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Miwa The Fifth Turtle Season Three – Interlude



Prelude One - April 2015

For two weeks after then incident on Pollepel Island the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their allies scoured the streets of New York City without success for any trace of Shredder or his minions. Some of the Turtles, namely Mike & Ralph, had hoped against hope that the villainous quartet were finally put out of business. These hopes were dashed when Shredder alongside his henchmen crashed a spring rock concert in times square on live TV. The Turtles were horrified when they discovered Shredder planted a bomb loaded with obedience serum, cooked up by Baxter Stockman, that would go off when the concert ended turning everyone present into Shredder's mind slaves. Fortunately for the good people of NYC the green machine were able to both defeat Shredder, who in turn escaped yet again, and defuse the bomb just in the nick of time.

Prelude Two – May 2015

Following the debacle in Times Square Shredder and his followers chose to lay low low again for a while. In spite of their best efforts the Turtles and their aforementioned allies could learn nothing of the miscreants' movements no matter how hard they tried. In the meanwhile life went on for the Fab Four and their loved ones.

Perhaps the most important long term development during this period surrounded the budding romances between Raphael & Mona Lisa, Donatello & Alopex and April & Casey. While April's and Casey's relationship had progressed slowly at first by the end of May things were becoming rather serious between the teens. Miwa and Leonardo on the hand hand decide they needed to put their mutual infatuation behind them for the good of the good, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile Baxter Stockman, under intense pressure from Shredder, re-established direct contact with Dimension X bypassing the warlord Krang. Shredder was ecstatic. A week later using the newly completed transdimensional teleportation device they started to secretly procure supplies and weapons once more from the alien realm this time via its legendary black market. One of these early devices was called an Elementolizer. The ray gun could vitalize any substance, or so the dealer who sold it claimed. The only drawback to the new transdimensional teleporter was that it consumed such enormous amounts of power for even a way trip between dimensions that the only source of raw energy large enough was the excessive output thrown off by infrequent solar flares. Normally such a device could easily be powered by a certain type of crystal which though rare was available in Dimension X. Unfortunately both the war effort along with a recent hostile incursion had exhausted the supply. Shredder was thus rendered exclusively reliant upon the erratic cycles of the Sun to power his covert transdimensional trips which could realistically be expected to occur at only short intervals of a couple of days every week or so mainly in spring or fall.

In Dimension X itself the perennial war between Kraang forces and their most persistent foes the Neutrino led collation took a turn for the worse due in large part to an unexpected invasion that threatened all involved. A deadly new adversary known as the Malignoids entered Dimension X from some unknown region of space turning the current conflict into a three way war devastating both Kraang and Collation positions alike. These Malignoids, lead by their cunningly ruthless Supreme General Dregg, were heavily armed & armored, bipedal biomechanical insects of immense strength with a voracious appetite for both natural resources and technology. Every world, space station, and vessel they conquered, if not already destroyed by their brutal assault, was stripped of everything of value and the native population taken away along with the material to suffer an unknown, although rumored to be ghastly, fate.

On the heels of a freak snowstorm in early May Shredder made his next move. Using a snowed in Central Park as his base of operations Shredder alongside his mutants, Hun had flown the coup long ago, used the Elementolizer to create an army of living snowmen and sent them into the city. The snowmen wreaked havoc there until the Turtles with April & Casey by their side stopped them. The remaining snowmen lured the young mutant crime fighters back to the park where Shredder awaited their arrival. After dealing with the remaining snowmen our heroes in a half shell almost defeated Shredder & his minions until the new Elementolizer was used once again to create a massive monster out of all the ice & snow in Central Park. The Monster nearly got the better of the five mutants: giving Donatello and Raphael especially severe beatings. After much hardship the monster along with the Elementolizer which spawned it were destroyed while Shredder as well as his followers beat a hasty retreat. Our heroes were again upset Shredder eluded justice.

Later that month the Hobgoblin returned with a scheme to seize control of the estate of Mona Lisa's late father. His attempt to so hinged on Mona Lisa being declared legally dead. Through some electronic trickery, cook up by Donatello & Alopex, Mona Lisa convinced the authorities she was alive and well living in Italy. Hobgoblin was furious, however, he felt some good came of from his latest round of bad luck. Not long afterwards he coned a petty thief named "Lefty" Donovan into pretending he was the Hobgoblin then had Donovan die in his place when the specialized battle van they were driving crushed into New York harbor while being pursued by the Turtles: who later salvaged the water logged hulk to later use the vehicle, following massive restoration, themselves as their Turtle Van. It was a trick Roderick had used several times before with great success, most notably back in Cider Falls when he brainwashed a snoopy local reporter Ned Leeds into thinking Leeds was the Hobgoblin. Now Rodrick was free to do as he pleased and strike his enemies when they least expected.

To be continued

Next Up the Season Three premiere featuring the Street Sharks, jawsome!