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Miwa The Fifth Turtle Season Two – Episode Fifteen: Saint Valentine's Day Deception



Outside an upscale Italian Restaurant in NYC early February 2015, evening

Mona Lisa peered inside through a frosty window. She observed the happy people within. There were mainly loving couples enjoying their meals. Which made perfect sense given the month. Memories of better times spent with her deceased father ran through her mind. Many a night they had spent in such places. A pang of loss passed over her heart.

"Mona ya coming?" Raphael yelled from an open manhole cover in the dingy alleyway between buildings where Mona Lisa found herself.

"I'll be right there!" Mona Lisa called glancing back at Raphael.

Those memories were best left in the past. This was her life now. Mona Lisa thought. She turned to join her boyfriend when a sickeningly familiar high pitched whirring sound caught her attention. A split second later the roof of the restaurant caved in. Purple Dragon Ninja ran in through both doors while Hobgoblin descended on his glider.

"Hobgoblin," Mona Lisa hissed venomously. She did not even bother altering the others. She plucked the twin butterfly knives from her pink belt and made her way inside.

"Mona c'mon," Raphael yelled. When he received no response he glanced in her direction long enough to see her head inside. "Aw crude, guys we have a problem."


"Make certain you take everything of value, including their IDs," Hobgoblin ordered from apart his glider.

"Hand 'em over people." One of the Purple Dragon Ninja said poking a portly older man in his ribs with a spear tip.

A shuriken whizzed through the air narrowly missing Hobgoblin's right shoulder. "Who did that!?" Hobgoblin growled. His concealed eyes darted around the room.

"Shit," Mona Lisa cured. She wished you was a better shot or at least had grabbed more than one shuriken from Raphael earlier. "I did murderer!" Mona Lisa said pointing one of her butterfly knives at Hobgoblin in accusing fashion.

"Lizard girl." Hobgoblin said then added with a laugh. "How's life in the sewers, damp, dank and disgusting no doubt."

"Die," Mona Lisa fumed with rage.

Mona Lisa ran towards the spot where Hobgoblin hovered only to be cut off by a group of Purple Dragon Ninja. She did not back down, however, in fact she assumed an aggressive fighting stance. If she must go through everyone of them to reach Hobgoblin she gladly would.

"Skin her alive boys. I need a new pair of reptile skin boots." Hobgoblin cackled.

"Over our shattered shells creep!" Raphael said flinging himself in front of Mona Lisa as his siblings took up strategic positions throughout the spacious dining room.

"If you insist by all means we'll oblige," Hobgoblin said.

Hobgoblin launched a small swarm of razor bats from his bag of tricks followed in rapid succession by a flurry of energy bolts from his gloved fingertips. Using their ninja skills our young heroes avoided his potentially deadly projectiles. The Purple Dragon Ninja joined in attacking the mutants who responded in kind. In the resulting brawl, the guests and staff turned hostages soon escaped. A development that did not long escape Hobgoblin's notice.

"Idiots," He bellowed at the Purple Dragon Ninja, "Our pigeons have flown the coop!" He sighed heavily. "Well, we should also depart. There is no profit left to be gained by remaining here only a possibility of defeat or worse yet capture."

With a flip of a hidden switch on Hobgoblin's right-hand gauntlet, the glider emitted a thick black smoke, not unlike the purple-black variant used by the Turtles to blind enemies. While the mutants were blinded and choked by the noxious fumes Hobgoblin and the Purple Dragon Ninja fled. When the smoke screen dissipated a few minutes later there was no trace of the scoundrels.

"I don't believe it! He got away again!" Mona Lisa raged. In her fury, she knocked over a table.

"Why'd you pull such a dangerous stunt!" Raphael said. "Going off on your own like that. You could have been hurt or even killed!"

"I can take care of myself Raph! I don't need a babysitter! Heck, I'm more worldly than all of you put together!" Mona Lisa said. She immediately regretted her next words. "I didn't grow up in a sewer hiding from society like you!"

"Not cool dudette," Michelangelo said shaking his head.

"Low blow there Mona Lisa," Leonardo said with a frown.

"Thanks Mona, at least I know where we stand," Raphael said.

"Uh I, I'm sorry." Mona Lisa said her anger ebbing away to be replaced by shame. "I didn't mean what I said. I'm upset Hobgoblin keeps escaping. He killed my father right in front of me, okay."

Miwa went to Mona Lisa and placed her arm around her best friend. "I understand." She said. "Let's go home." Miwa took Mona Lisa outside.

The four turtle brothers exchanged worried looks. Leonardo spoke. "The alliance between the Purple Dragon gang and these other bad guys is becoming dangerous. Targeting us was one thing but now they are gling after civilians. We need to stop them the sooner the better."

"Agreed," Donatello said.

"Any ideas how we stop them fearless leader?" Raphael said. His mind only half focused on their latest problem.

"Not yet," Leonardo admitted.

"Too bad we couldn't get all those scuzzbuckets arrested by the police. They'd be in the slammer and we'd be rid of 'em, win win." Michelangelo said.

"Out of the mouths of babes," Donatello said snapping his fingers. "I'm about to be brilliant, again."

"Mind sharing brainy," Raphael said.

"Sure, once we're home," Donatello said indicating the sirens which grew louder with every passing second. "We have some work to do, lots of work."

"The fuzz, we better book," Michelangelo said.

"Good idea," Leonardo said. The four went outside where they disappeared down the same manhole from earlier.

A storage facility near Battery Park February 14th 2015, night

Armaggon cut off the three entwined heavy duty locks with one of his arm-mounted laser cannons. Groundchuck then rammed into the steel door with his head tearing the steel door off its hinges. Ten Purple Dragon Ninja ran inside. They picked up the four large crates within bringing them outside where their leader Hun along with Tarantulas and a few other associated mutants waited. In the air above Hobgoblin circled on his glider.

"Open them," Hun ordered handing his nearest underlings crowbars.

The crates were forced open. Inside there was nothing. They were empty save for packing material and, black golf balls? Where was the high tech weapons left over from TCRI corp the internet chatter promised?

"What is the meaning of this!" Hun roared in rage.

"There is nothing inside other than these, toys?" Tarantulas said in confusion. He took four of them in one of his uppermost hands.

"This makes no sense,,, unless," Armaggon said his eyes growing wide with realization. He jumped on top of Tarantulas knocking the balls from his partner's hand.

Simultaneously every ball exploded releasing a yellow cloud of dust. Everyone present was doused in the concoction. The only exceptions being Hobgoblin who was high above the effected zone and Armaggon & Tarantulas who were on the ground. The coated evildoers writhed around in agony clutching their eyes and mouths. A string of police cars sirens blaring rolled onto the scene. Policemen and women in riot gear poured into the area apprehending the disorientated criminals. In the confusion, Armaggon and Tarantulas slunk away while Hobgoblin flew off.

"Darn it, I really wanted to check him for Mona." Raphael lamented. The Turtles watched the action unfold from a pair of large trees a safe distance away.

"Look on the bright side Raph. Without his friends, he should be easier to deal with moving forward." Miwa said.

"Amazing what large quantities of concentrated muster, paprika, cayenne pepper, mixed together with jalapeno pepper juice can do eh siblings?" Donatello snickered.

"Quite," Leonardo said smiling.

"Good thing we found those industrial condiment barrels that burger chain threw out when it went bankrupt in fall." Miwa said.

"See I knew they would come in handy." Donatello said.

"Happy Valentines Day to us, best gift ever." Michelangelo said pumping his fist in the air.

Above NYC

Hobgoblin could barely believe his bad luck. The collation he helped craft that should have been his ticket to true underworld greatest in New York City was no more. His allies were gone, captured, imprisoned. How could events have taken such a disastrous turn? In retrospect, he placed the lion's share of the blame squarely on the oversized shoulders of that ignorant lump of man meat Hun. He should have been the leader, such as that position was, rather than that mindless brute. He would never have fallen for such an obvious trap. From the beginning, he had been suspicious of the claims of a substantial cache of advanced TCRI weapons hidden at an unguarded commercial storage facility. Somehow Hobgoblin knew those miserable mutants were involved in the downfall of his cohorts and almost his own.

"Accursed abominations, you've frustrated my designs for the last time," Hobgoblin vowed through gritted teeth. He was more determined than ever to rid himself of the mutant menace called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

To Be Continued

Shorter than usual I know. But I needed to tie up a few loose ends before moving on to bigger and better things, this is the first chapter in which I do so, and it kind of wrote itself.