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Miwa The Fifth Turtle Season Two – Episode Seventeen: Return of the Shredder Part I of II



A bank in NYC late March 2015, afternoon

"Shut up dweep," Anton Zeck shouted clobbering a frightened middle-aged man with the butt of his AK-47. The man collapsed in a heap on the floor blood dripping from his injured skull. Other hostages screamed but quickly stopped when Zeck pointed his weapon at them as he made exaggerated firing sounds. "Finally silence, man I thought his whining would never end. 'Please don't hurt', 'I'll give you whatever you want just let me go', how pathetic." A bank alarm suddenly blared until a well-placed series of bullets from Zeck's weapon destroyed the main wall mounted emitter. "Silence is golden." He sneered.

"Da," Zeck's longtime partner in crime Russian gangster Ivan Steranko agreed. He was also holding an Ak-47 in his meaty hands. "Let us get the monies and be leaving here."

"You heard him banker boy," Zeck said shoving the muzzle of his rifle in the face of a young bank teller. "Open the safe and hand over your dough or I'll paint these walls with your brains, then for fun we'll pump yer less than satisfied customers full of lead."

"Da," Steranko with a sick smile.

"Ivan old buddy old pal keep an eye on our guests while I take banker boy to the vault where I'll make a hefty withdraw," Zeck said. Whirling the bank teller around Zeck stuck the muzzle of his gun between the young man's shoulder blades. "Hurry up banker boy Ivan and I have a full dance card. We can't spend all day here with you drab peeps."

"If cry again I shoot you in kneecaps." Steranko threatened when a small child started sobbing.

"She's frightened you monster." A young woman said angrily. "Have you no heart?"

"Net, compassion be for weaklings. I am not a weakling." Steranko bragged. He thumbed his burly chest with his free first. "I be strong like bear."

"Yeah, prove it," Raphael said as he alongside Donatello and Michelangelo swung through the nearest window, which had earlier been broken by the criminals. "Tangle with me tough guy."

"This time you no survive freaks." Steranko said spraying the area with bullets. The hostages screamed ducking to avoid the deadly projectiles.

The turtles dived out of the way. In the resulting confusion, Raphael rapidly snuck around behind Steranko. Raphael tapped the blonde-haired brute on his shoulder. Steranko spun around while still firing his gun. Raphael jammed one of his sais in the barrel of the Ak-74 rendering it useless. Enraged Steranko tossed the gun aside.

"Now what tough guy?" Raphael taunted.

Enraged Steranko raised his fists. "Now I break every bone in body freak." Steranko threatened only to be tripped by Donatello's new bo staff.

"I don't think so rude dude," Michelangelo said knocking Steranko unconscious with a palm strike to his face.

Meanwhile inside the vault, Zeck was growing impatient with the young teller. "Hurry chop, chop man." He said. "My trigger finger is getting awful itchy banker boy."

"There, take it all." The young teller said. The main vault door snapped open.

"Don't mind if I do, banker boy," Zeck said. He fired a round into the young banker's left knee shattering the bones located there. The young man howled in pain.

He lay on the floor bleeding profusely. "Why," He cried clutching his ruined leg.

Zeck shrugged. "'Cause I could. Plus this way you can't run away, alert the authorities or lock me in here until help arrives."

Zeck skipped inside the vault. He filled a sack to bursting that had been brought for the task. He then left the crippled bank teller benind. When he passed through the opened door to enter the main part of the bank green legs encircled his head. Miwa performed a flying head scissors throw that upended Zeck who's gun flew in one direction his bag full of stolen cash in another. When he regained his footing he was clotheslined by Leonardo. Once tied up Zeck was thrown next to his equally incapacitated partner.

"Easy as pie, a pizza pie that is," Michelangelo said. The Turtles five high fived well high-threed each other. They then heard sirens approaching.

"The boys and girls in blue, we better book," Leonardo said.

"How can we ever thank you?" Several of the grateful former hostages asked.

"We'll let you know," Raphael said waving before they vanished.

Outside the Turtles scrambled through one alleyway after another to avoid detection. When they were four city blocks from the crime scene they slowed their breakneck pace. The sound of sirens had long faded although it was day experience taught them they were now relatively safe.

"That was a nice warm up, " Miwa said.

"Yeah, reminded me of old times," Donatello said.

"Those dudes were easy not like fighting mutant babies or ninja robots or overpowered Halloween rejects," Michelangelo said.

"Or a metal clad wacko with a Napoleon complex, more ambition than decency, and a mean streak a hundred miles long," Raphael added.

"It's funny you know." Donatello mused. "If it wasn't for Shredder's partnership with those transdimensional alien invaders the Kraang we'd still be four ordinary turtles swiming in a bowl."

"For sure," Michelangelo said happily. "It was cool how that mutating gel made us grow."

"Yeah, cool," Miwa said not even trying to hide her displeasure at the words of her brother. While mutagen gave them many wondrous opportunities they would not otherwise have had it robbed her and Splinter of any semblance of a normal life.

"Sorry sis," Michelangelo said. "I didn't mean it like that."

"We should never forget brothers," Leonardo said. "That same 'mutating gel' left our father and sister trapped as outcasts from human society."

"Boy, I wish I could go another couple rounds with bucket head," Raphael said shadow boxing with an unseen opponent.

"Forget it, Raphael," Donatello said. "Shredder's stranded forever in Dimension X along with his oddball allies the Kraang."

The Turtles' trip down memory lane was abruptly ended by a rain of laser beams. "Scatter," Leonardo advised.

"Die Turtles!" Baxter the Fly Stockman screeched overhead. He repeatedly dive bombed the alley firing a laser pistol held in his right hand.

"Quick this way," Miwa said prying open a manhole cover. The Turtles fled underground.

"They escaped!" Baxter fumed buzzing over the sealed manhole. He was bitterly disappointed. He had spent days escaping from the underground base followed by weeks of searching the city. "But Armaggon won't. He's the one responsible for my fate. I'll make sure he pays dearly."

"Where did that gigantic crazed insect come from?" Michelangelo said as he and his siblings worked their way home.

"I don't know, maybe the bug house," Raphael said.

"I can't shake the feeling that I've encountered him somewhere before." Donatello said.

"Probably as an exhibit at one of those museums you frequent with Alopex. He'd fit right in." Miwa offered a bit of humor.

"Whatever the case I think we haven't seen the last of him or it," Leonardo observed.

"Great, just what we need another homicidal mutant to deal with." Raphael lamented. "So much for taking things easy."

A Kraang mother ship somewhere in Dimension X

"Our defeat was an accident. It was a one in a million chance. Such an event could never occur again. Return me to Earth. I'll demonstrate what I can do. Lord Krang I implore you. Send me back." Shredder said. He packed around the large steel colored chamber inlaid with bright purple energy conduits like a caged animal as he pleaded his case before the alien tyrant Krang otherwise known as Kraang Prime.

Unimpressed by the less than convincing words of his cyborg ninja minion the ugly face of Krang's android body became even uglier, a sneer displayed there. On either side of the reclining figure's throne stood three Kraang drones encased in their android bodies heavy duty laser blasters at the ready. Three were gray the other three were blue.

"'Send me back'. 'Send me back'. I grow weary of your endless prattle Shredder. I will send you back to Earth if only to be rid of your insufferable complaining." Krang boomed.

Krang stood from his throne. He strolled to where Shredder stood. He dropped a purple communicator that greatly resembled a cross between an old handheld radio unit and a modern smartphone. "Take this communication unit. Go, put an end to those primitive mutants before they further frustrate my plans."

"You won't regret this Lord Krang. I personally guarantee success." Shredder said gladly accepting the communicator.

"Where have I heard that before." Krang boomed sarcastically. "Transport Shredder to Earth by way of the pan-dimensional portal generator." He ordered through a built-in communication mic hidden inside his android body. In central control of the vessel, a Kraang drone technician complied.

"Beware, my enemies I am coming," Shredder said gleefully before he disappeared in a flash of bright purple light.

The Turtles' Secret Lair, late evening

Splinter's urgent summons brought the Turtles and Mona Lisa running to the meditation chamber. "What's wrong father!?" Leonardo asked his heartbeat pounding in his ears. Like the others, he had been awoken from a deep sleep by their master's cry.

"While performing my routine late night meditation I experienced a terrible premonition." Splinter announced from his still seated position. "My nemesis Saki the Shredder is about to reappear."

"Shredder," Raphael sad skeptically. "Nah, that's impossible father we saw that loser dragged into Dimension X. He ain't ever coming back."

"I pray you are correct Raphael." Splinter said sincerely his ears drooping. "However, I fear evil as strong as what Shredder represents cannot be easily overcome. I sense terrible danger ahead."

A top a high rise office building

Shredder appeared in a flash of bright purple light. He fell over ten feet landing with a resounding thud atop an office building. After he brushed the accumulated dust from his dark gray cape and tunic he stood up. He saw he was alone.

Remembering the communicator in his hand he activated the device. He was greeted by the image of Krang's robotic form on the small high-resolution monitor. "Krang I have arrived on Earth," Shredder stated.

"I know that fool." Krang boomed.

Shredder tramped down his anger best be could before replying. "Where is the Technodrome, my Foot Soldier robots, my mutate helpers and all my advanced weapons?"

"Where those items belong Shredder. With me in Dimension X. Where I add they shall remain until you prove worthy." Krang boomed hatefully.

"What," Shredder said in disbelief. His ire rising to unprecedented levels.

"You failed to overcome a small band of primitive mutants with my assistance now you must defeat them on your own. I will never give you another speck of aid Shredder until you have done so." Krang boomed. "Do not contact me again unless you have progress to report, goodbye."

"That pompous bag of stinking pink jelly desires results I'll show him results!" Shredder raged. "First though I'll require help. Luckily I know of the perfect individual to serve my purpose, all I need do is find him."

A deserted street, three hours later

Hun was upset. His Purple Dragons were no more. His plans lay in ruins. After spending six weeks in jail with help from a high priced lawyer he was at last released, after paying an inflated bail tab, only to discover Hobgoblin had muscled in on his territories.

"Hobgoblin," Hun growled hefting the five-foot long repeating laser rifle he purchased on the black market with the last of his personal funds. One way or another this thing between he and Hobgoblin would end tonight, a blanket of thick fog be damned. This city simply was not big enough for the two of them.

Where were Ivan Steranko and Anton Zeck? They should have been here by now. He would need that stolen money if he were to reestablish his underworld influence once Hobgoblin was eliminated.

Wait, what was that? A noise, yes there it was again faint but definitely there. "I'm not afraid, show yourself!" Hun demanded. He pointed his gun in the direction of the noise.

"I always suspected you were a fool Hun. I see I am correct." Shredder said looming out of the misty darkness like an ancient phantom of evil come to claim lost souls.

"How?" Hun exclaimed his eyes growing wide in awe.

Hun's trigger finger slipped. A continuous barrage of bright bue blaster slammed into Shredder's torso without effect. Annoyed Shredder stomped forward. With a stroke of his right arm, Shredder's spiked gauntlet cut the long barrel in half like a hot knife slicing through butter. Shredder hosted Hun up by his shirt. Shredder side kicked Hun across the alleyway where Hun hit a steel reinforced wall denting it. Hun struggled to his feet a few moments later. Red tinged electricity shot forth from the outstretched fingertips of Shredder's left hand, external excess energy discharge being an upgrade he received while in Dimension X, literally shocking Hun into submission less than three seconds later.

"Have mercy master." Hun moaned down on his hand and knees.

Shredder ceased his onslaught. He leisurely walked over to Hun then placed his right foot on Hun's back forcing Hun to lay face down in the dirt. Hun for his part uttered not a syllable of protest. He only groaned in pain.

"It's high time I remind the criminal element of this city where their true loyalties lay," Shredder said. "Don't you agree, worm?"

"Yes, master," Hun said.

"Now tell me of this 'Hobgoblin' of which you speak Hun," Shredder said stepping aside.

"Right away master, but what about the Turtles?" Hun said. He crawled to the wall which he then leaned against for support slowly pulling himself up.

"Explain," Shredder said.

"Surely you desire vengeance upon those wretched shell backs master?" Hun asked.

"Of course I do, worm," Shredder snapped irritably. "I already have a plan in mind that will destroy them by striking at their weakest point, the girl April O'Neil. Their friendship with her will prove their undoing." Shredder laughed manically.

"They've made another human friend in your absence master." Hun said a nasty expression forming on his face. "A boy O'Neil's age, Casey Jones. I believe they attend the same school."

"Are you certain of this?" Shredder said.

"Fairly," Hun replied.

"If you are correct Hun, this is a fortuitous development indeed," Shredder said. "Once we have obtained the necessary manpower our course of action is clear. Tell me what has become of the Purple Dragons while I was away?"

"Most were defeated and incarcerated by the Turtles. The few who remained have fled the city by all accounts." Hun confessed with great reluctance.

Shredder made ready to strike Hun who cringed accordingly but made no further hostile motion. "No matter, we'll make do with those available to our cause. Lead the way." Shredder said his clenched fist falling to his side.

"Yes, master," Hun said. He walked away Shredder close behind.

Bronx Zoo the next day, early morning

"Thanks for rescuing us big boss man, but why are we in a zoo?" Anton Zeck said sniffing the less than pleasant air in front of the veterinary holding pens.

"Da," Ivan Steranko said. "Why be we here boss?" He and Zeck were dressed in the orange prison jumpsuits they had worn when Shredder and Hun freed them from the police transport.

"Self-improvement, mainly yours," Shredder said. Hun stood by his side. "These will do nicely." Shredder gestured at a mean looking warthog and an equally mean looking rhinoceros. He activated his communicator.

"What is it this time Shredder?" Krang's artificial visage grumbled.

"I have formulated a plan to rid us of the Turtles," Shredder said.

"Then, by all means, do so," Krang said.

"I require a canister of mutagen to implement my design."

"Really," Krang huffed. "Tell me why should I waste a single drop more on you after your many failures Shredder? Give me one good reason, hurry the clock is ticking."

"I intend to creature more mutants to increase my chances of success."

"Huh, what do you mean big boss man?" Zeck said.

"Da, what you mean boss?" Steranko seconded.

"Silence cretins," Shredder barked at his wayward henchmen.

"A halfway decent plan, I'm almost impressed almost. Very well Shredder prepare to receive the mutagen canister, Krang out." Krang said. His image then flickered out of existence.

In a flash of bright purple energy, a canister of mutagen appeared on the nearby desk. Shredder snatched the canister with his left hand. He unscrewed its top with his right.

"Who's first?" Shredder said turning back towards Steranko & Zeck eyeing the neon green goop they gulped nervously.

Playground of a Junior High School, noon

"Irma we barely know the Turtles honest," April said to best friend Irma Langinstein.

"C'mon April, Casey tell us what they're like please," Irma said.

Iram's dark brown hair was streaked with purple and styled in a mushroom cut. He eyes were gray in color. Her skin pale. She wore a black short sleeved tee shirt embossed with a silver skull. A plaid skirt along with light brown work boots and old fashioned red framed glasses completed the image of a geek crossed with a punk rocker chick.

"Smelly I bet. They do live in the sewers, or so I've heard." Vernon Fenwick said in his typical superior fashion.

A lanky black-haired boy with beak-like nose and brown eyes Vernon was dressed in pale blue slacks with corresponding suspenders, a long-sleeved pink buttoned down dress skirt and had an egg yellow cardigan tied around his neck. As with Irma, he was rather pale in complexion.

"Shows with you know Vernon. They smell great, better than you do at times in fact." April said.

"A little overdressed aren't you Vern?" Casey quipped.

"Perish the thought," Vernon said. "I forgot my designer jacket this morning. I feel naked without it. It's from France you know."

"We know Vernon, goodness knows you've told us often enough," Irma grumbled. The teens save Vernon laughed.

"Well, I never," Vernon said turning up his nose at the others.

"Pardon me." A tall buck toothed man in a red jacket and matching pants said approaching the group.

"You are pardoned," Vernon said.

"Huh," The red-clad man said.

"Never mind him, he's chronically anal retentive," Casey said.

"Pfft," Vernon said once again turning up his nose in disgust.

"Are any of you April O'Neil or Casey Jones? I was told I they could be found here." The red-clad man said.

"That depends on who's asking?" Casey said.

"Express Delivery Service," The red-clad man said. "I have a delivery for either Casey Jones or April O'Neil." He produced a tightly wrapped in a plastic bouquet of pink flowers with yellow centers.

"Pretty," Irma said.

"I'm April O'Neil. I'll sign." April said excitedly. She stepped forward and signed the paper then grabbed the bouquet.

"Who are these from?" Casey asked.

"'Turtles' it says on the tag." The red-clad man said with a shrug before departing, "enjoy."

"Let me see," Irma said. April weakly slapped Irma's hand away.

"No, Casey and I haven't even looked at them yet," April said.

"Somebody's in love." Vernon taunted. "Give my best to your new green girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever the case may be Casey."

"Can it Vern," Casey said through gritted teeth.

"I know when I'm not wanted. Come along Irma we should leave them alone with their gift." Vernon said dragging Irma along with him. He made sure to put special emphasis on the last word.

"But-," Irma protests to on avail.

"I think we need to have a talk after school with our mutant friends," Casey said. "Until then stash the flowers in your lock or I'll put them in mine."

"No need, I'll take them," April said inspecting the enclosed bouquet with mixed feelings.

Not far away the red-clad man met with a hooded figure in an out of the way alley. The figure removed his hood to reveal the armored face of Shredder. The red-clad man spoke.

"It is done, master. The children have the Doku flowers in their possession. All goes according to plan."

"What of the Gazai plants?" Shredder asked. "My enemies shall require its leaves if they are to save their friends."

""Every example in this hemisphere is now in our possession master." The red-clad man answered.

"Good, the only means that can prevent the untimely demise of their friends and I have it. The perfect bait with which to line my turtle trap." Shredder said. "Your assistance with this matter is duly noted, leave me. I must strategize my next move."

"At once master." The red-clad man said with a bow he then left.

Shredder was about to follow the lead of his underling when his electronically enhanced hearing detected a strange buzzing sound. He lay in wait until the apparent source of the noise grew close. He shot a short discharge of red electricity from his fingertips. Squealing in pain a stunned Baxter Stockman fall from the air.

"What do we have here?" Shredder said.

"M-Master, S-S-Shredder," Baxter buzzed recovering from his shock.

"You recognize me, but how? I do not recognize you mutant." Shredder said.

"I used to serve you. I am, or at least was Baxter Stockman." Baxter buzzed. "Please help me, master. I beg you. A renegade mutant made me this way through the use of mutagen. I want to be human again."

"That can be arranged, on condition of a renewed pledge of loyal servitude," Shredder said.

"I'll do anything you ask of me master if you promise I'll become human again," Baxter buzzed.

"First I require your assistance destroying those accursed Turtles," Shredder said.

"I hate the Turtles more than ever. They are in part to blame for the circumstances surrounding my mutation. I want them to suffer as I have suffered!" Baxter buzzed loudly getting to his feet. He threw down his smoking laser pistol which had been rendered useless its components melted by Shredder's energy attack.

"As do I," Shredder said. "Soon my servant we shall have our revenge."

The Turtles' Secret Lair, late afternoon

"Are the Turtles here?" April asked when Splinter opened the main makeshift door to the old subway terminal.

"Ah, April, Casey they are not. My children accompanied by Mona Lisa, Alopex, and Man Ray went to the aquarium. They should return this evening. May I ask what brings you here this fine day?" Splinter said.

"This," Casey said butting in front of April. He grabbed the unwrapped bouquet from her hands shoving it towards Splinter.

"Sending us these flowers was awfully nice of the Turtles, um h-," April began trying to smooth things over.

Splinters eyes went wide. He wrestled the bouquet from Casey's hands. He ran inside throwing the bouquet into a sealed trash can.

"Hey what's the big idea!?" Casey said confused by Splinter's intense reaction to the situation.

"Casey, April tell me did either of you smell the flowers? Try to remember, it is vital I know. " Splinter all but yelled at the two teens.

"Yeah, we both did on the way down here. We got curious." Casey said.

"It's a lovely fragrance if unusual," April said. "Why do you ask?"

"I don't feel so good," Casey said doubling over in pain.

"Me either," April said. She collapsed on the floor. She was soon followed by Casey.

"April, Casey," Splinter exclaimed fearfully.

To Be Continued