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Miwa The Fifth Turtle Season Two – Episode Sixteen: Armaggon's Last Stand



Armaggon's Subterranean Hideout early March 2015, late morning

"There," Armaggon said clasping the compliance collar back into place around Baxter Stockman's scrawny neck. "This modified device should guarantee not only your continued loyalty but in the unlikely event you do slip up it'll also assure your continued value to me. Once mutated you'll have nowhere else to go Dr. Stockman even if you should intially escape my clutches." Armaggon grinned down at his captive. A centerpiece comprised of a small glass vial filled with mutagen glowed ominously within the underside of the metallic band. "My only regret is that I had to waste a quantity of my precious mutagen on an unworthy creatures such as yourself."

"Enough theatrics," Tarantulus clicked in frustration. "I want those Turtles and their friends taken care of! Why are we hiding down here under a rock when we should be engineering their demise?"

"Did anyone ever tell you patience is a virtue Tarantulus?"Armaggon inquired of his partner.

Baxter Stockman for his part scurried away from his captors fast as he could. He took up a position in the furthest corner of the room and sat there cowering in fear. The two large mutants ignored him completely their attention firmly fixed elsewhere

"I don't believe in waiting I believe in doing," Tarantulus clicked firmly.

"And that my colleague is why you fail," Armaggon retorted.

"Maybe," Tarantulus clicked unimpressed by Armaggon's words. He folded his topmost set of limbs across his chest. "Tell me what is your excuse?"

"Pardon," Armaggon said visibly bristling at the comment.

"You heard me Armaggon." Tarantulus clicked. He unfolded his limbs from around his upper body. His multiple yellow eyes fixed upon the other mutant in a cold stare. "If impatience is my downfall what is the reason behind your own failures?"

"Inadequate allies," Armaggon said shooting Tarantulus an angry stare of his own.

"Interesting," Tarantulus clicked.

"Interesting, how so?" Armaggon said his voice growing dangerously low.

"Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind." Tarantulus pointed out.

Armaggon took a step towards Tarantulus an action the arachnid reciprocated. Armaggon took another step forward then halted. His murderous expression softened unexpectedly. He smiled. "Be that as it may our partnership is the best chance either of us currently has of crushing our mutual enemies. Would you not agree?"

"I agree." Tarantulus clicked a hint of disdain detectable in his voice.

"Now then, I have a new plan," Armaggon said rubbing his clawed hand together. A mannerism he had picked up from watch old cheesy super villain cartoon, his favorite genre of human entertainment, characters.

"Really," Tarantulus clicked unimpressed.

"Baxter," Armaggon yelled. Baxter Stockman ran to his summoner's side.

"What do you desire of me master?" Baxter groveled.

"Tell me pitiful one how much mutagen would be required to contaminate the water supply of New York City?" Armaggon wondered.

"A surprisingly small amount actually. Research performed by my former employer TCRI indicates mutagen is a water dispersible substance. My calculations indicate one part per-," Baxter rattled on until Armaggon stopped him.

"How much would be required?"

"A metric liter could cause generational changes," Baxter said. "To immediately mutate the entire population of the city, on the other hand, would require many gallons."

"So much for your latest and greatest plan Armaggon." Tarantulus laughed in his odd clicking way.

"If an army of mutates is beyond my reach I'll simply create one monumental mutant instead." Armaggon declared. "I need only locate the proper base specimen I can improve upon." Armaggon stepped over to the computer he and Tarantulus used to stay connected with the outside work. He sat down in the specially reinforced chair and began typing. "Eureka, what a glorious specimen," Armaggon exclaimed minutes later. "It'll make an excellent donor."

Displayed on the screen was a news story. An image of a frozen woolly mammoth was displayed below the headline. The carcass had recently been donated to the American Museum of Natural History on Manhattan's Upper Westside.

"What are we waiting for, chop chop," Armaggon said bolting out of his seat.

American Museum of Natural History, early afternoon

"Dude I'm bored out of my shell." Michelangelo whined.

"You're are always bored Mikey," Donatello said dismissively.

Donatello along with his four siblings and his girlfriend Alopex were taking in the sights. Each wore a gray trench coat, black wraparound sunglasses and a floppy brown hat that hid their mutant status. Other than Alopex having a hard time with her tail at times, they were incognito.

Not as bored as I am right now." Mikey countered.

"In all fairness Don. I'm bored to," Leonardo said.

"So am I," Miwa admitted following the lead of her two brothers.

"Yeah, this place blows chunks." Raphael snorted.

"Well, I'm not bored. In fact, I love it here." Alopex said giving Donatello a quick hug. "Although not as extensive as the museums I used to visit back in South America when I was human there are plenty of interesting exhibits."

"At least somebody besides me enjoys being enlightened," Donatello said.

"Of course she does. You guys are super alike. You're made for each other dude and dudette." Michelangelo said.

"Speaking of soulmates I should return home to mine, later," Raphael said heading off. When he used the term "soulmate" Miwa stole a glance at Leonardo.

"I think I'll follow his lead for a change, bye," Leonardo said.

"Hey, dudes wait up!" Michelangelo called out running after his brothers.

"I'll see see you two back home," Miwa said before joining the others.

"Their loss," Donatello said smiling at Alopex as he took Alopex by her arm.

"It sure is," Alopex said smiling back.

Arm in Arm they entered another part of the sprawling complex. "Wow, the woolly mammoth. It's even more impressive in person." Alopex said inspecting the massive exhibit.

"Down on your knees humans!" A sinister familiar voice commanded.

Armaggon and Tarantulus appeared through one of the three doorways that granted access to the room. Tarantulus brandished four laser blasters one in each of his upper hands. Armaggon point one of his wrist-mounted laser cannons at the crowd.

"Get down, or else we open fire!" Tarantulus loudly clicked.

After a chorus of terrified screams, the crowd complied. Seeing no other viable option at the time Donatello and Alopex played along biding their time. Once they were down on their knees, hands clasped behind their heads.

Armaggon produced his three quarters full canister of mutagen from a burlap sack. Armaggon unscrewed the cap while Tarantulus covered the hostages. Armaggon was about to approached the woolly mammoth when he spied something peculiar: Alopex's fluffy white tail peeking out from under her trench coat. He then changed course.

"You there, remove your hat. I want a clearer look at you." Armaggon said. Alopex's blood froze in her veins.

Tentatively Alopex reached for her hat. Thankfully Donatello was kneeling between her and Armaggon. When the shark mutant passed by Donatello reached out with his left leg tripping Armaggon who stumbled forward eventually landing in a heap on his back. The open canister of mutagen flew from his hand smashing on the woolly mammoth's side. A sizzling noise was heard as long frozen fur came into contact with the unearthly concoction.

Tarantulus opened fire Donatello and Alopex rolled aside pulling the nearest human with them. Everyone else again voiced their fright. On his feet in a flash, Donatello tossed his trench coat aside and withdrew his bo staff. He squared off against Tarantulus who had ceased his fire.

"Turtle scum." Tarantulus clicked. "I will enjoy adding your weapon to my ever increasing collection of trophies, along with your head which I'll mount on my wall." He indicated Donatello's bo staff with one of his inhuman fingers Donatello's head with another.

"In your fevered dreams hairy legs," Donatello answered.

"Donatello behind you!" Alopex warned as she herded people to safety.

Donatello dodged at the last possible second. Twin laser blasts hit Tarantulus incapacitating him. Tarantulus fell to the ground hard. He landed face first. Behind Donatello's former position stood a far from pleased Armaggon his laser cannons smoking.

"Imbecile," He snarled looking down at the unconscious Tarantulus. "If you survive I'm dissolving our partnership. You're more trouble than you are worth. I'm far better off flying solo."

"You really are a jerk Armaggon," Donatello said

Donatello drop kicked his enemy. Armaggon hardly budged from the impact. With a mighty swipe of his thick tail, Armaggon knocked Donatello to the floor. He snatched away Donatello's bo staff then broke it over his knee.

Donatello could not believe what he had seen. A properly constructed bo staff was nearly unbreakable yet Armaggon snapped his in half with ease. Exactly how strong was his opponent? Did he even want to know?

Armaggon hoisted Donatello over his head. Donatello found himself airborne. He crashed painfully into the woolly mammoth display a moment later.

Armaggon leaped in front of the prone Donatello. "Farewell," Armaggon said. He leveled one of his charging arm cannons with Donatello's head.

At point blank range, Donatello knew an energy blast from the weapon would surely end his life. Donatello squeezed his eyes tightly shut. "I'm sorry my father. I'm sorry my siblings. I'm sorry my friends. Most of all I'm sorry Alopex. Guess we'll never get to see the Smithsonian institute together like we planed." He thought.

A deafening roared sounded followed by a scream from Armaggon!? When Donatello opened his eyes Armaggon was gone. He scanned the room until he saw the shark mutant embedded in a far away wall. His laser cannons sparking. Armaggon slowly fell out of the wall. He hit the floored and remained there. What the heck?

A few minutes later

"Don," Miwa called as the other turtles ran into the room directed by Alopex. Their weapons at the ready.

"Over here," Donatello called waving from atop a twenty feet tall furry, something.

"What in the world!?" Leonardo said.

"The mutagen Armaggon possessed must have revived the mammoth's cellular structure." Alopex speculated in awe of the huge beast.

"Pretty much what I figure happened," Donatello said from his perch on the giant creature's left shoulder. "Don't worry, he's friendly. Turns out he's also quite intelligent."

"I mean no harm." The brown furred, orange skilled humanoid woolly mammoth said in his booming voice. "I hope we can be friends."

"Fascinating and all that, but what are we going to do with him?" Raphael said. "He's a freakin' giant woolly mammoth man. He can't just stroll around New York or hang out with us in the sewers friendly disposition or not."

"I've been thinking about that," Donatello said scratching his chin. "Once we pack ol' tooth face and spider bites off to the Vault we'll help our new friend find a permanent home."

Outside a police office the next day, afternoon

"Get comfy it's going to be a long trip." One of the green armored Guardsmen said shoving Armaggon and Tarantulus into the back of a dark gray painted unmarked transport vehicle. Another Guardsman slammed the sliding door shut behind them.

Inside the transporter, Armaggon sat on a metal bench. Besides his shackled arms and legs, he wore a specialized harness over his mouth to prevent the use of his powerful jaws in any escape attempt. He glared at the equally restrained Tarantulus who was seated across from him. Tarantulus glared back. It was indeed going to be a long trip.

The Docks, evening

"Bye, Mammoth dude, don't forget to write," Michaelangelo said as he, his siblings and friends waved off the ship that would transport their newest friend to the Arctic Circle.

"Good thing you knew a guy who was leading a scientific expedition to the Arctic this summer." Casey Jones said to Man Ray.

"She's a woman actually, and yes it did proved fortuitous." Man Ray said.

"I love a happy ending," Alopex said leaning her head on Donatello's shoulder.

Armaggon's Subterranean Hideout two days later, morning

Fearfully Baxter Stockman used the old case knife he found to carefully pry apart his collar. Even though his captors had been gone for days now he did not trust they would not burst in at any moment. Cautiously he continued his delicate work which he started hours ago.

There sure were a lot of files around he thought. The garbage had not be taken out since his captors left because if he stepped outside his bobby trapped collar would trigger the mutagen capsule pressed dangerously against his unprotected skin. Which would lead to a fate worse than death in his opinion, unpredictable mutation.

Swatting away a particularly nasty bloated shinny black house fly he finally managed to trip the collar's mechanism. With a loud pop, it came free. He breathed a sign of relief. A second pop however soon sounded.

"No," Baxter screeched.

The mutagen capsule exploded splashing his face. Baxter doubled over in pain. His body began to violently convulse. Almost five minutes later the human Baxter Stock was no more. In his place stood a living nightmare: an ungainly amalgamation of man and insect.

Baxter gazed at his four hands through his ruby colored insectoid eyes. His original top pair were more human although discolored than were his newly developed bottom pair. Rage welled up inside him.

"They did this to me! I'm a monster because of them! Armaggon, Tarantulus, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must pay dearly for my disfigurement! I hate them all!" He buzzed.

To Be Continued

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