Harry was left to fend for himself when it came to finding the representative meeting. It was his luck that on the way Bole started walking in step with him after he entered the common room. 'You are the representative for your year. Aren't you?' His fellow beater questioned.

'I am.' Harry nodded and watched as a small scowl pulled at the dark haired boys lips. It wasn't hard to see that the older boy was annoyed, and that his next actions would be purely out of obligation as opposed to want, but Harry was grateful for the help to come.

'Then you're going the wrong way.' Lucian Bole turned abruptly and started walking towards the fireplace.

'I can only assume that you are also a representative?' The words felt strange in Harry's mouth as he said them. The only thing he could think of why would be because that would be something his mother would say, not him. But he had no idea what he would say.

'Congratulations, Potter. You're already failing in your job as representative. You need to know everything you can about the school. Do you even know who the head boy is?' Harry ignored the growing scowl that was on the elder teens face as he shook his head. He couldn't even argue with Lucian, his mother had stressed the same thing. He had watched her spend four years networking for her position in the Wizengamot, yet he hadn't spent a single day of this year to do the same.

'The head boy is King Titus,' Lucian continued speaking, 'Titus Mitcham. The head boy is also our seventh year representative. You'll notice quite a few of us are prefects. It's that way for a reason. The representatives can find out more, and make better more balanced decisions when they are also prefects. If you want to keep your status, start kissing ass.' The older teen started walking ahead of Harry, making him have to jog to catch up with the fifth year.

He was going to ask how many people lost their status because they weren't a prefect, but he refrained from speaking. Bole had never really paid attention to Harry in quidditch practice, except to spare a few comments. He could tell that the older teen just didn't think Harry was important enough to talk to. Even with all of the nonsense going around about him having potential to be the next dark lord. Bole wasted no time with opening what looked to be a random frame and entering a secret room that was situated along the fireplace.

Harry eyes wandered as he looked around the new room. Unlike the common room, the representative room was well lit with multiple torches. The result was a mix of golden light from the fires, and the green shine from the lake above them. Which, as Harry was noticing with high paranoia, the ceiling was some kind of see through material. There was a fireplace on the other side as well which served to heat the room. Harry held in a wince as he looked at the large table that was in the center of the room. It held held eight seats, three on either side, then two at the heads. Four were taken up so far, one by Bole who sat to the left of the one at the head, one to the right, by an unnamed teen, there was a girl beside Bole, and a regal looking male at the head.

'You're the second year representative, right?' The teen at the head of the table spoke up as he stood. He was sporting long green hair that was tied back in a ponytail that somehow worked and didn't make him look like a total sleezeball. He looked fairly tanned and had the same regal look that most purebloods boasted, a sharp jawline and high cheekbones. 'I am Titus Mitcham, head boy, lead representative,' he trailed off as if he wanted to say more. 'Don't mind the hair, typical prank.' He grinned before crossing his arms.

'Nice to meet you, I'm Harry Pendragon.' Harry smiled back and resisted the urge to run his hand through his hair.

'Yes, I've heard. Your seat is one down from Jake,' Titus said as he pointed to the blonde haired teen who was sitting to his right. 'Jake Flinton is the sixth year representative and is, of course, a prefect.' He explained as Harry took his designated seat. Jake nodded to Harry but didn't say a word. 'The girl beside Bole, is Trupti Kdam, she's the fourth year representative. Expected to be a prefect, and from a highly respected family in India.'

'Nice to meet you, Harry,' Trupti said with a smile. Trupti was only fourteen, but anyone with a good set of eyes could tell that when she grew a little bit older, she would be one of the more attractive females at school. She had a set of light green eyes that looked wide and cute. Her black hair was neatly done in a braid, and he couldn't tell if she was wearing makeup, or if she just naturally looked good.

'Nice to meet you.' Shortly after he greeted her two boys walked in.

'Here's Terry Strickland, third year representative.' Titus continued his introductions, causing the boy he named to smile sheepishly and sit down beside Harry. Titus clicked his tongue disapprovingly when he looked at the boys tie that was hanging halfway down his chest. Instantly Terry flushed and fixed his tie, rushing to button his shirt and fix his hair as quick as possible. 'You're late.'

'The first years had yet to choose their representative, sir.' Terry cleared his throat before smiling shakily. 'They chose Bela Harper.' Instantly Jake coughed before showing the tiniest bit of a smile as he looked at the first year who sat down next to Trupti with a scowl.

'Harper, I go by Harper.' Was the dark haired boys instant retort.

'Well, Harper, we'll have to do introductions later. The meeting was supposed to start earlier.' Titus sat down and folded his hands atop the wooden table. Which, now that Harry was noticing it, looked like it came from the era Hogwarts was created. 'Now, usually first years do not come to representative meetings.' He glanced at Harper who still had a sour expression. 'However, the events that occurred today call for discretion within our ranks. If anyone is not clear what happened, Jake, please explain.'

Clearing his throat, Jake looked around the table blankly. 'Today, after the meal, Mrs. Norris was found dead outside of the great hall with the words, "the Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware" written upon the walls with her blood.'

'Everyone knows that the heir mentioned is the heir of Slytherin. Which means, someone in our house has started something serious.' Titus' green eyebrows scrunched together as he leaned closer to the table. 'We don't know what the Chamber of Secrets is, precisely. So I am being clear, we do not encourage killing. If death's start playing out, we'll have a delicate situation to take care of and I do not want that. Do you all hear me?'

There were comments of affirmation from everyone, but Harper and Jake. Jake seemed to not be the type for talking, and Harper just seemed to be a jerk. Titus, who seemed far more adept than the usual seventeen year old at leadership, instantly ignored Jake's silence, and instead focused on Harper's. 'Do you disagree with my assessment, Harper?'

'Why can't we leave the mudbloods and blood-traitors to die.' His comment was met with scoffs from Trupti, a smirk of approval from Bole, and silence from the rest of the room. 'That's the point of Slytherin, isn't it? We're better than them and we work to prove that to them.'

Jake released a long suffering sigh and stood as Titus smiled. Harry recognised that smile, it was the same type his mother had whenever she was talking to someone that didn't understand her. 'Jake, I will need you to replace Bela with another first year. He doesn't seem to understand the job of a Slytherin.' Nodding, Jake walked over to Harper and stood beside him. Titus called Harper by his first name in a clear manner of saying that the first-year had lost his respect. 'Bela, please follow Jake out of the room.' The first year clenched his jaw and reluctantly stood up, before leaving the room. 'Now, back to business. No doubt teachers will institute safety regulations. It is our job to ensure they are followed. Any comments?' When Trupti raised her hand, he nodded to her, letting her speak.

'I recommend we have students travel in pairs.'

'Good, Trupti.' Titus smiled proudly which caused her to flush. 'Always thinking, I appreciate that. The students must travel in groups of at least two or more. Any rules the teachers say, we must encourage. If people do not respond to our comments, tell Snape. He will take care of them. At this time it is important to support each other, we must not let our house fall into dissent. Hogwarts will no doubt blame us.' He leant back in his seat looking more like a predatory cat sprawled on its perch. It was an awfully cliche thing to think, but Harry couldn't imagine any other thing when he saw Titus sitting so self-assured.

'Anything else? No? No psychological warfare?'

'Nothing else.' Titus shook his head. 'Meeting adjourned, be ready for another. I have a feeling things are going to get worse from here. Prefects, make sure all the students are in the common room. I'll need to talk to them before the Professor comes. ' The representatives stood up and Harry followed their actions. He looked over at Titus who remained seated and watched them file out of the room with a calm smile. As soon as they exited Trupti erupted in squeals.

'King Titus is so cool! He's like a comic book character.' She swooned before she leaned on Bole who scowled and shrugged her off. 'Come off it, Lucian.' She shot the bored looking fifth year an annoyed look. 'A girl can enjoy her eye-candy.' Trupti crossed her arms as she stopped to look at Harry. She flashed him a smile before walking away, sighing wistfully as she went, no doubt thinking about her King. Harry watched the members walk away with scrunched eyebrows.

That was the representative group? Seven people that either will be, or are prefects, and sit there talking about things that teachers are already taking care of? Harry sighed and looked back at the portrait. It felt more like a tea party than an important meeting to him.

'You're still here.' Titus said as he walked out of the room. The older teen was far taller than Harry, he would guess that the eldest representative was around 6 feet. He hadn't seemed so tall in the room. 'What did you think?' He crossed his arms keeping a serene smile on his face.

'Makes me wonder why we can't trust the teachers.' Harry looked at Titus who only smiled.

'Harry, do you remember what happened last year with the Troll? The first thing the teachers did was send the students to their dorms that resided in the dungeons, where the troll was said to be. If I remember correctly, your friends tried to alert the teachers. Wise decision on your part, but do you really think they believed you?'

'How do you mean?' Harry trailed off as he stared at the older prefect with confusion.

'You remember Zoe, don't you? She was the head representative last year, and head girl, of course. After you had sent your friend, she supported his comments. They were hesitant to believe him before she walked up. The teachers know about our little organisation, it's not just a game we play to practice politics and leadership. We have influence in this school, and we use it to help where we see fit to.' Titus sighed lightly with a jovial smile etched on his face. 'Keep improving, and I'll invite you to my Christmas Party this year, Pendragon. I'll set you up with all the connections you'll ever need.' His face set into a smile as the students in the room went silent and looked at him.

Clearing his throat, Titus clasped his hands behind his back, a look of amusement glinting in his eyes. 'Slytherins, the representatives have communed and have decided what course of action we will take. Currently, there is not enough need to initiate a curfew. We require everyone to keep in at least pairs of two, as a safety protocol.'

'Aren't we safe? I mean, the heir of Slytherin, one of us did this, right?' The instant one of the students called that out, Titus' eyebrows raised and his jaw clenched. Whispers of affirmation to what the random student said rippled through the room.

'Let me make this clear.' His voice raised and Harry watched with interest as the air in the room seemed to flux. With amazing ease, he was completely in control of the common room. 'We are not supporting this heir of Slytherin. We are trying hard enough to survive in this school without the possible death of students on our heads. I don't care what your current beliefs are, anyone who disagrees with me can talk to Professor Snape. Do you understand?' The possible murmurs of disagreement were swallowed by the students that were intimidated by the head representative. Instead, the common remained silent until Titus walked out of the room, then the students burst into quiet conversations.

'Wow.' Harry breathed out his words as he walked over to his house mates. 'That was impressive.' He said as he entered the small circle. Slytherins were all about control, there was always a student trying to find their way to the top. So for Titus to be able to have clear dominance over the rest of Slytherin and to not see any student trying to go against him, it was impressive.

'Wasn't it?' Daphne was lounging in one of the leather chairs, sending small looks to Pansy who was left standing, with no place to sit. 'Titus has always been like that, his family descended from royalty, and they have large political power in Austria. I heard that his cousin is even crown princess of wizarding Sweden.'

'Heard?' Theodore stared at her speculatively before he looked at Harry and said, 'it is not a rumour, it's true.'

'Really?' Millicent, who had recently claimed a spot on the couch stared at him with interest.

'Yes. Titus tries not to tell anyone, but I heard he's engaged to her.' Pansy sighed dreamily. 'I wish my parents could get me arranged to a prince.' Harry frowned and tried not to look uncomfortable with what they were talking about. He would personally prefer to not be arranged with someone. Though if his mother asked him to, he would not deny her. He had no right to, after all, she had done so much for him. It wouldn't be right.

'You're not quality enough to get put in that position.' Daphne retorted, rolling her eyes.

'What do you mean I'm not quality enough, huh?' Pansy demanded as she stiffened and glared at her year-mate.

'Not again.' Theodore muttered, raising a hand to his face.

'Okay. Well, this looks like fun but I gotta go. I don't know about you guys, but I have homework to do….' Blaise stood up then looked at Harry. Harry stared at his friend curiously, trying to decipher what he was telling him.

'Essay to do.' Harry agreed with him verbally then stood up and started walking to his room. He wasn't surprised when Blaise slung his arm around Harry's shoulders, pulling him against his side as they walked.

'So, how was it?' Blaise whispered as they came up to their dorm room.

'It was just like you would imagine a private meeting would be like.' Was Harry's cheeky response. Blaise laughed as they walked into the room. He wasn't surprised that was Harry's response. No doubt he wanted to wait till everyone was together. If it was anyone else about to talk about the Slytherin life, Blaise would get upset and question them. But it was Harry, and he wasn't going to tell anyone, he was going to tell the group.

'Alright, I'll wait.' Harry shot Blaise an appreciative look as he sat down on his bed.

'So, what did you want to talk about?' At Harry's question Blaise jumped onto Harry's bed and closed the curtains. Obviously it was going to be about something serious.