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Okay everyone, I hope you enjoy all of these oneshots. I think it's probably safe to say that I'm not over the finale yet, and even though it's probably pretty late to put stuff like this out, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. And, as always, feel free to comment!


I take a deep breath as I walk over the brick sidewalk of Republic City, the late night air cold in my lungs. The clouds just barely patch up the night sky in places, their fingers curling and whispy, branching through the stars. The city is a mess now, but it's still beautiful in a strange and vaguely familiar way. I stare at clouds and vine branches for a while before I bring my hands out of my pockets and rub them together, the tips red from the cold night. "Ugh." With a little help from a fire bending cheat, my hands are soon warm, and I rub them over my face to try to knock the chill from my cheeks, hitching my scarf up around my nose as well. The red scarf and black sweater that's wrapped around my frame isn't doing much though, and I'm thankful when I see my apartment in sight- well I wouldn't say that it's just my apartment. That would be silly. Of course I'm not the only one that lives there.

I fish a hand in my pocket until I feel the key to the old, wooden heart pine door, and I walk up the steps and jimmy the key in the lock, cursing when my fingers don't cooperate. But eventually I get in the door, shivering and taking off my boots on the rug. I shake a few loose flakes of snow out of my cropped hair before closing the door and walking further into the apartment, socks dusting over the hardwood floor.

I had hoped that I wouldn't get off of work this late tonight. I know that Asami doesn't like me being gone so late; she tends to worry about me a lot. I know that she misses me. She knows that I can't help it though, and doesn't usually complain.

I begin to take my clothes off, throwing them across the floor in no particular manner. Jeans, jacket, sweater. I take everything off but my undies and undershirt, which is probably stupid because it's frigid outside. But old habits die hard. I find myself at the fridge, a trail of clothes leading to my sparsely- clothed frame. I grab a spare half- gallon of milk from the fridge and drink some, then sigh and wipe my lips as I put it back and make my way tiredly into the bedroom. I'm exhausted, and looking forward to Asami wrapping her warm arms around my cold frame-.. I frown when I see the bed empty, the covers ruffled back as if there had been a fight there.

"A...Asami?" I whisper quietly, making my way slowly through the bedroom. The bed is still warm and I furrow my eyebrows as I go through the bathroom. "Asami..? Are you… are you okay?" She usually is in the bed when I get home. I'm the one that doesn't obey sleep schedules.

I hear a choking sob as I round the corner to the bathroom and find Asami huddled on the linoleum tiles, her knees up to her chest as her body shakes and shivers.

"Asami!" I yell as I rush over to her, quickly kneeling and placing my hands on the side of her face, trying to get her to look at me.

"Korra," she whispers, hiccuping. "Where were you?" Her face is red and flustered from crying and her eyes look hollow, unlike the bright green eyes I'm used to seeing.

My mouth droops open. "I was at the temple. I told you I might be coming home late this week, didn't I? What-" I wrap my arms around her shoulders, trying to stabilize her quivering. "What happened? Are you hurt?" I run a palm over her arms to make sure there are no cuts or bruises.

"I-... I can't," she mumbles, tears dripping down the sides of her face. "I don't want to talk about it." She hiccups a few times, before reaching over to me. "Just… just hold me, okay?"

I clench my teeth together, not quite sure what's going on. But, if it has something to do with me, it's going to kill me. "Of course," I whisper, reaching for her with ease, picking up her tall frame and sighing worriedly when she buries her head into my shoulder. I pick her up often, even though I'm shorter. But I don't like the way she feels in my arms right now. She feels damp and drooping, her body covered with a light layer of sweat. Is she having a panic attack?

I slowly make it to the bed, getting in soon after I lay her down. Asami immediately nuzzles her nose into the crook of my neck, her nails clutching into my undershirt at the back. Her nails are sharp, and I'm sure I'll have bruises there in the morning.

"Don't leave," she whispers, and I hold her tightly.

"I'm not going anywhere," I whisper and kiss her cheek.

I'll admit that Asami's been having a bit of a hard time since her father died, and that couldn't have been over a month ago. It might have actually… been a month today. Oh no. I'm an idiot.

"This has something to do with your fear of losing me like you did your dad, right?" I hate to bring it up, but I need to know how to help her. I hate feeling like this, feeling helpless to aid as I watch her suffer.

She doesn't say anything, but I feel warm tears dripping down my neck as she nods.

"Oh, honey," I whisper and hold her even tighter, feeling her hiccups turn into heaving sobs again. "I'm not leaving you. I'm here. I love you." I take her jaw in my hands softly to meet my eyes. "I'm right here." I pause, just watching her. "What can I do to help?"

Asami's bright, green eyes search mine, and her voice almost sounds desperate when she answers, tears beading up at the edges. "This is going to sound so pathetic of me."

"Go ahead."

She's trembling by this point. "I need you to… to love me. I need my mind off of this."

"But I already love you…" I begin, my sentence trailing as I finally understand. "..Oh. I… Okay," I whisper, my eyes saddened. "Are you su-"

Her eyes are spilling over with tears, her face still cradled in my hands. "Korra." Her words are barely a shaky whisper. "Please. I need you to prove to me that you're still here."

I'm beginning to realize that she's not entirely out of her daze yet, so I just nod and bring her face closer to mine, my cold lips colliding with her hot, flustered ones. I don't know what she really wants of me, so I let her direct my lips in the kisses I place down her neck, past her collarbone and over her chest. My tongue rolls softly over her ribcage and past her hips. When she presses my face down her legs and between her thighs, I try my best to please her, but when I hear soft moans escape her lips, they don't make me feel better.

After things calm down, I kiss her lips delicately as I press my body against hers, a hand caressing down her hip.

"I'm here," I whisper. "I always will be."


When my eyes next open, my face is buried in her chest, my hand holding hers firmly while my legs wrap around her hips, locked in place. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm proud of what happened last night, but I'm glad that she eventually seemed to snap out of it…. No, I'm assuming things. I'm not quite sure what happened. I fell asleep on top of her, soon after she passed out.

I don't dare move, afraid that I'll scare her again if she senses my absence.

It seems like hours pass as I try not to wiggle, try not to wake up the my love that rests beneath me. My breathing is steady. It's a while before I feel her arm stir, reaching up to run through my tousled hair.

"Korra," I hear the hoarse voice say above me, and I look up to her, my eyebrows raised, eyes searching hers immediately.

"You're awake," I whisper, situating myself so that I can see her emerald green eyes more clearly. "Are you.. okay?"

She closes her eyes, her thin, dark eyebrows furrowing together. "I'm better. I… I'm sorry, Korra, I shouldn't have made you do that."

I simply shake my head. "I just need to know if you're okay."

She nods, an explanation beginning even though I didn't ask for one. "I came home kind of early and I expected you to be home soon. Somehow I got really nervous, and I started thinking about my dad, and how I lost him. And I was so afraid I had lost you, because I didn't know where you were, even though I know the thought was irrational… it just got worse from there. I really need to learn how to cope with things."

"Hey," I whisper, trying a smile at her. "You'll learn to cope eventually. Just give it time, yeah?"

The pale girl nods a little and I lean down to kiss her lips softly. "I'll be here every step of the way."