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The Outlaw's Camp

Robin, Much, John, Will, Djaq and Allan were all discussing the plan for that day…which of course would be taking from the rich to give to the poor. Well, that and trying to not be killed by the Sheriff or Gisborne…they were getting tired of that, they wanted to do their good deeds.

"This place is a mess," Allan said. "I'm not being funny….it really is."

"It is...I don't want to live like this," Djaq said

"Then clean it…" Allan said half joking.

"Why?" she asked. "Because I'm a woman?"

"Yes," Allan said to her.

Djaq threw something at him which ended up hitting John on the arm.

"Sorry John," she said embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it, "he said smiling at her.

"So is anyone listening to me?" Robin asked.

"I am Master," Much said.

"I know you are Much," Robin said smiling at him.

Robin got up and everyone followed, they knew what the plan was. They were going to attempt to take down a food cart that was going to Nottingham that was being used to bring food for the Sheriff's party. They all knew that Gisborne would be in the woods and they had to thwart his attempts as usual.

"Ready lads?" Robin said.

They all nodded and quickly left the camp in one group…expect for Much who stayed put. He looked around the camp…Allan was right it did need to be organized.

"Much?" Robin said coming back into the camp. "You alright? Come on."

"I think I will stay here today Master," Much said. "If that is alright?"

"Yeah…of course," Robin taken back a little.

"Stay safe," he said as Robin walked back out.

Much saw Robin smile as he walked out and that made him smile too. As soon as Robin was gone he started to pick up some of the clothes that were on the floor. He picked up Robin's cape; he noticed all of the holes in it, some from age and others from arrows or swords.

"Oh Robin," he said smiling as he found some thread.

Much sat on his makeshift bed sewing the holes in Robin's cape, he didn't remember where he learned to sew but he had been doing it for as long as he knew Robin. He didn't know how much time passed but he heard the gang's excited voices that were closing in, he quickly put the cape on Robin's bed which was right by his. He cleaned around the camp quickly and was finishing when they came in.

"That look on Gisborne's face…makes it all worth it," Will said laughing.

"He couldn't even believe it," Robin said.

Robin and the gang sat down and retold their adventure to Much with all of the details, including that look on Gisborne's face that Will did perfectly. They talked some more and ate, while they were getting ready for bed Robin held up his cape.

"Thanks Much," he said putting his hand on his shoulder.

"You're welcome Master," he said smiling a mile wide.

Robin laid down and used his cape as a blanket, Much may not have been able to fix everything but if he could fix a few holes it was all worth it, he was worth it.