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Miwa The Fifth Turtle Season Two – Episode Eighteen: Return of the Shredder Part II of II



"I'm gonna hit you, right where it hurts. I'm going to give you everything you deserve."

"Your words are reckless, delusional. Inside you're helpless, far from who you say you are."

Bring It (2012) Trapt

The Turtles Secret Lair late March 2015, evening

"They're so intelligent." Mona Lisa said as she, the Turtles, Man Ray and Alopex entered the lair.

"See I told," Alopex said.

"Dolphins are the best," Michelangelo said.

"I prefer the swordfish. He does better tricks." Raphael said.

"There you are!" Splinter exclaimed. "Why did you deactivate your turtlecoms? I've been attempting to contact for hours."

Sorry father, we were told to do so by the aquarium staff. They said the singles interfer with their equipment and agitate many of the animals." Miwa said.

"Man Ray got us a backstage pass," Donatello gushed. "We saw everything that goes on behind the scenes."

"Talk about cool. I was allowed to swim with the dolphins." Michelangelo said.

"After you moaned and complained for an hour," Raphael said.

"Thanks again Man Ray dude," Michelangelo said ignoring his red-clad brother's words.

"It was my pleasure my friends." Man Ray said.

"Father, you appear troubled, is something wrong?" Leonardo said noting the distressed expression of Splinter.

"Come with me." Splinter said. Splinter led the group into one of the unused rooms where he had set up two cots side by side for April and Casey.

"Casey, April," the others exclaimed when they saw the unconscious human teens.

"What's wrong with them father?" Miwa asked.

"Someone sent them a Doku plant. A rare flowering shrub from the far East, its fragrance is deadly." Splinter explained grimly.

"Toxins emitted by a Doku planet can be counteracted by being injected with or ingesting the juice of Gazai leaves, if I remember correctly?" Man Ray said.

Splinter nodded. "Unfortunately I do not know where a Gazai tree could be obtained in this part of the world."

"Nor do I." Man Ray admitted.

"What happens to Casey and April if we can't find any Gazai leaves?" Leonardo asked fearfully.

"Within 48 - 72 hrs they'll die." Man Ray said when Splinter didn't answer.

As if on cue the turtlecom, Splinter had placed on a small table along with a bowl of water and sponge between April and Casey, beamed loudly. Wondering who it could be Donatello picked up the device and turned it on. Displayed there was the fearsome visage of none other than the Shredder!

"Shredder," Everyone gasped with a mixture of shock, horror, and anger.

"Greetings mutants," Shredder said."Judging by your reactions I assume you are surprised to see me again. You should have known Dimension X would never hold me for long. I will not rest until I have avenged myself upon you freaks!"

"What do you want Shredder?" Raphael growled.

"I've patched into your frequency to extend an invitation, recognize this?" Shredder said holding up a branch with dark blue triangle shaped leaves.

"A Gazai plant." Splinter said.

"Indeed, it is the last one in this hemisphere. If you want it. Meet me and my faithful followers in combat, five on five, ninja style to the finish. We'll be waiting for you on Pollepel Island tomorrow night after sunset, come alone." Shredder said his image then blinked away.

"Lets go, we can take 'em in a fair fight," Michelangelo growled.

"Fair, that walking tin can will use every dirty trick in the book and then some," Raphael said.

"Of course he will, that's why we need a plan of our own a good one," Leonardo said.

"You can count on my team." Man Ray said. "Anything you need of us we'll do, just give the word we'll be there."

"You know it," Alopex said.

"I'm in too." Mona Lisa said.

"I will always be there for my children, that goes without saying." Splinter said.

"Thanks, everyone," Leonardo said. "I have a feeling we'll need all the help we can get."

Bannerman's Castle on Pollepel Island fifty miles north of NYC

"Everything must be ready no later than tomorrow night." Shredder ordered adjusting his cape.

A steady stream of workers swarmed over the Island. The workers were delivering and unpacking crate after crate of both advanced electronic equipment and masonry related building supplies from two large barges which were tethered just offshore. Being head of the premier international criminal organization the Foot Clan came in handy at times such as these, even without the lost legitimate resources of TCRI or superior Kraang technology he could still move mountains when need be. Luckily no one had dared challenge his leadership during his prolonged absence. His minions knew that to do so would mean an excruciating death for themselves and their loved ones upon his return.

"Don't worry master." The heavyset foreman said. Like those under his direction the man wore an unmarked grey jumpsuit. It was an unusually hot, early spring night. Even at this late hour the distance banks of the Hudson River were shrouded in a murky haze. "We are running ahead schedule. This place will be ready in plenty of time."

"I'm afraid I do not share your enthusiasm." Shredder growled stalking away from the foremam towards the semi-refurbished edifice of Bannerman's Castle. The Foot Clan had secretly purchased the decaying structure two years ago as spare parts for other castles the criminal empire owned across the globe. "If I am to eliminate the targets my masterpiece must be ready when I lure them here. My entire strategy hinges upon it. Otherwise my plan will fail."

"It'll be ready. You have my word master." The foreman said.

"I'll hold you to that." Shredder said glaring at the foreman with his electric neon red eyes pieces. A shiver of fear ran up the foreman's spine. He shuddered in spite of his best efforts to remain outwardly calm.

The next day, just after sunset

Shredder rechecked his inventory of weapons one last time. Which consisted of blades and blunt objects there were no projectile weapons of any sort present. Tonight Shredder desired close quarters fighting. Shredder would be mere inches away when the killing blows were struck. He would feel the blood drain from their bodies, watch as the spark of life faded from the eyes of his prey. The thrill of the kill was everything tonight, nothing else mattered. A wailing klaxon altered Shredder the fun was about to begin. His enemies had tripped the motion sensors at the dock.

"They have arrive." Shredder said. He sat in a high back leather chair in the freshly outfitted control room of Bannerman's Castle. He silently watched the Turtles secure their tiny boat on one of the many monitors which lined the walls. "This should prove, interesting."

"I don't understand Donnie why didn't we bring your new Turtle Glider?" Raphael asked as the Turtles made their way into the interior of the Island.

"Because Raph we don't want to get stranded here if something goes wrong." Donatello explained. "Call it an insurance policy."

"Yeah I hope Shredder doesn't figure out what we've done, or it could be curtains for April and Casey." Michelangelo said.

"Long as we keep our mouths shut he shouldn't." Donatello snapped.

"Watch out!" Miwa shouted.

The five barely made if off the trail they had been following when a large log covered with spikes careened down the path smashing into their small wooden boat. The impact ripped the side out of the craft which soon sunk. The five looked on in disbelief as the booming voice of Shredder taunted them from the shadows.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I hope you enjoyed my first surprise. Where am I Turtles? Do you know? I could be anywhere on the Island, to your left, your right or even behind you! Tonight we learn who is the predator and who is the prey. I will take great pleasure in tearing the life from your bodies, fear me."

"I forgot what a nice guy he is." Raphael said sarcastically.

"A true gentleman." Miwa added.

"Forget Shredder," Leonardo said. As usual he was in the lead. "We came here to save our friends and that's what we're going to do."

The five returned to the path carefully making their way further into the wooded interior of the Island. Their journey remained uneventful for some time until they reached a sharp bend in the trail. The path ahead branched in three directions. While they hesitated considering which way would be best. Leonardo shouted at their unseen tormentor as he took a step forward.

"Shredder come out and face us you coward!" Leonardo challenged drawing forth his twin swords.

"All in good time my dear Leonardo, all in good time. First say goodbye to your family members." The voice of Shredder said.

The ground beneath their feet gave way without warning. Only Leonardo remained on solid footing. The four turtles were pulled downwards by a massive suction of air. Leonardo lunged towards Miwa who was closest to him in a blind panic. He gripped her hand in his own.

"Miwa don't let go!" Leonardo yelled.

"Leo I can't hold on….." Miwa said. Her voice full of desperation.

The suction increased. Miwa was violently pulled from Leo's grip into the abyss below. Each of the four turtles passed through a separate passageway ending up in a different subterranean chamber. The trap door made to blend in with the forest floor snapped shut behind Miwa. Leonardo found himself alone.

"In thirty minutes, one half hour, I will come for you Leonardo. No matter where you hide on my Island, I will find you. I will hunt you. I will slay you. Your family and your friends will all die, unless you kill me my first mutant. Do you understand Leonardo? I've chosen you. I have found you a worthy opponent. You are their champion and my challenger. Succeed this will be another story you tell in your old age fail and your shells will decorate my wall. If you do not comply my loyal troops will slaughter your family at the end of the half hour like the worthless swine they are. I look forward to facing you on the field of battle. May the best MAN win." The voice of Shredder said. Leonardo scurried over the edge of the trail and vanished into the dense forest.

An underground chamber

"Miwa and Michelangelo were spat out by a large tube. They landed on a hard stone floor where the lay recovering from the fall. They rubbed their necks something had pricked them on the way down.

Miwa pulled a small red feathered metal dart from her neck. Michelangelo did the same. "I think we've been drugged, great," Miwa said inspecting the dart before she disposed of it. She shook her head to clear her suddenly blurry vision to no effect.

"That's the least of your problems turtles. Ready for my next surprise?" The voice of Shredder laughed. A wall of the chamber slide aside to reveal two sizable mutants: one a warthog wearing purple wraparound sunglasses, black pants, red high top sneakers & a red leather vest the other a rhinoceros clad in camouflage pattern pants, black army boots, and a brown leather vest. "Say hello to the new and improved Anton Zeck and Ivan Steranko or as they are now known, Bebop and Rocksteady! Have fun boys but remember I need them alive."

"It's payback time punks!" Bebop said smacking a wooden baseball bat into his hand.

"Da, we stomp a mudhole in you and walk it dry," Rocksteady said wrapping a heavy steel chain around his right fist.

"I think we're in major trouble sis," Michelangelo whimpered while wobbling on his feet.

"I know," Miwa whimpered back.

The ensuing battle was as sort as it was brutal. The sloppy and sluggish movement of the two turtles proved no match for those of the mutant brutes. Michelangelo and Miwa were soon bloody, beaten and broken. Rocksteady & Bebop then dragged them away through the secret passage being none to gentle in the process.

A second underground chamber

Donatello fell into a small stone chamber. He somehow landed on his feet. He plucked a dart from his neck.

"Clever Shredder, separate then drug us," Donatello said before chunking the dart.

"I thoughts so. May I introduce your opponent, Baxter 'the Fly' Stockman brains against brains." Shredder's voice said. "Remember Stockman no killing. That honor is all mine."

"Yes master," Baxter buzzed from high above.

Baxter Stockman descended on Donatello like an angry god onto a sinner. He repeatedly dive bombed the turtle genius punching his head then flew out of range. Donatello shook his head his vision blurred. Donatello swung wildly with his bo staff. A final diving double fist attack from Baxter floored Donatello ending their short match. Baxter scooped Donatello up and flew him out of the room.

A third underground chamber

Raphael tumbled into a small stone room. He rolled several feet before coming to a stop. He stood up and pulled a metal dart from his neck.

"Where are you Shred Head!? I'm ready!" Raphael said drawing his sais.

"I'm afraid you'll have to make due this evening with my servant Hun." The voice of Shredder said. "Have fun, but I want him alive Hun."

Hun appeared from a hidden passageway. A mace in his hands. Without a word, he charged at Raphael.

Raphael jumped out of his way. "You'll have to do better than that Hun," Raphael said before Hun twirled around backhanding him with the mace. Raphael failed to dodge the blow in large part because of the powerful, fast-acting sedatives coursing through his system.

Hun took full advantage of the opportunity. He fell upon Raphael. Hun ruthlessly beat the hot- headed turtle senseless then dragged him away.

The Forest

Half an hour later the Island was in the grips of a terrible thunderstorm. Thunder boomed constantly overhead. Lightning streaked the sky in endlessly random patterns. Rain poured down in soaking sheets. Shredder stood alone in a clearing. He took in the turbulent atmosphere. The tormented heavens mirrored the torment of his prisoners as they awaited certain death, a fitting juxtaposition of volatile nature and the often savage struggle of beings for life.

"Leonardo come out, come out, wherever you are." Shredder said in a singsong fashion while removing two balded pikes from his inventory of weapons that hung from his belt. Joining the two pikes together at their bases Shredder created a staff like weapon. He twirled his monstrous creation deftly around in circles. Shredder scanned the forest with his electronically enhanced vision. "Leonardo come out and play. I know you are here. I sense your presence. What's the matter turtle, afraid of a true ninja?"

Silent as a jungle cat Leonardo crept out of the bushes to Shredder's right and tripped the cyborg with a well timed shell first running barrel roll. The two then rolled and thrashed around in the mud neither gaining the upper hand. Leonardo did, however, manage to kick the twin bladed spike staff away from Shredder before the two got back on their feet. The pair seized each other up for a brief moment before they exchanged blows. Fists, legs, knees and elbows flew some were blocked others made contact. On the battle raged through the storm Shredder until temporarily knocked Leonardo down with a brutal and unexpected sidekick. The duellists then stumbled into another clearing. The intensity of the rain by now was nearly blinding. In the middle of the clearing in front of a newly dug pit stood a freshly erected marble monument. Engraved on it were the words - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles slain by Shredder and his loyal followers March 29th 2015 RIP.

Upon seeing the monument Leonardo went wild. Leonardo drew his swords and threw himself at Shredder only to have the cyborg pick up a mud encrusted shovel and break it over Leonardo's head with a sidelong swing. Leonardo wobbled losing his both his footing and his grip on his swords. He slipped on the slick mud falling face down. Leonardo painfully got to his feet only for Shredder to viciously stab Leonardo in his left thigh with the spikes of his right hand gauntlet. Leonardo looked down in horror as Shredder pulled the bloody spikes free with a hard jerk. Shredder than stabbed Leo's right thigh with the spikes of his opposite gauntlet. Leonardo fell to his knees in pain. Leonardo couldn't believe it was over so fast that he'd been bested in one on one combat by the vile cyborg. With all his considerable might Shredder then shoved the wounded turtle. Leonardo toppled over falling backwards into the open grave.

"Now filthy mutant I'll bury you, but not before I roast you alive." Shredder declared shocking Leonardo with twin streams of red electricity emitted by his hands. Leonardo convulsed screaming in agony. "Come bring the other fallen turtles."

A number of grey jumpsuit wearing workers appeared. They tossed the other four bound & gagged turtles into the open grave. They then departed as quickly and silently as they came.

Shredder ceased shocking Leonardo. "With the destruction of the last remaining Gazai leaves in this hemisphere my victory is complete," Shredder said. He fished a sealed plastic bag of dark blue leaves out of a pouch on his belt. He held the bag high overhead. "Witness my ultimate moment of glory miserable mutants."

"Not so fast Shredder!" An authoritative male voice said.

Looking up higher Shredder saw only a few feet away Man Ray, Alopex, Dreadmon, Jagwar, Mona Lisa and Splinter in the newly minted Turtle Glider. It was Man Ray who had spoken. Dreadman meanwhile had the Turtle Cannon trained on the super villain.

The canon, along with the glider, had been cobbled together over hundreds of painstaking hours of hard work by Donatello with assistance from Dreadman and Jagwar, who it turned out were also whizzes with all things mechanical.

"Hand over the Gazai leaves and step away from our friend, now!" Man Ray ordered

"I'd listen if I were you mon," Dreadmon advised charging up the massive energy weapon. "Dis here canon is packing enough juice to deep fry even you I'd bet mon."

"Si," Jagwar said from beside his best friend. "We did salvage its pieces from your own stockpile at TCRI before the government people picked the place clean, amigo." A huge humming ball of purple energy collected at the wide tip of the blaster.

"You're bluffing," Shredder said. "If you fire on me at such close range you and your friends will not survive the blacklash." Shredder's free hand crackled with pent up red energy.

"But you will not survive our assault either Shredder." Splinter said.

"Foolish rodent," Shredder said. "I am invulnerable to your pitiful weapons."

"You want to put that to the test?" Mona Lisa said.

"The Shredder surrenders to no one!" Shredder roared defiantly.

"Think of it as a stalemate, if that helps." Man Ray suggested.

Shredder took a very long, tense pause. "Fine," He said at last. He tossed the bag of leaves onto the Turtles where they lay in the pit. "I promise when next we meet you or your friends won't prove so lucky. Some advice, leave this island soon before I change my mind." With a flourish of his cape, he was gone.

Breathing a collective sigh of relief the six rescuers landed the Turtle Gilder. After getting the Turtles out of the muddy grave. They tended the Turtles' wound as best they could. By the time they were finished everything was on edge and more than ready to depart Pollepel Island.

Once given the crushed Gazai leaves April and Casey recovered without further incident. They retained only sketchy memories of their ordeal. The nightmare was over.

The beach of Pollepel Island the next day, morning

"Krang I swear the plan was working until the Turtles' allies appeared without warning," Shredder said into the handheld communicator. "I warned those Turtles if they received help in any form I would destroy the cure. I counted on their code of honor governing their actions. I see now that was a mistake. They have no honor!"

"No more excuses Shredder." The image of Krang's android body said. To either side of Krang stood Rahzar and Fish Face. Shredder noted both looked smug. "The sad fact is you were outsmarted by primitive mutants yet again."

"Bum," Rahzar laughed.

"Nitwit," Fish Face joined in.

Inwardly Shredder fumed. How dare his own soldiers disrespect him in such a blatant fashion! He would see them strung up by their entrails for their insolence!

"Silence," Krang snapped at the mutant minions. "Shredder I will render you no further assistance until you prove yourself, Krang out." The images vanished.

"I vow to destroy my enemies the accursed Turtles and their wretched friends! Then this world shall tremble before the Shredder!" Shredder raged shaking his armored fist at the sky.

To Be Continued