Maitimo and I suffered. At least Maitimo's suffering has ended. Now I remain, and will always. I must suffer alone.