I yawn and stretch my arms over my head, curling over to my side in bed, my arms hoping to find my love. When my arms come up empty, my eyes sleepily pry open and I feel the warmth of the freshly turned back covers. I raise my body up ever so slightly and rub an eye, folding my legs out over the bed and onto the cold, hardwood floors of my apartment.

"Asami?" I whisper with a yawn, my eyes squinted towards the light coming from the small television light in the living room.

"Asami, are you here?" I whisper a bit pathetically, not catching the glow of her raven hair reflecting off the tv screen.

"Korra?" She says surprisedly as I finally see her body turn backwards from her spot on the couch to see me. She must see my confused squint. "I'm right here, love."

"Oh," I mutter, leaning my upper body over the couch to get a better look at her face, bright white light reflecting off the bridge of her nose and shining like diamonds in her olive green eyes. "What are you doing up so early?" My speech is slightly lazy and I still feel half asleep.

"Well, I couldn't go to sleep," she says softly with a sheepish expression on her lips. "I'm sorry, did my absence wake you?" I see worry beginning to shine through her eyes.

I chuckle a little. "Yeah, but that's okay," I say, yawning drowsily.

"Good Lord, you're adorable," Asami whispers ever so delicately, pressing a soft kiss to my lips, smiling. "You need to go back to bed, Korra."

I shake my head. "I'm just fine." I don't have the heart to tell her that she's one of the things that keeps the darkness from haunting my head at night, the one that keeps the unresolved anxiety in my chest at bay. I turn my attention to the television. "So, what are you watching anyway?"

She chuckles a little embarrassedly. "Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." Suddenly I see her train of thought shift, and she presses a hand on my cheek. "Well, if you won't go back to bed, at least lay up here with me."

"I thought you'd never ask," I chuckle and make my way to the front of the couch, my legs too drowsy to hop over the back. I lay down and rest my head on her hips; a relatively comfortable position by the way she's laid up, half sitting. I sigh softly when her familiar smell reaches my nose. "You're so warm."

I feel like I can almost see Asami's pale cheeks blush a soft pink as she reaches for a blanket to cover me up with, stretching out halfway so that I can more comfortably lay my head on her lower abdomen, between her legs.

"It's because I'm at your house; whenever I'm at my house it's always so cold."

"That's because it's so big."

"Yeah, you're right," she add matter of factly as she absentmindedly runs a hand through my umber hair, nails massaging my scalp ever so slightly. "I'm sorry I left and woke you up."

"No.. it's okay," I whisper, leaning my chin up so I can see her face. "I think I like it here better."

She scoffs a little, winking. "I knew you loved it between my legs."

I cough suddenly, my brown cheeks flushing dark. A satisfied, bubbling giggle makes it's way through Asami's lips, and I feel her legs wrap around my abdomen.

"You know I couldn't help myself," Asami says and kisses the top of my forehead, reaching for my jawline and bringing her lips to mine, upside- down.

"Oh, just… watch your movie… with… the talking lion in it," I say between kisses, my face flushing darker. I do enjoy the attention, though, but I'd never admit it.

"You're so beautiful when you're flushed," Asami whispers with a final kiss to my lips. "I'll stop messing with you, though," she says, withdrawing her hand after she trails it over my jawline.

"I love you," I whisper as I situate myself again, my face resting on her stomach and arms wrapping around her back. And I feel the warm vibrations in her abdomen as she chuckles softly and warmly as she whispers 'I love you too.'


I feel her body go limp in a matter of minutes, breathing warm and steady as I see her lungs expand and contract under the blanket. And I shake my head and sigh, knowing that I'm falling more and more in love with her every day, whether I'm with or without her.

As I lay down fully, after the movie turns off, and pull her further onto my chest, her arms jerk and her eyes open wide.

"Asami?" She says, frightened.

"I'm here," I answer quickly and she simply snuggles her body further into mine, soft snores coming from her lips. It's hard to believe that she's so soft and natural around me, easily embarrassed, but so strong around everyone else. I wrap my arms around her shoulders before I let the warm, soft darkness engulf me.


I open my eyes to a sharp rapping at the door, inhaling through my nostrils. Korra's still fast asleep, her head resting on my chest. It's barely light out.

"Come in," I groan drowsily, yawning when I see Mako and Bolin walk through the door. I can't help but smirk when I see Mako's wide- eyed expression from seeing his two ex- girlfriends snuggling up together. Bolin comes in with loud words, immediately quieting down and smiling softly when he sees us. "Good morning, guys. What's up?" I whisper, my eyes still drooping.

"She must have forgotten about promising to help with the new airbenders today," Mako groans, a slight pink blush on his face as he avoids eye contact with me.

"Yeah, we told Korra not to forget," Bolin says sharply and jabs the air on his last three words, mimicking Mako's expression and then rolling his eyes playfully. He directs his attention to Mako. "You know Tenzin told us that we could get there any time from six to eight A.M., right? It's barely six. No need to rush, we can have breakfast and stuff… if that's okay with Asami and Korra, of course," Bolin adds, wiggling his eyebrows at us with a playful smirk.

I snort softly. "Of course. There's ramen over there in the kitchen, and cereal and milk and eggs. Stuff like that. Have at it." Bolin woops once and jogs over to the kitchen, and I shake my head at him with a smile before running a hand through Korra's hair. I almost don't have the heart to wake her up, though.

"Korra? Korra, hun," I whisper, feeling Mako watching us, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

"Hmm?" Korra groans and squirms a little on me, her watery blue eyes meeting mine as soon as they open, before subconsciously closing again. Her nose subconsciously buries itself in my chest for warmth and I blush a little, raising her jaw up to meet my face again.

"Kooooorra," I say a little more firmly this time, and her eyes finally focus.

"Hmm..?" She blinks a few times with a soft scowl on her face.

"Good morning."

"Oh.. good morning," She sighs sleepily to me, crawling forward a little to give me a passionate kiss on the lips. "Do I smell… food?"

"Mhm," I respond, pressing a kiss back to her lips. "Actually, we have company." I watch Korra's eyes widen a little and she looks up to no doubt see Mako staring at us from the kitchen, and I chuckle. Her head flops back down, and she mutter a soft cuss under her breath.

"I forgot about training this morning," she groans as she gets off me, with one last kiss. Then she redirects her attention to Mako, who is now over in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal. "Morning guys, sorry I slept through you coming."

"Nah, it's okay," Bolin cheeps happily, making himself a bowl of ramen. "You looked adorable, anyway."

I hear Korra scoff as I sit up on the couch. "You really did."

I can practically hear Mako rolling his eyes, but his expression isn't hostile; it's rather playful, actually.

"Hey, Bolin, could you make me some eggs?" I ask from the couch, beginning to stand up and walk towards everyone.

"No problem, boss," he replies, tying an apron around his torso swiftly and cracking a few eggs on the side of a pan. "Sunny- side up good with you?"

"Perfect," I reply as I lean over the back of the chair that Korra's sitting in, yawning once.

Mako continues pouring his milk in a bowl for cereal. "So, I guess we'll eat breakfast and then go over to the temple?"

"Sounds good with me," Korra answers, heating up a bowl of ramen with her hands- a firebending trick that she favors when using instant meals. "You wanna come too, Asami? I'm sure you could teach the new airbenders a few martial arts tricks," she says and leans her jaw up to meet my eyes.

"That sounds amazing, but I have way too much paperwork to do at Future Industries. Plus we have to do inventory this week, so I'm going to come home tired and ill- every nut, every bolt, every piece of metal has to be counted and sorted. Worst week of the year."

Korra smiles at me sympathetically, taking my hand as she holds her chopsticks with the other. "I'm sure I can do something to make it better," she says through bites, and I immediately watch Mako's face turn red. He turns up his bowl of milk to try to hide it.

"Not like that, Mako!" Korra yells out, using her chopsticks to point at him. Then her train of thought turns in a different direction, and she looks up at me. Mako peeks over the top of his milk bowl. "Unless you want me to." Her expression is amazingly devilish and I feel my whole face redden. Mako mutters something into his cereal and Bolin comes back with the eggs.

"All of you are so red. Is it hot in here or something?" He comments, and I snort, waving off the conversation, giving Korra a kiss on the forehead.

"Talk to me about that later, Korra," I whisper and she raises and eyebrow, smirking.

"Mhm. And you say I'm the adorable one."


They all leave at about seven. The mood is surprisingly light the whole morning, even if Mako is still terribly awkward around the both of us. I give each of them a hug, and Korra a kiss.

"See you guys later!" I say as they walk down the steps.

"Bye!" They all say. Korra winks at me once and they all head off towards air temple island.