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IMPORTANT A/N: This fic will have mild Ron/Dumbledore bashing (if you think people pointing out Ron's canon attitude, or exploring the manipulative Dumbledore track is bashing). Obviously not all of Ron's attitude will be canon BUT that doesn't mean that I will be bashing him. Unless you see people with bad attitudes as bashing. Instead, it'll be like a pitiful school rivalry like what Hogwarts tends to create. He will have friends, he will have good points, but he won't be besties with Harry. I believe Dumbledore was a good man, but I am currently exploring the manipulative Dumbledore concept for my own interest. If you don't like that either, I really don't know what to say.

I also personally like Hermione and I feel I relate to her, I may only be projecting some of my own traits on her in terms of maturity when it comes to wisdom, or bullying because of vocabulary. You may not believe she was bullied, or believe that such a thing is overused. But it's also overly common within out world, especially with people who use a higher vocabulary, because the connotation between words may be misunderstood by peers who really don't know the real definition of a word. At least, that is my experience. Apparently the words apt, overt, and illogical should not be used in a non-university classroom.

Yes, I have Morgana and Merlin having gone to/been to Hogwarts. I know this is illogical as the Merlin timeline and Arthurian legends do not correspond with the Hogwarts timeline (as Hogwarts came years after) I'm currently trying to figure it out myself. It is canon because of Rowlings (admitted) mistake, but I did want some kind of foreknowledge about Morgana. I'm figuring out the logic of it, for now it's a plothole. Please excuse that.

I apologise for the long authors note but I feel like some things have to be clarified. Needless to say, don't like, don't read.

Morgana's hair was drenched, and clinging to her pale face. Her once immaculate hands were coated with dried blood, and dirt. Her nails turned an awful brown as her fingers scratched into the mud. 'I hate you,' her voice clung desperately to the silence, demanding for the power she once had.

'I know,' Merlin's hand was held out towards her, his fingers were stretched as much as they could, pointing up to the overcast sky.

'Merlin,' Arthur stepped up from behind his long time friend, 'you have to.' Arthur's blue eyes were shadowed with hatred for his half-sister.

'I hate you all,' Morgana's voice rang through the battlefield as she slammed her palms into the mud. Her body shook as she lowered her head, she couldn't bear to see the lifeless bodies of Mordred, and Morgause. Her strongholds, her family, her lifelines, they were gone. The scent of death filled her nose with it's acrid, smell sharpening her sense, reminding her exactly where she was.

'I know,' Merlin choked back his tears before he looked back at his friends. Was this really what Gaius would want? Was this what was necessary? He could hear Kilgharrah's booming voice reverberating through his ears, reminding him that Morgana was pure darkness, she was hatred, she could never love, and as long as she existed the world would never be at peace.

'Merlin,' Arthur clapped his gloved hand upon his friends shoulder. 'Do it.'

'I'm sorry,' Merlin fingers shook as if trying to close, trying to stop him from acting out on what everyone thought was best. 'Please, forgive me.' He licked his chapped lips, the strong taste of blood penetrated his senses as he stared into Morgana's cold steel blue eyes, they reminded him of the swords littering the muddy field around them. 'I still see it,' the words flowed out of his mouth effortlessly in the ancient tongue. 'You could have been so much,' his voice was dripping with the empathetic regret that was hounding him. He didn't want to kill her, they had been through so much.

'I made my decision, I am no longer the girl I was,' Morgana hissed back. 'Just kill me!' Her voice cracked with the anguish that was overwhelming her.

'Do you ever regret what you did?' Arthur watched the two converse; ignorant to their words, he was gripping his sword prepared to kill Morgana if Merlin couldn't. His friend had always been far too compassionate, it was almost, and could still be the death of them.

'No,' Morgana answered Merlin coldly but she was unable to hide her true feelings from the wizard.

'I understand,' Merlin whispered in english. 'Your regret is mine, and mine is yours,' he nodded before looking at Arthur.

'When you're ready,' Arthur squeezed his shoulder before letting go, and backing away.

'I am ready.' As Merlin spoke, his long time friend smiled, releasing his grip on his swords handle.

'Morgana, I hereby convict you of your sins,' Merlin continued in the ancient tongue. The duo could feel the magic in the air warping, sensing the importance of that moment. 'You revolted against our duty to serve, and protect all that stands upon the earth. Do you plead guilty.'

'I do,' she lifted her chin, attempting to remain dignified in her last moments. She would fall like the queen she was.

'You deserve death,' Merlin's voice dropped with authority as he stepped towards her.

'I do,' Morgana nodded, her nose flaring as she breathed in deeply.

'You deserved peace, love, all that you lost by choosing your path. I, Merlin, hereby do punish Morgana Pendragan, the last High Priestess, and strip her of her magic.' Morgana gasped her eyes widening as she jerked forwards. She could feel her magic leave her body leaving her feeling empty and lost. She could feel it's presence around her, fluctuating in it's restraints, contained from the watchers.

'What is he doing?' Gwen grasped Arthur's hand shivering in fear as she watched the strange black mist warp around Morgana. 'What is that?'

'I don't know,' Arthur shook his head, his muddy blonde hair hung in his eyes as he watched his half-sister gasping weakly.

'I ban Morgana from ever returning to the world she came from, she shall never return in death, nor life.' Merlin clenched his jaw as he swallowed heavily, his adam's apple bobbed as he did. Opening his mouth his tongue moved on its own accord as he condemned his old friend, 'Morgana will be sent where the fates command, her heart will be bound with the love of another, and she shall be given the chance she deserves to regain her loyalty. But not here, never here, she will never see anyone she once knew, and they shall not seek her out. Begone witch, and serve out your judgement' Merlin sucked in a deep breath as his hand dropped, he stepped back, and his body shook as he watched Morgana stare at him, her eyes accusing and fearful.

'What have you done, what have you done!' She screamed, the sound was haunting and sent shivers through every person who could hear. 'What have you done! Merlin!' The black mist, her magic, seemed to thicken into a tangible substance before it collapsed into her. The moment it hit her a terrifying crack resounded through the air, and she disappeared, the only sign that the ward, and daughter of Uther Pendragon was ever there were the indents in the mud.

'She's gone.' Gwen fell against Arthur's side. 'She's gone, she's gone,' her voice came out as a whimper so unlike herself.

'What have I done,' Merlin collapsed, his knees falling into the mud as he clutched at his black, dirty hair. The words had flown out of his mouth by their own accord, he was unable to stop himself from the spell he had conducted, he really had meant to kill her.

'You did what was necessary, she's finally dead,' Arthur stared into the blank space with vacant eyes, unable to feel the victory that should have blossomed in his chest.

A scream pierced through the Dursley household as Harry pressed himself against the wall shaking as he awaited the next hit. 'Quiet, boy,' Vernon Dursely's voice was thick with the disgust he felt for the mongrel in front of him.

'Vernon,' Petunia raised her hand shakily. She hated Lily, she hated the inferiority she felt for her late sister, but the guilt still arose every time she watched her husband beat the child.

'He's a freak, Petunia! You told me so yourself!' Vernon's spittle flew out of his mouth as he stared at Harry with passionate hatred. 'He doesn't belong in our household! He doesn't belong with us! He's ruining our image!' Petunia nodded weakly, unable to refuse her husband, and his wants.

Moments later a sharp crack erupted in their backyard, 'it-it must be one of those freaks,' Petunia hissed as she back away from the door. 'They know, oh, they know. They're coming to hurt us,' she raised her bony hands to her face thanking the heavens that her own son was upstairs in his room, alone, and safe.

'I'll take those monsters on.' He stormed to the backdoor and ripped it open. 'Who's out there!' There were a few moments of silence that was only broken by Petunias shriek of fear.

'It's a ghost! A ghost!' She fell against the wall as she watched a woman walk towards the house. The woman was as pale as the full moon that hung above their house, it's light reflected off her skin giving her an iridescent glow. Her hair had long since dried into tangled dark brown waves, and her black dress had long since lost it's magnificence. It hung on her fragile frame loosely; it was torn, and full of holes. Her light blue eyes looked like the steel of an unforgiving blade as she looked at the people in front of her.

'Leave freak! Take your magic with you!' Vernon clenched his fist at her, and jerked forwards as he tried to punch her. His breath caught in his fat throat as a faint thump signaled that the woman had caught his hand, looking as stoic as she had previously. Her head slowly turned to his as she stared him in the eyes.

'Back down, peasant,' her commanding voice rang through the room sending both Durselys into their true meek forms. Morgana looked around the room, scouring it for it's secrets. It's strange contraptions, and designs registered in her mind before she caught sight of the child who was staring at her in awe. Her lip curled in disgust as she took in his bruises that were quickly turning colour. A familiar protective feeling overwhelmed her as she stared into his fearful green eyes. She was instantly reminded of the first time she had met Mordred, when Merlin had lead the hurt druid boy into her room. She felt the same protectiveness and instant connection with him as well. 'What were you doing to the boy.' She dropped Vernon's fist as she stepped towards the boy.

'We weren't doing anything,' Vernon's voice wavered with his fear, unable to conjure his usual strength.

'Tell me the truth,' she watched as Harry whimpered, anticipating her to beat him as well.

'He's a freak! We beat him when he gets out of control! That's it!'

'A freak? He is magical?' She reached out her hand to him then pinched his black locks with her slender fingers. Her lips pursed as silence followed her question. 'I asked if he was magical.'

'Y-yes!' Petunia managed to squeak out. 'He is!'

'That is all I need to know,' she delicately brushed his bangs out of his face then stood up. 'Where are his parents?'

'Dead, as they should be! They were freaks!' Vernon spat, gaining back some of his idiotic courage.

'You should be dead,' she whispered, the temptation to destroy him overwhelmed her. The only thing that made her refrain from acting out was that she no longer had her magic. Morgana had heard every word of Merlin's, and she knew what he meant now that she had seen the boy. The boy had lost his parents, and out of Merlin's ridiculous need to have everyone feel love he had bound the late mother's love to her. 'I hate him,' she hissed in the ancient tongue as she stood up.

'What are you going to do to us?' Petunia whimpered as she slowly stepped towards her husband.

'I will take the boy.' Morgana took the boys hand, and pulled him up. She absently took notice of how the boy let her guide him, and made a note of his naivety, not a suitable trait for any wise person. A vague tickle in the back on her mind reminded her that he was a child, and didn't know any better. 'You will never ask after him. Make up whatever stories you see fit.' Her eyes closed as she felt the boys magic fluctuating, sensing her presence. She could steal his magic, pull it from his very body the same way Merlin had hers, but she couldn't. She growled lowly as the mother's love for the boy echoed through her mind, reminding her of her judgement.

'Just go.' Morgana's eyes froze Vernon on the spot.

'What is the boys name.' She pulled the boy to the backdoor, her face not showing the full extent of her anger. It was less about how her heart was bound by anothers love, and more that the boy was of her kind, punished as she was for something they could not control. She could not forgo the boy and leave him to possible death, she had fought for the safety of all witches and wizards, and she wouldn't stop, not with him.

'H-Harry, Harry James Potter,' Petunia gulped feeling her body go cold at the look of disgust she got from the woman.

'Harry,' the word rolled off Morgana's tongue unpleasantly. Harry was the name of the boy she would be forced to care for, he was the personification of the cell in which she was meant to live out her sentence. Harry was the name of the boy whose life was about to inexplicable changed, much to the joy of the fates watching, his life would no longer play out the way that was planned for him by the magical mortals of the world.