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Fifteen years later…

"So what exactly do you want a 3D printer for?" Agent Maria Hill inquired as she walked Hermione over to where Fury had wanted her.

"There has been enormous strides in printing the shells of ears using them," she told her, sounding excited as she told her. "Given my know how and skills I could imagine being able to replicate a working human kidney within the next three years."

Maria stopped and looked at her. "You're serious?" She nodded briskly, beaming as she did so.

"So I asked for the printer yet again," she told her friend. "I've been asking for one of them since they first came out, but I have to admit that when I first asked for it my scope was rather limited to artificial joints and indestructible phone covers." When Maria blinked at her, she muttered, "Do you have any clue the number of phones Phil has gone through? I'm just putting it out there that there's a need for such." This had Maria laughing. "So anyway, finally, Director Fury came back to me and said that if I go to this training room that he would think about giving me one, which was far more than he ever did before."

"Do you think this is wise?" Maria inquired of her.

She shrugged. "Probably not, seeing as Director Fury has frequently lied in the past to get what he wants." She paused in walking. "But it would be awesome to get that printer." Looking over to the woman next to her, she asked as they approached the training room door, "Should I be worried?"

Thinking it over, Maria said, "Keep alert."

That, Hermione thought, didn't bode well. Stepping into the room, she flinched as the door snapped shut behind her. Looking up to where director Fury was watching her.

"What do I do?" she asked him, not noticing the Avengers in the room with her.

"Walk from that side of the room to the other," he told her. "And then get back to the door again."

"That's it?" she asked him. "What's the catch?"

"That would be us, Doctor Hermione," Tony Stark pointed he and the others there out to her.

"Oh." She worried her lower lip, looking at all of them there. "Okay." Taking a step forward, she asked, "When does it start?"

"Now," Clint said, firing an arrow straight at her heart.

Spinning out of the way of the projectile, she ducked just in time to avoid being hit in the neck by Natasha. Hermione kept walking even as the Hulk stomped towards her. Using the moisture in the room, she made the metal floor slick with ice and watched as the big man didn't have the friction to stop himself with his weight and momentum, crashing against the far wall and sticking to it thanks to the sticking charm she placed on the wall. Tony came flying towards her in his suit only to have the engines go wild the moment he got within five feet of her and crash against the very same wall the Hulk was trying to pull away from with no success. Natasha went around the other way only to find that Hermione had but to pull out her wand and send a flock of paper birds after her. And no matter how many times she destroyed them, more came it seemed from the ashes. Hermione tapped the far wall only to have to avoid another arrow. This time though she split it in half along with every single other one he sent her way, as she kept going. Then it happened. She heard a whirling sound and stopped, as she didn't know what to make of it. Hermione turned in time to see Thor's hammer coming straight at her. Dropping to her knees, she caught it easily by the handle. Looking over the artistry covering it, she kept walking towards her goal of the exit.

She got to the door once again, admiring the hammer. Looking up at Thor, she said, "Your craftspeople should be very proud of their work, sir." She handed it to him with care. "It's pretty."

"My weapon isn't pretty!" he snapped.

"Do you think they'd take a commission? I've been racking my brain trying to think of something to get Harry and Ginny for their anniversary. I was thinking candle sticks."

The big Norse god only glared at her and walked away, never seeing her grin. Looking back into the room, it was to see most of them staring at her in shock. Steve Rodgers walked up to her, smiling.

"You did good, kid," he said to her.

"Thank you, sir." Frowning she asked, "Why didn't you take part in this?"

"Because I asked him not to." She looked over to Phil, walking over to her. "Thanks, Cap."

"No problem," he told him, but then looked over to Hermione. "They're still stuck on the wall."

"Oops!" She turned and released the Hulk and Iron Man, the birds chasing Natasha dropped to the ground, and that in turn freed up Clint who was doing everything in his power to kill the paper birds attacking his partner. She turned back around to find Nick Fury standing across from her glaring. "So do I get my 3D printer?"

Rolling his eye, he snapped, "Stark! You lost the bet. You owe her the best 3D printer on the market." He spun on his heel and left.

Jumping for joy, she hugged Phil, and kissed him soundly. Laughing he inquired, "Ready for lunch?"

"Yes," she murmured, taking his arm and walking away from the training room.

The Avengers stood there for a time, watching where she had walked off.

"She hardly did anything," Clint said, sounding a combination of sour and awed.

"She didn't have to," Natasha pointed out. "She wasn't doing more than she absolutely must in order to get the job done. I seriously doubt she would have done that much if not for this printer she wanted so badly."

"You know what that means, don't you?" Bruce asked them all, having them look at him in question.

"No, mean green, what does that mean?" Tony asked him.

"Thank God she's on our side," he told them, as he did his best to hold together what pants he had left.

The End

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