Umm...Hey guys...

It's been awhile and well...I have no excuses other than that I'm a different person from who I was when I created Lillith.

I was literally, completely and fully in the worst place I have ever been in my life (to those thick enough to not grasp what I'm getting at I was suicidal, yay.)

So I pretty much abandoned Lillith when Lady Lily Anne befriended me and I focused on Iris Potter rather than Lillith Potter, because she was way less of a fucking downer to write.

All that aside, I just got an update that one million people have viewed this story as of last night, so while it is just a snippet, I want to commemorate the moment while the insomnia hits.

To quote one of my favorite cheesiest movies ever, 'Never Give Up, Never Surrender.'

Lillith had been feeling a bit...strained...or...perhaps taught and pressured? Maybe just simply stating being strained after the past couple of weeks of classes and trials would suffice, though the lies and half truths were starting to wear on her regardless.

The first person to notice her disquiet of course was her sister. Tonks though as always respected her sense of privacy and simply gave her a look that easily read 'You ok?' and she would respond with a smile conveying 'Not in the fucking slightest but there isn't anything you can do to help so please ignore me.'

Tonks never ignored her.

Thus how Lillith found herself being dragged down muggle London while her big sis whistled what sounded to be a beer ad, it wouldn't surpise the witch in question in the slightest if that were the case regardless.

"Dunno what yer so uptight about sis, we're in the open, armed, and shopping. Who in their right mind would mess with us at the moment?"

"Death Eaters?" Lilly stated near rhetorically, much to her surprise her sister laughed at that while twirling a finger about in the air in amusement.

"We can only hope, otherwise the sniper teams are going to be truly bored beyond words."

Lillith froze and quickly looked about the area, it took a few moments but she soon found herself focusing on several groups of people at rest atop the buildings surounding them. Dora smirked down at her little sister a few moments before letting out a light coo'ing noise.

"Did you really think your big sis would let you into the wilds without cover Lilly dear?"

Lillith sniffed indignitely before turning her head aside.


The deadpan response made Tonks stumble as she turned to glare at her charge in annoyance.

"Oy! Thats-, wait come back here brat!" Soon she was tailing the cackling Lillith as she ran deeper into the shopping district, blithfully ignoring her older sister's calls to stop the entire time.