First off I'd like to begin to send an IMMENSE thank you to everyone who has favorited, reviewed and followed.

Secondly, I'd like to explain a few things. When writing the first chapter for this FanFict, I believed -at the time- that it was the most well-written, thought out, developed and refined story I would ever write.


Haha- I was rereading this story a while ago, cringing at my awful writing skills, and just bewildered that I received so much praise!

Seriously, I am amazed that THIS is my most popular story.

I still like the idea of Nikki and Greg meeting, and I guess that detail is a large reason why this particular FanFict is popular, but I don't like anything else about it.

I want to rewrite this. I've been contemplating, but I wasn't sure how you guys would think.

I've grown out of both Dork Diaries and Wimpy Kid, and for a while, I was thinking I could rewrite this story where Greg and Nikki are in high school, or if they meet in college, with a little bit of cursing. (No sexual things tho. I'm not for that.)

I thought it would be interesting and I could add a little spin to the premise. I could be able to use my creative imagination in a new way, without having to be censored because of the age group whom reads those two series.

I'm not quite sure if anyone still reads this, or waits everyday for a new update, but if you happen to read this, THANK YOU! Again...

But in all seriousness, I'm gonna get a little deep, your support has really helped me through some shit. Looking back at all the comments, I blush at everyone's constant compliments, love and devotion for this story. Throughout Middle School, I was going through some harsh times, 7th probably being the worst, which is around the time I posted this up here.

In case anyone cares, I'm in High School now, but that's not important.

If you'd like me to rewrite, leave reviews! Give me a few ideas if you'd like; I LOVE a little friendly criticism and/or requests.

Sometimes I don't get FanFict reviews right away, because my FanFiction account is really laggy... (curse you interwebs!), so if you'd like to contact me in a different way, I have a YouTube account called: Maddz Draws

It's presumably an art channel, but you're allowed to leave feedback for my stories if you'd like. I'm on YouTube like, 24/7, so there's no doubt I'll miss your comments. :)

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH AGAIN! I love all of you, and see ya soon.~